Meeting Anthony


My heart was pounding in anticipation. I knew his plane had landed and it would only be moments before he’d be walking out the airport doors. Would I recognize him? I’d only met him online. I’d promised him that after he could prove to me that he was over 18, I would meet him. I had only started as an online English tutor. Slowly it developed into a much different relationship.

I knew the very second I saw him. He was taller than I’d expected, which made me smile. He was absolutely adorable. I saw him at the same time he saw me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and I felt my entire body tingle with desire and anticipation. Before I could decide if I should get outside of the car and greet him, the back door was open, his duffle bag tossed in and he was beside me in the front seat. I still couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

“Hi.” He said kind of softly.

“Welcome to Seattle Anthony.” I said breathlessly. My heart pounding so hard I could hardly breath. I wanted to kiss him, but I didn’t want to seem overbearing. Instead, I kept my eyes on him until he looked at me. Our eyes met and felt like a schoolgirl with the way my body was fluttering. I waited for him. I knew he was hesitating also.

The second he looked at me and I held his gaze, I only waited for him to move towards me.

“Hi.” He said again. He leaned in slightly. I leaned towards him, put one hand behind his head and pulled him towards me. The second out lips met, I felt electricity shoot through my whole body. His lips were soft and sweet. I kissed him with more passion until his lips parted and my tongue eagerly entered his mouth. I sucked his tongue and lips and I kissed him like I wanted to devour him.

It wasn’t until a knock rasped on the window, that I was brought back to reality. I looked up to see a security officer point me towards the exit, telling me it was time to depart.

How long were we kissing? It was then that I noticed Anthony’s hand was on my breast. I smiled at him. I started the car and began to pull away. I felt his eyes staring at me. I still could hardly breath.

We’d only gone a little further, but we were almost to the end of the Airport baggage claim pick-up area. Soon we would be on the freeway.

“Pull over.” Anthony said. I didn’t hesitate. As soon as my car stopped, his mouth was on mine again. I wanted him desperately. His warm lips, his sweet tongue and without realizing it, I had my hand on his upper thigh. That’s when I felt him touch my zipper to my jeans and unbutton them. Before I could think, I felt his fingers enter my pussy.

“My God…” he said. I knew how wet I was and now he did too. He took his hand out from between my legs and put his fingers to his mouth. I kissed him again and licked his fingers smiling. Then I sucked his fingers, making me moan softly. He replaced his fingers with my mouth as he reached into my pants again. “You are wet.” He observed. I smiled and nodded.

I watched him adjust his cock as I had seen him done so many times before. It had no less effect on me than it always did. I needed to get him home.

“Ready?” I asked.

“No.” He said. “However, I don’t think we should stay…” he said as I looked in the review mirror as another security was approaching.

I put the car in drive and headed to the freeway. I watched him adjust himself several times as a bulge was forming in his pants. I smiled. I could feel my pussy releasing more of the slick wetness that wanted his cock.

“Please feel free to take your cock out and stroke it.”

“I… uh…” He stammered.

“Please.” I almost begged. I heard the zipper and out of the corner of my eye, watched him pull out his cock, which was somewhat hard. I reached over and felt him and moaned as I felt him stiffen in my hand and grow harder. I couldn’t keep it up – I needed to safely get us home.” To my pleasure Sinop Escort he played lightly with himself.

I couldn’t tell you how long it took to get to my house because I hardly remembered it. I just knew that I was more than thrilled to be at my house with Anthony. I dreamt this and it was now coming true.

By the time he got his bag out of the back seat and closed the door, I was behind him. He turned around and I pressed my body against his and accosted his mouth, my tongue on his, kissing and sucking. I put my hands on his ass and pulled his body to mine. He dropped his duffel bag and put his arms around me. I pressed myself against him harder and I felt his cock through his jeans.

Knowing my neighbor, I glanced over to see her peeping through her blinds. Wouldn’t’ this give her something to talk about.

“Inside.” I whispered. “Now.”

He grabbed his bag and followed me in through the locked front door and up the stairs to my 2nd story condo. I opened the door and we entered. Ahead of us was the kitchen and to the right, the living room. I closed and locked the door and guided him slightly to the right to the loveseat. He dropped his bag. I could hear him breathing heavy.

I shoved him back lightly and he fell, sitting back on the loveseat. I was instantly on top of him. Straddling his body with hands on his chest. My mouth covering his with kisses, trailing down his cheek and across his jaw line.

