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MercedesThe lady who really got me into bondage with me was my first wife Mercedes. How we got into it was similar to the things with Betty. However we were at the beach, alone, for a month. Mercedes and I lived in Spain, in a town named Cartagena. Near by, her father had a beach house on the Mediterranean Sea. The first summer we were married we spent our honeymoon at the house.One afternoon, Merce caught me looking at some bondage porn and like Betty;”Does that give you pleasure? Burn it, you have me, I AM your wife and I am to give you pleasure. Who knows, maybe I’ll like it too. We can’t find out unless we try.””Have you seen what some of these girls are doing? Do you mean that I could do this to you and you would..””John, I will do anything to give pleasure, anything” At this stage of the game I was always horny, and my dick never went soft.”Strip and then find me some rope”Merce went into the bedroom, stripped, and went into the courtyard to get some rope. She found a piece about 20 feet long, which I cut up into four lengths. I tied her wrists together, then tied her elbows. Next I tied one end of a section to a overhead beam. I had her stand on a chair while I tied the loose end to the rope between her elbows. I got down and removed the chair, her weight was then supported by her elbows and arms. Her body arch forward, tits hanging down. Then I took a bamboo pole and tied one end to her ankle, spread her legs as far as they would go, and tied the other ankle to the pole. I then took my time and stripped. I approached her and began to caress her body. Bending over to suck her nipples. Lower and lower, I went until I reached her cunt. I put hands between her legs and on her ass to steady her while my lips and tongue went to work on her. My tongue probed deep inside of her, my finger entered and plunged into her ass-hole.”Oh, God, John… yes. no. It hurts so… oh God, harder, give me more…” Her body stiffened, and my mouth tasted her cum. I hadn’t realized it, but I too had cum, I had shot my load all over the tile floor. Slowly I got up, untied her feet. Then I cut her down. Her wrists and elbows were still tied. I pushed her face into my cum on the floor.”Lick it, bitch, every drop. From now on every drop of my cum goes in your mouth if not your cunt or ass-hole. One way or another.” I put my foot on the back of her neck, as she licked the floor clean. “Now bitch, declare me your Master, and yourself as my slave. Declare my right to do as I wish with you.””My Lord John, I declare you my sole Master and affirm your right to do what ever you wish with me at any time.” With that I untied her and rubbed her arms back to life. I took her in the bedroom and laid beside her;”Merce, You have set my brain as well as my cock and balls on fire. There are some things that I have to get in town, is there anything you want?””Yes, my father said that you should stop by his office today. He has a surprise for us.””Any idea on what it is? He already has given us so much.””Sorry Master, I have no idea”I caught the bus into town, and went to my father-in-laws office first thing. My father-in-law was a high ranking officer in the Spanish Navy, and was one of the kindest men I have ever had the pleasure to meet.”Good Morning, John. I guess Merce told you I have something for you. Just to save you time and wonder, it’s a week-end in Morocco for you”. I was stunned, Merce and I had always wanted to go, and had talked about it many times. Morocco is straight across the sea about 150 miles. I thanked Don Jose, and came back to the cabin without getting the things I wanted to get. As I came into the door, I was very excited, and as soon as I told her, Mercedes was too.The next day we boarded the ship in the harbor of Cartagena. All of the in- laws were there to see us off. What a day, twelve hours later we disembarked in Melilla, Morocco. Our hotel was nothing special, and after getting settled in our room, we went into the market place to see what there was to see. After several hours of wandering, we noticed that the people were looking at us strangely as if we were not to be there. As soon as we turned the corner we knew why. There was a slave market.We watched as a couple men were sold, and then they brought out a young girl of maybe 18 or 19. She was not very pretty, but then not ugly. It was the way she was dressed that caught my eye. She was totally naked except for some leather straps. A wide, maybe 2-3 inches, strap was around her neck. It had many steel rings fastened to it, as well as buckles. Around the base of her breasts were other leather straps, pulled very tight. This emphasized her tits. Then there were more straps between the neck collar and the breast straps. Around her waist was another wide strap/belt, again with rings and buckles. From this belt there was a two inch strap that ran between her legs and separated her cunt lips. Off to the side were two additional straps that crossed at a point between her legs. All three of these fastened to the waist strap in the back. Her wrists were handcuffed behind her , and there was small strap that fastened the handcuffs to the back of her neck collar.In my mind I knew that I had to get a set of these straps for Merce. After a few more girls were sold, including one I knew was an American, the auction was then over. I went to the man who was in charge and after some argument, bought a set of the wonderfully useful straps. Mercedes knew that I had obtained the straps for her, but she did not say a word