Moving back in with my parents

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Moving back in with my parentsMy relationship with my mother began almost as soon as my parents arrivedfrom Texas. I had just gotten a divorce and lived alone in Ohio. Mymother called one day to talk and acknowledged that Dad wasn’t doing toowell. She wondered if at this stage of their life they could continueliving alone. I suggested they move in with me and that’s where the storybegins.From the first day, it was evident that Dad had slowed down tremendously.The slower gait, the slurred speech, the weakness in his arms and legsattested to that fact. Both Mom and Dad were very close all their life, aloving couple in the best sense of that phrase. It was on that first daythat Dad said to me in the presence of my Mom, “Your Mom has been havingproblems with her legs and lower back. I’ve been massaging them daily butit’s getting to be too much. Would you be able to fill in?””I’ll try Dad; I’ll try Mom” I said, and as an aside to my Dad, “I justhope I can do as well as you did.””Do you have some time now, Hon?” my Mom asked.”Sure. You’ll have to give me some help though on where it hurts and ifI’m helping or hindering.”Dad settled down in front of the TV, a position he would assume more andmore as time went on. I almost had the feeling that he never realized heasked the question. That was to become more evident over the days thatfollowed. He seemed to withdraw from reality more and more.”Hon, let me take a shower first. Then we can get started.””Great,” I responded.I sat with Dad watching TV while Mom bathed. He sat quietly, almostunaware of my presence beside him. The television acted as a pacifier.There was little evidence of any intelligent reaction to any of the eventsunfolding before his eyes. There was a boyishness in his demeanor now, ac***dlike acceptance of all things. It was there, too, when he was well.But now it differed in his responsiveness. He was still the handsome manhe had always been and perhaps even more distinguished now in his 70’s, thegray hair accenting the tan he acquired over the years of living in theSouth.”Hon, I’m ready,” Mom called from the bedroom.There was no reaction from Dad, even as I excused myself. In the bedroom,Mom lay on her stomach on the bed, wearing a white bathrobe that coveredher otherwise nude body.”The oil I use is on the bed stand, Hon. Squirt it on and rub it in.That’s the way your Dad did it. It always helped.”I began with her feet and calves. I massaged them gently, applying somepressure to the inner sole, a technique I’d learned from the reflexologistI frequented over the years. With long smooth strokes, I massaged thecalves and feet. Mom’s only comments were happy sighs of relief or anoccasional comment that came out a mumbled, “That’s nice, Hon.”My attention was drawn to the darkness that lay under the bathrobe high onher thighs. I had never seen my Mom’s pussy this close. I had seen hernaked on a number of occasions over the years. More than once, we disrobedtogether along with my Dad at the beach house they owned in Corpus Christi.I remembered the firm breasts that bounced teasingly as she donned hersuit. In later years, I accidentally walked into the bathroom as shebathed. The unexpectedness of this encounter afforded only a momentaryglance, but I took in the less firm but still attractive breasts that Iremembered from those early days. In a way, they were sexier, more tubularnow and less firm, swaying freely with each movement of her body. Anothertime, I witnessed Dad and her having sex at the beach house. I’d goneswimming and returned earlier than expected. As I approached the house, Iheard low moans coming from the bedroom. I guessed their source and creptcloser to the open window to get a glimpse of their lovemaking. A gentlecoastal wind separated the curtain to allow for intermittent but completeviews of Mom sitting on Dad’s cock, riding it uninhibitedly and withobvious relish. Her breasts heaved in the excitement as Dad’s cock drovedeep and hard into her agitated cunt, dripping wet with their love juices.My concealed and unobstructed view of the sensuality of this primitive andwild love allowed me to watch it to its fulfillment as they reversedpositions, Dad now on top. His large, engorged 8 inch cock drove deep intoher cunt as she screamed her hotness to him in return, “Fuck me! Fuck me!Give it to me. Oh God I’m coming.” I watched close up as his ballsslapped against her asshole and their combined fluids merged as if a font,a white viscous river streaming down her thighs, soaking her groin and thesheets on which they lay. My excitement was such that my cock