My Bizarre family story

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My Bizarre family storyHello All,This story is about my step sister and me.My name is Salim, I’ve been married for over 4 years now. I was born and raised in a higher middle class household. My parents were a lot open with us and did not force us to anything, including religion and taught us to follow our hearts. My mother passed away due to a sickness when I was 9. My father avoided getting married again for a few years but family pressure and his medical condition forced him to marry a distant relative who had lost her husband a few years back too.The wedding was a small affair, I remember meeting Sameena ma’ for the first time. I was 8 years then. She seemed like a real nice woman, her daughter Ayesha was hiding behind her saree. She was this fair, beautiful girl. She reminded me of pictures of angels from a comic book. Her eyes were sparkling like stars and her lips were naturally red as a crimson rose. Ayesha was about two years younger than me.I’ll spare you guys the cliché. But as years went by – we grew really close to each other. We always looked forward to coming back home from school or college and stopping by each other’s room before we got to ours. We had friends outside but we preferred playing together. We played so many role playing games where I would be the husband returning home to his wife and sometimes it would be neighbors sometimes it would be just simple us. Over the years I watched her play with her huge Barbie doll collection which progressed into singing karaoke in her pajamas and then one day I could no longer walk into her room without knocking and taking her permission.I was in denial to realize that we were both growing up and Ayesha was turning into a woman, she started getting more distant with me. I was getting facial hair and she was developing breasts. My pants went baggy and her pants were getting tighter. I grew my hair long and she had a crew cut. I turned into a loner but she was very outgoing and had friends over most of the time.When we got to our mid twenties, we both picked up jobs and were eager to make a career. I joined Dad’s ad agency and Ayesha determined to make a career on her own went on to work for an MNC as a trainer. Because she mostly worked nights, we hardly met and saw each other. I got married to a nice lady when a little after turning 28. The wedding was grand and went on for the whole day. At the end of the day I and my wife were dropped off at the hotel and when we went into the honeymoon suite. As soon as we walked into the room – a dozen friends jumped out of the darkness and teased us for over an hour. It was all Ayesha’s plan but finally I managed to kick them out of the room and as I was closing the door I saw Ayesha stand on the corridor dreamily looking at me with a tear in her eye. She came close and hugged me tight and left hiding her face. As confusing as it was, both me and my wife got down to a lot of nervous fumbling and finally lost our virginity that night. There was nothing worth mentioning about my first time except I could not get Ayesha out of my mind even while I was having an orgasm. Every time I made love to my wife after that I could not take Ayesha out of my mind. I could only cum thinking about her.A few months later, Ayesha got married karaman escort to her boyfriend much against the will of my parents and me. The wedding was in another town and my father refused to attend it. I went for the wedding with Sameena ma’ and a few relatives. I was restless for a few months after she left the house.Four years passed into our marriage, we had two c***dren. We moved into an apartment to accommodate the k**s. My sex life was decent I guess. I was not thinking of my Ayesha as much. I intentionally limited her pictures in the house as well. My wife turned out to be a very reserved and prude woman. Sex turned out to be a favor from my wife to me and I found myself getting a blowjob every time she wanted some extra cash to go shopping. I got down to watching porn and jerking off. Even though the thought crossed my mind, I could never get myself to cheat on my wife. One of those days I was going through some websites and came across one where it had voyeur videos of couples making out. I almost choked on my drink when I saw someone just like Ayesha in the pictures. This girl was giving the guy a blowjob and let him fuck her from the back pulling her hair. I was sweating with my Air conditioner on. I watched the video over and over again even though I was certain it was not her.I realized I had not spoken to Ayesha in a long time and called her that evening. I was heart broke to hear that she was going through a separation with her abusive husband. We talked for hours into the night and I asked her to come and stay with us for sometime till she recovered. She loved the idea and came to live with us while the paper work for the divorce was being worked on.My wife setup the room for her that I used as a study and office. For the first week Ayesha stayed indoors all day but was very talkative – it was almost like she was unleashing every thought that she had in her mind over the past years. She literally talked my wife and me to sleep every day. My wife and Ayesha were getting along really well. When the second week started we realized she had to get more clothes. Since my wife was taking care of my sick k**, I offered to take her out shopping. We went to a mall and she held my arms all along and we shopped all day stopping for coffee and lunch. She seemed to be having so much fun. We were like when we were k**s again, she never stopped talking, laughed, acted silly and jumped around and on more than a few occasions brushed herself against me. Anyone would have guessed us as a couple had they not known us.The most awkward part of the evening was when she dragged me into the lingerie section to pickup panties and bras for herself. I was not sure if she was doing this intentionally but she seemed to pick the skimpiest and sexiest of them. I was getting a semi hardon just thinking about her in those panties. Hell, I would have got a hardon had I seen my granny wear any of those panties.We drove home and I was parking my car in the basement. I walked back to the trunk to take all the packets out and she was standing in the way next to the car staring at me. I smiled and asked her to give me a hand with the packets but she came close and hugged me real tight. She started crying and thanked me escort karaman for being there for her and all. She kept