mother in law

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mother in lawI have read many stories about guys having sex with their mother in laws, few ring true. Until it actually happens, it is a dream, a fantasy. When it does happen it is initially a thrill, a rush – but that rush devolves into guilt and paranoia. I know because I have had sexual relations with my mother in law. The one thing that these “stories” lack is the one thing that would make karabük escort them really ring true – and that is for any mother in law to fuck around with her son in law – is dysfunction in the wife’s family. Dysfunction and alcohol should be present. Without those two elements – sex with mother in law is virtually impossible. I know. These two elements were present and I did it. It escort karabük was not a visual experience, where clothes came off in a sexy and provocative manner- Rather it was a drunken, groping affair. It was quickly accomplished as “clumsy”,first timers experience. But it was good and rich when it happened. It was taboo. It was satisfying. Then, the sun rises the next morning and you karabük escort bayan play it back, wonder and worry. You think about how its coming back to haunt you. How our world will end. You think about the next meeting with her. But then nothing happens. She won’t tell- there’s too much for her to loose as well. Then as the guilt subsides and life becomes normal, you see her at a party, a function and you remember. You remember the circumstances, the sounds she made when you put your tongue on her pussy. You remember how she tasted and how your cock slide into her. And then after that- the guilt in your soul rises again. And you worry.