spewed itsown hot cum into my bathing suit, its excess running down my leg to myankles and feet creating its own river of excitement.All of this flashed before me as my hands massaged closer to the darknessbeneath her robe. Accidentally, my fingers touched and felt the innerwarmth of her vagina. I drew back expecting some response. To mysurprise, she merely sighed and spread her legs slightly more apart.Brazenly, I probed further. I massaged the innermost crevice of her groin,her pubic hairs grazing my thumbs as they gently pressed and massaged themuscles of the thigh. I lingered long here, using long strokes from theknee to the groin, allowing my thumbs to press on the crevice that laybetween the leg and the vulva. Slowly, I moved my thumbs back and forth,culminating at the juncture of the anus. With each stroke, the anusseparated in a pucker, as two lips opening to utter a word. In this case,no such utterance came forth except for the moisture of the hole and thesighs emitted by Mom, as if beckoning for attention. Her buttocks werelarge but flaccid as it is with older women who have gone through theiryears of c***dbearing. They were supple to the touch, responding to thepressure of the palm of my hand and my thumb.I realized, too, that my cock ached with passion, seeking fulfillment. Itook a moment to arrange it so that it lay upward, pressed to my stomach.In the rearrangement, it was clear that my underwear and pants were wetwith the arousal that bordered on orgasm.Finishing the massage, I started to say something when I heard a snore fromMom. It was just as well. My cock ached from the throbbing hardness andsought relief. I covered her with a blanket and headed for my room where Ilay naked and, with a few strokes of my hand, spewed a torrent of cum allover myself. It took all I could to keep myself from screaming therelease, but managed to suppress it, fearing Dad would hear and wonderabout its source. I lay there breathing heavily for a long moment, thethought of my mother’s cunt so close to me. I could smell the sensualityof her naked body. My body shivered with excitement, the excitement ofinserting my hot throbbing cock into her hot vagina and erupting with herinto a joyous orgasm, celebrating our oneness, our unity, our love for oneanother. The throbbing wouldn’t cease and I took my cock in hand once moreand stroked slowly, reliving the osmaniye escort tender moments of the massage until Ierupted anew, my cum, once again drenching my thighs and belly. Arousalcontinued and I swiped my hand through my cum drenched body and ate,sucking my palm and fingers of my abundant love juices.I must have dozed a while. When I awoke, the house seemed very quiet. Iput a bathrobe on and went into the living room, where Dad sat, stillwatching television. He acknowledged my presence with a nod and askedabout Mom. I mentioned that she was asleep after the massage. We watchedtogether for a long time without saying a word until I heard some movementfrom the bedroom where Mom was asleep. Several minutes passed and Momappeared saying, “Hon, I’m sorry I fell asleep. But your massage washeavenly. Your grip and pressure is so much better than Dad’s. I feellike a million dollars right now.””That’s good to hear Mom. I’ll look forward to tomorrow and othermassages.”We spent the rest of the evening in small chit chat, with Dad taking verylittle interest. His withdrawal from reality and life concerned both of usand, even when we talked of it in his presence, there was very littleresponse.The days passed into weeks and I continued to massage Mom on a daily basis.The same sensuality that drove the first massage continued unabated insubsequent massages. There was more, however. About the 4th day into thedaily massage routine, I openly announced to Mom that I would be working inmy shorts, clothes being a hindrance and, obviously, too hot. Momcommented, “I was going to suggest that. You work so hard.” Myimagination ran rampant after this. While massaging, I could now kneelover her buttocks while massaging her back. I let it all hang out,literally, and allowed my cock to float freely outside my jockey shortsover the crack in her ass as my hands slid up her back to her neck andbackwards, her asshole being an end point. The first time I tried this, mycock naturally slid along the crack of her ass as I moved forward and back.My hard cock ached with passion, feeling the warmth of her ass on theunderside of my cock. The precum poured from my cock and became a lotionin itself. I operated on the assumption that she would interpret thesmooth movement as part of the massage and the lotion. Not long into thisnew procedure, my cock could endure