My brother’s Hijabi Wife

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My brother’s Hijabi WifeDisclaimer: This isn’t my story!My brother Ali married Aliyah a year ago. We all lived in the same house. I was still not married back then as was staying with them in Islamabad while I worked there on a contract. Aliyah was a very shy girl. Always praying or reading quran, she used to wear hijab, jilbab and even niqab when outside the house though in the house she would take off her niqab. She was really pretty with lovely big eyes. She also had a really big pair of tits which poked through her jilbab and their shape could be seen even though her jilbabs were not very tight. Her ass too could not be contained by her jilbab and you could see it shake as she walked. Ali was involved with some Islamic group and one day he got picked up by the police. When I got home Aliyah was crying and was very scared as everyone knows how the police treat religious people in jail. Plus the problem was we did not even know where he was being kept. Aliyah said she wanted to go see Sheikh Abdullah the head of Ali’s religious group who was a highly regarded scholar in the area. She thought that he would be able to help us.I called up Abdullah’s residence and spoke to someone there and requested a time to meet. We were told to come in the evening. Aliyah was in her typical black hijab, jilbab and niqab and in spite of my brother being in jail I could not help and look at his wife’s ass shakes under the jilbab as she walked. In this time of worry I still was horny for my brother’s wife cunt and for a second pictured myself coming all over her niqab. But I quickly got my emotions under control.When we got to Sheikh Abdullah’s house, there were at least 10 armed gunmen at the gate. They told us that everyone has to be searched before they go in as there was a lot of threat to the Sheikh’s life. One of the patted me down while another said to my brother’s wife that as there are no female guards tonight he will have to pat her down and it is a necessity otherwise she can go home and come back next day when there might be some female staff. Aliyah said no and that she needed to do something about her husband tonight and for the Sheikh’s safety she is willing to go through this as long as the Sheikh has allowed this. The guard then told her that the Sheikh has given them a fatwa allowing it.After that he told put his hands on her shoulder whereby she flinched instantly. He told her to calm down and that he has to make sure there is nothing in her hair, saying this he put his hands under her hijab and felt through her hair. Then his hand came down and out of the hijab and travel a bit across her back over her jilbab. Her told her to raise her hands as he checked her hands. I couldn’t help but notice that he was stroking her arms rather than patting them and he did this couple of times from her shoulder to her hands and back again. After that he slid his hands to her tits and first rubbed between them then grabbed each tit in one hand lifting them and pretty much massaging them. Aliyah had shut her eyes in shame was biting her lower lip. His hands them moved across her belly and down to her cunt, but her legs were very close together. He told her to open her legs. She opened a little bit, but he told her more in a much more sterner voice now. She obeyed and he straight away cupped her cunt which made her jerk. I was really enjoying this little show even though I should have been getting angry at this treatment of a niqaabi let alone my brother’s wife. His other hand slid around to her ass and he rubbed each cheek before moved it in to her crack. He rubbed between kırklareli escort her crack and her pussy couple of times and then moved down to her thighs and legs.After which he said “ok come with me” As we walked I noticed the guard made Aliyah walk in front of us and his eyes glued to her ass just like mine. He looked at me, smiled and then said quietly “Your brother is one lucky son of a bitch to have an ass like that at home” I was shocked a bit as I did not expect this comment so remained quite.The guard then took us though the house which was like a palace until we came to a big living room where on a sofa the Sheikh was sitting with couple of people sitting by his feet. The guard went and whispered something in Sheikh’s ear.The Sheikh then asked “did you search him”The guard said “yes.” The Sheikh asked “and her?”The guard again went close to his ear and whispered something with a smirk on his face. As he spoke the Sheikh Abdullah started smiling. He them told him to stand guard with his gun at me as one can never be too sure.He looked up and down at Aliyah then spoke “Beti, do not worry, everything will be ok.”Aliyah walked to him and fell at his feet with her head bowed “Hazrat please help me, I have nowhere to turn to. You are my only hope.”Sheikh looked at her for a while as his smile started turning into an evil grin and he said “Who do you follow?”Aliyah replied “I follow Allah and His messenger through you. I am ignorant without your guidance just as I am lost without your help now.”He laughed. He told her to look up as she did I could see the pain and sorrow in her eyes. He looked in her eyes. He said “Come closer!”