“Anthony…” I breathed softly, removing his t-shirt and tossing it to the floor. I kissed down his neck and down his chest. I kissed each nipple, blowing on them softly making them stand erect and the softly biting them. Slowly, I kissed him down his stomach. Kissing licking, sucking…

I licked around the top of his waste band only to discover that he never buttoned up his pants. I hooked my fingers over the waste band and gently pulled his pants down as I kissed him soft and slow. Lower and lover I kissed.

I finally had his pants over his hips and down to his thighs. I kissed his cock over his underwear. Licking him through the cotton getting them wet, until I could clearly see his erection. I looked up into his eyes and smiled as I pulled his underwear and pants all the way to his ankles and spread his legs, shoving his knees apart.

I kissed the tip of his penis. I let my tongue dance over the head of his cock and lick in circles. I sucked the head of his meat into my mouth still swirling my tongue around. Slowly, I took his whole cock into my warm mouth, sliding him into my throat. He tasted so good. This blowjob was more than I could imagine. I loved how his cock fit into my mouth and how strong he felt. I kept my lips around his cock as I bobbed my head on his shaft over and over.

I felt Anthony’s hands on my head, forcing me down on him. I let him do this for a short time. I hate choking on cock unless it pleased my man. I pulled my mouth off his wet hard glistening cock and smiled at him. I licked him back up his stomach and kissed my way back to his mouth.

Without warning, Anthony shoved me down onto my back and onto the floor and straddled me. He removed my shirt and unhooked my bra and went strait for my tits. He kissed them, filling his hands with the soft lush tissue and he bit on my nipples making me moan.

“More” I whispered. “More… harder…” I begged.

From one tit to another he sucked me and bit my nipples. Then before I was even aware, he had my pants off and my legs spread and I felt his hot warm tongue on my clit. “My God…” I said as I felt the sweetness on his tongue licking at my soaking pussy, sucking my clit… then his fingers were between my legs. Feeling me, reaching inside of me, making me wetter. His tongue was all over my clit and then he blew gently on my hard clit making me squirm. I felt his teeth on my pussy lips and I Sinop Escort Bayan caught my breath.

“Don’t stop.” I breathed hard as I felt him nipping, biting and licking me. “You are fantastic… you are…” I couldn’t speak as I felt a rush as I came and orgasmed. I waited until I could breath again.

“Please fuck me.” I begged. “I want your cock inside me now. I want to feel your thick hard cock in me. Please fuck me now and fuck me hard.”

He needed no encouragement as he crawled up my body. I reached down and grabbed his cock, holding the hardness in my hand, guiding him into me. I felt the head enter my tight pussy. Thank God I was so wet, or it would have hurt. His cock sunk lower into my vagina and I wrapped my legs around his body. I pulled him to my mouth and kissed him hard and with passion.

“Uncross your legs or I can’t fuck you.” Anthony said. I did and he started pounding into me hard and fast.

“Fuck” I moaned loud… “Fuck me Anthony” I almost screamed. He needed no encouragement. He thrust into me harder and harder. I wanted every inch of him in me over and over. I realized we had not even talked about a condom and I prayed to God that he was STD free because I wanted him to fill me with his hot cum.

I began meeting each thrust lifting my hips into him.

“Oh God.” He said. I knew what was going to happen next.

“Fill me with your cum.” I begged.

“Are you going to cum again?” He asked.

“Not yet.” I said, panting.

Fucking me harder and harder – I felt his hips, his steely cock, his body hot and sweaty. I clawed at his chest. Then I drew my knees up and squeezed his body between my thighs and screamed…

“Oh fuck… I’m…” I was hit with a huge orgasm and didn’t finish my sentence but I felt the flood of heat inside me as he unloaded his cum into me. I felt his cock harden with each burst of cum. I never wanted this to end… never.

I needed to catch my breath, but I would not untie my legs from around his body. I wanted his hard cock in me until it was soft. He thrust a few more times and collapsed onto me and I kissed him over and over. I felt him smiling through his kisses.

“I am so glad I waited for you. I am so happy you came to me.” I smiled through kisses.

“And you thought I was a boy.” He smiled.

“You are a boy, but I love the boy beneath me.” I said.

He gave me a confused look, as he was on top of me. With that I rolled him over and slid my wet pussy over his semi stiff cock that slid outside my cunt. I rubbed against him, feeling him get hard again. I didn’t let him enter my body, I just kept rubbing against him until he was hard.

I climbed off him, grabbed his hand and helped him to his feet. His cock stood hard and strait out. I grabbed his cock and pulled him, like it was a leash. I guided Anthony by his hard cock to follow me. I led him down the hall to my bedroom. I brought him to the edge of my bed and made sure he was on his back, cock erect.

