Michelle’s sleeping Bag

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Michelle’s sleeping BagGreg, you’re gonna miss the turn!”“Huh? Oh, yeah. I was…”“What?”“Nothing. Don’t worry about it. We’ll get there before the storm hits.”Damn she’s hot. How the hell did I end up driving Michelle Stevens up to Hawke’s Point for a weekend camping trip? Fucking Kevin, that’s how. Michelle and her friend Sarah were gonna drive up tonight to meet up with Kevin, Jake, and Lauren, but Sarah got sick last night. Sure enough, who ends up with the short end of the stick?“Hey Greg, you gotta go pick up Michelle and bring her up to Hawke’s tonight,” Kevin had said on the voice mail I got this afternoon. They’d all been up at the Point drinking today since they didn’t have classes, but Sarah and Michelle were Comm majors, so they were in class ‘til five on Fridays. I was still a senior in high school, had my own ride, and apparently I was the only way she was getting up there. Fuck me. And Sarah too for being too sick to drive up there.But damn, she’s hot. Being within twenty feet of her would have been enough to get me hard. 5’ 6”, brown hair, and the greenest eyes I’d ever seen. All the seniors at school had dug up info on her as soon as she transferred to State. She had been a cheerleader in high school, prom queen, valedictorian…the list went on. And so did her legs. She was wearing those thermal tights with the Ugg boots and a furry-hooded winter coat. The fashion amongst the college girls had spread down to the high schoolers, and after a week the principal had changed the dress code to prohibit the tights.We had heard that the reason behind it was because “they were too distracting for the a majority of the student body and teaching staff.” Distracting indeed. I was sneaking glances over at her thighs any chance I could, which was taking my attention away from the road and my current predicament. Kevin. What a dick.Sure, Kevin’s as decent a older brother as they come, but basically fucking over my weekend so he can have a chance at fucking the hottest girl in town isn’t exactly playing fair. He knew I had shit to do this weekend, but no, here I am, Friday night, driving up to Hawke’s in the middle of a goddamned snowstorm. And then, once I’ve dropped her off, they’ll all tell me to piss off. High school k**s are scum compared to the college k**s in this town.The guys would be telling me to make a move on her, but what do I know about that? I’d only made out with a girl once, and that was this past summer. They’d given me shit about that too.I could see it already, Monday night before practice. “Dude, Jones, did you nail Stevens on the drive up?” “Does she give road head? I bet she does!” “You go down on her?” On and on until I told them nothing happened. Well, nothing is gonna happen. She’s so far out of my league. Hell, she hasn’t even been paying attention to me. I’d win the lottery before even getting to first base with this girl. But hell, I can barely pay attention to the goddamn road, and I should be. It’s starting to ice up.I swerved violently to avoid a pothole in the road, and apparently that was enough for her to take notice of me.“You sure you’re ok with this?” she asked me. She had been looking out the window at the valley below. The town and campus would be stretched out below us, smoke coming from dozens of chimneys as the cold night began to settle in. She was looking straight at me now.“Yeah, yeah, it’s fine,” I lied. Jesus, she’s staring right at me. “I really didn’t have anything else to do tonight.” Pure bullshit. The latest season of Scrubs had just come out, and I had been looking forward to relaxing all evening to it since Coach had cancelled practice due to the imminent storm. I was starting to blush with embarrassment: she had looked me square in the eye and asked me a question.“Oh, ok.” She turned back to the window. Snow was starting to fall, and we still had another thirty miles to go before getting to the campsite Kevin had picked out. He was insane for having me drive up here.I turned on my iPod and shuffled through some songs. I wonder what she listens to. Probably hip-hop and rap. All the k**s in class listened to it, and apparently that was the best kind of music to get drunk to in your parents’ basement when they were out of town for the weekend. At least that’s what I’d been able to gather. I didn’t have anything like that. I mostly had post-punk and alternative. I put on some Arctic Monkeys, and turned the volume down in case she disapproved.“You listen to Arctic Monkeys?” she asked.No fucking way. “Yeah, you?”“Totally, I’ve got all their albums, and I saw them live a few years back when they were on tour.”“Lucky.”“Yeah, Alex is fucking sexy as hell.” She giggled to herself.“Hm. I guess if I were a chick I’d do him,” I murmured.“What?”