.As she came closer he suddenly grabbed her niqaab and snatched it away. With shock Aliyah tried to move back but the two men sitting by the Sheikh’s feet held her in place.The Sheikh said in anger “That was test and you have shown your lack of trust. Be gone from her here you are not deserving to be my follower and neither of my help.”Startled for a second Aliyah then replied “No! Please I am sorry. It was just a reflex how can I ever doubt you. My husband went to jail for you. I will never doubt you in anything. Please forgive me for my mistake. Please.”Tears started rolling down her cheek as she looked down. The sheikh smiled mischeviously again and then spoke once more in anger “Liar!” pushing her away “Is this your trust you whore? You trust your husband with your whole body and hide every part from the one who taught you islam. By Allah I have more right over you than any man.”I was surprised on hearing these new rulings and wondered if it was all just an excuse.liyah wondered for a second what to say “Are you saying you can see my body like my mahram?” Sheikh said “Yes, I am like a mahram in that sense, I am allowed to see what only mahrams are allowed to see and more but you cannot marry me as your husband is my follower”Aliyah again thought for a second then said “I understand now Hazrat. I will not make the same mistake again”He asked “What are you wearing under your jilbab?”She replid “Shalwar and Kameez”He said “And under that?”She looked at the Sheikh and then towards me as though saying that feels uncomfortable in my presence as she whispered “Hazrat…”Sheikh said “Your brother in law due to the blessing of being in my company is allowed to be my eyes and ears” She whispered something which no one could hear.The Sheikh said “Speak louder!” She said “Nothing” Sheikh said with a big smile on his face “SubhanAllah!”And I realised for the first time why my brother’s wife’s ass shakes so much under her jilbab… kırklareli escort bayan she never wore panties… I could feel my cock swelling.Sheikh Abdullah said then in a very serious voice “stand up” As she did he moved to the edge of his seat and pulled her closer. His hand went straight to her tits as he grabbed them and started squeezing them. Aliyah’s body tensed up as my cock got harder watching my brother’s wife standing there in her hijab and jilbab as this Alim who her husband would die for massaged her tits over her jilbab.He said “MashaAllah Allah has given you a great body shame to hide it so from your sheikh.. rather a sin…” And his other hand went down and cupped her cunt. He then started rubbing her cunt over her jilbab.Aliyah could not take it anymore “Hazrat… you said you were my mahram..”He stood up and slapped her hard across the face the force of which sent her falling back on to the floor.He shouted “You daughter of whore, your husband will die because of you.. you dare to question me..”I was amazed to see the Sheikh behave so but was too excited by watching my hijabi sister in law getting manhandled.He then pulled her up and made her stand. Tears were flowing down her face. He sat back down and moved his hands to the bottom of her jilbab and then up under it and I could see the bottom of her silky red shalwar. He grabbed her shalwar and yanked it down and she let out a slight cry.He didn’t care about her crying now as her shalwar lay at her feet and I could see his hands move under her jilbab to her cunt. She squirmed as he started pushing his fingers in her cunt. With his other hand he grabbed the neck of her jilbab and pulled with amazing force for an old man tearing her jilbab down to well below her tits which were fulling showing in shape in the tight red kameez.He then grabbed the neck of her kameez and tore that also as her breasts popped out in full view of everyone in the room. My pious hijabi sister in law who never even showed her face to anyone outside the house was standing her with her tits hanging out and fingers in her cunt as she was being m*****ed by this man who she placed second after the messenger.I couldn’t help myself and grabbed my cock from over my trousers dying to stroke it as i watched my brother’s wife get m*****ed. The site of Aliyah’s tits made the Sheikh go crazy as he started kissing them. He licked her big brown nipples and then suck them as he fingered her cunt under her jilbab.He then pulled his hand out from under her jilbab and took out his cock while