My Cousin Got Me Started Pt.3

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My Cousin Got Me Started Pt.3I woke up the next morning and Kelly wasn’t there. I had so looked forward to seeing her naked body after the lustful sex we had shared the night before. I started to get up and felt something between my legs and found it was Kelly’s panties. I wa sure I hadn’t put them there and I found myself thinking how sexy this was for her to care for me even after I was asleep.I stood up and put on my own panties and bra and then I heard a noise outside the tent. I started to cover myself and there stood Kelly, brushing her teeth. I was so glad she was still there. She had her bra on and her jeans. I giggled as I told her that I had found her panties between my legs and she said, “That was the least I could do to thank you for so much fun.” She was even more beautiful this morning and I was having thoughts of us making love again but with the daylight it would be so much hotter.She asked me if there was any way that we could go up to the motorhome and get a quick shower? It was very early and I was sure everyone was still asleep except my mother and I knew from the smell of bacon frying and the coffee brewing, that she was awake. I told her that we needed to hurry so we grabbed a change of clothes and ran up the hill.Sure enough, my mother was in the kitchen, busy with breakfast. I told her we wanted to take a quick shower and she told us to go ahead but make it fast before the other’s wake up. I showed Kelly where the shower was and the fresh towels and went back to the kitchen area for a cup of coffee. My mother was not about to start an arguement with me because she knew that would wake the other’s and that was complete madness with them all trying to get to the bathroom and all that. Just a few minutes later, Kelly came out of the shower and I left her there to humor Mom while I took my shower. This may have taken 10 minutes at the most and when I got back to the kitchen area my mother had breakfast ready for the three of us. We ate quickly and I got the impression she wanted Kelly and I out of there before the men folk woke up.Kelly and I were both wearing t-shirts and shorts but that was not nearly enough to hide large breasts and asses. Kelly thanked Mom for the use of the shower and breakfast and we were out the door. There were lawn chairs all over the place and kelly grabbed a couple of them for our use and we headed back to the tent. As soon as she had the chairs in position she decided to run back to the motorhome to get a couple of cups nevşehir escort of coffee and on her way back it started to rain slightly. When she sat down I turned on my radio and heard that we were about to have some severe storms and lots of rain for the rest of the day. It never fails, if we are camping, the weather is not going to cooperate.As we sat there sipping our coffee and listening to the weather reports Kelly said, “Do you think anyone will be coming down here to bother us?” I can never explain the reaction my heart had at that moment. Kelly and I were going to make love and she already has it on her mind. I caught myself running my hand over my pussy as I told her, “Nobody will bother us, we can even zip the tent closed and I have a lock for it.”She went inside the tent got a small metal container from her bag and asked me if I ever smoke? I thought she meant cigarettes but then I realized that she had some pot. I had tried this once before but it did nothing for me. I told this to Kelly and she giggled as she said, “This is really good and I assure you that you will feel it.” She rolled two joints and lit the first one. After inhaling, she handed it to me and I took a puff from it. I knew how to smoke it but it had never done anything for me. I passed it back to Kelly and after a puff or two she handed it back to me. I took a big puff this time and held it in my lungs as long as I possibly could. When I exhaled this time it hit me! I sat back in my chair and looked over at Kelly. She was smiling and I started to giggle. She held my hand and laughed at me because she knew this stuff had worked! She asked me if I wanted more and I remember my response was ,”Fuck Yeah!” She and I smoked the rest of that joint and she stood up and said,”That stuff makes me horny as hell” She pulled her t-shirt off and her lovely tits were barely contained in her sexy bra. She was going to get naked in front of me and I wanted her to see me naked too. The weed had me on a much higher level of sexual desire than I had ever felt. I was ready for anything! I wanted to suck Kelly’s pretty pussy and no sooner had that thought entered my mind and she stood ther and exposed it to me.She stood there before me and slowly parted her pussy for me. Now onder it had felt so good the night before, it was absolutely beautiful! I needed to show her mine also and when I did we reached for each other and kissed deeply as our fingers explored our pussies that were getting wet in a hurry. escort nevşehir We removed our bras and stood there