Women say that men ‘have their brains in their balls and think with their dicks’ and if there’s a grain of truth in that (let’s face it guys – there probably is) then Tracy blew my mind regularly! At home and alfresco – in the back of a black cab going home after a night out; in the cubicle of a public restroom; in the park, in the woods and on the beach – anywhere, anytime. In privacy or for an audience; although my personal favourite was after enjoying a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast when I’d lay back while she took charge of matters on her day of leisure.

One particular morning she went for her shower while I fixed coffee and croissants, but took longer than usual in coming out; I was on my second cup and smoking a cigarette while listening to the radio when she finally appeared in the doorway wearing a new black dress with thin shoulder straps which barely held her buxom breasts that jiggled when she seductively stretched an arm up the door, lightly rested her other hand on an out-thrust hip and simply said, “Whaddya think?”

I simply goggled at the stunning sight of those voluptuous curves in that dress which barely covered her waist and exposed the panties stretched tightly over her arse as she turned full circle to let me take it all in. “What’s the special occasion?” I asked, after a long appreciative look.

“It’s a surprise” she said with a wink, “well two surprises actually, and if you’re a good boy I’ll show you the first today” she added mysteriously over her shoulder, waving that gorgeous arse rhythmically to a slow dance tune. “Reckon it’ll get me noticed on the dance floor?

“You’ll get more than just noticed in that for fuck’s sake; you’ll have every male in the club creaming their jeans if you do that!” I replied, stroking my cock harder.

“I’d love to see them all doing that” she said, watching me meaningfully. “Wankin’ all that hot spunk over my face, in my mouth and onto my tits” she crooned rubbing her cheeks, sliding the fingers in her mouth then down her throat before pulling the top down and spilling the soft flesh of her tits into grasping hands which squeezed them seductively together.

“Bring those beauties nearer an’ I’ll give ya plenty” I growled, slapping my cock in one hand as the other gripped the base.

She smiled teasingly and jiggled her tits at me: “all over these?”

I reached out to her, but she danced away laughing and turned to shake her arse cheeks at me; “or all over this” she offered, bending low to touch her toes and quickly stand back up to watch me stroking the shaft with more vigour. “Oh yeah, wank it for me baby” she urged, slipping her hands in each side of her panties and wiggling saucily to pull each side over her hips then back up.

I beat my meat steadily and watched as she slid her hands over the front of her panties to caress her mound, then rub harder to push them into the moistening slit before she groaned; “Watch this you horny wanker,” as she slowly peeled her panties halfway down her thighs to reveal the natural glory of a freshly shaven mons. I simply gasped at the incredibly erotic sight and pumped the shaft faster in my fist as she stroked the smooth skin on either side of her lovelips with a blood red finger nail that parted them to slide back up, and then run enticingly around her horny clit which popped up nakedly unashamed to my lustful gaze. “Do you like my surprise?” she teased, rubbing her clit gently.

“I fuckin’ love it” I replied, gasping with desire for her.

“I knew you would” she retorted smugly, “it feels kinda strange – but sexy – so take a picture as I’m not gonna do this often!”

I literally leapt from the bed to open the wardrobe and rummage into my camera bag, checking that I had some film left in it before turning back as she struck a pose.

“How’s this” she asked, peeling her panties down, then bending forward to lay her palms flat on the floor before spreading her legs apart to give me a spectacular view.

“Absolutely beautiful – don’t move” I breathed, taking the shot.

I took a couple of steps forward, and then knelt to take another as she playfully looked back at me through her swaying breasts.

“I can see you’re havin’ fun back there” she commented, “Your hard on actually looks bigger from this angle!”

I grinned and leant back to rest on my heels, while gently stroking my shaft while she stood up complaining that the blood was rushing to her head – “same here” I commented with a leer at her smooth sex.

“You’d better not waste any juice on the floor you wanker” she smiled, stretching out a foot to briefly rub it over the tip before leaning back against the wall.

“I could cumm just lookin’ at you like that” I breathed, pulling harder on my prick as she ran a hand slowly down each of her spreading thighs, stretching the panties tautly between them.

“Wouldn’t you rather cumm all over this” she teased, spreading the smooth, thick lips apart. “I know you’d love to empty your balls deep inside It.” she went on, teasing a finger around the succulent pink flesh.

“I’d love to feel it with my lips” I said, slapping my cock on my palm, while holding Sinop Escort it firmly at the base with the other hand, “before sliding this deep inside.”