“Nothing. Nothing.” I turned the music up some. Did she hear that? The fuck was I thinking. Stupid. But she likes the music I’m into. Go figure.The snow was starting to come down heavy now. I hit the windshield wipers and cranked the heat on the dash. Even though we were both bundled up in our heavy winter jackets, we were up high enough that the cold just came right in no matter what you wore.We drove in silence, occasionally nodding our heads back and forth in time to the music, or humming some lyrics here or there.It was almost ten now. Kevin had started sending Michelle dirty drunk texts about fifteen minutes ago, and I only asked who it was the one time. She had said, “Your brother,” and left it at that. I knew how Kevin got.He and Michelle had met on campus a few weeks back when some local bands had played out in the quad for some charity or another. They had apparently hit it off well enough that Kevin had invited her out to his monthly go-camping-and-get-shit-faced-up-in-the-woods-so-I-can-get-into-your-pants. He had partied nonstop since turning twenty-one. My parents had no idea, but I did. He and Michelle seemed a decent couple, but I knew how my brother got sometimes – bored with his current Flavor of the Week.He’d been through more girlfriends in the last few years than everyone I knew combined. He just likes having options I guess.“Can you see where the road is?” Michelle asked in between songs. It was dark out, and my 4Runner’s lights were having a bitch of a time cutting through the snow. It had been picking up more and more as the night went on.“Uh, sorta,” I said.No, was the truth. I’d been guessing for the last half hour where the road was based on the guide rails on the right, but those were long gone now. We were out in the middle of the forest, and the road was beginning to narrow and climb steeply. The pass would be coming up soon, and then we’d be heading downhill for the long stretch to the camp sites and the end of this stupid drive. Maybe they’d let me stay the night before kicking me out in the morning.“I can’t see anything in this. You sure you’re ok? I mean, we can take a break up at the pass if you want.” She was trying to help me relax, but it wasn’t going to help. I needed out of the car, out of this fucking weather, and most of all, out from under her beautiful stare.I blushed again.“You look hot. Lemme turn the heat down some,” she said.“No, no, I’m fine really it’s – ” I managed to say before realizing what had happened. We had both reached for the dial at the same time, and our hands had touched. I jumped with shock upon feeling her smooth, cold fingers. The car swerved a bit and I had to use both hands to straighten out. I flushed red with embarrassment. Good thing her attention was on the dial.She lowered the heat without taking any outward notice of my condition, then pulled her jacket collar down a bit. I doubt she was really hot, judging how her hand felt, but the gesture was nice. I could tell she was making an effort to comfort me.“Your heater works great for how old this car is,” she said. “How long have you had it?”“Um, uh, two years now.”“Is it yours?”“Yeah.”“Cool. I’ve never owned a car before. Is it a lot of work?” She was trying to take my mind off what had happened. I wanted to just get back to preventing our deaths on this icy road.“Um, yeah, you know, I have to keep it maintained and all that. I did some extra work on it over the summer in my free time.”“Cool.”There was a long pause. Neither of us really wanted to commit any more to the conversation, so it just died. I turned the music back up and focused in on the road. We were coming up on the pass, and then we’d be heading down hill. I had 4-wheel drive, but the switchbacks would be a pain in the ass to turn on if the roads had iced over.Sure enough, as we came down the back of the pass, the first switchback nearly threw us off the road.“Shit!” I heard Michelle whisper. She had straightened up in her seat and grabbed hold of the handle above her head with her right hand.“Yeah, that was close,” I said. I slowed down even more out of the turn, but by now I was at the mercy of gravity and the ice on the road. Snow was coming down sideways and I could hear the wind shaking the trees around us.The second switchback was coming up, so I started pumping the brakes to grab as much traction as I could, but it wasn’t enough. It all happened in what seemed like an instant.“ShitshitshitshitSHIT! NO!” I yelled as I pulled as hard as I could on the wheel to get us out of the sk**, but it was too late.We jumped the bank of the road and flew into the woods out of control, downhill before a snowdrift brought us to an abrupt halt. We both sat there breathing heavily. My knuckles were white on the backs of my hands, and my lip was bleeding from where my teeth had dug in during the whole incident.Fuck. Fuck. I’m alive. You’re alive, Jones. I made a conscious effort to move my body, and felt that nothing was hurting. I tried to slow my breathing. I turned to check on Michelle. She was in a state of shock.Her eyes were fixed straight ahead, and they were already tearing up. A small stream had rolled gently down her cheek into the corner of her half open mouth. Her lips were trembling slightly. One hand was clutching her jacket and seatbelt in a firm grip; the other was still on the handle above her head. Her breathing was quick and shallow.