I lifted his arms above his head. I tied one wrist with a silk scarf, then the other one to the iron post of my headboard. I giggled. I hoped he’d like this.

Kissing him again, over and over… I couldn’t get enough of him. His mouth, his tongue, his wonderful taste. I licked his ears, biting his earlobes… again to his jaw, kissing and kissing. I pinched his nipples in my fingers as I continued down his body.

“I’ve never done this…” I said “I want to though…”

“What?” He asked.

I spread his legs and lifted them. I kissed his balls, licking them, sucking one onto my mouth, then the other. I licked then underneath… and slowly… I licked the spot between his balls and his ass. Then I let myself do what I never dared do before. I lightly licked his ass hole. I could feel him tense. I licked him again. It wasn’t so Escort Sinop bad. I let the tip of my tongue enter his rosebud, just a little, just enough.

“Fuck.” He whispered.

Then, I put his legs down and proceeded to tie him spread eagle on my bed. As I made my way back up his body, I cupped his balls in my hand, massaging them softly and rolling his balls between my fingers. I kissed his cock all over. Not sucking just kissing. However, I had to lick around the head of my penis and taste the precum that was dripping out.

I climbed up to his face and kissed him, then positioned my cunt over his mouth. He eagerly licked at me. I rubbed my slick cunt all over his face. Up and down. I wouldn’t cum again this time but I wanted to taste myself on his face.

I knew his face was slick with my juice and as I scooted back down over him, I could see how wet his mouth was and his smile was enough to melt my heart. I bent to him and kissed his lips softly. He tasted sweet and salty. I kissed him harder. I French kissed him, wanting his tongue, loving his tongue. Then I licked his entire face and swallowed my own taste.

I moved and stood over him. I slowly lowered my body onto his ramrod hard shaft. I slid down him fully, letting him fill me to the hilt. I began to ride his cock like it was a pony and I couldn’t get enough. I fucked him hard and ground my pussy into him when he was deep inside me. Harder and harder I rode him, stopping occasionally to catch my breath and feel the fullness of his cock in me. Each time I stopped, I could tell he was holding back.

“I need to cum” he begged.

“Please do.” I said

“Cum with me.” He panted.

I reached between my legs and massaged my clit as I rode him. I was so close.

“Cum in me now.” I demanded. “NOW!”

“UUUhhhhhhhhh…..” Anthony moaned and squirmed and I felt him unload into me again. With that, I leaned my head back and screamed.

You are fantastic… your cock is fantastic. Fill me with your cum…” and I burst with orgasm, quivering and panting. Hen I collapsed on top on him. I kissed him again and proceeded to untie his arms and legs. Wet hot cum spilling out of me, but I did not care.

I lay slightly to the side of him and kept one leg over his body and one arm over his chest as I fondled his nipples. I kissed him and closed my eyes and leaned my head on his chest. I felt sleep overwhelming me. I closed my eyes and let myself doze off.

I woke to the feeling of fingers inside me. Was it fingers? A tongue… I think both.

“Baby,” I moaned. “Schhhh….” He said. “Don’t call me baby.” I felt more than one finger inside me. Was it two or three? I couldn’t tell. I began moaning and rocking my hips.

Babies don’t do this.” He said and lifted my ass off the bed and I felt the tip of his cock at my ass.

“Oh God.” I whimpered, scared to death.”

“You want it?”

“Yes.” I whispered back, unsure if I did.

I felt the tip of his cock slide into my ass. I could not believe the sensation and the feeling. I moaned n ecstasy. It felt so good. Slowly his cock filled my ass. Much slower then he filled my pussy. He went as slow as possible. My ass was so tight and it burned but it was amazing. He was mostly using lube from our cum, but he was prepared with slick lube for his cock to slide in my ass.

“Does it feel good?” Anthony asked me. I nodded. “Does it hurt?” I nodded again. “Do you want me to stop?” I shook my head no.

Soon, Anthony was fucking my ass and fucking me good. I could not believe how full and tight it felt but how incredible. He played with my clit until I came again. His hard cock still in my ass.

“Are you ready hon?” He asked.

“So ready.” I said and felt his cock tighten and harden. Shooting whatever cum was left inside him, into my tight ass.

I couldn’t breathe or talk. I loved the feeling Anthony was giving me and I never wanted it to stop. Finally, he did. His cock soft, cum spilling from me everywhere.

“Thanks you.” I kissed him, and pulled him into my arms. “Please just me hold you.” I said, feeling his body and never wanting to let go.