“If you want to feel this you’re gonna have to do exactly as I say” she purred, sliding a couple of fingers around her clit.

I simply nodded and reminded her that; “Today’s your day.”

“Stand up there then” she demanded, “work that cock and watch me play.”

I did just that and stroked the shaft in tune with the uninhibited exhibition of finger fucking she gave, thrusting one after another inside her saying; “You want to slide it in here so bad don’t you?”

“Fuck yes babe” I sighed longingly.

“It feels so smooth an’ slippery for your cock.” she went on, sliding down the wall. “Wouldn’t you like to feel me slipping onto that stiff cock like this?”

I merely groaned in reply and pulled harder on my pulsing prick while keeping my eye’s glued to her slit which had become slick around the fingers thrusting in and out while she rode them until her musk thickened the air between us. Her eyes were locked onto the fist sliding along the length of my cock as she warned me not to cumm before giving permission, then nearly making me lose control by purposefully slipping her fingers out before sliding them into her mouth. “Mmmmm, tastes so sweet” she crooned, rolling over to shake her juicy arse at me. “I love winding you up like this” she chuckled, looking over her shoulder to see me still jerking off at her sexy exhibition. “You can look, but you can’t touch this.”

“Cockteaser!” I exclaimed, reaching for the camera.

“Wanker!” she snapped back, rolling over as I was focusing on her juicy slit to lay on her side, and plunge a stiff finger deep inside while I clicked the shutter.

She grinned and said, “I bet you’ll wank over that pic’ whenever I’m not around won’t you?”

“You know it” I grinned back while taking a fresh grip on myself.

“It’s a waste of good spunk when I’m not around to take it you know” she said, sliding another finger inside her cunt and moaning, “I love to feel you spurting deep inside this hole,” groaning as she slipped a pinkie into her arse, “or that hole.”

“You got me close to sprayin’ it all over you” I gasped, stepping closer.

“Don’t you fuckin’ dare cumm yet!” she cried, pulling the fingers away to lean up on her hands and glare at me.

“Please baby…”

“NO! Now put your hands out or you’ll not find out what the other surprise is.” she insisted.

Reluctantly I pulled my hand away and held it in the other as I pleaded penitently before her, but she merely wiggled her panties back snugly over her hips as she stood up, shook her head and faintly smiled before ordering me to fetch her dressing gown from the wardrobe.

“Am I not ‘she who must be obeyed’ on this day of all days?” she asked with quiet menace, taking the silk cord from her gown to wrap it around my outstretched hands until they were tightly bound together.

“Yes my Lady; your wish is my command; your command is my desire; your desire is my pleasure and your pleasure is my wish” I answered, with all the feeling my heart could summon upon the moment.

Her emerald eyes shone with pleasure as she used the excess cord to pull me over to the bed: “Lay on your back” she said lovingly, gently pulling on the cord as she walked around the side until my arms were over my head and I fell back, then used my feet to push up until she told me to stop. I turned my head to one side and watched her breasts shaking as she wrapped the end of the cord over the rail of the headboard to wrap it around, then felt it tug me further up and I used my feet to push along the final few inches. With the back of my head resting on the rail, she then straddled my chest and loosely wound the remaining cord once around my neck to ensure immobility, then binding the knot securely with a satisfied chuckle.

“You’re gonna beg to cumm before I’m done with you my dear,” she promised, pinching my cheek fondly.

“As you wish my Lady” I complied, licking my lips.

“I do so” she breathed, wriggling down until her soft cheeks pressed onto the tip of my cock, “Oooh Is that all for me?” she teased, sitting upon the shaft and reaching back to squeeze my sacs in her hand, “those balls feel as though they’re gonna burst too; but we’re not gonna let that happen yet – are we dear?” Giving them an extra strong squeeze in emphasis to her question, which made me groan in response. “What was that, I didn’t hear you clearly?”

“No my Lady” I loudly gasped as she rocked up and down on me, while her fingers gently pulled my balls.

“No my dear” she agreed, smothering my meat in silken heat that moistly hugged every inch before releasing me as I struggled to control the explosive urges her insistent fingers played upon. “You’d do anything to unload all that hot spunk” she smiled knowingly, leaning up to rub her breasts over my chest and fleetingly run her tongue over my lips which she kissed softly before sitting back up on my stomach to wiggle her arse tantalisingly across the tip of my cock. “The only thing in your way Sinop Escort Bayan is a thin layer of silk” she sighed, running her hand over the crotch, “shall I take them off?”