pulling her down.He then yelled “Suck it if you want to see your husband again, suck it like a proper muslima whore that you are” he grabbed her head and pulled it down to his cock.Aliyah opened her mouth and he shoved her open mouth down over his cock. She almost choked but he didn’t care, rather he seemed to enjoy her suffering. He grabbed her hijab and used it to move her head up and down his cock. I was now stroking my cock watching my brother’s wife suck her Sheikh’s cock.He kept fucking her mouth as he signalled to the guard who on seeing me stroke my cock over to behind Aliyah and unzipped his trousers then got on his knees and pulled up her jilbab exposing her nice round ass.Aliyah tried to move but the sheikh shoved her head further down on his cock. She tried to push her jilbab down using her hands but the guard pushed her hands out of the way, pushing her jilbab back over her hips and put his cock at her anus. He was going to blah blah my sister in law in the ass.She really tried to struggle now but the Sheikh escort kırklareli held her head over his cock while the guard grabbed both her hands behind her back, then held them with one hand while with his other hand he made sure his cock was in position before he thrust with fill force making her tits jiggle violently. I could see the pain on Aliyah’s face even as her scream was lost due to her mouth being filled with the Sheikh cock.Both men started fucking her ass and mouth hard and Aliyah’s pain slowly started to disappear from her face as I noticed her ass moving back to try and take the cock back in as the guard pulled it slightly out with each thrust. He then let go of her hands.The Sheikh was enjoying the show and spat on her hijab yelling “All you muslimas are the same pretending to be pious but in reality just sluts under these jilbabs.”I was shocked to see Aliyah’s hands now move to her own tits where the jilbab was somewhat covering them from the side, she looked toward me from the corner of her eye, moved her jilbab back and started squeezing her tits as she was fucked in her ass and mouth. I was about to come watching my Hijabi sister in law getting fucked and enjoying it.The Sheikh had great stamina as the guard came first thrusting his hips with full force sending his cum as deep into this hijabis ass as possible.The Sheikh then said to me “Come my son, blah blah your brother’s wife but for you is her cunt.”I didn’t need any more encouragement as i took out my cock got behind Aliyah positioned my cock next to her pussy and shoved it in. Her cunt was really wet and easy to slide in. I started fucking her like crazy grabbing her tits, squeezing them. I pushed her jilbab higher so that i could see her ass fully and smacked it a few times.Sheikh pulled his cock out from her mouth and started to cum all over her face and hijab. It was a site to see Aliyah’s hijab and face covered with cum as he told her to lick it clean. As she licked his cock like a slut in hijab I couldn’t control anymore and started to cum in her cunt pumping my brother’s wife full of my cum. It was just at this moment that Aliyah too came and her whole body shuddered with her climax.I pulled out and looked at Aliyah who was still moaning and enjoying her orgasm. If only my brother could see his pious hijabi wife now. He was so possessive over her and here she was fucked by three men in three holes with her hijab covered in cum, her jilbab torn, her tits hanging out and her moaning like a bitch in heat.I asked the guard where the bathroom was so i could clean myself. After I came back Aliyah was standing there holding her jilbab in front with cum still on her hijab.The Sheikh said “Go now and call me tomorrow. I will arrange for your husband to be released.” Aliyah just remained quite looking down and then started walking away with me to the gate.The guard accompanied us and at the gate smacked Aliyah’s ass saying “You are lucky, Hazrat sahib does not help everyone”Aliyah was still quite and sat in the car. I started driving home still not able to believe what had just happened when I felt Aliyah’s hand on my cock. Before I knew it she had my cock out and moved her niqaab slighty was sucking it like crazy as she fingered her cunt over her jilbab. I came just as we got home though this time she took it all in her mouth.When we got home I told her to keep her hijab, jilbab and niqaab on as I fucked her all night long on my brother’s bed. I had dreamed so long of fucking my brother’s pious wife on his own bed and tonight was my night. I fucked her in every whole made sure my cum filled her cunt, ass and mouth. This shy muslima had become my slut as she begged me to blah blah her again and again. That day my brother came back later on in the evening bruised and beaten up from his time at the prison. She hugged him and thanked Allah for his safe return.