Milking Time B1 Chapter 1 Tiffany’s Arrival


Milking Time B1 Chapter 1 Tiffany’s ArrivalThis story involves a group of shemales who live on an island thatexists in our world, but they chose to remain mostly isolated. That’s partof the reason I also call them amazons.The shemales in my stories have genitalia that start at JohnHolmes’ size, and then get much, much bigger. (This is a work of fantasy afterall.) So if extreme size is not to your liking, I suggest you go elsewhereand pick another story.This story is copyrighted and may not be posted anywhere without myexpress written permission.I welcome comments and feedback from anyone who takes the time to read this.You can contact me via e-mail at: grsisk@gmail.comChapter 1: Tiffany’s ArrivalTiffany leaned back and relaxed on her back on the padded mat of the tanning chamber. The specially constructed windows of the room gently amplified the sun’s rays so that anyone could get a nice all-over tan quickly. As an Amazon, Tiffany stood well over six feet tall, and was finely toned and muscled from head to toe. Her figure was still quite shapely, and curvaceous, but Tiffany could still perform as an Amazon when she needed to. Her body was tanned a dark bronze over every inch, both from the hot tropical suns of the island, as well as the tanning chamber when the weather sometimes turned foul. Tiffany still possessed a gorgeously sweet face that still prompted both men and women to stop in their tracks and stare at her whenever she met anyone new. Tiffany couldn’t decide if her best feature was her mammoth breasts, or her horse-sized cock. Her boobs tended to be the first thing anyone noticed about her. Her tits were two enormous bronze globes that no one on the island could completely hold, even if they used both of their hands. Despite their tremendous size and weight, Tiffany’s breasts were still full and firm, and almost gravity defying. They stood out proud and firm from her chest like two torpedoes, and were the envy of almost any other girl on the island.Mounted on the tip of Tiffany’s breasts were two of the most spectacular nipples in creation. The darker flesh of the aureole measured several inches across on each nipple. When Tiffany became excited, her aureole would stiffen and fill with blood, rising almost half an inch from the rest of the surface of her breasts. Her nipples themselves were thick protruding teats that were thicker than her thumb, and would thrust out almost two inches, when they were fully engorged. In a little while, it would be Tiffany’s turn to perform her share of the milking ritual. As one of the eldest and strongest of the shemale amazons, it was Tiffany’s duty to bear some of the milking chores, so that the rest of the colony would survive and prosper from the special sperm and milk that she and the other amazons in the colony could produce. For the next day, she would perform for the good of the colony, in a somewhat controlled environment, without really letting herself go and enjoying the sexual marathon that she would be subjected to. After that, it would be almost two weeks, before it was her turn in the milking chamber again. Then Tiffany would be free to use and abuse anyone to her heart’s content. Satisfied that her body was now a gorgeous dark brown from head to toe, Tiffany got up and left the tanning chamber. Tiffany strolled across the hallway to the milking anadolu yakası escort chamber.Tiffany strolled into the room, stark naked, and crossed over to the padded table. As she crossed the room, Tiffany noticed several new faces among the girls. Most of them kept respectfully quiet, with their eyes lowered a bit. Tiffany spotted a few raised eyebrows, and some wide-open eyes, as the newer girls got their first look at her. They had been given a general idea of what to expect, and what their duties would be, if they hoped to be inducted into the sisterhood. Still, seeing Tiffany, or one of the other elder Amazons for the first time was truly a sight to behold. Most of the newer girls either had no tan, or only the beginnings of one. Tiffany’s skin was a dark bronze hue from head to toe. Adding Tiffany’s enormous breasts, and her lovely face, it made for a truly impressive sight, regardless of how many times one saw it. What made most of the girls gape and stare unabashedly was Tiffany’s cock. Even in its natural limp state, Tiffany’s prick was almost as thick as any of the girls’ wrists, and it hung halfway down between her thighs. Few of the girls had ever seen an erect cock that was near the size of Tiffany’s; much less the b**st that swayed between her thighs now. Tiffany had learned a number of mind control techniques from her time on the island, and could keep her cock in most any size and state that she desired. Knowing that there would be some new girls seeing her for the first time, Tiffany couldn’t resist displaying her cock at a thicker and larger size than usual, even though it was nowhere near the full dimensions it would reach later on. The newest girls on the island were traditionally indoctrinated by performing the milking rituals on the older girls. Once they had shown enough skill at the milking rituals, and the desire to become one of the shemale amazons themselves, the elite of these new trainees were inducted into the sisterhood of the island of shemale amazons.Tiffany acknowledged the group of nymphs waiting in the room. A few of them she had seen before on the island, but most of them were new faces this time. Tiffany walked over to the massage table, and lay down on her back on the padded mat of the table, and let the group of nymphs go to work on her. Tiffany adjusted the backrest to a forty-five degree angle, so she could gaze down and observe the proceedings. The first order of business was a full body shave. The group of nymphs applied a layer of fine lather all up and down Tiffany’s legs and thighs, and around the base of her cock and balls. After waiting a few moments, the nymphs brought out some specially treated towels, and began wiping the lather off of her with them. As the girls worked from the bottom of Tiffany’s legs upwards, it was necessary for one of them to move Tiffany’s cock so that they could finish the job completely. One of the newer girls, a pretty little blonde named Jordan, whom Tiffany had never seen before, gently picked it up with both hands while another finished tending to Tiffany with the towels.Tiffany and the other amazons knew various mind control techniques, so that they could keep their cocks at manageable sizes, when they weren’t using them for play. For today, Tiffany had decided to leave ataşehir escort her cock in a semi-flaccid stage, at about seven or eight inches long, and fairly thick. Tiffany