no more and my cock exploded with myhot cum, squirting up her back to her shoulder blades. How I maintained mycomposure was beyond me. I screamed internally and kept my sense ofpurpose only by continuing the massage, massaging my hot cum into her back.At other times, I would position myself at about her mid-thighs, allowingfor the tip of my hard and throbbing cock to barely touch the entrance toher warm cunt. The pleasure derived from this method was beyonddescription. I detected, not only warmth from the opening to the vaginabut abundant moisture which I interpreted as her sexual response to mymassage. In this position, there was a noticeable retro response from Mom,as if she were moving her vagina backward to feel a deeper thrust of mycock. I couldn’t be sure so I continued to assume that she was unaware ofmy machinations. The abundance of precum on my cock added to theincredible pleasure I derived from this ever so slight penetration, thepleasure growing more intense at the thought that obsessed me of feeling myhot and throbbing cock inside her hot cunt. This procedure, too, led toorgasms that defied description, the cum splattering the crevice of herass, back and thighs. I prayed that my heavy breathing wouldn’t give meaway or that the intense beat of my heart would be heard by her. But asbefore, she would elicit only a sigh indicating her submission to mymanipulations and the pleasure that they brought. Once, in one hour, Icame three times and cautioned myself against further lack of restraintlest my doings became suspect. I must add here that it wasn’t all aquestion of lack of restraint. The orgasms came on their own accord,abetted by the i****tual aspect of the massage on a person intimatelyconnected with one’s life. I anticipated some reaction except that nonecame except for a quiet sigh of pleasure.Dad too seemed to be growing more and more withdrawn. We decided to takehim to a doctor and the prognosis was not good. After some testing, it wasdetermined that he had undergone some minor strokes which accounted for thewithdrawal. It became evident that he would need some assistance in comingdays.Once home, Mom and I talked about a strategy for caring for Dad. She wouldcare for his diet and I would care for his physical needs, bathing,exercising, and general rehab. These began almost immediately. Daily, Iwould lead Dad into the bathroom for his bath. His response was almostc***dlike. In order to lower him into the bath, I realized that I had toget in the tub with him, have him face me with his hands around my neck andlower him gently into the tub. At first I did this with my underwear.Getting my shorts wet, in the process, I decided to get completely nude forall baths afterwards. Mom assisted at times, washing Dad’s head and faceas I tended to his feet, legs, cock, and asshole. At first, Mom’s presencewas a little disconcerting. I feared, mostly, that my cock would hardenand embarrass her and me. But aside from slight semi erection, all wentwell. Dad seemed not to respond much to washing his cock. A littletumescence would appear, but, otherwise, there was little response. Astime went on, however, this changed. Often he would end up with a fairlyrigid hard on, not nearly the way I saw it on that day when he fucked mymother at the beach house, but, still, rigid. Once, after the bath as Irubbed him down with oil, he pointed to his cock with a hand motion. Iignored it at first but as he persisted I saw that he meant for me to jerkhim off. I covered his cock with oil and pressed hard with my left hand atthe base so that it stood hard and throbbing. With my right hand, I movedswiftly up and down the beautiful 8 inch shaft. Within a few minutes ofthis intense manipulation, he came, dribbling his hot cum into my fist,moaning in response to the intensity of the orgasm. After cleaning him up,he would smile gently and pat me on the hand as if to say Thank you.Usually, he slept for hours after that. Once we started, we continued. Iwaited for those moments when he would motion and it delighted me to jerkhis magnificent cock into orgasms that obviously delighted him. Imentioned this to Mom after the second encounter and she smiled herconsent, adding, “I’ve tried to get him to come many times, but my methodsdon’t have the strength that is necessary to maintain an erection.”I didn’t say anything to Mom, but, in fact, I had entered the apartmentseveral times while she was in the process of sucking Dad’s cock. In oneencounter, I heard him comment, “Nora, I just can’t seem to get it upanymore.” Her response was typical of her kindness, stimulated osmaniye escort bayan by the deeplove she felt for him as did he for her. “Don’t let the lack of hardnessbother you. Think of how it brings us close together, loving as we alwayshave but with different results. You know how I love to love you. Letthat me my pleasure.”Dad needed watching now. We decided to bring a small single bed into mybedroom where he would sleep, while Mom and I would sleep in the large kingsized bed next to him. “Would that be alright, Hon?” she asked.”That’s fine, Mom. I hope you can put up with my snoring.”She added as an afterthought, “I know that you sleep in the nude. Don’tlet that bother you. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”When bedtime came, the usual rituals were performed. We put Dad to bed, asleeping pill added to help him drowse off. Mom decided to lay down earlyand I, instead, decided to watch some television. There wasn’t much toview, and, even then, my thoughts moved ahead to the night in bed with Momand what that might bring. To be honest, I was still uncomfortable withlaying nude with Mom. An hour or so passed and I decided to climb intobed. Mom left a small bedside lamp burning and in the dimness of thelight, I could make out her nakedness, her breasts showing above thecomforter. Obviously, she had accommodated to my sleeping in the nude anddid likewise. I slipped under the covers as quietly as I could. My cockstood at full mast, anticipating what might happen. Mom seemed to beasleep. At least, in the quiet of the night, no sound came from her. Mybody slid under the covers, trying to avoid contact with her body. Ourfeet touched and some slight movement from Mom indicated that she was awakeor partially awake.”Hon, is that you?””Yes, Mom. I’m sorry I disturbed you. Are you OK?”She mumbled an audible OK and moved close to me, pressing her body close,her left leg crossing my lower extremity, depressing my hard throbbingcock. If she were awake, there is no doubt that she could feel my hardcock pulsing against her left leg. We lay quietly for some time, I, tryingto assess the predicament, if it was a predicament, that I was in. Severalminutes passed, and our bodies, mutually began to react to our physicalcontact. My cock, in the movement, slipped lower to her vagina and stoodattentively at the entrance of her hot cunt. It wasn’t a planned event.It happened quite naturally. We both reacted in tandem. She pushedforward as I did and my cock penetrated the inner sanctum of her womanhood.I marveled at the warmth of her cunt, the delicious, sensual assuagingwarmth that enveloped my cock in its deep penetration of her labia. Ourpubic hairs intermingled, our stomachs met, touching softly, sensually.Still, there was no tangible evidence of her awareness of what wastranspiring. I lay perfectly still for long moments, my cock aching withpassion, a pain of pleasure persisting at the base of my testicles as Iheld this position. I groaned at the intensity of my lust. At the momentof my climax, she moved, withdrawing her warm, nay, hot cunt from myengorged cock. I turned away at that moment, my cock exploding under thecovers, drenching me and the sheet on which I lay. “Oh God,” I cried,addressing the excruciating pain of pleasure that emanated from my cock andballs, a torrent of cum spewing from my cock. I dared not move. I sensedthat Mom was asleep, completely unaware of this night’s occurrence. Mybreathing quieted and I fell asleep, sleeping the sleep of sleeps,completely oblivious of the wetness that lay under me.I awoke the next morning to the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen.Startled, I felt the dampness under me. I stripped the bed of the linens,noting that some of the wetness had permeated the mattress cover. Igrabbed my bathrobe, and headed for the kitchen where the smell of freshbrewed coffee beckoned.Mom was all sweetness and light. If there was any awareness of lastnight’s encounter, she gave no indication.”Hon, have some coffee. Did you sleep well last night? I had a marveloussleep. If you snored, I wasn’t at all aware. Dad seems to have had a goodnight as well. He’s still out of it.”Mumbling yeses to her questions, my mind raced back to our night in bed.She wore a negligee and a loosely fitted housecoat and I could make out herfirm breasts beneath heaving at each sip of her coffee. The housecoatd****d to each side of her firm thighs and I could make out the shadow ofthe hair of her cunt. I remembered the warmth of her cunt as my cock slidinto its embrace and lay throbbing enjoying the wrap of the tender folds ofher labia. I felt the pleasure again, my cock dripping its precum into mybathrobe. Dad’s voice broke the sensual reverie as he stepped into thekitchen.”The smell of the coffee woke me. I