Ms. Audrey: Cocksucker’s Good Deed


For Mrs. Audrey

Audrey was on a mission. She had just finished work and hadn’t had time for a decent meal all day. Her stomach growled at the stoplight as she re-applied her lipstick. She looked at herself in the rearview mirror and liked the sweetly dignified appearance she presented in her work clothes. She didn’t know exactly where she was going but her hunger was leading her to the dangerous part of town. It was about 8:00 at night when she came to a stop in an abandoned lot. The area was a meeting place for homeless vagrants and drug-dealers and was widely avoided by respectable folks.

Audrey reached down and lightly fingered her pretty pink panties under her raised skirt as the engine cooled in the darkness. She had been parked for about twenty minutes when she caught sight of a very dirty looking man watching her from his refrigerator box. Her manicured finger found her clitoris through her expensive underwear and she teased it lightly as she watched the man fully emerge from his rat’s nest and shamble forward to his feet. He had shaggy black hair and a beard. His clothing was filthy and she doubted he had bathed in weeks. As he stood there watching her, she saw that he was thin but with a large frame. Audrey straightened up as she saw him walking towards her car and she rolled down her window.

Standing next to her open window the homeless man said nothing. He simply stared down into the seat where her skirt rode high on her stockinged thighs. Audrey stared back at him assessing the grime and filth and the stink that surrounded him like horrible bat wings. Her cute little nose bunched up slightly at the smell.

Acting only on primitive instinct, the man began to undo the front of his tattered pants and lower them. His once-white briefs came Sakarya Escort into view, stretched tightly by the enormous club of his swollen penis. He stayed like that… allowing the pretty suburban woman to see his need as it throbbed evilly in his underpants. It was now Audrey’s turn to act on instinct and she slowly reached out with trembling hands to take the elastic waistband of his briefs in her fingers and pull them downward. When his cock came into view, Audrey reared back a bit- frightened by what she saw. Her wide eyes took in the sight of his dirty, filthy penis as it bobbed stiffly in front of her face. She estimated it at about nine inches long and so big and thick that she doubted her fingers would fit around it. Hanging down between his legs, his giant balls were visibly releasing steam into the air from the heat that permeated from them. His entire crotch was covered in sweat and piss soaked black pubic hair that framed the beast’s big cock.

They both knew what was to happen next, although Audrey herself was very nervous about her next course of action. However, despite his awful odor and appearance, the homeless man seduced her with the hypnotic display of his huge dickhead waving in her face. She couldn’t tell if he was leaning it into the car window or if she had begun to lean out, but eventually the hot, spongy cockhead made contact with her face. It stank of sperm and mansmells and made her feel lightheaded. It left an oily residue against her smooth cheek and she inhaled sharply at the sensation. Her nipples where hard against the cups of her sensible white bra. She turned her mouth to the big penis and gave it a big kiss that left lipstick smeared across the head. The man groaned deeply. This time she did lean forward as she Sakarya Escort Bayan took the huge penis into her open mouth and savored the taste of unwashed stiff cock. She basked in the feminine power she suddenly felt over this wretch of a man. This man who only knew of the boiling need that burned inside his big balls. The need that this clean, pretty woman would take care of… with her sucking mouth.

He pushed himself forward, issuing an animalistic grunt and Audrey teased him by accompanying him with a cute, girlish whimper. Her throat slowly filled up with the huge cockmeat until she felt his bushy black pubic hair tickling her nose. His gigantic scrotum rested hotly against her chin and they both stayed frozen in place as the big dick throbbed powerfully inside her mouth. Then, she slowly slid her lips back down the length of him until they caught on the flared ridge of his big dickhead where she stayed to suckle hungrily like a baby with a pacifier. Despite her prim appearance, Audrey was a skilled cocksucker who could have teased and pleased this pervert for hours, but she had another reason for being there. Her stomach growled again as she reached tentatively up to take his large hairy scrotum in her small hand. Still suckling on the big head, she squeezed his hot balls and was rewarded by a grunt and syrupy spill into her mouth. She swallowed it down greedily and began her downward descent to deepthroat him again.

The dirty man could not believe his good fortune and didn’t really understand her motivation. He only knew that he had a pretty girl-mouth to fuck and was going to blow an enormous wad soon. He humped into her car window, jacking himself off into her face as she continued to tease and squeeze his big swollen testicles. Escort Sakarya The almost, animalistic smells coming from his crotch reminded Audrey of the jungle and her primal lust was stoked further by the feel of his cock lurching in her throat. Her eyes grew large as she realized that he was going to cum now. She struggled to release him from her sweet mouth and succeeded at the last instant. The man was frozen in place, every muscle tensed to blast his load into his cocksucker’s mouth. Without being touched, his big dick began to shoot huge ropes of extremely hot cream from his balls. The first spurt hit Audrey square in the face, with a sizeable glob going up her nose. The white semen bubbled from her nostril as she choked from the surprising volume of it. Her wide-opened mouth was filled to the brim by the next copious wad that landed with audible plops. His balls were contracting repeatedly like a cobra spitting venom as more and more sperm was ejaculated into Audrey’s mouth and onto Audrey’s face. She savored the thick cream as it flowed down her throat and made a hot, satisfying lump in her belly. She bathed the penis in soft little kisses, cleaning it at the same time she thanked it for its offering. Another big spurt went across her forehead and streaked her hair with white slime. She thought to herself that he probably hadn’t cum this good in some time. She fisted the penis and was rewarded with a final huge ejaculation that covered her tongue in hot, gooey sperm. She squished it around in her mouth, her cheeks bulging from the amount of cum.

As she swallowed the last of his powerful load, she gave a feline purr of satisfaction. She hugged the large penis to her face and rubbed it up and down to savor his smell and texture one last time before smiling her goodbye and raising her window. As she drove away, she looked back in the rearview mirror to see him standing there with his pants and underwear at his ankles and his still big cock hanging out. She made a mental note to come back again for further feedings.

——–The End.