Memory Worth Million Bucks

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Memory Worth Million BucksMemory Worth Million BucksBy: Londebaaz ChohanDoctor Cohen was an otolaryngologist. What a fucking specialty. Let me repeat, Dr. Cohen was a nose, throat and ear specialist. It is not necessary, how we came to know each other. He was half Iranian, half Russian Jew and had a roaring practice. I lived about 20—25 minutes away from him. Our first understanding was that if I wanted to get together with him for a fun and gay games packed evening with Ira, I had to call him in advance, get to his house and bring some Russian Vodka with me and only then I could have his ass as mine for the evening till as late as I thought, I could make it back to my house. Dr. Cohen was almost 28, quite hairy, decently hard muscular body, with manly chest, well grown nipples, beautiful, curvy hips like girls and a smooth shaved groin as well as the ass hole surrounding area.I had called 2 of my fuck buddies, in the nearby areas. One had a message running on his machine, saying that he was out of town and the other was busy in the hospital, taking care of his mother, admitted in the hospital. Dr. Cohen was a nice ass but I had a habit that I mostly preferred my bottom guys to come to my house, instead of I going to fuck them. Now, it was slightly a dire situation and I thought of going to Dr. Cohen to fuck him. It was already the 3rd day, that I had been masturbating and being warm Friday of May, I did not think, I could survive without feeding some ass to my cock. So I called.Dr. Cohen said that I was welcome but he was rushing to the hospital for an emergency and hopefully, shall be back in little over an hour. He asked me to call him again in about an hour and then come on over. As I finished the call, my phone rang and it was Dr. Cohen. He told me that the next day, Saturday, he did not have the morning office hours and this was the perfect evening for playing and told me of having run out of condoms and asked me to bring a dozen pack of condoms along with the Vodka bottle. A nice indication that I could fuck him multiple times and till late in the night. Awesome.I shaved, took a shower and shaved my pubes as well, although; there was not much to shave but I always liked my cock and balls to be clean shaved to show the full glory. Put on a white Ralph Lauren golf shirt and nice gym shorts with Puma sneakers and Adidas ankle high socks. As I was about to leave and came to the kitchen, the last cup of fresh perked coffee held me and I sat down with the mug full. After having enjoyed the coffee, honestly, I forgot to call Dr. Cohen but I had to make 2 stops; one at the pharmacy for condoms and the other at the liquor store and figured that by then he would be home, even if he was delayed a little at the hospital and decided to call him later.There was not much traffic at all and the road looked like a perfect ribbon of black tar in front and in the back view mirror. The AC in the car was running full blast while the outside late afternoon/ evening temperature was almost sweltering. The cool comfort of my car and the large mug of coffee, had me a need to empty my bladder. Not being on this road often and not feeling comfortable to pull to the side and get beside a tree to compare the trump thickness against my thick cock while draining, I squeezed, tugged my cock but it fucking worked wrong and I had a semi hard on in my shorts, almost peeping out of the short’s leg. What a luck, the sign said, Rest Area 1 mile. I took the exit. There were couple of cars already parked in the parking spaces close to the Men’s Rooms.As I entered, the rest rooms looked kind of unattended and also not properly lit. There were 3 urinals and each one was taken by men. I quickly walked to the last of the 3 stalls, which had the door open and entered. After locking behind me, immediately noticed a hole in the wall leading into the next stall. Out of the sheer curiosity, I leaned to look in the next stall and saw a naked young boy leaning back against the wall with his hand all slithered with cum, still slowly working his semi solid cock. He was looking to the hole and that made our eyes meet. Soon, he moved over and ran his finger sincan escort at the edge of the round hole. I knew the invitation signal very well. Dropping my shorts, I shoved my growing bigger cock through to him. I could sense him immediately go down in worshiping the Lord, my cock. I could almost see his wet face as he rubbed my cock around his face. Soon he got tired of this play and started licking the underside of my still growing, stretching longer cock. He tried to pull my goose egg sized balls to his side also but it hurt me because the hole was too small and I held my balls in my grip on my side. I concentrated and slowly kept my balls to my side of the hole.In this struggle my cock also got pulled towards this side through the hole in the wall and I could see the guy was freaking. Obviously, he did not want to let go my cock already. I also realized his predicament and spoke softly through the wall that he will have it all. He seemed to understand and let my cock slide out of his mouth, fully pressing his lips against the stall wall, almost covering the hole. I pulled my cock and re-entered completely in his open mouth while watching myself pounding in his open mouth with passion. The guy looked in his late teens or early 20’s at the most but he was a true champion of the cock sucking league. He was licking the end of my dick with delight and esteem, kissing the head and ramming his