talking and I was getting nervous if someone catches us like this. Her breasts were crushed against me and I knew I was not able to control the rising bulge in my pants. She pulled away a few seconds later and walked ahead to our apartment.I waited downstairs till I lost my erection and walked into the house. Ayesha was in my bedroom chatting up with my wife and I offered to empty out the bags. I took out the things we bought for the kitchen and took the bags to the other room. I noticed the little bag with those cute little panties and left them on her bed and emptied out the rest into her cupboard.I went to my computer desk in the corner and started to work on a project long pending.Ayesha walked into the room a little later and mentioned that she put my wife to sleep with her talking. I had my back facing her all the time when she asked me if she should try some of the clothes we bought. I said, maybe you should try it later but I could hear her tearing the wrappers and going at the clothes.A few minutes later she leaned over my shoulder and asked me what I was doing, I said I was working on a presentation due in a few weeks. In the glare of my mac I could see something I should not have, I turned back and saw my step sister in her new panties and my old tshirt.I whispered loudly in an aggravated tone, “what are you doing?”She smiled and came closer again and said – don’t you like this Salim bhai ?I said – are you serious?? we are not k**s anymore, go and get dressed into something decent.With the smile still intact, she knelt before me and held my hands and said – you know Salim bhaiyya. I think about you a lot, I missed you so bad. I wish I had heard your advice over the years.I also got on my knees and hugged her and said, Ayesha, my dear. It’s ok. We all make mistakes.She pulled back to look at my face and a few seconds later put her lips to mine.I pushed her away and whispered loudly to her – what do you think you are doing??She said in a low tone – I love you Salim bhaijaan, don’t you love me?I said – oh my dear Ayesha, I love you but I have a feeling you are confused. Even though we are not of the same blood, we are still brothers and sisters by our father. This is not right.We both continued to argue in whispers till she broke down in tears and said – you know I was having a very hard time with my marriage, where were you when I needed you the most? Why didn’t you call or visit me in the past few years? Why did it all have to get to this?I pulled her up and wiped the tears off and said – I am sorry about the past but I am here now. We can start your life off like new from here.I kissed her forehead a few times and she held my face tight and kissed me on my lips again.I tried to fight it but she bit my lip and kissed me harder, I could not resist that wet tear filled lips anymore. I kissed her back and she opened her mouth and I responded sucking her lips and tongue. We stayed locked like that for a few minutes. She was such a good kisser, I was instant goosebumps. She ran her fingers through my hair and pulled it while sucking on my tongue. We were both in a frenzy running our hands karaman escort bayan all over each other. I bent to lay her down on the floor but she wrapped her legs around me and started to kiss me all over my face my neck and mumble how much she loves me.I held her tight and she just smothered me with kisses and love bites all over. I could not control myself. I reached out and grabbed her ass and put my hand inside her panties and felt her all over her bubble butt.I lifted her and pushed her towards the wall and reached out between us and felt her between her pubic hair, she was soaking wet already and I rubbed her a little bit and felt her legs loosen around me. She put her legs down on the ground but still had her arms around my neck real tight and our lips seemed like they did not want to leave each other.She parted her legs to let me rub her a little longer, we almost tore each other’s clothes off. She was not wearing anything under the tshirt. What I was looking at was a pair of the most beautiful breasts I had ever laid my eyes on. She pushed my head gently towards herself and I started to suck on the pink nipples. She was moaning in pleasure and I was worried if it would wake up the k**s or the wife.I reached out and covered her mouth with my hand while I kissed on her belly and on top of her skimpy panties. She lifted a leg and put it over my shoulder and I moved the panty aside and tasted the fabulous juices that she was letting out for me. I did not get one single drop get by. Her whole pussy was in my mouth and I could hear muffled moans of pleasure.She got both her legs on my shoulders and I had full access to her pussy. She continued moaning while pulling my hair and scratching me. I could not reach to cover her mouth so I placed her on her bed and tiptoed back to my bedroom to get the condoms. I came back and saw Ayesha completely naked and I took my shorts off and was ripping a condom pack when she came towards me and started to kiss and suck my penis. She kissed it in places I never knew existed and felt so good I was losing feeling in my legs. She deepthroated me a few times and looked back up to see how I was feeling.I smiled and pushed her back on the bed gently, she lay back and lifted her legs to welcome me – I put on the condom and slowly rubbed the head of my dick on her pussy and gathered enough lubrication to gently push it in – she opened her mouth wide and stretched out to squeeze the mattress around her. I knew I had an average sized penis but she was really tight and was genuinely enjoying it. I felt as if I was getting bigger and tighter with every thrust. I was covering her mouth all this time but she reached out and hugged me and wrapped her legs around me and whispered how much she loved me and how much she loved every second of this. She placed her mouth on my shoulder and bit me when she started having her orgasm. She was shaking bad when she was done, I came soon after.We stay there in the bed hugging and kissing like lovers till I felt movement between my legs again. We did it once more that night and I went back to sleep with my wife.Sex with my half sister just got better and better as the days went by; she moved out of the house and started working with our family business. But we always found hotels and spaces where no one knew us to make love.It has been about 8 years since then, we have had the healthiest sexual relationship since. She occasionally does date other men but we know no one can satisfy each other better.