chuckled to herself, as she realized that her limp cock was probably bigger than any hard-on any of the nymphs had ever seen in their experiences, before coming to the island.For a moment, Jordan simply stared at the size of Tiffany’s hunk of meat in her hands, and wondered at how much it weighed, as she briefly held it aloft. Without thinking, Jordan turned and looked at Tiffany’s face. Tiffany had seen this effect on girls before when they got their first sight and feel of her piece of horsemeat. Tiffany had long since established near-perfect mental control over her cock, so that she could control whenever she wanted an erection or not. The new girls had been strictly lectured about touching or fondling any of the shemale amazons, unless they were instructed to. Tiffany had seen this happen before, and while she did not want someone like Jordan expelled on the first day of their visit, it was important to take a stand, and be certain that the rules were enforced. As Jordan held Tiffany’s cock, Tiffany tightened her stomach muscles, so that her abdominals flexed and were noticeably visible. At the same time, Tiffany concentrated and flexed the ligaments that attached her cock to her body, so that her cock gave a little twitch and lunge upward. The perfect thing to get everyone’s attention for a moment. Jordan was startled for a moment, and then realized what she was doing with Tiffany’s cock. She turned with an embarrassed look to face Tiffany’s gaze. Tiffany gave Jordan a look that was almost regal. Almost as if a queen was addressing one of her subjects. Tiffany arched her eyebrows, and gave her just the right facial expression for the tone of the moment. It was important to establish just who was in control here, but Tiffany truly didn’t want overdo things with her control and authority here. Jordan politely laid Tiffany’s cock back between her thighs. Tiffany relaxed and let her abdominal muscles untense. She waited until Jordan met her gaze again, and then Tiffany gave a playful little pout and smooch, puckering her lips together, blowing Jordan an imaginary kiss across the air between them. The message had been given, and clearly understood by all the girls that were present. This time Jordan would let off with a warning. Playtime would be later, and then things would be different. Tiffany released the backrest, and then rolled over onto her stomach, so that the girls could complete the shaving procedure on her.Once the girls had completed the body shaving of Tiffany, they produced a number of vials of a clear liquid. The liquid was quite similar to garden-variety baby oil. In truth it was a special mixture of skin moisturizers and emollients that nourished and strengthened the skin when applied. Constant applications of this liquid were one reason why Tiffany’s enormous knockers were still full and firm, and why her cock was an awe-inspiring wonder when it was erect. Tiffany stood up and spread her legs apart slightly, and held her arms out from her sides for the girls to attend to her. The nymphs gave Tiffany a thorough rubdown with the liquid from head to toe; this time applying the ümraniye escort liquid to her cock and balls, but quickly moving on, without undue hesitation there. Tiffany adjusted the mat of the massage table so that it was in a more vertical position than before, but still leaning back at about thirty degrees. Tiffany turned and placed her feet in the footrests, and then leaned back against the padded matting. Tiffany wriggled against the mat for a moment, as she got comfortable. Satisfied with her position, Tiffany looked out and addressed the group of girls.”Okay, girls. You’ve all been thoroughly instructed on the procedure here. Some of you have already done this with the other amazons. So the more experienced girls will help the newer ones here. Let’s see what you can do.” Two of the girls got on their knees, and immediately began fondling and stroking her balls and the shaft of Tiffany’s cock. Tiffany relaxed her mental control on her cock, and let nature take its course, slowly bringing the slumbering giant to life. The newer girls wouldn’t know that they weren’t entirely responsible for the finished work on Tiffany’s cock, but it wouldn’t hurt them right now. The two nymphs at the bottom were each working on one of Tiffany’s leaden testicles. At the present time, each of her balls was roughly the size of a tennis ball, and as slick as a billiard ball. Each girl could barely hold one of them in their hand. Tiffany knew that by the time she was at her frenzied peak later on, that they would be swollen to the size of softballs. The shaft of Tiffany’s cock began to rapidly expand and fill with blood. It was almost like watching a thick snake rising out of its den in the ground, as Tiffany’s prick grew straight upwards like the beanstalk in the fairy tale. Tiffany’s cock was a dark brown in color; slightly darker than her deeply tanned skin. It gave the impression that Tiffany’s cock was that of a negro’s. Tiffany enjoyed the total effect, since there was already the widespread belief that black men had bigger cocks than most everyone else did. In very little time, Tiffany’s cock had surged and grown to nearly its full length. The head of Tiffany’s prick came to just below her chin. Tiffany could see it thrusting past the edges of the twin mountains that were her breasts. If the nymphs thought that this was the extent of Tiffany’s transformation, they were in for a surprise. Although it had reached almost all of its full length, Tiffany’s cock was far from over in its metamorphosis. Tiffany’s cock was already much too thick for any of the girls to encircle it with one of their hands. Tiffany concentrated and exerted more of her mental control on her cock. The shaft and girth of Tiffany’s cock swelled and expanded before the surprised eyes of the nymphs. The shaft of Tiffany’s cock was now as thick as the barrel end of a baseball bat. Tiffany’s balls also began to grow and swell too. Her balls enlarged significantly before the watching nymphs, and actually began to sag a small amount as they gained weight and began filling with the shemale nut-juice her body was producing. With a final exertion of effort, Tiffany gave her cock the finishing touch. Slowly a series of veins began to fill with blood, and stand out from the surface of the shaft of her cock. In a few moments the shaft of Tiffany’s prick was covered with a miniature latticework of veins, almost like an ivy-covered tower. On the front of Tiffany’s cock, the urethra shaft, which would later deliver a virtual geyser of shemale cum, was swollen and engorged to the point that it looked as though a garden hose had been attached to the shaft of her cock.