feel ravenously hungry, too. Nora,can you fry me a couple of eggs. I’ll have a slice of toast, as well.””Glad to see you’re up and at `em Dad. It looks like a promising day,maybe for a walk after breakfast. How does that sound?””After breakfast, I’ll let you know, Tom.He showed surprisingly good spirits this morning. It was a glimpse of hisold self and we all felt good about that.”George,” Nora interrupted, “How about you and me taking that walk thismorning? Tom’s got plenty to do and we both need to get out and about.””Sounds, good Nora.”After breakfast, Dad and Mom got dressed and went for their walk. Thatgave me a chance to put new sheets on the bed. In the bedroom, the night’sepisode flooded my memory and I felt my cock jump to hard. Disrobing, Ilay naked on Mom’s side of the mattress, trying to recall the passion ofthe night before, the smells, the entrance of my hard cock into her cunt,its warmth, our stomachs pressed together, our pubic hairs intertwining andthe finale, the gushing of my hot cum over me and the bed sheets. Thefeeling renewed itself and, once again, my cock sprayed my chest and bellywith the hot cum of my passion as it relived last night’s reverie. I musthave dozed. Startled by the apartment door opening, I leapt up, grabbingmy bathrobe, and covered my cum drenched body as I launched into remakingthe bed.”Hi Hon. We’re back. Dad’s a little worn out and needs to take a nap.”She took note of my making the bed and offered to help, picking the sheetsfrom the floor and putting them in a hamper for washing.Meanwhile, she put Dad to bed. From the living room, I could see that shetucked him in lovingly, kissing his eyes and brow. She lay with him untilhe dozed off, all the time caressing him and demonstrating the true andprofound love that existed between them all these years.”He’s asleep, Hon. The walk did him in, but probably did him a lot ofgood, too. I’m going to shower now. Be a darling and make some freshcoffee.”I started a fresh brew of Mr. Coffee and returned to the living room.Rather than watch television, I opted for the CD’s and put on some soothingViennese waltzes and settled down, relaxed, happy, and contented. escort osmaniye Fromwhere I sat, I could see the bathroom door open and hear the sound of theshower striking the glass doors. I felt my cock stir as I thought aboutMom in the shower and rose to see what transpired. Her naked form appearedas a silhouette through the milky-textured glass door, blurred, but quiteclear in its outline. Her stomach appeared as a slight protrusion, abovewhich her breasts swung freely as she bent to wash her legs and feet. Iwatched as her hands washed her vaginal area lovingly, taking care toinsert her fingers deep into her vagina. It was a slow and prolongedmassage. At one point, I watched as her shoulders leaned back on theshower wall, her stomach and vagina pressed outward, her fingers caressingher pubic area slowly and lovingly. A low moan of gratification rose abovethe sound of the water and it was evident that she was thoroughly enjoyingher massage. My cock pressed hard against my pant leg, throbbing withexcitement at Mom’s solitary loving. As I watched this sensual reverie, Iquickly took off my pants and underwear, and donned a pair of Bermudas frommy dresser drawer, returning quickly to my voyeuristic mode.Unfortunately, the water stopped and I returned to the sofa and theViennese waltzes.Mom appeared shortly, dressed only in her lounging bathrobe, lookingthoroughly refreshed. “I’m ready for a nice cup of coffee now, Hon.”I poured us both a coffee and set in on the table next to the sofa on whichshe reclined, legs extended, her feet very pink from the warmth of theshower, her cleavage heaving from her sighs of ease and comfort. It was asexually alluring sight and my cock responded to it immediately.”Bring your coffee here, Hon, and massage my feet. After our morning walk,they feel as if they need it. After we’ve relaxed a little, maybe you’llhave time to give my back massage, too. But let’s not hurry.”I moved to the sofa, sat at her feet, lifting them into my lap. Theyrested on my thighs and my partially erect cock. I took each foot into myhand and massaged the bottom gently and tenderly with the ball of my hand,in long fluid motions. Each toe got its unique massage. My fingers wovebetween the toes, giving tender attention to the spongy areas. The warmthof my hand and her feet increased and I moved to the calf, massaging hercalves towards her knees. Her total body relaxed as I moved from the baseof the feet to the knee in long, gentle, and tender motions. Her legsspread and, wittingly or unwittingly, the front of her bathrobe opened,allowing