Mom Came Home Pissed

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Mom Came Home PissedWhat a son should not see or doIt was late when I heard a car stop outside the house and then there was a knock on the door, either my mom had lost her keys or she was to drunk to find the lock. It was her friend Susan from work holding my mom up against the wall waiting for me to take her inside. They had been to the Christmas work’s party and Susan’s husband had kindly offered to drop my mom off after having to collect his wife.Susan managed to prise herself away from my mom’s hug as I took her inside the house, my mom was totally drunk and had to be helped up the stairs to bed. There was only the two of us living here now after dad walked out some years ago and my two older sisters were married this year or I would have asked them to put mom away to bed.Mom is in her forties with a sexy looking motherly body, all my mates think she is hot, I’ve only knowing her as my mom but I would certainly want to try it on with her if she was a stranger. Mom slumped down on to the bed“I’m hot,” she saidShe had on a red party dress down to her knees and a jacket, I pulled her up so she could sit on the bed while I helped her take her jacket off. I could see all the way down in to her cleavage as I stood over her, her 36d tits squashed together and on show with the low neckline of the dress.“Unzip me”I pulled the zip down at the back and started to slide the dress off her shoulder as I steadied her, her red bra strap becoming visible then the full cup of her red lacy bra. I did the same to the other side and pulled her dress down to her waist.My mom’s magnificent tits barely covered with her bra and her nipples were beginning to show through the thin lacy material, her long dark hair cascaded over her breasts to add a sexy looking affect.“You’ll have to stand up mom,” I saidI pulled her on to her feet and slid her dress down as she squashed her face in to my neck, I couldn’t see what I was doing but I felt the lacy of her knickers and then the dress fell to the floor. I held on to her as I shuffled the bed clothes across the bed and sat her down, she looked sexy with I little bit of tummy spilling over the top on her knickers.As she lay down, glimpse of her pussy hair escaped from the side of her knickers and I covered her up with the sheets. My mom talked gibberish for the next five minutes and I felt that I could not leave her for the rest of the night.It was cold outside and the heating in the house had been off for the last hour, I got in to the other side of the bed with my clothes on so I could keep an eye on her and then switched off the light. I must have dropped off to sleep as I was suddenly awakened with a hand rubbing on my trousers; my cock was as hard as steel and being franticly squeezed and pulled through the material.I lay there not moving, this was my mom playing with me but it felt so nice, she struggled to undo the button on my trousers, but eventually she released my cock from my boxers. I could feel her moving around the bed then a wet mouth sucked around my cock, she had me in her mouth güngören escort and her head began to bob up and down on me.I lay still thinking of other things to think of, but my cock had other ideas, a wet slurping noise soon came from under the covers and I knew I could not last long. Her tongue licked and flicked the tip of me and her hand squeezed tight around my shaft as it moved up and down in time with her mouth.My first squirt was fired with force in to my mom’s wanting mouth then another and another; she sucked and swallowed like a pro, still bobbing her head up and down on me. One might squirt after another pumped from my cock, I was so turned on.Where it was all coming from I did not know, the sheer excitement of my mom sucking me kept me squirting but I began to slow my pumping down eventually. My mom still had me in her mouth as I felt my cock go soft then she kissed the tip before lying back down.I lay wide-awake as she began to breathe heavy in her sleep, would she remember any of this in the morning and that she had sucked her son’s cock dry through the night, I thought not! to myself. As an 18 year old I was curious to touch a mature woman and if it happens to be my mom, so let it be. She seems that drunk she would be oblivious to me exploring her body through the night, I hope.I turned on to my side, I little feel of her pussy would do no harm, would it. I touched her tummy with my hand and she did not move, her legs were already apart as I slid my hand over the crotch of her knickers. I now had my hand resting on a real mature pussy, it felt warm and moist through the crotch and I could feel her hair escaping from side of her knickers.I pulled my hand back up over her knickers and started to slide it inside them. The opportunity was too great for a teenager to miss in touching a pussy and boy she felt hairy.My hand lay flat against her bush; there was still no response from her. I continued pushing my hand inside her knickers and they were taught across the back of my hand as I buried further in to her bush. Her slit was moist and willing as my finger slipped along the full length of it, had she already came tonight and is all old woman’s pussy’s as wet I wondered . My finger found her love hole and I found it easy to slip it inside her, the warm wet pussy lips give little resistance to my finger as I began to finger fuck my mom. Her pussy made wet sloppy noises and she began to whimper in her sleep, I took the chance that she would not wake and fetch her to a wet sloppy orgasm. My finger was drenched from her love juice and I felt her insides clench around my finger in waves of passion with each stroke. Her pussy was warm and very wet as I pulled my finger out from her.She did not shift as I pulled my hand from her knickers and moved it on to her bra-covered tit, her nipple felt hard and enlarged and I wondered if I could free it from her bra. I pulled the bra over her nipple gently as not to wake her and sank my mouth on to it.My mom started to move and turned away from me, dare I unclip escort güngören her bra or not, this might be my only