me and my sis

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me and my sisYou’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!Stranger: wanna brother/sister roleplay?Stranger: 15 f submissive ;)You: im a male so brother i geuseYou: heyya sister..Stranger: im olivia btwStranger: u?You: i am your older brother… im 24 your stepbrother.called Frank.Stranger: why step brohter?You: it does not have to beYou: your older brother frank….Stranger: i dont want it to be step brotherYou: then i am your brother…You: i am horny as hell….. and i like what i see when i look at you.. my sister… im i guy who always gets what he wants…Stranger: mmmk ;)You: olivia….can you desrcibe yourself for me in detail…Stranger: i have long black hairStranger: iy blue eyesStranger: icy**Stranger: dimplesYou: go on….Stranger: 32CStranger: im 5’5Stranger: anything i missed?You: what are you wearing atm…Stranger: bra and a thongYou: would you like to know what your brother looks like…Stranger: of course ;)You: alright.. blond curly hair.You: green/grey eyes..Stranger: thats hot :DYou: im a big guy 1m and 96 cm… that is in inchesYou: 6 feet 5.17Stranger: u sound hot :)You: thank you…Stranger: no problemYou: and then between my legs is a trimmed.. dick.. uncircumcised and 15 cm… longYou: you look great also….Stranger: thanks :DYou: alright atm i am wearing a boxer and a t-shirt…Stranger: cool :)Stranger: lets start the roleplayYou: alriight….You: lets start off with a setting.You: at home you and me alone.. mom is out for shopping and is away for a couple of hours.. dad is at work and wont be home for quiet some timeStranger: sounds greatYou: i am sitting on the couch watching Dexter… but i am not paying any attention to the screen. because there before me is the ample buttocks of my sister oliva….Stranger: * i bend over to pick something up*You: i bite my lip as a reaction the sexiness of the fabric stretching around those firm thighsYou: you are wearing your yoga pants…today…. and you know i find them incredibly hot…You: i know that you are teasing me……. but wy she is my sister? i think to myself… but an incredibly hot sisterYou: she has got more atention form boys than she can handle.. but never seems to bring some1 home…..Stranger: * i sit next to u* so mom and dad arent home…we should do somethingYou: what did you have in mind…. i say whilst i tease you by pocking you…..Stranger: * i lay my head on ur shoulder* im up for anything! its just so boring today!You: i like what i hear….. so…. you know i broke up with my gf last month….Stranger: yeah…im sorry about that :(You: and now im horny as hell the whole day trough…. is really annoyingStranger: * i bite my lip while looking ur body over*You: maybe you can do something about that…? you got my dick all hard when you bend over like that…. and it is so uncomfortable in these pantsStranger: * i blush* maybe i can…but promise me that no one else will find outYou: dont ask giresun escort dont tell it will be our little secret….Stranger: * i smile and sit on ur lap so im facing u*You: i can feel the warmth of you pussy on my crotch…. my dick stiffens even more…and i say lets start with the basics.. then shall we…You: kiss me…Stranger: * i lean in closer and gently touch my lips to urs*You: will you lean in closer i position my hands so that your breast fall into my hands… i am surprised.. you are not wearing a bra today,,,Stranger: * i shove my tounge into ur mouth*You: i kiss you back… and take one of my hands to the back of your head stroking that beautiful black hair .. while the other hands massages the breast left in my hanbStranger: * i start taking my shirt off*You: i kiss take both your breasts and start licking and sucking the nipples ….. the feel and taste goodStranger: * i moan softly*Stranger: mmmmm…You: thats enough of that i still have a stiff problem down in my pants….Stranger: * i get on my knees in front off u and unzip ur pants*Stranger: of**You: go on dont be shy… this is not going to be the first one for you is itStranger: * i nod my head ”no”*You: great… than show me what those boys taught you….about giving a blowjob…Stranger: * i pull ur boxers down and i stare at ur cock for a second*Stranger: * i wrap my hand around it and start stroking*You: That feels…. good but it is a little dry.. try making it wetterStranger: * i swirl my tounge around the head*You: i like what you are doing olivia…Stranger: * i suck the head*Stranger: * i slide more into my throat*Stranger: ( i have no gag reflex btw 😛 )You: i play with your nipples…You: i am amazed how good that feels…You: my gf never did that to me…Stranger: she shouldve ;)You: i see my dick disappear into you mouthStranger: * i start sucking slowly picking up the pace as i go*You: i place my hands at the back of you head and go with the rithmStranger: * i look up at u while i suck*You: i look into those blue icy eyes and I see total arousal and a will to please,,Stranger: * occasionally i take u out and lick ur balls*You: oliva.. * moans* suck my balls dry… i can shoot more than one load a day so you have some work to do…..Stranger: * i take u back in my mouth and suck harder and faster*You: pre-ejaculate is pouring out of the tip…..Stranger: * i swallow as i suck*You: you are a pleaser are you not oliva…. how can it be you never brought anybody home with you… you are a b**st.. and i like itStranger: * i take u out and lick up and down*Stranger: i never brought anyone home because all of the guys that want me to blow them just want me for thatStranger: i learned how to give blowjobs cuz of friendsStranger: i knew i could trust them so i blew themYou: they learnt to do it good… no scratch that … great, you are great at sucking my cockStranger: * i start sucking again, now determined escort giresun to make u cum*You: the tension of an orgasm begins to build…….in my