Memoirs. continues New Master at the Workhouse

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Memoirs. continues New Master at the WorkhouseChapter 6. New master at the workhouseMargaret sat at the computer again the following afternoon. She was a little tired from the morning’s exertions and Jeremy had given her the afternoon off but she wanted to find out more about Josiah Winsberly. The pair had spent the morning in the punishment room sweeping and vacuuming and looking over the apparatus there. Moving the items around was heavy, dusty work particularly as some of the frames were constructed of heavy timber and wedged in position. Dirt and decades of grime covered everything and repairs would be needed before the items could be used again, even if they wanted to use them. Some of their time was spent trying to guess what the items were actually used for. The ‘A’ framed stool was there so Josiah must have copied the one from the manor. After wiping away the worst of the grime, Margaret lay along it fully clothed in her overalls and quickly began to feel very uncomfortable. “Pity it’s so dirty,” Jeremy remarked, “I would have liked to have seen how you fitted on it.”By midday they were filthy and exhausted and decided to call it quits for the day. They bathed together and then Jeremy had to go into town. Now as long as she had dinner ready at the proper time, Margaret was free to do what she liked. She sat and idly ran her fingers over the keys, adjusted the desk light before settling down to read the coded, faint lettering in the book.‘I will start my account with the details of my arrival at Pennydelset and my first dealings with the workhouse occupants. Dealings that would prove exceedingly decisive for my subsequent mastery of them. Prior to my arrival, the old master, one John Allgrove, had died and having been in ill health for some time, the workhouse had become very run down. His assistant, Jack Crow, was still here. A good strong lad in his early thirties and a good worker, one who I have found will faithfully follow orders but is at a loss when put in charge. During his stewardship the women here took great liberties with him. For the last few months before I came, therefore, it was mainly the older women who ran things and who had become more and more lazy and recalcitrant to being given orders. The worst of these was a Miss Harrington, a spinster of sixty-five years with a sour disposition and a sharp tongue. Squire Pemberton had warned me about the way of things before I arrived but they were far worse than I had been led to expect.Jack Crow and one of the girls met my carriage but the other inmates remained inside despite the fact the weather was dry and bright although exceedingly cold. Most sat around the fire in the kitchen and some didn’t even deign to stand when I entered. I stood them in line and rebuked them roundly for their behaviour. All told there were f******n of them, of which only three were tolerably young and attractive. Another four or five were under forty and quite reasonable looking for their age, while the remainder were getting on in years with wrinkled skin and sagging breasts. After giving them a good tongue lashing which lasted about twenty minutes, I set them to work getting the place cleaned up. Inside I was seething at their attitude and resolved there would be some sore flesh before the end of the day. Before they slept that night they would learn who was in charge of this workhouse. I ordered everyone to be in the refectory at one for lunch.”Alice,” I called to the girl who had met my carriage, “You will accompany me and show me around the building.” I was pleased she did a little curtsy and said “Yes, Sir.” However, hardly had the words left her lips when an older woman, a Mrs. Warboys interrupted me. “I am in charge of the house Sir. Not Alice.””Are you indeed,” malatya escort I replied, “Then you will be one of those receiving the rod tonight for the appalling state of the place. Now get yourself to work woman.”The first room Alice showed my was my own. The fire was lit but barely drawing, there was dust and dirt everywhere and I doubted the sheets had been changed since my predecessor. “Who is supposed to look after this room?” I enquired of Alice. “Mrs. Warboys Sir. She was very fond of old Mr. Allgrove and spent many of her nights here.””How would you like to set this room to rights and keep in my good books by warming my bed at night Alice?” I supplemented the question by giving her bosom a rub.”If that is what you wish Sir,” she replied thrusting her chest out a little more and giving my hand access to the inside of her shift.We continued the rounds of the workhouse and at one point found Miss Harrington sitting on a chair pretending to be dusting. When I challenged her, she sort to suggest that elderly ladies like her should be treated with respect and not be forced to do menial work. She even tried to suggest that I was already exceeding my role and would petition the vicar for my removal. Seeing the vicar played little part in my