about them. We spent the rest of the day sight-seeing and we made some purchases. I bought seven sets of plain gold earrings and two sets of long dangly ones for Mercedes. I told her that she would understand when we got back home. The next day we continued with our tourist trip and purchase of tourist items including a cat- o-nine tails. At 4 P.M. we boarded our boat back to Cartagena. Early the next morning we arrived at the pier. It was only 5 A.M. and the town was just waking up. I decided that we should not go straight home but have breakfast at the Gran Hotel, then head home.We arrived at the house in time to have coffee with Don Jose before he went off to work. Mercedes passed out the presents to all who were there. I asked permission of Mercedes father to move into the beach house on a full time basis. This would give them back their home and give Mercedes and I privacy. Mercedes and I packed all the belongings that we could move at one time and Don Jose promised to send a truck to move us. Since we didn’t have furniture, there was just clothes,and books, (many books). With the help of the Spanish Navy we got moved in half a day. We then spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach. The sun started to set and Merce went in to make supper. I went into the bedroom and began to unpack the goodies from our trip. I had only six days left on my leave before I had to report back to the base for duty.After supper Merce and I were laying in bed talking about nothing much of importance. I was wearing only a pair of briefs. These briefs had no opening like normal ones, they had a small hole about the size of a dime with elastic around it. Merce had on panties like a string bikini, barely covered her cunt, and no bra. I started to tell Merce of all the things I could do with her new set of straps;”Don’t tell me Master. Show me. It has been several days.”I guess that was the cue I had been waiting for, I was out of bed like a flash and got the straps from their place. Merce had removed her panties and stood waiting for what was to come. First I fastened the wide strap about her throat, then I had her bend over from the waist so that I could fasten straps Around the base of her breasts. I pulled them as tight as they would go. This emphasized her tits. Then there were more straps between the neck collar and the breast straps. Around her waist went another wide strap, with rings and buckles. From this belt there was a two inch strap that ran between the her legs and separated the pussy lips. Off to the side were two additional straps that crossed at a point between her legs. All three of these fastened to the waist strap in the back. Her wrists were tied behind her, and there was small strap that fastened the tied wrists to the back of her neck collar.”Lord John; this is painful. Please lets stop, I can’t take this. Please stop…” I sealed her mouth with her panties and some wide tape.”You are going to take it, and more, and even enjoy it, sweet slave.”I put her high heels on her and walked her to the dining room. Tied a rope to the beam overhead, then tied the bitter end to her wrists and neck band. Then I went back to the bedroom and got the earrings, a large needle, alcohol, and my lighter. Merce’ eyes told the story, there was both terror and wonder in them when she saw what I had. I opened the buffet and took out some thread and a candle. I ran the thread around the candle to wax it, then light the candle. Next I threaded the needle and then got it hot in the flame. I approached Merce, and pierced her left nipple. Quickly I cut some of the thread off and left it in the new hole, re-threaded the needle and pierced the right nipple in the same way. Then I removed the waxed thread from her nipples, and replaced it with the dangling earrings. Her breasts looked exquisite with their new additions. I freed Merce from the overhead rope, and told the her to walk around the room. As she walked about, I noticed the bounce of her tits, and the swing of the new ‘tit’rings.”O.K. slave, sit on the table, and lay back after I free your hands.”Merce sat on the edge of the dinning table, tears streaming down her face, as I untied her wrists from the collar, and each other. Then she lay back and I retied her wrists to the legs of the table. Next I tied her legs open to the table legs. I approached her and sank my dick into her cunt. With my cock buried deep in her, I told her how I was going to pierce the lips of her cunt, five times each, and install the gold rings. These were to be known as ‘cunt’rings. I also told her that I had more straps to add to her misery, and my enjoyment. I withdrew from her box, and got my needle and thread. I began to sew her cunt with a whip stitch. Each time the needle pierced her, Merces eyes showed the pain, but she refused to cry out, my cock got hardier. Once the ten holes were made, I began to get hardier and I began to replace the thread with the cunt-rings. For the last set I used the second pair of dangling ‘cunt-rings’.”Before I free you, I want you to understand that you are to wear these rings at all times, unless I remove them. Even when you go shopping or visit your mom, talk to your friends or go to Mass.” With that I freed her from the table. I went and got the next set of straps. Upon returning, I had my slave kneel on the table top. With a set of four inch wide straps, I fastened her ankles to her thighs. The next set of straps fastened her elbows together, another her wrists, and the last was placed between the elbows and shoulders. Her panties went back