Midlife Reflections


I first learned of the magnetism of sexual odor as an 18-year-old teenager. In school, I was always more cerebral than athletic. Consequently, I participated in science and debate clubs instead of sports. Reserved and shy, I was not popular with the girls.

My senior year, trigonometry was being taught by a new teacher. Miss Howard was a young, gorgeous, 25-year-old slender blond of perfect proportion. Of course, she was the object of desire by the males in the class.

On one science-fair field trip, which she sponsored, the guys were teasing her over dinner. They wondered what kind of man she was attracted to. Hypothetically, they asked, which of us would she desire the most? She thought a minute and looked right at me. “I believe Pete is the sexiest man I’ve ever met.” Stunned, they looked at me and one declared, “You have to be kidding! Why?”

“He just is,” she replied.

On the way to our rooms, she stopped me. She hoped she hadn’t embarrassed me with her comments. “I had to be honest,” she said. I told her that I was stunned, that no one had ever said I was attractive, and I was grateful to her. “You are more than, attractive, Pete. I hope you don’t mind my telling you that you really turn me on.” I was shocked! Teachers just didn’t talk like that. Embarrassed, I said goodnight and went to my room.

Next Monday, as she stood in front of class lecturing on the relation between sines and chords, I noticed she was wearing a one piece dress of silk-like fabric. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing panties because her pubic hair protruded visibly against the front. I got an instant erection. After class, she asked me to come to her office. She needed my help moving some heavy furniture, she told me.

When we got to her office, she closed the door and faced me. She stepped close to me and softly said, “I noticed in class your getting aroused. Do you like my outfit?” I stammered an affirmative reply. She said, “Don’t be afraid. I like you. Would you like to kiss me?” She stepped into my Sakarya Escort arms and tipped her head. I bent down and kissed her full lips. She began to breathe rapidly. Her tongue explored my mouth. My erection was pressing tightly against my briefs, seeking release. She pushed her mound atop my penis and dry fucked it while kissing me passionately.

“Oh, Pete! Take me here, on the floor. I want you inside me.” She ripped at my fly, pulling my jeans down. My hard tool popped out of my shorts. She held it momentarily, then gently kissed it. “Oh, my God! It’s bigger than I thought! You are so beautiful.” She kissed the sides, and then moved lower, licking and sucking my sack and again back up to the head. Precum was oozing from the tip. She licked it off and sucked it out, moaning all the while. She swallowed half the length. I could feel the contractions of her tongue and the walls of her mouth working their magic.

Inexperienced, I had no understanding of protocol. It just happened. I came in her mouth. I was horrified. What will she think?

To my surprise, she made a moaning, growling sound as she sucked my penis with even more aggressive suction. She seemed to love it. With a smile in her eyes, she looked up at me. Her beauty captivated me so much.

Dribbles of cum escaped her lips. She stood up and kissed me. I overlooked my own cum and returned her passionate kisses. I was still hard, as only an 18-year-old can be after release. She said, “Now it’s my turn.” She removed the belt from her dress and slipped it over her head. She spent the afternoon teaching me the many ways of satisfying a woman—lessons we frequently practiced the remainder of the term.

As I was leaving the school, I met one of the cheerleaders standing alone outside. I said hello and headed toward my car.

“I wonder if you can help me. A friend was supposed to pick me up, but she must have forgotten about me. My parents are on a trip and there’s no one at home to call. Could you give me a lift?”

“No Sakarya Escort Bayan problem,” I said. We chitchatted on the way about school, our teachers and the sports teams. She mentioned problems she was having with her parents about dating her boyfriend, the school’s starting quarterback. They no longer could see each other because he was black. I commiserated with her in sympathy against the mortal enemy—parents.

I surreptitiously stole glances at her long legs and her shapely figure. She had short black hair, and a lovely profile with a nicely shaped nose and full lips. She was so cute in her cheerleaders outfit; and, the thought of the big black football player pounding her pussy, his hanging balls slapping her ass, created intense erotic visions.

I fantasized about slipping into her window at night after her return from a night of fucking him. The thought of cum flowing from her pussy down her thick, black, pubic hairs toward her ass made me ravenous. Having had a taste of my own cum, I was now addicted. But, I knew I had no appeal to a popular girl like her. I was just an item of immediate utility, to be used and forgotten.

When I stopped in front of her house, she grabbed the door handle, slightly opening the door. “You’re so sweet,” she said. She leaned over to give me a quick kiss near my mouth. I noticed her slightly stiffen. She hesitated, started to leave, then she gave me another, longer, kiss on the lips this time. She leaned back and looked at me. I was worried. I hadn’t had time to wash Miss Howard’s cum off of my face. I was afraid Missy was going to be horrified.

She suddenly got a clouded look in her eyes and leaned forward ravishing my mouth, furiously sticking her tongue deep into my mouth. She ground her face into me, kissing me again and again. She touched my now hard cock, stroking it, checking it out. Panting now, she said, “Come in with me, no one’s home: Park in the garage so no one sees your car.” I knew she meant her boyfriend, Escort Sakarya but I didn’t care.

We scurried to her parent’s bedroom, undressing along the way. She pulled back the sheets and removed her panties, tossing them aside. “I like to make love in my parent’s bed. It turns me on. Wait a sec while I pee.” When she left I picked up her dark blue panties—one of our school colors. I noticed the letters XS on the tag, and the crotch was wet with white streaks of cum. I put the crotch in my mouth and sucked to taste the juices. Missy walked in while I was licking the cum. I turned red and quickly dropped them.

She moved close to me and held me in a hug. She told me not to be ashamed, that she eats her cum off her fingers all the time. She then fervently began kissing me, moving down to my neck then progressing down my front kissing and licking as she went along. I hadn’t showered so the juices of Miss Howard were still all over the region. Missy must have noticed, but she didn’t hesitate. She licked me around my scrotum and sucked my balls one by one. She then turned toward the base of my shaft, licking around the circumference. She licked up and down my now rock hard cock. She took me in her mouth and expertly began sucking it.

I fantasized about her sucking her boyfriend’s black dick. This caused the sperm in my balls to churn, but my many previous orgasms allowed me to prolong climax. I was a sex machine. She gasped, “I want your tongue. Eat my pussy.” I used the techniques Miss Howard had taught me. Missy’s body was quivering and bucking, her juices flowed from her pussy, coating my face and dripping onto her parent’s sheets.

We fucked that night time and time again. Later, I told her about my fantasy of crawling in her window after her being with Tarrell, her boyfriend. Shortly thereafter, she fulfilled my fantasy and it was everything I had imagined it would be.

I’m now 45 years old, typing late at night in an airplane somewhere over the Atlantic. Sitting next to me is a young beauty whose skimpy thong panties show when she leans forward. Before leaving home, I made love to my wife and her smell is still in my beard. I, therefore, am not surprised when the young lady next to me says she is cold and wonders if I would hold her under the blanket so she can get warm.