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MASTURBATION ROOMMark Davis surveyed the twenty plus women typing away in the steno pool, and then after careful consideration walked over and tapped Maria Benedetto on the shoulder and asked her to follow him out into the hallway! As they made their way down the tight aisle to the doorway at the far end of the room, Mark could already feel his nut sack begin to tighten in anticipation of seeing the buxom young Italian exposing herself to him in the masturbation room their company had set up next to the lunch room!!! Once out in the hall Mark turned to Maria and asked softly, “Are you having your period yet, I hope I got my dates correct!?!” Maria smiled coyly at the tall executive and offered, “Yes I am, does that excite you, Mark?!?” “Oh god, yes,” he moaned while staring at her oversized chest, “let’s hurry up so I can see you, okay!?!” She imperceptibly pushed out her breasts towards him and whispered, “Mmmmmm, yes, let’s get going!!!”Once inside the masturbation room Mark plopped down in a large easy chair while Maria stood silently before him while waiting for him to tell her what exactly he wanted her to do!!! As he struggled to pull his big pecker out of his pants he panted, “P-please strip down to your bra and panties, I wanna see you in your undies!!! Maria slowly unzipped her plain flower patterned dress, and then almost with a coy little girl’s look, let it slip to the floor around her ankles allowing her voluptuous olive colored skin to come into view!!! “Oh my fucking god,” he gasped when her large breasts jiggled gently back and forth in her low cut lace bra, “h-how big are they, they look incredible!?!” “You mean these little old things,” she asked sweetly, “my mother says I’m built like a little boy!?!” “You’re driving me crazy,” he panted lara escort while madly fisting his hard boner, “t-take it off let me see them, please, hurry up and show me!!!” “Wellllllllllll, if you really want me too,” she replied a little bit doubtfully, “I guess I could give you a peek, would that be okay with you!?!” A line of drool had begun to trickle out of the corner of Mark’s lips, and with a dry mouth he managed to stammer, “Y-yes, please, show the to me!!!”With sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife, Maria reached around and began unhooking the clasps of her 42DD cup bra, but in one last little bit of teasing, she sadly informed him that she was unable get the clasps loose and that he would have to be satisfied with just seeing them in the bra!!! With his brow now covered with sweat he gasped, “L-let me help you, I can unhook them for you!!!” “I don’t know,” she replied softly, “do you really think you can manage it, I mean I’ve never met a man yet who could handle bra clasps!?!” Now almost out of his mind with lust, he fairly leaped out of his chair and began struggling to release the four catches that were keeping him from his prize, and just as she had predicted he was all thumbs and unable to even get one of them loose!!! Finally taking pity on him, she pulled away and with and easy deftness undid the catches and allowed her huge bra to slip easily off her shoulders, and with her back still facing him, ever so slowly she turned around, and with one big flourish allowed her chest to bounce freely inches from his face, practically causing the poor man to faint dead away at their incredible appearance!!!Now cupping them in her small hands she said softly, “I just don’t understand why you’re so interested in these little old things, escort lara do you really like them!?!” His hand was now a mere blur on his thick shaft, and as while his mute mouth moved while trying to answer her, his pecker spasmed hard two or three times sending a gusher of hot jism into the air, some of it shooting so far as to have landed on her dark nipples!!! “My, my,” she cooed while rubbing his goo into her fat tits, “I just love a man with a nice big dick, are you always so eruptive!?!” Mark was now just about totally spent from the viciousness of his cum, and in almost a whispered voice he replied, “I-I just couldn’t hold back another second, your tits looked so fucking incredible I just shot it, I’m sorry!!!” “Oh you silly boy,” she said sweetly while slipping off her huge pair of bikini panties, “don’t forget what you asked me in the hallway!!!” Mark’s head was now rapidly clearing, and as he watched in utter fascination, Maria sat down in front of him with her thick legs spread wide apart, and then just as casually as you may, she slipped her fingers inside of the out folds of her pussy, and after giving him a small smile, pulled a bloody tampon from her hairy lipped pussy!!!Mark moaned quietly to himself while he watched the big titted Italian gently probing her pussy with one hand while opening up a fresh tampon with the other, and as if she was reading his mind she asked, “Would you like to put it in for me, I could really use the help?!?” After practically diving to the floor and taking the unused tampon into his shaking hand, he gently pushed the applicator inside of her bulging organ while sliding the absorbent piece of cotton deep into her vaginal canal!!! “H-how was that,” he asked hopefully!?! “Mmmmmm, very nice indeed,” she replied, “but lara escort bayan what I really need is to have my hard little clit sucked, do you think you can do that for me!!!” Her aroma was incredibly intoxicating, with the odor of her pussy juice mingling with smells of her menstruating, he buried his tongue directly into her slit, and as a mixture of blood and Bartholin’s fluid filled his mouth, his pecker turned into a piece of blue steel as he bored in hard on her now very distended clitoris!!!“S-sweet jesus in heaven,” she groaned while his tongue flicked violently across her hard little nub, “I just love getting sucked off, and to have it done during my monthlies is such a turn on, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck is that nice!!!” Mark’s tongue became like a surgeon’s scalpel as it worked its way up and down her hot wet cunt, always making sure that when he reached her clit it received all of the attention it so richly deserved!!! Maria began involuntarily shoving her cunt into Mark’s mouth, and as her climax neared she pulled one of her hard nipple into her mouth and began madly sucking on it as her clit slowly drove her over the edge as an orgasm slammed into her helpless pussy!!! As she shrieked in compete ecstasy while her pussy spasmed totally out of control, Mark scrambled to his feet, and after grabbing his hardon in his hand, he began fisting it wildly until his legs buckled as blast after blast of hot cum ejaculated from his pulsating member, cascading like a waterfall on her now heaving chest!!!Both of them slumped helplessly to the floor as they floated off in a orgasmic fog of satisfaction that radiated from their totally sapped sex organs, but after a few minutes of reflection Maria asked softly, “So, you really like my tits!?!” Mark chuckled for a second, and after kissing each one of her cum drenched nipples replied, “And your ass, and your pussy, and your face and your clit and your….” “I get the picture,” she interrupted with a smile, “I get the picture!!!”