Memoir 07: Marie 26.0


Marie 26.0

23 August1981

My God! She is beautiful, I thought as I crawled up onto the couch to catch my breath. I love her so much!!

Marie lay on her back on the floor, glowing in blue light from the muted television. She still wore her blouse. In our lust we had both stripped bare below the waist, but not wasted time with the rest of our clothes. Her legs remained party spread, knees up with her dainty feet planted squarely on the carpet beneath them.

She trembled with the aftershocks of what had been her first ever coital orgasm.

I had made her come dozens of times before, but always with tongue or fingers. At first, it had taken longer than I’d expected to make her orgasm, even with cunnilingus. As she became more comfortable with lovemaking, however, she started coming more readily, and even repeatedly. She revealed later, however, that this night, when we finally managed to bring her to orgasm during copulation, changed everything.

* * *

For some reason, our passion that night had burned hotter than ever before. Perhaps it had finally hit Tokat Escort us that in a few days she would leave for school in Madison and, a few weeks later, I’d head off to East Lansing. For whatever reason, as we’d snuggled together that night in the basement rec-room, petting as best we could through our clothes and waiting for the time when the rest of her family would go to bed, our desire had risen to a fever pitch.

As soon as we were sure we would not be discovered or disturbed, our socks, jeans and underwear came off. Marie pulled me down onto the floor on top of her. She was already so wet, I slid right in.

It always felt so wonderful, so tight and smooth and hot and slick. I could have easily climaxed at the pace my body desired and then finished her off orally, as I usually did. Tonight, however, I had determined to make it last as long as I could manage. Realizing we might not have another opportunity for lovemaking before she left for school, I wanted to make this time memorable.

It helped that we had made love twice the night before, again at Tokat Escort Bayan the drive-in theater in the back of the van I borrowed from my brother. This abated my usual urgency some, without dampening my ardor. Still, more than enough time had passed to allow my erection to reach its full size and stiffness, sufficient to fill her still unwearied womanhood.

Once her juices had my shaft fully lubricated, I started thrusting my hips at a moderate pace. Her eyes fluttered shut and a contented smile brightened her face. Her hips responded in time to mine. We had already grown accustomed to each other’s rhythms.

As always, the pleasure grew with each stroke. This time, in order to prolong it all, whenever I sensed I approached my own orgasm, I would press my hips tightly to hers, filling her completely, while simply rocking slightly to decrease my sensations and willing myself not to climax. While this decreased the delight I felt, Marie enjoyed these soft interludes. Each time I did it, her eyes would pop open and she would gaze lovingly up into my eyes as a Escort Tokat soft moan of ecstacy escaped her throat. As I kept nearly still, her body squirmed beneath me, desiring even more. Once my feeling of imminent orgasm passed, I would again raise my hips and resume the fully movements of our bourgeoning passion.

I finally allowed myself to surrender control when, after pressing her again to the floor like this, I saw her eyes scrinch shut and back arch with the commencement of her orgasm. I got my hand over her mouth in time to muffle her vulgar moans, but the erotic sight of her lost in sexual bliss made me come with her. We had shared not only Marie’s first coital orgasm, but also our first of what would become many simultaneous orgasms.

* * *

“Wow…” Her eyes finally fluttered open and she gazed up at me lovingly where I sat on the couch. “Wow! That was more wonderful than I ever imagined. Wow.”

My God! She is beautiful, I thought as slid off the couch and lay down next to her to snuggle. I love her so much!!

We didn’t make love again that night, both content to cuddle and bask in the glow of our mutual orgasmic residuum. Never the less, Marie revealed later that this night, when we finally managed to bring her to orgasm during copulation, changed everything. It was from that night that she marks the start of her near-addiction to sex.