appointment, I almost laughed at her but just said, “We will see, Miss Harrington, we will see.” I gave her no hint as to what I planned for her.Cook was shocked when I sat at the head of the refectory table for lunch and ordered her to sit on my left hand side. She had expected me to eat in my room and to have hers in the kitchen with Jack and her assistant. The three of us and Jack would have better food than the rest. I may be a hard man as far as discipline goes but I do believe in giving good food to all the inmates. If the women were to be my playthings and paying amusements for my customers, they would need to have some flesh covering their ribs. I had already felt how thin Alice was. “Cook,” I instructed, “Put all the food into the one pot and serve it from there to everyone.” Her face nearly went blue. The thin gruel she served from that pot was tasteless water. “How long have you been cook? I asked.”Three years Sir. I didn’t expect you to eat that stuff Sir. I made yours special.””Is the allowance you have for food insufficient then Cook?””It is none too much Sir.””But methinks you could do more with it, Cook.” Cook looked down and I resolved to go over her accounts.At the end of the poor meal, I stood and gave a little speech detailing what I expected of the women in future, the punishment system and the way the workhouse would be run. As was to be expected the punishment system caused most concern. It was of course Miss Harrington that chose to be most vociferous in her condemnation especially when I intimated that all punishments would be carried out with the recipient completely naked and they would be available afterwards for sexual pleasure. My speech ended with the statement, “Normally most punishments will be carried out on Saturday evenings in front of invited guests who will help to pay for some of the running costs of this place and the funds will help to provide you with better food and lodging conditions. However, because of the laxity and disrespectful behaviour of three members of this community, I will punish them here and now, unless they wish to leave immediately taking with them only those things they personally own and were not supplied by the workhouse.” I knew of course, they would have come with almost nothing and clothing would have been given them from the workhouse store, a store that was donated by charities. “The three for punishment now are, Miss Harrington, Mrs. Warboys and Cook. Of course it was Miss Harrington that again, escort malatya voiced her opinions and refused to remove her dress or allow herself to be punished, deeming herself too old for that sort of thing. For a few moments I left them and returned with my case of canes and a whip.”Much as I prefer the birch, I doubt if there are any ready made and steeped here. Miss Harrington, are you going to undress and take the caning I intend to give you or will I have Jack hold you down while I whip your buttocks until you are ready to take your clothes off and then give you your caning. Either way you will receive your due.” Still the woman protested, maybe thinking I would desist. “Jack, hold that woman down across the table.” Noticing the gleam in his eye, I knew I would have a collaborator. He no doubt had suffered from the woman’s sharp tongue and in a trice she was firmly held. “Alice, lift the woman’s shift and remove any undergarments that obscure her buttocks. Alice trembled as she did so. I bade everyone to move where they could see the whip land and the resulting welts. I laid on three good strokes which brought forth a tremendous wailing from the woman. “Are you ready to undress?” I asked.”You’re a perverted Satan!” she spat. I laid on another three and repeated my question. “No more,” she cried, “You’ll kill me. An old woman can’t take any more.” For the third time I asked if she was ready to undress. This time she nodded yes. We all watched as the shift came off and her wizened flesh and sagging breasts were revealed. I had Jack tie her hands to an overhead beam and picked up a cane. There was fear in her eyes now and amidst her crying and howling she pleaded with me not to cane her. She felt her punishment had already been given. I felt otherwise and laid four strokes of the cane across her back, four more across the back of her thighs, and a further four across the front.At my instructions we left her there writhing for five minutes. Her modesty was gone. All she thought about was the pain. Until I told Jack he could take her. I had noticed the bulge in his breeches and on his opening them, revealed a rod of large proportions. From the unfazed reactions of most of the women, I guessed they had seen it before. Jack lifted the hanging woman behind the knees and lowered her on to his throbbing prick. Seeing he had some difficulty in entering, one of the women splayed the old ladies cunt and guided Jack’s cock in. “My God, she’s tight and dry,” groaned Jack but nevertheless pulled her in by her sore arse and then pounded her like she was thirty years younger. Some of the onlookers had tears in