My aunty Jill models


My aunty Jill modelsIt had been a while since my first adventure lookin up my auntys dress as she tuned in her televisionWe had been havin fun since, I always asked my mum if I could stay over she said I could stay for the week. The thought a whole week of me and aunty Jill was really turning me on, the next day she picked me up she had on a pink top with blue tight jeans her body was so curvy her body was an hour glass figure and her bum was so tight as I and t hug her she bent down to hug me my face was rite in her cleavage it was so warm.After my mum and aunt chated for a bit I put my bags in the car I got in the frount seat and waited for jill after bursa escort five mins she got in and we was off , on the way she asked how I was and then I said I loved staying over cuz she wanderful aunty she smiled and gav me a hug, she asked if I had told my mum about her letting me look up her dress I said no she said it was our secrect I liked we had a secrect lik that. I asked aunty if I could do it again she said I guess it ok, we got to hers and I put my things away she had gotton her shopping in and was nakerd after, I sat next to her and put her arm rou d me, Simon she said I hav some other things to do do you mind playin in your room I said I want bursa escort bayan to help, she said I was sweet it only washing to get and put away but I wanted to help, she got up and got the washing in from the line a d yes lots of her undies, my face lit up she knew why I wanted to help you cheeky boy that’s what you wanted to see well ok so we sorted out what went were and then in her room we got down to her undies so Simon your cousins liked seeing them to which do you lik it ok you can touch them if your goin to help put them away she lays her knickers and. Bras o. The bed her slips and a few other things it was mostly all fullback type of knickers escort bursa cotton nylon high leg types few lacy ones including the white lace frount ones with the roses I saw the first time. I said I love her underwear I said I lov them all she giggled well I know this funy but would you lik to see me in some she said but it our serect ok, ok I said, ok why don’t you pic out some for me to model in I picked out a pink set and a normal white cotton knicker and bra set first as I picked I saw a few older ones well worn I picked some of them, they my every day boarin ones, yes I said. Ok just for you so she went to the bathroom to change she came back wearing the pink set she looked hot in them her bum was so sexy a real mum type body she said if I liked it on herWe had a long time in her room as she modelled it was a fun time In part 2 will be more moddling and stuff