“If my Lady wishes to” I said, playing this game to the hilt.

“As I don’t want them to get sticky” she said, un-straddling my body and standing on the floor, “I’d better.”

She turned round to allow me a grandstand view of her lush flesh shimmying into view as she peeled them over her hips, down her thighs and bending even lower as they pooled around her feet before she stepped out of the lingerie and used a toe to flick them into her hand with a flourish. She swivelled back to face me and grinned, then frowned as she glanced at her panties to spot a smear of precumm along the damp gusset where she’d trapped my cock. “What’s this?” she demanded, “your juice on my brand new panties, that’s what!”

I opened my mouth to say….but was prevented by her sticky knickers hitting me full in the face as she threw them unerringly. “You dirty bastard” she hissed, “you’re gonna clean them up”.

Her eyes smouldered as she denied my pleading expression while rubbing them over my face, before pushing the gusset into my mouth until it was stuffed full. “Suck ’em clean” she insisted, “I’ve got a good mind to leave you there like that.”

I shook my head frantically and tasted her flavour while breathing in the faint aroma of roses from her body spray.

“If the Lady says so, then it will be so.” she said, leaning down to run a fingernail up along the length of my cock thoughtfully, before straightening up and walking out the room to let me stew on her juices as I chewed her fragrant panties.

It seemed like she was actually carrying out her threat before she sashayed back into the room carrying a long, thin strip of leather which I recognised as one of my boot laces.

“I’ve got a better idea” she murmured through a menacing smile, cracking the leather viciously through the air over my body, which sent a thrill of fear scurrying down my spine to make the cheeks of my arse clench in mistaken anticipation.

“Open your legs” she demanded, pulling the leather taut between her hands as she knelt on the end of the bed. I shook my head and firmly clamped those together in a futile gesture of denial which merely made her grin like the cat that just saw the mouse run into a corner. “You’re only stalling the inevitable my dear, so do as I say – NOW” emphasising her demand by flexing the leather around her fingers.

I opened my legs with a feeling of trepidation which grew when she knelt further up to push them apart impatiently and place the strip under my balls, then up to wrap around the base of my still stiff cock that seemed to be the only part of me eager to find out what she was going to do next!”

“I thought you’d be a good boy and control yourself while I played” she said conversationally, while wrapping the strip around the root of my cock and under my balls in a figure eight pattern, binding them up tighter until they bulged dangerously under the swollen shaft, “but as you chose to be a bad lad and start gettin’ your rocks off before me, I’ll have to teach you how to behave for your Lady, won’t I?”

My muffled reply made her grin malevolently as she finished tying the knot under my aching sacs; “Oh this is a lesson you won’t forget in a hurry!” she promised, sliding over me to remove the sodden panties from my mouth, “will you?”

“No my Lady” I managed to gasp as she gave me a breather, then slid back to rub her tits over my cock which throbbed under the soft caress before she slid back off the bed to walk across and rummage through her bedside table to select a favoured vibrator which buzzed eagerly as she switched it on. “This never cumms before I do” she said saucily, rubbing the tip over her cleft.

“It won’t give you any hot cumm either” I retorted with a cheeky grin.

She frowned and quickly moved onto the bed, sliding the tip around my balls to make me groan as the vibrations rippled through my body.

“It doesn’t talk back either!” she said, kneeling between my thighs and running the 8″ long toy over me as she gripped my balls firmly in her fingers. “Open your mouth” she demanded, slapping it with the vibe and running it over the lips which stayed resolutely shut tight. “Oh now you’ve got nothing to say for yourself have you?” I shook my head and gulped as her fingers pulled my balls then flashed up to pinch my nose closed. “Come on, open” she demanded, keeping me airtight until my lungs were bursting and as my lips cracked they were instantly forced apart by the thick plastic which filled my mouth. “That’s better” she chuckled, “I’ve always wondered what you’d look like with a face full o’ cock!”

I goggled wide-eyed at her as she pushed it in and out, ignoring my muffled protests while urging me to; “suck it deeper, yessss like that, make it wet for me with your tongue, lick it, that’s right…” until it slipped from my lips to enable a deep breath of air into my burning lungs, while she deep throated it with a moan of pleasure.” That’s how to take it” she bragged, Escort Sinop “but you’re a pretty good cocksucker, in fact I reckon you’ve done that before!”