chance of ever feeling my mom’s tits so I unclipped her bra.I snuggled in behind her and slid my hand over her body, then gently slid my fingers in under her bra and I felt the fullness of her tit in my hand with her nipple poked through my fingers. She began to roll back against me and I moved away from her, now back on her back I waited to see if I had woken her, I had not.I started to feel her tits again and when I was sure she was still asleep I moved so I could suck on her nipple. I had it large and erect in my mouth, pulling on it and it did not wake her at all. I began to kiss down her tummy and could smell the warm sexy aroma wafting from her pussy. As I got closer her legs started to part ever so gently making it easer to slid her knickers to one side so I could look at an older pussy. I was intrigued to how hairy she was and her lips glistened in the moon light coming through the window, I watched as her lips parted while I slipped my finger inside her pussy.I needed a better view and moved in between her stretched out legs. I inserted and wobbled my finger about again and got closer for a better view of mom’s pussy.My face just inches away, I could see her slit was long and proudly sticking out from her bush. I give her plump lips a quick kiss and her pubes rubbed on my face, something I have never done with a girl before. I kissed her again but this time lingering longer, her lips were wet with her pussy juice and it was like nothing I had ever tasted before.I pushed my tongue between them, feeling the warmth of her insides and licked and sucked my mom’s juice until my jaw muscles ached. How I wondered what it would feel like to stick my cock in her, just to push it in and feel it tightly wrapped around my cock.The temptation was too great and the opportunity was there, my mom seemed to be past out with the affects of alcohol and would not remember a thing tomorrow, it’s not like I’m going to fuck her and cum inside her, I told myself.My cock was hard again as I crawled up between her legs and I slid my boxers far enough down to get my cock out. With her knickers still to one side I pointed my cock to her pussy lips and rubbed it up and down her wet glistening slit, she was easy to enter with her pussy taking the full length of my cock in one push. It was a new experience feeling and being inside a big old fanny and I couldn’t control myself any longer, I started to gently slid back and forth and before I knew what I was doing, I was thrust with force and banging hard into my mom. I climbed on to my arms over the top of her fucking away when she moved and she pulled me down on top of her. Her hands pulled my head towards hers and she kissed me, mad frenzied kissing coming from my mom, hopefully she thinks it is some guy she fetched home from the party.She moaned through her kissing and I felt her hand slip my boxers down one of my bum cheeks and dig her fingers in to me. This was no güngören escort bayan longer my mom, it was a woman that wanted my cock inside her. A woman that wanted my seed to be sprayed deep inside her. The thought of coming making me all excited until my cock was about to erupted. I surly couldn’t come inside my mom but she grabbed my other cheek with her hand and kept me pulled tight inside her“Come in mommy, it‘s safe” she saidFuck I thought, she knows it’s me fucking her, her son“I’ve wanted to feel that cock of yours inside me for ages,” she saidI could feel herself lifting up off the bed to meet me, which made me want to come, her loud sloppy squelching pussy the braking point that made me come. My cock exploded like no other time as she moaned and panted with each jump and squirt of my cock inside her pussy. Then arching her back she pushed hard in to me as her fingers dug deep in to my bare cheeks and coupling us tight together with my cock deep inside as her orgasm arrived. Her insides rippled up my cock in waves of pleasure milking my balls dry in no time at all, no girl has ever done that to me before.We panted hard together as my seed finished squirting out from my cock but her pussy kept nipping and pulsing on my cock keeping it hard inside her. She lifted her head closer to mine and kissed me madly again as our body’s stuck together with all the sweat we had worked up. We decoupled and I climbed from between her legs, she slid my trousers and boxers off me as I climbed along side her. Her face said it all, just like a cat which had got its cream.We lay side by side and I realised my mom was not as drunk as she made out to be, she has had intentions of wanting and letting her son fuck her for some time, she said and this had been the perfect opportunity.I was awoken the next morning with her gently blowing on my face and her hand around my cock, she had a mischievous look on her face and I felt her leg slid over the top of my legs. Now on one knee and her other leg outstretch over the top of me she lowered herself on to my cock that she was still holding.Inch by inch my cock disappeared out of sight and in to my mom’s pussy, I was stunned she wanted to do it so soon after last night but she started to slid up and down on me.Her might tits bounced and wobbled as she fucked me then she dangled them in my face, her nipples brushing back and forth across my face until I caught and sucked on one. Mom went in to a frenzy when I sucked on it making her fuck my cock harder and faster, the more I sucked the harder she fucked me until I squirted my youthful cock inside my mom again. She lifted herself upright slamming down on to my cock before giving out a scream then she leant backwards on to her arms making her pussy visible for me to see and her tits pointing up in to the air. Mom breathed heavily making her body heave up and down on my cock as it squirted my young seed deep inside. She sat on my cock until it withered away releasing a stream of our love juice, which ran down between my balls.Later we shared a shower and mom was in no hurry to end it there, her appetite for sex was incredible and I learnt so much over the weekend Three years without dad and she couldn’t get enough of it or me. I just hope it carries on over the Christmas holidays.The End