“Are – are you – ok?” I managed in as strong a voice as I nevşehir escort bayan could, but it was little more than a whisper. My voice brought her back to reality, and she turned to me and started sobbing. Oh shit, what do I do? Shit. We nearly died just now. If this snow bank wasn’t there, we’d be wrapped around a tree somewhere at the bottom of this mountain, and I’d be wearing the steering wheel as a shirt.“Uh, you ok? You hurt?” I asked her, leaning over to unfasten her seatbelt. I forgot to unfasten mine, and the jolt I received from my own belt brought me back into my seat. I cringed at the pain. I looked down and fumbled with my own buckle, then reached over for hers after it came undone.She just sat there sobbing, looking down at me as I tried to get a good angle to unfasten her seatbelt. The buckle clicked, and the seatbelt tried to retract, but her hand was still holding onto it.“Ok?” I said softly. She hiccupped, and nodded at me as I leaned back. I slunk down into my seat and breathed a deep sigh of relief. “Me too. We got lucky.”“M – mhm,” she managed, still hiccupping and sobbing. Her seat belt slid away as her hand loosened its grip. Her right hand fell into her lap.We sat there for what seemed liked an hour, just going over in our minds what had happened, and trying to repress the thoughts of what it would have been like if we hadn’t been as lucky.Finally, I said, “I should call Kevin, let them know we are stuck out here.” I pulled my phone out and looked at my bars. No service. Fuck. We were out in the middle of national forest, of course there wouldn’t be a signal.“No service,” I said.“Me either,” Michelle said, and her voice cracked. She began to sob gently again, but she seemed more composed this time than last. “I thought we were gonna die,” she whispered, more to herself than to me.“Same.”“What do we do now?” I hadn’t thought of that yet. I had a blanket, a coat, gloves, a hat, medical kit, water, and some granola bars in a duffel bag in the trunk of the car in case of inclement weather, but this was a bit more than that. I looked into the back seat. Michelle’s sleeping bag, pillow, and travel bag were there, along with a brown bag of what I assumed could only be booze.“Do you have any food in your bag?” It was worth a shot.“No, Kevin said he had enough for the weekend, and that I should just bring drinks for everyone.”“Damn. I only have a few granola bars in the back.” I climbed over into the back seat and reached over into the trunk to pull out my emergency bag. I opened it up and pulled out a frozen bottle of water and the granola bars. “Hungry?”“No. Is that water?” Michelle had turned around to see what I was doing.“Ice, more like it,” I said as I reached up front and wiggled it around to show her. Surprisingly, she giggled.“Was that the only thing we have to drink?” she asked when she had stopped.“Well, there’s this or whatever you brought with you for the weekend. And by the looks of it, this won’t be thawing anytime soon.” I made a motion with the water bottle then threw it back into the bag.“Hm, a drink would help calm me down a bit,” she said. She turned around and climbed into the back seat next to me. I moved over to let her sit down, shoving all of her belongings behind the driver’s seat.She rummaged through the bag and pulled out a bottle of Jack. Without hesitation, she opened it and took a swig, spilling a bit as she brought the bottle away from her lips. “Mmm, that’s better.” She motioned towards me with the bottle, and I shrugged my shoulders.I took the cool bottle in my hand and brought it to my lips. The aroma was strong and familiar, and the whiskey burned as I took three large gulps before coming up for air.“Wow, that was impressive,” she said with a hint of a smile. “You must get a lot of practice.”“Well, when you swim hard, you know how to party hard,” I said, wiping my mouth with my coat sleeve. I was feeling better. I handed her the bottle, and sat back against the seat, fond memories of post-weekend-practice swim parties where we’d played beer pong, foosball, cards, and Halo and drank away the pain in our bodies that had built up over the week. My parents didn’t know about that either.“Your brother said you swam, but I didn’t think you were the kind of guy who drank,” she said after a couple more swigs. She handed the bottle over, and I took another drink.“Yeah, well, all fun and no play, or whatever the saying is.” I was beginning to feel buzzed, and the sensation was great. I had completely forgotten that we had just been in a near-death experience. Michelle had seemed to forget to, because her attention was focused solely on me.I looked over into her eyes, then quickly down at the bottle of Jack. I took one more gulp, grimacing as I pulled the bottle away. I offered the bottle to her one more time, but she shook her head. I took the hint. I capped the bottle and put it back into the bag. It was considerably emptier than how it started out.“So….” I said, drawing a deep breath after it. It felt good to breath in my buzz. I looked at my phone. It was nearing midnight, and I was exhausted from driving.Michelle looked over at me, then down at the seat, then back into the trunk.