into her mouth with the tape covering it. kırklareli escort Then the bitter end of the rope from the overhead beam was looped through her wrist ropes, and pulled up taut. Mercedes was now standing on her knees. With my enlarged cock before me, I walked up to her, and removed her gag. Without a moment to argue, I plunged my cock into her mouth.”Suck me good, or your cunt will get twenty-five lashes with the cat-o-nine tales you wanted so much”Mercedes began to suck, and use her lips in a way that made me feel like I was in heaven. It took only a few minutes for my balls to explode into her mouth. I froze, trying to prolong this wonderful feeling. I removed my limp dick from her mouth.”You damned bitch, you made me cum too fast. I’m going to leave you there for another half hour, then your pussy gets the cat. Think about that while you wait.”I placed the gag back in her mouth, and left the room. I lay in bed to read a bondage magazine. Before I realized it, it had been nearly an hour before I got back to Mercedes. Quickly I released her, rubbed life back into her arms and legs. Merce could hardly talk. When she had begun to recover from her ordeal, I reminded her of the gift that her cunt was promised. She sat on the edge of the table, and I tied her ankles to its’ legs. Then I laid her down and tied her wrists to the legs at the other end. Going quickly to the bedroom, I got the cat, and returned to the awaiting slave. No gag this time, I wanted to hear her screams and moans. Besides there was no one to hear her beside myself. I raised the cat into the air, and brought it down squarely between her legs.”A H H H H H H, GOD, JOHN, STOP, PLEASE OH GOD PLEASE STOP”Again, and again the cat fell, until it had counted to twenty-five. Her pussy was cut, and welts were raised on it. Her inner-thighs were also welted and cut. I couldn’t resist, I got down and began to kiss, lick and suck on her injured cunt. My prick was hard and needed a place to be. And the place for a cock that is hard was in Mercedes’ cunt. Standing up, I slipped it into her. The heat from her pussy was good, as well as tight. It did not take long before Mercedes’ body began to try to join in, coming up to meet my downward stroke, moans of pleasure replaced the cries for mercy. No mercy was being asked for now, only no mercy. That is what she got. In and out, up and down. Sweat coming out, the cunt-rings pressing into my crouch.”AH H H H H H H H.H…….” We both came. I lay on top of her… LATER….”I Love you Mercedes, only you have done so very much for me””John, when I met you, I knew nothing about sex. Now you have taught me well, and I feel all of it. Even the pain feels good and I want more and more all the time. Because when I feel the pain, I know that I shall feel hot and satisfied soon. Don’t ever stop loving me, please don’t.”As soon as I freed Mercedes, we took a shower, and went to bed to get some well needed sleep. In the morning, I woke up first. After a hot shower, and went into the kitchen and made coco and churos. Then I took a tray into Mercedes. She was still not wake. I looked at her wonderful face, at her cut pussy, the welts on her thighs. The thoughts were beginning to make my cock hard. I put down the tray and got back into bed. I started to snuggle with her, and my hand went to her cunt by instinct. A finger parted those hot, wet lips and began to dive into the cave of love. Merce moaned, and her hand reached for my cock. Slowly she began to stroke it, and held it tight. As Merce stroked my cock, my finger was joined by a second, and they went deeper into her realm of good feeling.”Oh lord John, yes, oh yes, oh it’s so-o good, yes — slow yes slow. Slow and hard, oh Good… I can taste it, s.o.o.o good yes oh yes. Give it to me, let me taste you, in my mouth, God John, give it to me….”I moved up, and she released my prick. Her tits looked so very inviting. I took hold of her tits, and held them together as if trying to make one large tit. My cock slid between them and re-appeared just under her chin. Her hands moved quickly, and replaced my own. My hands moved to her head. I held her head up so that I could slid my cock further, and into her mouth. Merce held her lips in a tight circle, that welcomed my cock into her mouth. She made her tongue work on my cock, while she created a soft suction. Faster and faster I moved in and out of her home-made cunt. My balls began to tighten, they were ready to explode. Then with no further warning, they did explode. It seemed like I poured gallons of my love juice down her throat. She swallowed hard and often. And we both relaxed.”Merce, that was something else. Oh lord Mercedes, you are good…, Hey, I made some other good stuff for us”Later that night I thought that we should go out to eat, so I called ‘Recon de Pepe’ in Murcia for reservations. One of the best things at Pepe’s is Strawberries and ANY time of the year. Fresh strawberries. At quarter of ten, we arrived at Pepe’s. After a cocktail in the lounge, our table was ready, and we sat down to some just plain good food. Mercedes was such a turn on in her dress with a very tight bodice, full skirt. After a wonderful meal, we ordered the famous ‘strawberries and cream’ for desert. The cream was rich goats cream. The huge bowl of berries came lightly sugared, and contained more strawberries then we could possibly eat. At that moment I had an idea to make these huge berries taste even better. I whispered for Merce to raise her skirt to the edge of the table cloth, and spread her legs wide apart while sitting on the edge of her