I felt a guilty flush spread over my face as a mental image of the aromatherapy lessons I took from Kenny flashed through my memory, but kept my mouth shut in denial.

“If you won’t tell me the panties go back in” she warned, toying her juicy lovelips open. I considered that for a moment but kept my lips tightly sealed, deciding I’d prefer to eat them rather than go into details of the steamy sessions after those lessons!

“Very well” she decided, slipping the vibe under my balls to make them shudder as she picked them up and stuffed them back into my mouth, none too gently; “Now I’ve got two toys to play with.” She knelt back to pull the vibe from under my bubbling sacs, then held it upright in one hand to impale her slick cunt slowly, inch by inch onto the full length. Sighing happily as it rubbed her clit, she merely let the toy buzz deep inside herself as she stroked my balls gently with her nails; “Oh yes I can feel all that hot spunk boilin’ in these balls” she gasped, “brewin’ up a big load” she groaned. I writhed under her merciless teasing as the intense pressure built up; hectically breathing through distended nostrils while feeding on the intimate scent which filled my mouth as my eyes silently pleaded the desire I felt for her. She simply added to the exquisite torture by raking her nails along my shaft until her hand wrapped around the head to squeeze the swollen flesh tenderly, “Ohhh so hot n’ hard for me” she breathed, rolling her hips in easing up until the vibe slipped from her glistening lovelips. “Be good enough to clean this for me and I’ll take that fat cock in my mouth” she enticed, picking it up to slide across my heaving chest as I struggled for more air.

I snatched a deep breath after she plucked the sodden silk from my lips to quickly replace it with the vibe that was pungent with her aroma and flooded my mouth with her sticky sauce which I sucked avidly as she pushed it slowly in, then out in ever increasing depth until it hit the back of my throat causing a reflexive gag.

“Come on suck it deeper” she urged settling herself comfortably, “Take it all in cocksucker, lemme see you eat every fuckin’ inch.”

I gave a choking cry as it relentlessly fucked my mouth, making me drool rabidly around the tool which lewdly stretched my lips until she mercifully slid it back out, tapping my lips as she congratulated me on taking it down.

“Watch me now” she ordered, laying flat on her stomach with her mouth hovering over my cock as I looked through a cloud of spots dancing in front of my eyes while she bathed the head with warm breath before flicking her tongue onto the sensitive glans. A deep groan burst from my lungs as I arched up to feel more of her mouth, but she kept her tongue at exactly the right distance to flick it all over the tip to coat it with moisture before sliding it down to lick over my balls, then sucking each one into her mouth and liquidly caressing them while sending rippling thrills through my body with soft moans of pleasure. She went on sucking each one in turn and kept her eyes fixed on mine to see how much I enjoyed her command of my body; pulling them with her lips, smothering them with hot, wet kisses which burned and cooling them with languorous swipes of her tongue that lapped lower until it flickered into my crease to tease over the puckered hole before slithering away to make the return journey back up to the tip and drive me crazy by dipping into the slit. A trail of spittle dripped onto the head of my cock as her tongue tip darted in and out while she lowered her mouth until it almost touched the hard flesh.

“What do you say now?” she quietly demanded.

I could hardly breathe through the intense emotions surging within my body, but I managed to gasp “please,” as she gently kissed the tip of my raging cock.

“Please what?” she teased, kissing the head again.

“Please suck me” I panted, trying to push up into her mouth although she kept at exactly the right distance to prevent me.

“Whom do you wish to suck you” she persisted, sliding her tongue around the tip and breathing harder over my cock.

“Please suck it my Lady” I begged, feeling her moist lips pursing around the very tip as she groaned in approval to begin sliding her mouth slowly over the head while lazily swiping her tongue to and fro behind it. The pressure within my loins was indescribable as I felt her lips form a tight seal around the head of my cock as she suckled on it; ragged gasps burst from my open mouth and I fought for control under her insistent lips which began to engulf more of my length with a slow, easy rhythm until the head slid into her throat where a series of low moans began to send tremors through the shaft and bring me to the edge of madness when her mouth relaxed its grip to let the tip of her tongue swish over my bulging balls. A warm, wet wave of spittle bathed my cock as her tongue excited my balls and her throat gulped reflexively around every inch of me as she devoured my meat before judging the irresistible surge perfectly and slipping her lips back up to catch the seething stream of precumm which flowed over her tongue while clamping her hand around the base to prevent a full release, keeping a tight hold on me while her eyes never left mine.