“These seats fold up, right?” she asked.“Yeah,” I said, looking down at the back seat and lifting my arms a bit as if I had just realized I was sitting on a car seat.Michelle noticed the gesture and smiled.“Help me pull them back so we can lay out my sleeping bag,” she said.“Do what now?” I asked.“Well, we can’t keep the car running all night, or we won’t be able to try and get it out in the morning once the storm passes. And I dunno ‘bout you, but I’m sleepy.”“Yeah. Yeah, I guess that makes sense,” I said as I reached up into the front of the car and turned the engine off. I then climbed into the middle of the front seat and pulled Michelle’s stuff into the passenger seat. Meanwhile, Michelle began climbing into the trunk.I happened to look up just as she was halfway over, and got a perfect up-skirt shot of the most beautiful set of ass cheeks and pussy lips I’d ever seen. The skin-tight leggings she was wearing left nothing to the imagination, and I didn’t see any seams where her underwear might be.Holy fuck, she’s going Commando.My dick began to stir, and I immediately got back to whatever it was I was doing before seeing Michelle’s lady parts framed in black-spandex goodness mere feet away from my face.Oh yeah, the seats. Michelle pulled the sleeping bag and pillow over the back seat to her, and moved a few odds and ends of random crap to the sides of the trunk. She began untying her sleeping bag.I reached over and pulled the tabs on the back seat and tucked the seat backs forward. This created a space long enough that I could hope to lay down comfortably without getting cramped.Michelle tossed me one end of the sleeping bag and spread the other end out underneath her. As I pulled it up to the front seat, she began taking her boots and coat off. I noticed that the alcohol was taking its effects on her, because she was having a hard time unfastening the top button on her jacket.Finished with the sleeping bag, I reached over and offered my assistance. She took her hands away and looked down as I fiddled with her button. I could feel her cool breath on my hands, and the rise and fall of her breasts underneath her coat made the job that much more difficult.“Ah, there we go,” she said after I finally undid the button. She threw her hair over her shoulders with a flick of her head and unzipped her coat. She was wearing a few layered wife beater shirts underneath her coat, one gray, the other black. Her bra straps were visible next to her smooth shoulders, and her breasts were bulging under everything.I sat there, transfixed in the dim lighting, mouth ajar. She looked up and noticed I had been staring. She smiled and pulled my emergency bag out of the corner. She reached in and pulled the blanket out and wrapped herself in it, covering everything she had just lay bare for me. She looked at me and said, “Well?”“Huh?”“You don’t sleep in your jeans and coat, do you?” Her smile broadened, and her eyes moved slowly down to my jeans.“Um, no, but I don’t think you’d want me to sleep how I normally sleep.”“Mm, and how is that?” she said, her eyes returning to mine.“Um, you know…” I trailed off, looking away.“Oh. Oh-ho.” She giggled and squirmed under the blanket. Then, she crawled past me and reached up into the front seat, taking out the bottle of Jack again. She then resumed her position on the sleeping bag, but made sure to brush her upper arm against mine on the way back. Her perfume was amazing.She uncapped the bottle and took a sideways drink, never taking her eyes away from mine.“Holy shit…” I muttered to myself.“Well? I’m waiting Mr. Swimmer. I’m getting cold out here,” she said, not a bit aware of what I had just said.I didn’t need to be told twice. I took off my boots and chucked them over my shoulder into the driver’s seat. I pulled my jacket off and was half way to my belt buckle when Michelle said, “Uh uh uh, not so fast. Let me.”“Uh – “ was all I could say before she had reached over and started unbuckling my belt. I was having a hard time concealing my growing dick, and I felt the bottoms of her palms brush over it on top of my jeans.“And I didn’t think you’d be around tonight to pitch a tent,” she said.Holy fuck, she’s using innuendo. Fuck, what the hell does that mean? Does she want my junk? My brother would kill me.She finally pulled the latch free and yanked the belt around my waist and out of my belt loopholes. She dangled the belt for a minute then gently tossed it aside. She then asked, “Do you want me to get your jeans for you too?”“No, no, I can get those,” I said absent-mindedly. I began to unbutton my jeans, but hesitated, trying to think of the best way to hide the massive erection that would soon be let loose.“Sweetie, don’t worry about it. I’ve seen hard cock before, so seeing yours underneath your boxers isn’t a biggie.” She turned sideways, a half-hearted attempt to give me some privacy, but her head remained looking over her shoulder. In the darkness, I could see that her eyes were focused on my crotch, escort nevşehir eager to see what was behind my jeans.