seat. Taking a huge berry by its’ stem, I took it below the table, and found her cunt. Merce spread the lips of her pussy, and I put the strawberry into her. Removing it, I sucked on it until the stem came loose. It was better than ever, Pepe would never know how sweet his berries were. With each berry, Merce became hotter and hotter, and I was not far behind. By the time we got to the 16th one;”John, in and out, in and out… s l o w l y. A H H H —– H …”Mercedes came. She just slumped there, and I was left high and dry.”My dear, when we get home, you are due for a surprise.Arriving back home, I was indeed very hard for I knew what I had planned. I had Merce strip down to her garters, stockings, and high-heels. Moving into the living room, I got my riding crop, and put it on the table beside my chair. Then getting some rope, I tied Mercedes arms behind her.”Now you will kneel before my chair and suck me off. You have ten minutes to get me off. And I will help you with the riding crop.””After ten minutes I’ll time you and for each minute you will have to provide a young girl for my enjoyment, and you will receive 10 blows with the cat. The young girl you get for me will have to be between 18 and 21, a virgin with no experience of any sexual kind. Are you ready?””Yes Master”I knew that she was thinking of how hot I was because of the strawberries. Going into the bedroom I stripped down and put on the black bikini briefs that had only a small dime sized hole for my cock. I was at full erection when I put my cock through the opening, and returned to the slave. Sitting down, I spread my legs, and pulled her head forward. As her lips touched my dick, I picked up the riding-crop. The first blow fell on her tender ass, as her mouth took more and more of my cock into her mouth. The slaves tongue worked against the skin of the love-rod she was trying to consume. The crop fell again. Her lips were working. The crop fell again, and again. As her head bobbed to and fro. Again the crop fell on that lovely ass. THE ALARM SOUNDED…………….I pressed my stop watch, I must have, although I really don’t remember doing so. I do remember my dick getting tighter and tighter, and my raining blows with the riding-crop on her ass.”A H H H H H H”My milk pumped into her hungry mouth. I felt completely drained as I looked down at my watch.”Three minutes and 12 seconds. Three young virgins for my pleasure.”I explained what and how she was to provide me as I untied her.”They must be girls you know now, not something you pick up off the street. You must tell them that they will be fucked, sucked, and do sucking of their own. They will give and get face to each other as well as you. They must be able to spend the entire week-end. They will also assist me in tormenting you. They must know everything when I walk into the room. They must also be naked when I come in. Do you understand?””Master I understand, but I don’t think that I can get any virgins for you.” I slapped her face.”Bitch. You will get them, or you will pay by being branded on your ass. Is THAT clear?””Yes, very clear”The next morning, when I awoke, Merce had hold of my cock, like a c***d with its favorite toy. It was hard, and I rolled over on her wonderful body, and slid it into her pussy. Her eyes fluttered,”Oh y e s s s, Oh y e s s s, faster, harder”It really didn’t take much, I had not recovered from last night. I came. As we lay there, we talked about what she was to do today. By the time she left, Merce was ready to do her duty. She was to be back by 8PM.At the appointed hour, I heard voices approaching the gate of the courtyard. I went up the stairs so that I could watch without being seen. Merce would know where I was, but the young ladies would not. Merce had done very well. All three young ladies were very good looking. She led them into the living room. Merce was talking…”Girls, I’ve explained what I want you to do for me, and I do really owe you a lot. Now you are to strip and wait for our master. But if any of you want to back out, do it now. I will understand, really.”I could see and hear well from my vantage.”Junita, do you wish to go?” “No. I have wondered about sex for so long, and I will now find out, and not be alone when I do. No Sra., I will stay.””Inez?” “I feel the same.””Nina?” “Me too. I’m staying.”The girls began to remove their clothes. All of their hair was dark, dark brown or black. Their tits were well formed, and not too much, yet quite enough to play with. All had hair covering their pussies to a greater or lessor degree. Inez’s pussy was almost bald except for a very few curly wisps. Merce then told them to finger one girls pussy, and to gently pinch the other girls nipples. They giggled slightly, then their hands moved to their tasks. Slowly the fingers touched pussies and nipples. Then fingers entered pussies. Within moments glazed looks shown on the girls faces. It was time for me to make my entrance. When I walked into the room, the girls did not see me. They were lost in their feelings of new found sex. I whispered to Merce to strip and make sure that her tit-rings, and pussy-rings were in place. I walked up behind Nina, and gently moved the hbd in her pussy away, replacing it with my own. I gently kissed her neck, and played with the unoccupied nipple. A moan escaped her young lips. She started to turn toward me, but as she did, I moved behind Inez. In doing so, I put Inez’s hand back to Juanita’s pussy , and repeated what I had done for Nina. escort kırklareli Then on to Jaunita. Merce returned to the room completely nude, except