body…You: but i am not telling you. cumming inside is a great pleasure i never hadStranger: * i suck as hard as i can*You: my whole body begins to shake as i spray my first load of the day inside your mouth…You: i take your head and push it down my dick…Stranger: * i swallow all of ur load*You: thank you s*s that was a great blowjob….Stranger: anytime ;)You: but you are not just finished yetYou: i want to eat you out…. that pussy of yours must be trobbingStranger: * i take my pants off*You: but fist get your toy i know you have one… take the big one that can vibrate…Stranger: * i go upstairs and get the toy*Stranger: here it isYou: thank you… now lay here on the couch i am going to taste your pussyStranger: * i lay down*You: spread your legs.You: i go in and kiss your vulva…. it is nice and smooth..Stranger: * i moan softly* mmmmYou: i go down the hill and spread you lips with my fingers and tongueYou: i taste the juices of your pleasure and you are really wet down there… already..Stranger: oooooooYou: i begin to circler the clitoris with my tongue and slowly massaging the inside of your thighsStranger: * i close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of ur tounge*You: i changes patterns and penetrate your pussy with my tongueYou: im licking fasterStranger: dont stop! * i say moaning louder*You: i stop and start fingering,,, i ask if you like what im doing…… and if you want moreStranger: i love itStranger: i want way moreYou: alright…. i dive back in and start licking even more than before.You: then i take the toy you brought from upstairs and bring i close to your pussy… then i stop licking,,Stranger: do what ever u wantYou: beg or it…say that you want it.You: for*Stranger: please put it inside of me!! i want it so bad!!You: i take toy and very slowly i tease around the entrance.. but i dont put it in yet.You: then i go to the entrance and push against it…. it is so wet that it meets not resistance…Stranger: oh fuck!You: lets see if you can take the whole thing shall weYou: ik slowly push further and the toy slowly disappearsStranger: * i tilt my head back*Stranger: oh god please dont stop!You: than i take it out again.. and begin the process again this time a bit fasterYou: and again… still a bit faster….Stranger: * i start getting close to orgasm*You: i want you to tell me when you are on the brink of having an orgasm.You: then as a compliment i push the button and the vibrating startsStranger: *i moan as loud as i can*Stranger: oh yes!!!!You: in and out it fasterStranger: im gonna cum!You: i the toy out and start eating you out again….Stranger: im cumming!!!! * i cum hard*You: i lick up al the juices flowing out… and enjoy your orgasm….Stranger: * i try to catch my breath*Stranger: that was amazing…You: giresun escort bayan no problem s*s anytime.. :)You: i like to eat pussy,,, you cant blame me…, and a pussy as great as yours i will never get tired ofYou: when i was eating you out i got an idea…… how are your thought on anal?Stranger: i could do thatYou: well oke hear me out. there isnt a condom in the house.. and i like pussy but a pregnant s*s is not my wet-dream…. so would you take my load up your ass… s*s…?Stranger: anything for u ;)You: great.. first things first.. lets get working on the hole.. it is sensitive it need lube and some stretching before it can take my dick comfortablyYou: i give you the toy and say start playing with yourself and start stretching that butthole…You: make a show for me that i can still remember 40 years from nowStranger: * i take the and suck in it making sure its wet enough*Stranger: the toy**You: i sit back on the couch and watch the showStranger: * i bring it to my asshole and slowly start pushing in*Stranger: * the head goes in and i moan*Stranger: mmmmmmmm\You: that great s*s i love it,,,,Stranger: * i push in alittle more*You: can you do it so that u place the toy upright on the ground and you slowly start sliding down it with your legs spread.. that is so hot…Stranger: * i do as u say and slowly slide more in*You: i take my dick and start jerking of.f….and soon it is as stiff as a board again..You: i think im ready for you… are you for me….Stranger: ready as ill ever be ;)You: i lay down on my back and say,, you know what to do…Stranger: * i get on top if u and lift myself above ur cock*Stranger: * i lower myself onto it*Stranger: oh fuck….You: i feel the pressure of your anus lifting as soon as it penetratesYou: it feels greatStranger: * i lower myself until ur entire cock is inside of me*You: my cock twitches of excitement and pleasureStranger: * i start sliding up and down*You: mmmmm * as i take your breasts and start massaging them againStranger: * i go faster*You: i ask to take the toy and insert it into your pussyStranger: *i grab the toy again*Stranger: * i push it into my pussy*You: i feel the toy penetrating your pussy.. and the vibration helps get me off even moreStranger: * i slide it in and out as i go up and down*You: my dick starts twitching as an orgasm is building inside meStranger: * i start getting closer and closer to orgasm*Stranger: im so close!!You: im gonna cum….i yell when i make my hands into a fistStranger: * as u say that i cum again*Stranger: IM CUMMING!!!You: cumming AAAHHHHYou: my dick is oozing out cum and it feels like a whole ocean is spilling from my dickYou: i embrace you and start frenchkissing youStranger: *i kiss u bak*Stranger: back***You: your a great fuck if i may say so s*s…. this is not the last time you are going to feel me take a loadStranger: *i smile* yay ;PStranger: * i pull u out*You: its all dirty make it clean again… please anyway you wantStranger: * i go down to ur cock and lick all the cum off of it and the rest that on ur body*Stranger: thats*You: thank you s*s… and i will have you on speeddail when im having an urge ill give you a call or a text