kissing and fondling. Kelly whispered in my ear, “I know a guy who would pay big money to watch you and I in bed together” I wasn’t sure at first if I had heard her right but I heard myself ask, ” Would he fuck both of us?” She answered with, “He just wants to jack-off into your panties and keep them as a trophy” I had never heard of this but it sure as hell sounded sexy to me! She knew she was turning me on even more and took my hand and led me to our bed.As soon as we lay down together our tits were tightly pressed together and our kissing got even more intense. She told me that the man who lives next door had been fucking her for a couple of years. Once again, out of the blue I asked, “Does he have a big cock?” She went on to tell me that it wasn’t really big but he can shoot cum all over her tits and then he likes to lick and suck it off. She told me that this guy’s son has a fantastic cock and that it was the first one she had ever sucked completely. I had to ask, “What do you mean,completely?” She kissed me and explained that she had let him cum in her mouth and that she had swallowed it all.” I was on fire!She continued to tell me of her sexual exploits and I was as wet as I would have been if I had been fucked by at least three guys and at that moment I would have eagerly let them or more fuck me. I guess a lot of the was my fault because I kept asking her questions about her sex life. All this time we were fingering massaging each other and we were both drenched. I had to ask her, “Have you ever had a really big cock in you?” She kissed my ear and whispered, “Yes, a very big one.” I was getting hotter if that is possible and ask her to tell me about it, how big was it, did it hurt, were you able to take it all the way inside you, did he cum in you?She raised up and made me promise that I would never tell anyone what she was about to tell me. I eagerly swore to never tell a soul and she began to tell me about her allowing a black guy to fuck her. I was on the verge of cumming as she told me how they had met after a football game. She was a cheerleader and he was on the team. After a game they were both waiting fo rides home and found themselves the only one’s there and it started to rain. They were sitting on the bleachers and were about to get soaked when he suggested that they get into the pressbox to keep dry. They really had no choice nevşehir escort bayan because the school building was so far away and it was probably locked anyway.She said they sat there for a few minutes and then the lightning and thunder started. She was really scared but he held her hand and then when the lightning struck close to the field he held her and told her everything would be fine. She held him as well and then felt his cock getting hard. At first she was alarmed but then she started to feel an inner excitement. When he lowered his head to kiss her she found no desire to stop him. They kissed for a very long time and she found that tightly pressing her tits to his chest felt heavenly. Just as she found herself wishing that he would feel them, he reached for her. With one hand on her ass he pulled her closer and now she was positive that he had something huge in his pants…something that she wanted to see.A few more minutes of this and he took her hand and placed it to his cock. She said at that point she had to see it and backed away and asked him to show it to her? He started unzipping his pants and told her that he wanted to see her too. She was still in her cheerleader uniform so it didn’t take much to get her pussy exposed. She said when he pulled his cock out she thought she had to be dreaming. Her first reaction was fear which quickly turned to curiousity and then to desire.She reached for his enormous cock and he reached for her pussy. He asked her to show him her tits and when she exposed them he moved forward and sucked her nipples as he placed her on top of a desk. He slid a finger into her pussy and she knew that he was able to feel how wet and ready she was. He got above her on the desk and was positioning himself to enter her. She said she just could not resist the urge to guide him into her pussy and then it happened, he had that swollen head inside her little blond pussy. He raised up enough for her to see his cock going deeper and then he had the whole thing inside her. She wondered if he would cum in her and about that time she felt that huge cock throbbing and there was no doubt that he was spurting her full.She expected him to pull his cock out of her after cumming so hard but he held it in her as he kissed her face and sucked her tits. She felt him growing hard again inside her body and she was definitely ready for more of him. This time was more aggressive. That big cock was going to tear that little puusy up but that pretty little pussy was ready to win the battle and suck his big balls dry. After he had cum the second time she said he started to pull out of her but she squeezed his ass and held his balls and pleaded with him, “Fuck me again Honey!” He did exactly that! More To Come!!!!