for her rings. I then quietly told the girls to continue, but to do it to themselves, and for Nina to come over in front of me.”Unbutton my shirt, Juanita, then kiss my nipples”Slowly her fingers left her pussy and tit, as she unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. Then she bent forward and her lips kissed and sucked gently on each of my nipples.”Now Nina, I want you to kneel in front of Merce, spread the lips of her pussy, and lick and suck until Inez replaces you. While you lick Merce, let your hand play with your own pussy. Inez come here.”Slowly Nina sank to her knees before Merce. I know she was having second thoughts, but was caught up in the feelings, these new feelings that were so very good. Her hand went to Merce’ pussy and spread the lips. Then her face, with tongue extended, met Merce hot slit. At the same time Inez came up to me.”Inez, remove my shoes, socks, and pants. Then kiss and lick my balls.”Inez knelt on the floor and removed my shoes and socks. Then she straightened up, while still kneeling, and unfastened my belt and buttons. With her thumbs, she hooked my undershorts and pulled them down with my pants. My cock was at full attention, and it hit Inez in the chin as it was released from their prison. She looked up at me in full surprise. Once she had the pants off of my legs, I spread them. Inez, came up and began to kiss, lick and fondle my balls. I didn’t know how much more I could take, so I ordered her to replace Nina, and for Nina to go back to playing with herself. Jaunita was to come before me and suck on my prick. Jaunita placed herself in the right place. Her tongue touched the head of my cock, then her lips took hold of the cocks head. Slowly she sucked more and more of it into her mouth, as her tongue worked the sides of it.”Stand up Jaunita.”With seemingly great reluctance she stood. She was only five foot tall. I picked her up until the head of my cock slid into the groove of the pussy. I carried her over to the table. Laying her on the library table, I shoved my cock into her hot and tight pussy. Her pussy was very tight. A moan of pain and of pleasure came from her lips. I could see from her face that she was happy to be fucked, and that pain was a pleasure for her. Slowly I entered and retreated from her pussy . Her hips rose to me my downward plunge. A heavier moan escaped her lips to let me know she had had her first climax, just as I came. Filling her with her first load of cum.Applause. Applause from the others, greeted Jaunita and I, as we came back to reality. Quickly I ordered the girls into the shower. I forbade them from cleaning their own bodies, and only one girl at a time was to be cleaned. All three were to be in the shower at the same time. This in itself would not be hard since the shower was a large place, two meters by three, (6 feet by 9 feet). As the young ones were taking their showers, Merce and I took time to clean up the mess we had made, and while Merce prepared supper, I got the bedroom ready. I had cleared out the largest bedroom, and then laid out mattresses wall to wall. Then placed the pillows so that I would have two females on each side of me. No ego problem here. When I returned to the main room, the girls were helping Merce set the table. They had dressed themselves in bikinis I had provided. Soon the meal was over, tables cleared, dishes washed. We sat around the table and talked of many things, all of them dealt with sex. I had Merce bring out the collection of straps, gags, and clamps. Rather than tell them about these toys I thought it better to let them see, or rather wear them, first hand. First I would use the slave bra, and since the slave bra was intended to emphasize small breasts in order to make a female slave more appealing at the slave market, I decided to use the largest titted of the trio and that was Nina. The use of a large breasted female would emphasize the effects of the bra.I had Nina remove her top. And as I fastened the collar around her neck. Merce kneaded, pulled and squeezed her nipples. Next I placed the base straps around the base of each tit, and pulled them tight. The straps between the breast straps and the collar were adjusted to provide lift. The result did indeed show the effects as desired. Nina screamed as I clamped the nipple clamps, with 2 ounces of weight each, on. But a ball gag fitted to her mouth by Merce shut the noise off. Next I tied her wrists above her head, and suspended her, next to the wall, from the rope overhead. Then proceeded to tie her legs at the knee and ankles. My attention then turned to Jaunita. For her I selected a group of straps called ‘The Sleeve’. After stripping her, Merce fastened a wide leather collar about her neck. This collar had several rings set into the outside. To one of the rings in the back, was fastened the middle link of a pair of handcuffs. I twisted Jaunts arms behind her back, and fastened her wrists in them. Next came a second wide belt. This belt buckled and locked in the back. In the middle of the front, a second strap of leather was riveted. This strap was one inch wide, tapered to three inches at the other end. Additionally, in this strap, were set two plastic tubes. The first of these tubes was two and a half inches in diameter, and four inches long. The second was one and three quarters inches in diameter, and six inches long. While passing the strap between her legs, I first inserted the first into her pussy, and the second into her asshole. This was not done without some difficulty. Neither of her holes was really large