a full view of her lovely vagina. It lay at the base of herslightly protruding stomach. The view from there led to her breasts thatwere concealed by the robe, but heaved in rhythmic motion with each breathand with each sigh of pleasure she manifested reacting to my labor of love.Her head lay back with eyes closed on sofa pillows that buttressed her backand head. I chose to think that she was aware of her nudity and chose toreveal her precious intimacies to me.”Hon, you are magnificent,” she managed to utter, her lips dry withexcitement. “I can’t begin to describe my feeling of peace at the moment.”Taking that as an assent to further exploration, I replied, “I’ve nevermassaged you frontally. Will that be OK?””Why, of course, Hon. I’m all yours.”I rose and knelt beside her. I opened her robe fully, exposing hercompletely, her vagina, her protruding stomach, her tubular, but firmbreasts. I continued my massage above her knees to her thighs, allowing myhands to slide gently through the groin area, my thumb moving along thevulva, caressing the soft, pubic hair on her vagina, delicately tinged withgray. I toyed with this area lovingly, with longer motions along herstomach to her breasts, which I massaged gently and tenderly, giving muchattention to the now hardened nipples of her breasts. Her sighs gaveevidence of her excitement. As I continued, her legs moved apart,beckoning me to return to her font of love more and more. The massagebecame one long motion now, my hands moving between her groin and herbreasts.My cock lost control at the beginning of the massage. I gave in to itsimpulses as soon as I began the frontal massage. I felt the wet, hot cumspurt into my shorts and run down my leg onto the carpet. I was at thepoint of no return, caring little for what might come to pass, throwingmyself completely and totally to the mercy of my instincts. Mom must havesensed my predicament. She whispered a weak, “Let’s go into the bedroomwhere it will be more comfortable.”She led and I followed, throwing herself onto the bed completely naked.Her breathing was heavy; her passion was evident. The wetness of hervagina was pronounced.I was no longer in control. I stripped naked, buried my face in her vaginaand licked at the profusion of wetness that poured from her cunt. I drankdeeply. Her cunt responded to my mouth and thrusts of my tongue as it dovedeep into the inner recesses of her hot, wet vagina. My cock could nolonger hold back. I rose above her and drove my 8 inch cock deep into herhot cunt. She thrust back to meet my throbbing cock as if to feel it inits entirety. My balls ached from the passion and thrusting, slapping herperineum and ass hole as I drove deeper and deeper into her inner recesses.She cried, “Oh Hon, I’m coming. Keep driving, keep thrusting, don’t stop;give it to me hard.”Several thrusts more and my hot cock exploded in her, my cum oozing fromthe side of her cunt onto the sheets. She explored this gusher of cum withher left hand, scooping it up and swallowing it in her hot and receptivemouth. I took her cue and lower my head to hers and kissed her deeply, mytongue searching out hers and the wetness of cum that was mine. We kisseddeeply while my cock continued to pump its juices into her hot cunt,mingling with the hot juices of her own orgasm that came and came as insheets of torrential rains. Her legs wrapped hard around my hips andpulled me close, thrusting hard to attain the deepest of penetrations. Tenminutes of continued passion persisted until, spent, we both lay on oursides, my cock still lovingly deep in her cunt, our legs locked in a tightembrace. Neither one spoke for long minutes.Mom spoke first. “Hon, that was beautiful. It was the most intenseintercourse I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. Your father and I hadgood times together. But after him, this had to be the most beautiful.Let me say, too, if you’re worried about this relationship, we’re hurtingno one. It is between me and you. Our love is more important.””Mom, I’m glad you said that. I didn’t know how to raise that point or howyou felt about our relationship. Looking back, it was inevitable. But yousaid it best. We’re hurting no one. Let’s leave it there and continue ourloving.”Mom rose up on one elbow and looked into my face, smiling. “Thinking aboutthis, Dad slept through our passion, only four feet away from us. I reallydon’t think it would have mattered much if he had awaked. Even if he had,he probably wouldn’t have had much to say anyway. He’d probably approve.I’ll see how it goes and maybe I’ll tell him about it sometime. We werenever ones to keep secrets. That was the foundation of our marriage.”