“Fuck it,” I said, and reached for the bottle of Jack from her. I took a deep swig and gave it back to her. Then, the whiskey taking its effect again, I undid my pants and yanked them off my ankles in one swift motion. Thankfully, my boxers were buttoned tonight, otherwise Michelle would have been staring square at her boyfriend’s k**-brother’s hard-on.I sat there in my t-shirt and boxers, not knowing what to do. Seeing that I was completely clueless, Michelle said, “Well, get in.” I unzipped the top of the sleeping bag and crawled inside. It was a snug fit, and I was beginning to wonder how she was going to get in with me when she dropped the blanket from her shoulders and took one more sip of Jack. She capped the bottle, set it at the end of the sleeping bag, and pulled her shirts over her head.I nearly choked – my breath had been stopped cold in my lungs. Here I was, an 18 year old k**, looking up at a 21 year old bombshell, and she had just pulled her shirts off in the sexiest manner I could have ever dreamed of. Because her arms would hit the roof of the car, she had leaned back and to the side as she pulled her shirts up, exposing her flexed abs and belly button, her tights riding low on her hips, then the bottoms of her breasts. They had to have been natural D’s, easily, judging by the way they sat in her bra. They bulged over the edge of the top of her bra cups ever so slightly, and her cleavage was dark against her skin.By the time the shirts were nearly off, she was almost sideways and laying on her back in midair, looking up at the ceiling. She then pulled the shirts over her head and flicked her hair as it came free. She threw her shirts to the side and bent back toward me. She crawled over to the top of the sleeping bag, her breasts rubbing along my body as she climbed over me. She reached where my head was and started to slide in.I was in heaven. Michelle Stevens was getting into a warm sleeping bag with me on a cold night in the back of my ’98 4Runner. Maybe tomorrow I’d win the lottery.She inched her way in, sliding along my body, until her breasts were in my face. She had obviously planned this, because she pretended to readjust her legs next to mine, which resulted in her upper body squirming to make the change. Her bra came dangerously close to exposing her nipples, but it held mere inches away from me.Finally she was in, and we both lay there staring into each others’ eyes. Her eyes. I’ve never seen green eyes like hers before. They almost sparkle without any light at all.“So,” she whispered, “Have you ever done anything like this before?” Her eyes begged me to say ‘No.’“Um, heh, no, actually.”“So, how do you usually sleep with a girl? Do you both lay one way? Cuddle? Spoon?”“Uh, no. No, actually, I’ve never…” She broke into a wide smile.“Ah, so. You’re a virgin.” She had moved her lips closer to mine with every word, and my eyes were transfixed with hers. “Sexy,” she said, and as she ended she kissed me.I had made out once with Stacy McAuliffe over the summer during a game of truth or dare one night, and neither of us got too into it. However, it had been my first kiss. I guess I could be considered a late bloomer.But holy shit, this was worth the wait. Our lips grappled with one another’s, tugging, pulling, sliding across each other. And her tongue, ugh, it shot in and out of my mouth expertly, playing with my own. It was the most passionate kiss I could have possibly dreamed of.We made out for minutes on end, breaking apart mutually to giggle, inhale, and start all over again.During our make out session, I managed to free one arm, and wrapped it around her back. I held the back of her head and the side of her neck as we kissed.Finally, sweat dripping from her eyebrows and hair, Michelle pulled her mouth off of mine and said, “Sec.” She pulled her arm out from under her and reached around to the outside of the sleeping bag. She started unzipping it, and a blast of cool air filled our sleeping bag. We both let out a shiver, and Michelle sat up to finish unzipping the flap. She motioned for me to sit up, so I did.She held me by the shoulder and pulled the sleeping bag under me so that it lay flat underneath us, much like a blanket. She grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head.“Wow,” she exhaled as she saw my chest and arms. “I didn’t know you were in such good shape. You wear such baggy clothing.” She ran a finger down my pecs and over the muscles in my abs.“Seven thousand yards a day and weight training in the morning will do that to you,” I said, a hint of pride in my voice. I smiled down at her as she ran her finger back up my stomach again.“Mmm, yeah.” She moved her free hand behind her back and undid her bra clasp. I saw her breasts jiggle away from the bra cups as the pressure that was holding them let up. She slowly brought both hands up to her breasts and grabbed hold of her bra. She leaned towards me and slid the bra away.