My Coked Up Visit with a TS Queen


The first line is always the best. I had done some quick ones in the car to get ready for the Latina trans girl I was about to see. I always got iffy when I was meeting new people on Grindr. But I always did a double take when I was able to find a white or Latina trans cock.

And this girl caught my eye immediately. Afraid I was gonna miss out on her, I said I was generous in my first message. That was all it took. That and $200.

I grabbed my coke form my desk drawer where I kept it locked up. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had a tranny cock, but I adored it. Especially when they took my money. Especially when they did lines of blow with me.

I had started having serious gay fantasies a year or so ago, especially when I would blow out. I had to always leave the party and change into my favorite jock strap. I’d put on whatever gay hypno I could find and I’d watch them in a zombified state all night.

I drove around the block a couple times, Pendik Öğrenci Escort wondering if this was the Grindr meetup where I was gonna get robbed or jumped. But I was sure it was safe. It was a quiet walkup in midtown, near the zoo. I walked up and she met me at the door. She was a few inches taller than me. And I’m only about 5 foot 7 on a good day. And a little plumb. I knew what she looked like now at least and knew she was real.

We walked upstairs and she could tell I was sniffling. Not from Covid I told her, but the coke as she correctly had guessed.

She went to the bathroom and I looked around. She sat she was house sitting which I guess made sense but also could’ve been a lie. I didn’t particularly care. I just wanted to do more coke. She finally came out and asked why I hadn’t even got the coke out yet.

I laughed and cut us a couple lines. It was my fourth or fifth, and only her first. But I could tell she felt Pendik Çıtır Escort it right away after she leaned down and snorted it up her left nostril. I knew right away I wanted to taste this gorgeous tgirls cum.

Her cock wasn’t that big flaccid, but I knew it would grow in my mouth. I laid sideways on the bed and let her show my waiting mouth how big it could get.

It grew pretty good, to about 6.5 inches before she said she wanted to do more coke.

I’ve never been one to turn down lines. Especially when I was at the will of my latina friend and her cock. She could’ve done anything to my mouth and I wish I had planned ahead for anal.

It wasn’t until she said I could do a line off her cock that I started to get hard. Coke dick is a real thing and it’s a fun thing when you’re a sub. I snorted the line and immediately licked off whatever residue was there, before assuming the position on my back, with my head hanging off the Pendik Elit Escort bed.

I always loved watching this position in pornos. Seeing some poor girl get her mascara fucked up while a strong, dominant man fucked her throat like he’d fuck her pussy. Now that I was in it, I realized that this was a dream position. My TS friend had full access to my body, not that she was worried about my worthless cock.

I started to stroke as best I could while focusing on swallowing her cock.

I could feel my saliva spitting up on my face, tasting the coke residue.

I begged for her to give me her load.

“Plese cum on me baby.” I told her. My stupid face covered with coke spit, my own saliva, and her spit. She spit on my face, slapped me and let me know I was to shut the fuck up.

I focused on sucking her cock like it was the last thing on Earth. I finally could tell, this was it. She stepped back, and shot spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum on my face. I couldn’t even open one of my eyes due to big load. I shot cum all over my sissy cock right after she shot it all over my open mouth.

There’s nothing hotter than your tongue out, waiting to taste that cum.

Part 2 coming, when I finally let her fuck my sissy ass.