enough to take anything of that respective size. During her ‘fitting’, she moaned and cried.”Jaunita, I want you to understand, that this device is to allow you to be fucked in either hole, without you having control. As a slave you control nothing. Now I want you to get a pail of hot water, and mop the patio. Come back when you are done. Inez, strip off everything, and come here”She left to do her task, walking like a bow-legged cowboy. I chuckled a little about this as I turned to Inez. For her I had chosen the breast press. The breast press consists of two pieces of quarter inch plywood, the top being three inches wide, and f******n inches long. The bottom was six inches wide, and f******n inches long. One inch from each end, and in the middle, two inches from the rear edge there were bolts four inches long. The breasts were placed between these boards, and the the bolts tightened to the desired tightness. Then a cord was tied about each nipple and pulled taut, and tied to a tiny cleat on the underside of the wider board. Inez cried as her nipples were pulled. Her crying was delightful to my ears as she begged to be released. Instead I turned her around and tied her elbows together. Then I took her across my naked lap, my erection pressed into her stomach. My hand fell on her tender white ass. Her muscles tightened, her asshole puckered, and a cry came from her mouth. Pure music. Again and again my hand fell, leaving red hand prints. Tears flowed from her eyes, and cry’s for mercy from her lips. Nina still squirmed against the wall, as she tried to free her tits of their tormentors. Just then Jaunita returned, an knelt before me.”Sr. i have done my task. Will you please free me of the sleeves?””No. I will do so before bed. I will release all of you then, but not until. Right now, Merce and I are going to fuck, and all are to watch, and be quiet.”I dumped Inez on the floor and walked up to Merce. Gently taking her in my arms, my lips met hers. Our tongues fought. My hands slid slowly down her back to the firm globes of her ass. I stroked her ass as my lips left hers, and traveled down her neck then down her breast and on to her nipple. Taking hold of the titring, and pulling it with my teeth. Slowly she started kissing her way down my body until she knelt on the floor. Her lips parted and her tounge licked the length of my cock until she came to it’s head. Here her mouth opened and engulfed it. slowly she moved back and forth along it’s length, until my entire cock was in her mouth. Without taking my prick from her mouth, I walked around her until I was behind her. Her head was bent back. I reached over her shoulder, and took hold of her tit-rings, and pulled on then as Merce continued to suck. After a few moments I let go of the rings, and withdrew from her mouth. Merce lay on the cold stone floor and bent her knees as she spread her legs. I knelt between her legs and feed my cock into her pussy. She placed her legs over my shoulders to allow me greater penetration into her. Slowly we moved together, then apart. Faster and faster. The sweat began to pour from both of us. Suddenly Merce stiffened, and I followed as I poured my cream into her bowl. We lay there for what seemed a very long time. Then we got up. I went to the bathroom to piss and wash. When I returned, Merce and I began to free the new slaves from their bondage.”Now off to bed after you wash up. NO CLOTHES IN BED. Merce and Inez next to me. Jaunita next to Merce, and Nina next to Inez. Now hurry, in bed in twenty minutes.”During the night I had to get up and take a whiz. When I returned to the bedroom I saw a wonderful sight. Four naked ladies in various positions laying on the floor. Through the shutters moonlight streamed across their bodies. I was particularly struck by Inez. She lay with her arms to her sides, and her legs spread. The moonlight across her bald cunt. I just could not resist the temptation. I quietly knelt between her legs. Bending forward, my lips gently met the lips of her pussy, my tounge parted those lips. I began to lick and suck that wonderful cunt. As I worked, moans came from her lips. Soon her hands were on top of my head, pressing downward. I turned around without leaving her cunt, so that my dick touched her lips. She must have been at least semi-awake, as her lips sucked me in, and her tounge began to work on me. One of her hands left my head and went to my ass, and here applied pressure keeping my cock in her mouth. Her tounge worked like that of an expert. It took all I could muster to disengage from her, but I did manage. I turned around again and slid my cock into that hot and tight box. Inez just smiled, and within minutes her hips were working correctly. I felt like a k** getting his first ass. The feeling was good, and I didn’t notice the tighting in my balls at first. But before long I exploded into her. A great moan escaped from her lips.”You have made me a woman. Thank you Master. I love you.”Without a word, we turned over and went back to sleep. The next morning would be very busy for us all.The sun woke us all about the same time. It was very warming to the skin. Merce rose, slowly. Stretching and yawning.”Do you really want breakfast? After all you did have a mid-night snack.Come on girls, lets get the Master another breakfast.” As soon as they left the room I got up and put on a pair of leather briefs and went into the dining kırklareli escort bayan room. The smell of bacon and eggs mixed with fresh coffee filled the air. I turned and went into the court-yard. Under the east overhang