“Oh my god, Michelle. Holy shit, you are beautiful,” I whispered.She squeezed her tits together between her arms as she came down to kiss me. “Thank you,” she said. She brought her body up against mine, and her bare breasts rubbed against my bare chest, and our stomachs pressed against each other as we made out again.Slowly but deliberately, Michelle repositioned herself on top of me, just above my erect boxers. As we made out, her hands grabbed mine and guided them to her thighs. She spread my hands on the outside of her thighs, hers pressing down on mine, which gently massaged her legs. She moaned softly into my mouth as we kissed.She began guiding my hands inward on her thighs, up and down, in circles, but always nearer her pussy. She began to move up and down in rhythm with the massage, her breasts and stomach now sliding against me as our sweat lubricated where our bodies touched.After a few minutes of this, she brought my hands around her sides to her butt cheeks, and placed them underneath the elastic band of her tights. She left my thumbs on the outside and motioned for me to pull them down. I obliged her. The tights rolled away into a damp roll, and eventually her cheeks were laid bare to the chill of the night.I took over from here, my embarrassment and shyness from earlier now completely gone. I sat up and pulled her with me. She squealed with surprise and delight as I set her down on her back, the whole while my hands never relinquishing their firm grip on her ass.In this position, my dick was now directly on top of her pussy, and I felt her body shiver as I applied some pressure on it. She moaned slowly as I applied a little more, then, in one motion, I grabbed her tights and began pulling them off.“Oh, fuck yes. Fuck yes. Mmmmmm,” she moaned. The tights came off slowly, and rolled up rather difficult. They had been soaked in nearly half an hour’s worth of heat and sweat from being cramped in the sleeping bag. Michelle shivered as I pulled the tights clear of her pussy and legs. Goosebumps ran across her skin, and her eyes never left mine.As I pulled her legs up near my head to clear her feet, I took a quick glance down at her hips, and sure enough, over the top of the tights, all I could see was bare flesh.Full on Commando. She had left her panties in her travel bag, if she had bothered to bring any at all.Finally, the tights were off. I tossed them on top of her shirts, and then I grabbed her ankles in both hands. I now had two options. One, I could take them both and spread her wide, or two, I could gently lower them to one side of my body.Seeing as she hadn’t had the chance to see mine yet, I wasn’t about to get greedy and see hers first. I wanted her to know that I respected her for treating me this way, and I was damned sure if this was going to be my first time with a girl, I was going to make sure she remembered it as well.Now, I’d watched my fair share of pornos during those first few years, when young boys find out what sex is and how to masturbate and all that crap. I had seen the sizes of the men’s dicks and had assumed for a long time that all men were that well-endowed. Only later did I realize that I was one of the few guys who are above-average in the length department.Granted, I had gone through a huge growth spurt last year, shooting up to 6’ 2” from 5’ 10” in a year. This did wonders for my own personal pleasure, as I was able to last longer when I whacked it, and I was able to maintain some self-confidence in the locker rooms after gym and at practice when changing.Now, here was Michelle Stevens, naked as the day she was born, lying down below me, and I was about to show her what every k** my age dreamed his dick could be. I gently set her legs down, together, on my right, and she half sat up onto her elbows, anticipating what I was about to do. She was smiling and staring at the bulge in my boxers. Her green eyes were the widest I’d seen them yet. Her breasts and nipples were erect in the chilly air. A slight glisten covered the goosebumps on her body.I took my boxers and slowly slid them down my legs, making sure that the tip of my dick stayed hidden until the very end. With every inch my boxers came down, and with every inch that my head was not unveiled, Michelle’s eyes grew wider. I had to smile. For being a virgin, I was a dead certain I was teasing the hell out of Michelle right now, making her want me more and more.Finally, I came free, and all 10” of my erect cock flopped out to a large gasp by Michelle.“Wow.”I pulled my boxers off and threw them onto the growing pile of clothes. I pulled my socks off and threw them over my shoulder. The fuck if I care where they land, this girl is horny and I am about to loose my virginity.I crawled over to her and lay down next to her, my arm supporting my head.“So, about this whole ‘I’m a virgin’ thing,” I said smoothly.She let out a laugh and threw herself on top of me. We kissed and embraced, and we rolled around the back of my 4Runner for several minutes.Finally, when she had pinned me down with my head on her pillow, she put her face close to mine, her hair making a curtain around our heads, and whispered, nevşehir escort “Ready, big boy?”All I could do was smile and nod. I was close to being speechless for the first time in my life. I mean literally, speechless. I was ready to fuck this girl’s brains out, and to hell with my fucking brother.