Max, Amanda, and Sasha


Max, Amanda, and SashaI open my eyes and am momentarily disoriented; as my vision comes into focus, my surroundings, my body, everything comes flooding back to my mind in warm soft waves. I see the room is dimly lit, I hear the soft and even breathing of three distinct bodies, my sense of smell is awakened by the intoxicating cocktail wafting in the room – a mixture of my pussy juices, the sweet creaminess pooling between Amanda’s thighs, Max’s manly presence, and scented massage oil, I lick my lips as I remember the wonderful feeling of Amanda’s tongue on my clit and I taste the saltiness of my own sweat, and as I’m now almost fully aware and present I feel her arm d****d across my stomach, her fingers lightly tickling and drawing circles around my belly button. All my senses are engulfed in this wonderful moment. I look up to see Amanda smiling down at me and she leans down to kiss me. I open my mouth to welcome her tongue and as we kiss I can taste myself on her mouth. God it’s so wonderfully mesmerizing – kissing her. I bring my hand up to run my fingers through her hair as our kiss intensifies. Immediately I feel my pussy begin to salivate, needing to feel her again. But this time I want to taste her. I pull away from her lips, never leaving her skin, to trail kisses from the corner of her mouth down the side of her neck, nipping and sucking along the way. I massage her scalp as I kiss her shoulder, down the middle of her chest and I take one nipple into my mouth. Her body is hot and begging me to take care of her. I hear Max whimper on the other side of Amanda, and I’m reminded of what fun we have ahead of us. I stop suckling her nipple and look at Max to say, “Max, it’s almost your turn. Be patient and I promise you will be rewarded. Right now your beautiful wife deserves to cum, don’t you agree?” Knowing that I mean business, and also a slave to his own desires and pleasures , he responds, “Yes Madam S. Please make my beautiful wife cum Madam S. Please make her scream.” Amanda looks at Max and she is so turned on hearing him concede to his Madam. I decide that sarıyer escort I’m not finished teasing him quite yet, and as Amanda used my pleasure to tease him, so will I use hers. By the time we are finished he is going to be begging us to let him cum again.I look into her eyes and never breaking eye contact I say to Max, “This is the last time I’m going to speak to you until I am finished making sure Amanda and her gorgeous pussy are well sucked and licked, do you understand Max? You are not to touch Amanda or yourself until I give you permission. You will only watch, and this time your discipline will not be aided by handcuffs. Place your hands on your thighs and do not move.” I see the fire in her eyes as she hears Max’s words, “Yes Madam S.” I lean in to kiss her as I begin tracing her nipple with my fingers. I roll it between my thumb and index finger and give it a tight squeeze and little pull. She takes a sharp inhale and relaxes into the pleasure. I work my hand and mouth down her body, massaging and kissing along the way, until I get to her sexy lace thong. I am so excited to taste her. I give her pussy a long lick from bottom to top, she can feel my tongue through the fabric and she aches for it to be removed. I slowly slide her thong down her legs and spread her legs. I lather her inner thighs in kisses and licks and love bites. I work my way to her pussy and I can see that her outer lips have already parted a little bit because she is so excited. Once again I lick her with the full thickness of my tongue – this time from her anus all the way to her clit and I lick it. I so badly want to take my time with her but I’m too excited to stop. I begin sucking her clit and I bring two fingers to her entrance. She is so wet and ready for me and her pussy is hot and tight inside. I moan into her clit and the fact that she is so turned on gets me even hotter. I slide my fingers in and out slowly at first and then I find her gspot and I know that I am going to give her such an intense orgasm. I curl esenyurt escort my fingers so that I hit her gspot just right and I start massaging it. I can feel it and her clit both swelling under my pressure. Her breath is quick and short now, she’s barely able to speak but I can hear her moaning “Oh yes, please Sasha, finger my pussy, Ahhh, God yes, Sasha, don’t stop!” I wiggle my fingers inside of her and start licking her clit madly, my only purpose is to make Amanda cum. I feel her muscles start to clench around my fingers and I know she’s so close. At that moment I take her clit and graze it with my teeth and suck hard and push against her gspot and she breaks! Her body starts convulsing and her thighs shake with her orgasm. I immediately start to sooth her by rubbing her body lovingly, gently bringing her back to us. I climb up her body and kiss her deeply and then in unison we look at Max.His cock is huge and bulging, the veins almost bursting out of his skin. His skin is slick with perspiration and he’s gripping his thighs for dear life. I look at Amanda and say, “Well Lady A, what do you think? Do you think Max is ready to play with us?” We’re still both staring at him and she says back to me, “Mmm, yes Madam S, I think our man is ready to play.” We both get off the bed on one side and we order Max to the middle of the bed. Oh we are going to have so much fun making him cum together! It’s Max’s turn now for some much needed attention. Amanda and I take turns squirting some of the scented oil in our hands and we begin to rub Max’s body from head to toe, kneading and working his muscles. Taking the time to plant well placed kisses and sucks on his most erogenous zones. Amanda says to him, “Max, you are allowed to speak freely now. Tell us what you want.” Knowing that he is being dominated by two sexually confident and powerful women, he looks to me for approval. I nod to him, “Yes Max, you may speak freely. Tell me and Lady A what will please you.” A devilish grin breaks his face and we can both see how very excited he is. avrupa yakası escort He says, still a little unsure of this new found freedom, “I want to do what pleases my Mistresses.” Amanda and I are all too turned on by his submission and we decide on an action. Amanda says to him “Max, baby, we are going to fuck you and ride you until your glorious cock is drained of all the cum you have in you. I climb onto the bed and straddle Max reverse cowgirl style so that my ass is facing him. I take my time, lowering myself onto his thick cock slowly as he stretches my pussy. Amanda watches as her husband’s dick slides into my young hot cunt and she can’t help but start to touch herself. I begin riding Max, slowly at first, allowing my walls time to accommodate his thickness, and as Max ‘s hands find my hips he begins to work with me. Soon my pussy is dripping wet, making his path slick and easy to pump. Amanda watches me grind on her husband’s dick and she walks toward us. Max has taken control and now he’s fucking me – his strokes are long and hard and I’m blind and deaf with ecstasy. Amanda comes to straddle Max’s legs in front of me and she sticks two of her fingers into my mouth. I suck and lick them as if they were Max’s cock or her hot pussy lips. She replaces your fingers with her tongue and kiss me deeply, holding me while Max fucks my pussy hard and deep. She puts your now wet fingers between my legs and starts to circle my clit. Oh my god the sensation is almost too much. She reaches her other hand down below where Max and I are connected and she starts to rub and massage and lightly pull on his balls. She is sending us both over the edge. Max and I moan her name in unison “Amaaandaa”. Amanda watches as she sends us closer and closer to oblivion and then, knowing how to finish, in one swift move Max slaps my ass HARD at the same time that Amanda pinches my clit between her fingers and pulls down on Max’s balls and we cum together at the same time – my body starts to shake uncontrollably and Max pumps me with one final thrust as his cock jerks inside me, filling me with his cum. Amanda starts kissing me again and this time I wrap my arms around her bringing her close so our breasts are touching and we kiss deeply while Max is still inside me. After we pull away I climb down off of our man and we both lay on either side of him. He wraps his arms around us and we all drift into a sweet sleep.