were some toys covered by a large tarpaulin. I removed it and revealed the stocks, spanking block and the horse.The horse was really nothing more than a small roof mounted on a stand. From the ground to the peak was six feet high, each side was four feet long and three feet wide. The two sides fitted together at a forty-five degree angle. This peak was very sharp and was covered with standard roofing material, making it very rough.The spanking block is made of oak, and measures two an a half feet square. On each end were two sets of straps to fastened the arms and legs. A wide strap went side to side to hold the back down, ant there were two holes, five inches in diameter, drilled in the top of the block towards the front end. These holes were four inches deep, and each had a plunger coming from the side, which when released, would hold fast the tit within its hole.The stocks were about 110 cms high. The victim had to stand stooped over, with their feet locked in a wooden vise. With their legs spread about three feet. Then their hands set on a horizontal bar, and locked in place with a second bar. Then the neck is locked in place by placing the neck in a groove in the second board, and then placing a third board on top. All three boards are then locked in place at the sides. This device puts a person between 4’10” and 5’9″ at a rough 90 degree angle. This added to the general discomfort.Breakfast was small, but very good. As soon as it was over, and the dishes washed and put away, I ordered the girls to shower, and to appear in the courtyard, naked. Once there, they positioned these larger toys as instructed. Merce came out of the house with a riding crop and a hat.””Girls”, she said, “inside this hat are three folded pieces of paper. Upon each is written one word. Stock, horse and block. You will draw one of these and then play with the toy you drew. For the stocks you will be placed in them until the Master releases you. The horse entitles you to ride until told not to, and the block will get you strapped down, and at least ten kisses from this whip on each of the tender globes of your ass. Then you will …. er.. You may be fucked by the Master. That may mean that He will fuck your cunt or your ass. Draw…”Jaunita walked up and drew, then Nina, and Inez. Each displayed their toy. Jaunita had drawn the stocks, Nina the block, leaving the horse to Inez.As the others watched, Merce and I took Inez and tied her arms behind her, each wrist to the opposite elbow. Then we slipped a hard rubber ring, eight inches in diameter, on each leg. Then forced her to kneel. Her ankles were then tied to her upper thighs, with the rings positioned at the knees. Lastly, before mounting the horse, a wide belt was fastened about her waist. Then Merce and I lifted Inez onto the horse, with one leg on each side. Merce fastened a rope from the roof to a ring set in the wide belt about her waist, sort of a safety line so she would not fall to the ground. The point of the horse and the small stone of the roofing materials cut into the tender flesh of her cunt. The crack of her ass, and the lips of her pussy were separated. Next we attached concrete blocks with ropes to the rings at her knees. This added weight pulled her down more, and added to her pains. Then came the nipple clamps with four oz. of weight were the final touches, except for the itching powder blown on her cunt.Merce then led Jaunita to the stocks and locked her feet in. Merce continued putting Jaunita into the stocks, as Inez began to moan and cry. Nina was looking very nervous. She knew that she was was going to suffer direct pain, in addition to the indirect pain the others were feeling. When Merce finished with Jaunita, I added a finishing touch by putting a large, 1.5 inch dia., candle up her ass and lit it. In fact the hot wax would not fall on her, and the flame would most likely go out long before it reached her, but she didn’t know that.I marched Nina to the block, knelt her down, and spread her legs. Then the straps were fastened behind her knees, and upper thighs. Next she was laid on the block, plungers withdrawn, tits fitted to their holes. Plungers released after the straps secured her upper arms and above the elbows. A scream issued from her as those plungers were released. The back strap was fastened. Merce handed me the whip. Taking the whip, I drew a line softly across both cheeks of her lovely ass. I knelt down, putting the whip down, and with my hands separated those cheeks. Opening a drawer in the bottom of the block, I took out a strap of leather. It was 2 inches wide at one end and four at the other. The narrow end was fastened to the block, just under her cunt, drawn up between the cheeks of her ass, separating them, and the wide end then fastened to the strap across her back. Stepping back, I picked up the whip and again drew a line. Swiftly I applied five stripes across left cheek. Screams cut through the air, joining the cries and moans of Jaunita and Inez. Merce took the whip from me as I handed it to her, she applied five more to the right cheeks. While she was doing this, the stripes on her left cheek raised into welts. Merce then handed the whip back to me, and I applied the last five for the left cheek.As Merce gave Nina her last five, I walked over to Inez. She had broken out into a sweat, and her tear stained face was twisted with the agony she was feeling. Her cunt was red from the friction. She was almost ready to have a kiss or two from my riding crop. Then I would screw her using a french tickler. That ought to give her