tongue at the cock hole, then moving away from the hole in the wall but I yelled, “Stay; you slut and do not even imagine to move away without taking my cum”. He stayed on his knees and sucked my cock back to the hilt in his mouth. He was nibbling more prudently on the underside of my shaft, running his long tongue around my cock head. He was very expertly working his mouth up and down my shaft, bobbing, turning his head side to side like a real expert and authority.Sooner than I wanted or expected, I could feel my cum making its way up the shaft from the balls. I quickly pulled it from his mouth and began rapid stroking with one hand while I fondled my balls with the other hand. Soon with a growl, I shot load after load of my sperm in his waiting open mouth at the hole. After massive 5 or 6 spurts, I shoved the dripping dong back in his mouth for sucking out the remaining cum out of me. He earnestly kept at it until my dick was a limp slab of flesh and I decided to drain my bladder in the toilet.I had come in for taking a leak but now I had to wait for the need to overtake me once again. By looking at his feet on the other side of the wall, I could tell my friend in the next stall sitting down on the seat. Yes, nothing makes one to go like the sound of others pissing also. My urge began building in me and soon I was pouring myself huge in the commode. Suddenly I heard kind of dribbling sound from the next stall as if a woman was peeing there. I was sure, I had seen the dick on the guy, so I leaned down to the hole to take a look again. He was a guy, I could see, of course in his late teens and he was peeing but his dick was not aimed into the bowl but rather straight up and dripping off his crotch to dribble into the bowl. He looked and saw me at the hole and quite audibly said, “Thank you, sir”.O’ my God. What a sight. My dick became like a steel bar once again and I took it in my fist for pumping, making loud slapping like noises due to the use of spit. A few seconds later, I noticed his tongue at the hole once again. I stood up closer to the hole and eased my steel bar back into that familiar mouth, filling it up with another load of my cum and before, he or I could believe, I dropped to my knees and shoved my tongue through the hole, into my cock lover’s mouth. He understood and by using his tongue, pushed forward the cum for me, he had still not swallowed down. I quickly began lapping and licking his lips for the taste of my own sex drink coated thickly there. Now, he stood up to his feet and shoved his dick through the hole for me and whispered, “I got just a little bit in me for you, sir” and I hurriedly, hungrily took his almost 4” long hard cock in my mouth for sucking and he served me one or two shots of his escort sincan salty sticky blast. I licked him all clean and then he pulled may be hardly an inch of meat entrails to his side and tucked it in his jeans. My head was spinning as I turned to unlock and exit the stall. Soon as I came out, there was this black boy waiting to enter as if he knew that I was coming out. He gave me a great smile with pearly white teeth showing as I was out of the stall. The light was showing me his face and he was positively of a college freshman aged hardly with taut muscles and a huge bulge upfront in his shorts. As I tried to move from the door, he moved in and thus we bumped into each other. My hand was down by my side and it went straight into his crotch and squeezed the wonderful slab of meat in there. We looked into each other’s eyes as he took my hand and pulled me in the stall after him. After locking, he pulled me to him and we kissed hard on the lips while his tongue pressed deep into my mouth. My hands slipped to the waistband of his shorts and I pulled them down along with his silky underwear. He smiled and reached for the shorts and the underwear and set them neatly on the top of the water tank. I was dazed to look at his cock. It was dark, black as coal except near the head which was true purple in color, beautiful and already longer than my 8” and hard. It was a superb male tool, thrusting out of the patch of wiry looking pubic mane. The scrotum sac looked relatively smaller than mine but equally beautiful though disproportionate. With his hands on both of my shoulders, I came down to my knees in a subservient awe for his massive dong and started working on the gorgeous black rod with my hands and mouth.Thankfully, he recognized that his size was much too daunting for me and instead of spoiling the fun time, he decided to go easy with me and slowly, gently, gradually shoved the black monster inch by inch to the back of my throat and I swallowed very hard and luckily, the head slid in with the first attempt making it much easier for the beautiful thick full length to go down my gullet. It was positively more than 10” or even beyond 12” because I was completely choked and had to rapidly push him away to make his fucking torture rod to come out and I took a long breather. He looked down and whispered, “Just suck on it without taking it in your throat, my sweet brown sugar boy. Give me a nice lick like no bitch can”. Hearing his love talk, I did my best, making oral love to that massive ebony phallus of the black boy with all of my might and will. The bastard must have been a regular here because as a pro, he put the top of his buns on the toilet, spread his legs far apart and wide open for me with one foot placed on the toilet paper holder. Now it was much easier for me to go licking from his dick head, all the way down to his balls. His Easter eggs were velvety and