“Ok.” She straddled my stomach with her hips, and grinded her pussy just below my belly button. I could feel how wet she was, and she was hot too. Damn, and for as cold as it was outside, that was saying something.She slowly slid down my stomach until her ass cheeks came in contact with my upright dick. She placed one hand to the left of my head to support her weight and moved her other between her legs, grabbing the air, trying to find my cock. All the while she slowly kept grinding down on me, and her pussy juices had left a wet trail all the way down.Finally, after a few attempts, she grabbed hold of it and I shuddered with pleasure as she slowly moved her hand up and down its length. After a minute of massaging, she pulled my dick underneath her cheeks and legs until it was flat against my stomach.“Wow, I hope this fits,” she whispered to herself as she looked down.She began grinding up and down my cock, slowly at first, then with a bit more speed.“Oh, fuck. That feels good.” I shuddered as she began to slow down again.Then, she sat up a bit and brought both hands down onto my chest. She lifted her ass into the air, and slowly my dick rose up with her, maintaining contact with her clit.“Mmmm,” she moaned. “Just stay still now.” She had reached the point where, had she lifted herself any further, my dick would have slipped past her and we would have had to start all over again. Instead, she moved up and down, and with a quick motion, I had penetrated her more than halfway up my cock.“Ohhffffffuuck yeah!” I exhaled. All Michelle could do was let out a low moan as her eyes rolled back in her head for a moment. Then, with an unpredictable amount of force, I felt her vaginal walls squeeze down on my shaft as she came on top of me. Her hands held onto my shoulders as she rocked back and forth for a few seconds, then she screamed out.“Oh YES!”With that, she fell onto me and breathed heavily for several seconds before regaining consciousness.“Wow. I’ve – I’ve never – come so hard,” she panted, lifting herself up again. “I don’t think – think I’ve ever had anyone go – that deep inside – me before.” With each breath she took, her pussy squeezed ever so gently on my dick, which was now rock hard and buried half way into her.“Well, I’m glad I could be your first for something,” I said. I pulled her back down and kissed her gently on the neck, taking her left hand in my right and grabbing hold of her back with my left.“Now, are you ready?” I gently flexed my dick inside of her and she let out a squeal.“Fuck me, Greg. Fuck me now. Take me.”I didn’t need any more encouragement. Slowly, I pulled out of her until I could feel myself beginning to reach her opening, then I pushed back in. Back and forth. In and out, slow and steady. Each time, getting a bit deeper than before. Michelle began to rock back and forth in motion with my thrusts, and eventually I was balls-deep inside of her.It was now that I’d start putting all of my self-taught techniques to work, only this time I’d know what worked and what didn’t. I began with a slow, steady thrust, in and out, in and out, pulling Michelle’s back and ass closer to my dick with each thrust. She began to moan with each successive thrust.I changed my angle of attack, sliding my hips under her a bit more and pushing her up a bit with my thighs. She let out a low moan and sighed, “Ugh, there, there, don’t stop, don’t stop.” I began to pick up my pace, realizing that she was loving this new position.In and out. In and out. Slap, slap, slap, slap. Her moans became louder and further apart as they competed with her breaths for air. She wrapped both of her arms around my neck and I moved both of my hands to her butt cheeks and began gently rolling them down with each inward thrust, and pulling them apart with each pulling-out.“Unnnhhh mmmmmhhh – unh – unh – fuck – fuck – oh – yes – unnnNNNNHHHHH OH FUCK! FUCK!” she screamed, her body convulsing, writhing back and forth in her second orgasm.I slowed my pace down and stopped to let her recover, and when she was breathing steadily again, I rolled her over onto her back. We made out for a few minutes, her slowly grinding my dick, me gently thrusting back in return.“You’re still hard?” she asked curiously. “I mean, you haven’t – ““Not yet, no. Are you, um, you know, taking anything?”“It’s ok, I’m on the pill.” She laughed a bit. “Funny how that question always comes half way into sex.”“Does it?” I asked.“Doesn’t matter, we’ll be fine.” She smiled and looked up at me through those green eyes.