their eyes but many of the younger ones just looked a little hot and I dare say they felt more than a little aroused. Cook and Mrs. Warboys looked very afraid and were openly crying. Jack came surprisingly quickly so Miss. Harrington’s ordeal didn’t last as long as I hoped and she was taken down but not allowed to dress. It was now Cook’s turn. She undressed at the first order. More food had obviously entered her mouth as there was plenty of meat on her bones. Cook was about forty years old and still in good condition. Her titties were full and her nipples responded to my kneading them. When I placed my hand between her thighs, I found she was wet. The caning of Miss Harrington had turned her on but a dozen strokes of the cane soon had her singing loudly. Although I didn’t really hurt her tits, I did flick them with the cane and made them move around. Glancing around at the watching women, I noted their horrified expressions. They now knew their lives here would change.Jack untied her and laid her along one of the refectory benches. I ordered two girls to hold her legs well apart. Again I felt her cunt and malatya escort bayan it was still wet so I had no trouble in rogering her and I too soon spurted my seed. Alice was somewhat shocked when I ordered her to kneel in front of me and suck my cock clean. Had I not pointed to where she should kneel with the cane, she might have refused but wisely she guessed it was less painful to comply. She did a passable job but would need some training.”You know what to do Mrs. Warboys,” I ordered but she started to plead and beg until I picked up the whip and caught her chest with a good lash. She screamed and turned away from me, hugging her bosom with her arms. My second swipe swung upwards and caught the back of her thighs well towards the crease with her arse. Another scream and she fell to the floor and I was able to put the third across her stomach. “Are you going to undress now Mrs. Warboys?” I asked. A whimpered, “Yes,” and she started to unbutton her shift. Despite having hit through clothing, the whip marks were clear and painful looking, especially the one across her tits. That had been a good blow, even if it was a lucky one and once she was strung to the beam I took the opportunity to knead them causing her further distress. From my close proximity to her, I could tell from the smell, her body, like the others, had not been washed for some time and resolved to ensure more personal cleanliness for the inmates in the very near future.I gave her a similar dozen strokes to Miss Harrington, laying them on good and hard to the younger woman. Jack still hadn’t fastened his breeches and I could see he was half hard so I suggested he took her in any way he wanted. In moments he had her bent over the table and was thrusting into her doggie style, heedless of her cries as he loins banged hard against the well caned arse.Wanting to add further humiliation and to reinforce my authority with the others, I ordered the three still naked women to stand in the centre of the room with their feet apart and their hands behind their necks. Each of the onlookers then had to go to them and feel the heat from the stripes and to finger their sperm filled cunts. I rounded this session off with another lecture on the behaviour I expected from them and expounded on how their laziness of the past months was at an end. This was a workhouse and they were expected to work, if they didn’t they would be punished and punished hard and always they would be naked and might well be in front of others when it happened. I also mentioned the standard of personal cleanliness and I would closely inspect each and every one of them while they were bathed in the kitchen that very afternoon.An hour later, the bath was set up and I ordered Alice to be the first. She was cleaning my room when I called her. Slowly and shyly she undressed and I could see that with a little feeding up she would have a very attractive body, one that should bring in a decent revenue. When I felt her breasts she blushed and started writhing when I felt her cunt and played with her clit. “Don’t be shy Alice,” I said, “You body is your greatest asset and may well get you away from here eventually. I shall be training you with my cock to please my friends and you may then be able to charm them into becoming their mistress or even their wife.” Although my ministrations with her caused my cock to rise, I wanted to wait and savour her more fully in bed that night. Though the afternoon I inspected and minutely examined all the inmates. Most were quite fuckable if presented properly. While the majority seemed to resent the way I checked their personal cleanliness one or two didn’t seem to mind at all and allowed me to bring them off with my hand. Only one was younger than Alice and she had come from the orphanage two weeks previously but wasn’t a virgin. I gather the orphanage staff took care of that. Her name was Martha and seeing her tight little cunnie and bumhole I almost gave up my resolve to wait till I’d had Alice in bed.