inviting my tongue to attack his tight puckered asshole. As I went under, I could see the guy in the next stall looking through the hole and making soft whining sounds of frustration. Soon I returned my attention on his colossal dick, slobbering over it and coating it with my saliva, while my fingers were spreading my saliva on his tight asshole, making it get lose and stretch open and wide as much as possible. I had to have that black ass around my cock, was my resolve. Shit! I remembered that the condom box, I had purchased was in the car but luck was with me in the stall. The black boy reached for his shorts, pulled a condom and handed it to me and ordered, “Fuck me sugar”. As I rolled the condom on my cock, the black boy turned around, arched over the toilet holding the back wall. “Just go slow with that mother fucking bamboo of yours”, he said and brought back his hand to hold my thick cock in the lubricated condom and rubbed it a while on his chocolate ass crack. Soon as he felt my cock tip on his hole, he warned me for the 3rd time, “Don’t rip me open, Sugar”. By now, I wanted that ass the worse way and ream it rough; it was so beautiful, big and tight. I started centering the movements of my cock around his hole until I was pointing right sincan escort bayan at it with my torpedo head. “God! Even the little bit feels like a flag staff going in my ass”. Black boy said feeling me slide in. “Now, baby”. He said holding his breath and pushed back at my cock while I stood firm as my cock, making sure that my thighs were not wavering. My cock bent hard, trying not to enter such a tight opening, then straightened abruptly and rammed home in the clenching ass. He immediately pushed his socks in his mouth to stifle the sound of cry with pain. He knew, he was fucked up, ripped open. His body started shivering and he lost his balance and fell back onto more of my huge cock, although I tried to support his muscular body with my strong hands on his both hips. He slowly lifted himself off my dick feeling the excruciating back wrenching out of his tortured ass. Soon as he felt the rim of my cock helmet about to exit out of his stretched hole, he again began lowering his ass down my brutal steel pole. From then on, each time it was easier and easier than the last and in no more than thirty seconds, we were both in heaven. I know I was.He was raising and dropping his hole on my sizzling cock and began clinching his hole feeling me slide out of his flexing and unclenching muscles, massaging my cock like no pussy ever could. We fucked for about 5 minutes, although I hoped to fuck longer but his strong ass muscles beat my cock, which could not hold out any longer and I heard him to cum in his mouth instead of in the condom. He gasped, as I masterfully kept fucking him for another a dozen thrusts. By now, we had moved to the standing position and I bent behind him after one last hardest slamming of my 8” thrust inside his rectum and then quick pull out. The feeling of being full, then empty, full and empty suddenly vanished as he cried for his anal loss and I slid out of his deep black den. The feeling of loss was tremendous but I removed the condom off my shaft and shoved it in black boy’s mouth while he maneuvered himself and pushed his massive cock through the hole to the next stall for the guy in there waiting for some kind of role in our play.I could feel my cock jump in his mouth while I massaged his balls to make his cock jump in the mouth of the guy in the next stall. I could surely feel the contractions initiate from his relatively small but alive sac, over and again making my pipes to spasm and squirt my semen in his mouth, which he rapidly swallowed all. This black boy had it all, a cock of legendary size, an ass to kill for and balls to produce at least a quart of juice for ejection at every close of the play. As he finished emptying his load into the mouth of my friend in the next booth, I scooted behind him and began licking and kissing his power packed black ass cheeks. He slightly withdrew from the wall and hunched forward. I took the hint to spread his crack and attacked his re-puckering hole before the balloon knot got tighter. Feeling the senses run deep in him, he reached behind him, grabbed me by the hair and made my face to rub in there, before letting me come to my feet. “Will you fuck me, once more, brown boy”. He looked at me, offering me a new condom. I was about to take the condom when it struck me that I was on my way to Dr. Cohen to fuck his Jewish ass. The boiling hot inside of this black boy was here and being offered to me right now but Dr. Ira Cohen was my fuck buddy for all needed times and his ass was also as gay and as young almost to coax all of my load out of my balls. Plus, I was beat and tired after 3 solid ejaculations in little more than an hour. I grabbed my t-shirt and shorts instead and put them on quickly as the poor black guy looked at the tiny cock of the guy in the next stall.I went to the sink for a wash up, attempting to get the smell of the two gay guys off my body and rushed back to my car to find 2 messages on my phone from Dr. Cohen. He was calling to tell me to cancel the fuck meeting for another day because he did not think it was possible for him to come home before at least 2—3 hours being in the hospital. I swear, never to have stopped at that rest area ever, while driving to go fuck Dr. Cohen after that night and still carry the memory of those 3 ejaculations in almost 1 and a half hours like million bucks. The end. Your comments please. Londebaaz Chohan January 27, 2020.