“Ok,” I said, and kissed her on the neck a few times. I had just realized that we had made some form of connection. An understanding with one another.I placed one hand behind her neck, supporting my weight, and moved the other down onto her breast. I gently squeezed, feeling the warm flesh roll about in my palm. Her nipple was hard, and I gently gave it a pinch. Her back arched at the sensation, and I decided now would be a good time to flex my cock in her.I had practiced this move dozens of times while taking a piss to help improve my muscle strength and control, and the hours spent stopping and going midstream had paid off. As I flexed, Michelle let out a moan of ecstasy, and then again, this time arching her back even more. On the third time, I actually felt her stomach press up against mine, and I knew her back was at least a foot off of the floor.I seized the moment, and took hold of her back with the hand that had been supporting my weight. She slid her arm up above mine to let me support her, and then she wrapped her legs around my back. There she was, completely suspended, impaled on my dick. She looked up at me, and I knew she was ready to go again.I started slowly pumping in and out of her. As I sped up, her head would come up to look down her body, and when she could no longer hold that position, she’d let it fall back and let out a deep moan.As I fucked her, her free breast bounced front to back with each stroke. I eventually let go of the one I had been massaging and placed it under her shoulders to give her some more support. We fucked for a long while, and then, just before I was ready to try a different position for her, Michelle flung her arms out from her sides and arched her back clear out of my supporting arms. Her legs clamped down on my waist and she exploded in yet another orgasm. Her arms flung wildly for something to support herself with, but all she could do was quiver in ecstasy in my outstretched arms.I slowly lowered her onto the sleeping bag, and she moaned and whispered to herself for several minutes. Her pussy continued to contract around my cock, and I gently kissed her sweating body. I worked my way up her neck to her ear, and whispered, “Not bad for my first time?”“Mmm, fuck, are you sure it’s your first?” she managed to whisper back.I laughed, and we kissed once more, tongues exploring each other’s mouth. Finally, Michelle pushed herself out from under me, rolling me onto my back.“Stay still, I want to try something.”“Ok,” I said. I was anxious to see what she was about to do.“I saw this when I was in high school, but I never slept with anyone who could really do it good.” She had climbed back onto my stomach, only this time she had her back to me and was positioned to take my dick yet again.She slowly worked my now-throbbing cock up and down her soaked pussy for what seemed like forever before finally penetrating herself on it. The sensation was amazing.Michelle rested the back of her head on my shoulder and place her arms between my arm pits for support. She used her legs and hips to grind my cock up into her G-spot, and within minutes I was pushing back up into her with equal vigor.I reached around and cupped her perfect tits in each hand. I squeezed, and she moaned loudly, increasing her speed. I rolled them around, pushed them together, teased her nipples between my fingers. Her body sweat had turned into the perfect massage oil, and I made damn sure to massage those tits.“Oh, fuck yes. Fuck yes. Squeeze my tits. Harder. Harder. Mmmmm yes.” Michelle’s breathing was becoming more ragged with each passing minute.Eventually, I let go of her breasts and placed my hands under her back, and she shifted her weight to allow me to support her. Her hands now free, she placed one around the back of my head and the other ventured down to stroke her clit.We fucked like a****ls – kissing, moaning, grunting, swearing, and sweating. Michelle would be controlling her own pleasure, then she’d turn control over to me and I would thrust up into her as fast as I could. I’d feel her moans deep in her throat when this happened, and she came two more times before I finally felt my balls begin to tingle in anticipation of releasing their pressure.“I’m gonna cum,” I managed to get out between gasps for air, and Michelle reached down to her pussy and pulled me out. She sat up a bit and started running a hand up and down my shaft furiously. Her pussy juices and my pre-cum were all the lubrication I needed. My muscles tensed. My back arched. My toes curled.I exploded. Load after load shot out and onto her stomach and tits. I soaked her in my semen. All the while she pulled and pushed the skin on my dick back and forth, up over my bulging head, and down to my balls, coaxing me to empty myself on her.“Oh ho yes. Yes. Ungh. Oh fucking cum all over me baby,” she exclaimed.I had never come so hard in my life. I blacked out for several seconds, and awoke to Michelle wiping herself clean with her hands and tongue. Not a drop escaped her lips, and she sucked each finger sexily, watching me as I recovered underneath her.“Holy shit, that was amazing,” I said.She smiled and sucked her last finger dry.“I know. You were amazing, too.” She giggled and rolled over to my side. She pulled the blanket over us and rested her head on my chest. She gave it a gentle kiss.“Good night, sexy,” she whispered.“Night,” I said in return.I wrapped my arms around her and we lay there in the darkness, cuddled beneath her blanket. Michelle’s breathing began to slow, and soon she was asleep. I stared up at the roof of my car and told myself I’d remember this night ‘til the day I died.