Missy – Sex Slave

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Missy – Sex SlaveThis is another little incite into the working of the beautiful Missy — her total passion and lust … These are her words and thoughts and actions — thanks for a memorable visit Mr MickThe more we meet the more we learn about each other and things we may be want to try but have been uncomfortab;le to share with our partners —- with us there are very few boundaries and trust is implicit …….Mick tells me he has an adventure planned for me on his next visit — i think to myself we have done most things already but still i got so excited as to what he had planned — every time we spoke i asked what he has planned for us — but each time the answer is the same — wait and see you will enjoy — trust me !!!As always i pack an over night bag — not that i ever use anyof the 3 outfits i take other than my toothbrush and a pair of knickers to put on to come home in !!! LOLI arrive at the hotel — Mick has normally arrived and checked in by the time i get here — i ask at reception and he has not checked in yet but they offer me the key so i can “un pack ” !!! thats a laugh !! — i say thanks but i will wait in the bar ..As i walk into the bar — guess who is sitting there — Mr Mick — big cheesy smile and looking quite pleased with himself —- I go across to him and lean down to kiss him as he is sitting on a sofa — he pulls me down — i fall across his lap and he smcks my arse !!!Fortunately only one person in the bar see’s this — a middle aged woman — it puts a smile on her face …I’m a bit pissed off to be honest but he does make up with a great welcome kiss and a cheeky rub of my nipples !!!My nipples are so hard i think they are going to pop — never has anyone made me so horny and wanton with just a slap on the arse and a nice kiss —- i swear if he asked me to blow him in the bar i would certainly think about it !!! ( fuck it i definately would suck him off !!! )So whats the big secret i ask — not yet babe — do you want a drink first — Now he is pissing me off !!! — fuck the drink tell me –i say ….I can’t tell you so lets go to the room and i’ll show you …………..We check in and ride the lift to the second floor — not even enough time for him to get his fingers in my pussy — still i’m soaking anyway …He holds my bum all the way down the corridor to our room — fuck -i don’t think i can get any wetter without being fucked but guess what i just came again — the first was when he slapped my arse !!!!!At the door he kisses me and says you last chance to duck out babe — i’m in i say — do your worst !( wahtever thats going to be )As we go into the room he closes the door and pins me against the wall and kisses me — his hands are in my hair run down my body hold my ass — stroke my nipples through my dress —- my body is on fire –i want him to rip my clothes off and fuck me standing up — but he has other plans for me ……………….As he breaks the kiss he holds my hand and says enjoy babe —- he opens his bag — and takes out silk stockings — i ask do you want me to put those on ?? he says nothing — just unzips my dress and slides it to the floor —– i am standing there with my lacy bra and navy blue hold up stockings ……He holds the stockings in his hand and moves behind me — puts his arms round me —- 2 minutes later my tits are tied up with silk stockings — he has tied them so tight my eskişehir escort bayan tits are turning purple —- its not unpleasant — my nipples are even bigger — i can feel a pulse in them also !!!! when he comes infront of me he stokes my nipples with his nails — fuck its like my pussy has just been plugged into the mains !!! i have sensitive nipples anyway but my god !!!!!!!!!!!!next he takes out of the bag what seems like a piece of chain —- but as i find is not that plain —- there is an aligator clip with plastic covering — he attaches it to my nipple — fuck it hurts –but in a good way —- he attaches the other to my other nipple — Wonderful my pussy is leaking !!!!Finally the chain has one more clip — it forms in a shape like a mercedes badge –only upside down — Mick kneels and pulls back the hud on my clit exposing my sensitive bud !!!! he licks it —- fuck i shake !!! then he attaches the clamp !!!As he stands he gently pulls the chain and fuck if i don’t cum there and then — Mick takes my arms and pulls them behind my back –he uses another silk stocking to tie them —– i have this wonderful strange feeling of being completely