a thrill.Crossing back to Jaunita.”Please Sir, remove the candle. I can feel the heat, please.”Without complying, I pulled roughly on both nipples, commenting to myself that they would be good for nipple caps.Back I went to Nina.”Nina, I haven’t decided to use your ass or cunt, but don’t worry. In five minutes one of them will be entertaining me.”I walked behind her, and unfastened the cheek spreader. Merce came up to me an knelt down before me, and took down the leather briefs. My cock was already fairly hard, but she took it in her mouth to bring it to full size. With a few licks along its full length, I removed it from her mouth, knelt behind Nina, and plunged it fully into her cunt. A cry came from her throat. The cause being her tender ass, and the fact her cunt was compressed by being strapped down. She would have been a tight fight in any case, being a virgin until that moment. As I slid the love meat in and out of her love tunnel, her cries turned to moans of pleasure. I could tell she was trying to move her body with mine. Before I could fill her with cream, her body stiffened, she had had her first climax. I kept pumping. Soon my balls exploded into her, and as I withdrew, I left a trail of cum.Merce knelt to lick my cock clean. Then I returned to Jaunita. Pulling the unlit candle from her ass, I began to unlock her prison. Once her wrists were free, I re-handcuffed them in front of her. Then I completed the task of freeing her.”Jaunita, first free Nina, then you assist Merce for now, and you will administer punishment to Inez, once I get her off the horse. But for now follow Merce and do as she directs or suffer for it.”I took my time cutting the ropes that held the cement blocks, and untying the safety rope. I lifted Inez from the horse and set her on the ground. She collapsed crying her head off. Just then Merce and Jaunita reappeared. Jaunita was carrying two block of wood and a bamboo cane. Merce had a basin of warm water, and a bar of soap. I turned Inez over on her back, and Merce began to gently to wash the itching powder remaining from her cunt. Meanwhile Jaunita set the two blocks on the ground, about three feet apart. She lay the bamboo cane between the blocks, and then returned to the inside of the house. In an instant she reappeared with a large pillow, which she placed to form a triangle with the blocks. Merce and Jaunita lifted Inez up, and placed her knees on the blocks, and her head on the pillow. She was ready for further pain.”Inez, you are going to receive some strokes with the bamboo cane, to your inner thighs, and pussy. Jaunita is going to do the honors. If you fall, you will receive five more. If you manage to keep from falling you will get fewer strokes. Jaunita proceed in the manner Mercedes told you.”Jaunita picked up the cane, leaving the free end on the ground. She brought it up sharply, directly into the crease between the pussy lips. A cry came from Inez…”GOD, no.. P L E A S E…. OH MASTER…. STOP..”A second, third and forth blow followed swiftly. Still Inez didn’t fall. Jaunita shifted her attention to the inner thighs. Here her aim was to add five strips to each. When it was done, Inez fell over, full of pain and emotionally exhausted. This would be a very good time to fuck her, but I had other ideas. Merce untied her ankles and arms to rub life back into them. Next she covered her with a wet sheet. It was time to move on to other things.I went into the spare bedroom and got a double ended dildo from a drawer, and returned to the courtyard. Walking up to Jaunita I ordered her to spread her legs and to squat slightly. As soon as she had done so, I slipped the shorter end of the dildo into her box. Moans came from her as I was not slow or gentle in doing so. Next I tied the dildo to her with the straps provided.”All right Jaunita, you are to fuck Nina. Get to it.”With a very puzzled look on her face, she walked over to where Nina lay. Slowly she knelt between Ninas legs, and fitted the head of the dildo to her cunt. Nina was equally surprised at what was going on. Slowly Jaunita shoved the dildo home then withdrew. Then in and out. Slowly at first, increasing faster and faster. Soon both were uttering the rough sounds of enjoyment. Jaunita was the first to cum, but she was quickly followed.Time now for my own enjoyment. I pulled Merce to me and stuck my forefinger up her cunt.”Yea. The right temperature, fuck me bitch.”I lay on the ground and Merce knelt over me, impaling herself on my shaft.”Jaunita, get over here. Get down between us and lick us both as we screw. Do it now.”She got down between our legs, and in an instant I felt her tongue work on both of us. I knew that this would bring us both off very quickly. Merce was pumping at an accelerated pace. The faster she worked the faster Jaunita’s tongue worked. I could feel the pressure building. Oh GOD how I wanted to hold off, but to no avail. My cum flowed into Merce’s cunt and onto Jaunita’s tongue. I pushed Merce off and took Jaunita by the hair.”Clean me off, cunt. Nina get over here and go 69 with Merce.”Jaunita fell to her job quickly, and Nina knelt above Merce. Merce couldn’t wait, she grabbed Ninas hips and brought her cunt to her lips. Nina’s tounge parted Merce’s cunt and began its work. The moaning and groaning from all of us became very loud, until one by one we came.The rest of the week-end was spent in much the same manner. I remained in Spain another four years, and the girls and Merce continued to serve me. From time to time they would bring me others to taste the honey of slavery.The