at his mercy —- next he leads me across to the bed —- tells me to kneel —- as i do he covers my eyes with another silk stocking —- Fuck my heart is ponding out of my chest here !!!!He gently rests my head on a pillow and then i feel his hands open my thighs as wide as they will go — he drags his nails over my tight ass — down the back of my thigh then back up the inside of my thigh —- i am moaning with pleasure just being touched this way —-i can hear him getting things from his bag and placing them on the bed —- My mind is racoing –what can he do next —- fuck –he can do whatever he wants to me now i want it all !!!!!i feel a sharp slap across my ass — not real pain just makes me smart a little — then my other cheek — 5 times each cheek — getting my ass warm —- then i realise it s a riding crop —– my pussy is dripping ………………i feel his gentle fingers wipe along my slit gathering my cream —- he puts his fingers to my mouth and i suck them clean — fuck i do taste good …….his fingers open my pussy lips wide and i feel Micks breath on my pussy — then around my bum hole —– Which will he take first i think ???I want him to have 2 tongues so he can lick my pussy and rim me at the same time !!!He dips his tongue inside my gaping pussy lips —mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm then i feel his tongue force its way into my bum hole —- fuck me he alternates from hole to hole my god its feels just incredible ………..He now settles on my bum hole working his tongue deeper and deeper —- his fingers are working my G spot so hard and the movement is driving my clamped clit into an erupting volcano— i never want him to stop ……4 fingers are so deep inside my pussy –i feel my lips drag on his fingers as he slides them in and out finger fucking me —stretched tight i feel him force his thumb in also —- his whole hand is now deep inside my aching cunt —-i want him to fist me so much — his tongue is out of my burning bum hole — 3 fingers are now fucking my bum now — now 4 — fuck i’m going to explode —– too late i squirt on the bed — 3 times — Mick fingers me through the orgasm — but also i feel his hand is now made into a full fist inside escort eskişehir my cunt …………………..I feel the beads of sweat run down my back — i feel my head start to spin —- the noises are getting distant —– I hear Mick talking to me but it is as though he is in the distance —– suddenly i fall over on the bed —- basically i have passed out — my arms are tied behind my back stilll — Mick said i just keeled over — he was killing his self with laughter as he talked me through it !!!! Fuck i say — i could have died !!! and then i start laughing at the stupid statement i had just made —- i was still blindfold with the stockings –still tied — by the wrists and my clit and nipples where clamped and totally numb !!!! Mick eases me onto my back and puts 2 pillows under my bum he also places my hands on my bum cheeks too !!! finally i can play a little too !!! hehehe I feel Mick release the one nipple clamp —- the circulation rushes back to my nipple ( evem though my tits are still tied tight with the stockings !! ) the nipple throbs and is so sensitive as Mick drags his tongue across it — Fuck me !!! Here we go again my pussy is on fire –buzzzing ready to explode again — this sense deprivation thing is totally wrong but feels fuckin amazing !!!i feel my nipple being slapped very quickly — i realise Mick is just fanning my nipple with the riding crop and gently slapping me with the leather — it takes me over the edge —- OMG does it take me to the biggest orgasm yet —- i scream so loud he grabs anothe rpillow and covers my scream !!! As the orgasm subsides —- the fucker does exactly the same to my other nipple –getting exactly the same result !!!!! I now beg Mick to let me go — but he says we have only just started babe — we are going to find oput just how many orgasms you can have !!!!! ( I act angry calling him a cunt and other nasty things but fuck this is an experience i am so glad to be having and its still not over yet !!! what can he do to me next ??? ) I don’t have to wait lomg to find out !!! as my latest Niplle orgasm is subsiding — Mick opens my legs as wide as he can —- he has a great view of my gapping cunt that has been fisted — my asshole that has had 4 fingers deep -at the same time as my cunt being fisted !!!!!!!I feel his tongue gently runnin g the length of my pussy mmmmmmmmmmmmmm so good ………….then the clit clamp is taken off !!!!! FUCK ME !!!!!! the orgasm hits me instantly — just the circulatiion rushing back to my huge oversized clit —– Mick runs his tongue over the bud —– my orgasm doubles in strength !!! my cunt is squirting my thick cream is flowing i feel as though i am floating off the bed — All he is doing is licking my clit — no more !!! the orgasms just roll into one — riding each puulse takes minutes and another starts ( is this really heaven —- for me it is !!! ) ( please never ever stop !!! )Unfortunately he does stop i feel totally wasted — i just lie there !!!!!!! Mick rolls me over and i think what the fuck now !!!!!He undoes my hands and rubs my wrists to get the circulation back —- then he sits me up and uncovers my eyes —- i see his great smile — He looks really pleased with himself !!!! ( and so he should This session has been nothing short of everything i have ever wanted and more from a partner and sex — total utter fulfillment — eskişehir escort and so many new things we have both done for the first time too )As he unties my tits he speaks for the first time — i hope i didn’t hurt you babe —- My naswer — Never —- WE start to kiss before my tits are untied but as the pressure is released the circulation rushes to my tits and nipples — Fuck if i don’t get off again —- but we carry on kissing …Our relationship has moved to a diferent place now — what you can call it i have no idea but i think we are beginning to depend on each other …………..When he breaks the kiss he asks iff i am ready to go again —– Give me 5 Mick Please i’m fucked !!!!This you will love i promise you –no pain !!!!!! Just pure enjoyment —- OK then and i laugh —- Fuck what Next !!!!! He has me in the palm of his hand –Litterally …He gets off the bed and takes me into the bathroom tells me to step into the bath —– OK i say —- then he says bend over —– he wants to fuck my arse !!!! mmmmmmmmmm ——- Wrong !!!!! He goes back into the room and gets his new toy !!! An Enema Bulb !!! Fuck yes i think –we talked about it the other week , I’m totally up for this !!!!!!!He had put a quart of milk on the radiator when he had blindfold me ,just to warm it as we had imagined !!!He fills the bulb and eases the nozzle into my bum ——- Fuck yes !!!!! it does feel incredible —- the whole quart of mIlk is now inside my asshole !!!!! he stands behind me and i shoot some on his cock !!!!! Fuck if i don’t cum again !! Mick bends down — i watch in the wall mirror ——- his mouth is open by my asshole —– i squirt the Milk !!!! he fuckin drinks it !!!! I cum again just watching him drink from my asshole —- This has taken us to a whole new level !!!!!!!!!When i am empty he has his mouth full of milk — i say kiss me babe, i want to share with you —— This is so wrong its fantastic !!When i have swallowed my milk i say now you turn Mick — sit in the bath !!!!! I pull his head up to my pussy —- he licks my swollen clit —- he knows whats coming next — my stream of piss hits his chest and chin as he licks me !!!! he licks down until i’m pissing in his mouth —– just watching him drink my piss brings about another tingle deep inside my pussy —– As i finish he stands and my piss is running down his body dripping of his cock !!!! He again tells me to bend –i don’t ask why — I know why !!!My hands go to my ass cheeks — i spread my pussy lips and ass hole as wide as possible — and that is very wide as i’m still gapping from my fisting !!!! i feel his piss hit my clit — I love it —- he pisses inside my pussy — into my asshole and over my bum too —– then he tells me to kneel infront of him —- he lets another stream of piss hit my nipples —- so lovelly and warm —— he finishes and i taste the drips on his cock —- mmmmmmmmmmmm I like it …. maybe more next time hehehehe We shower together then i say i fancy a bath to relax —- so we run a bath — Mick sits behind me and massages my neck — i lean back on him and drift off to sleep — only for a few minutes —- i feel so good about everything right now …Mick dries me and and carries me back to bed —- he says lie back and enjoy now — He lies next to me but his thighs are by my shoulder — he manouvers under my thigh and opens my legs —- My swollen pussy feels pounded —- he kisses my heavy lips — and licks me so gently — Wind down sex he calls it — within minutes i am fast asleep !! a real deep sleep —-Guess what Mick hadn’t cum once through our session !!! To me that says it all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thankyou