Mardi Gras

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Mardi GrasWe liked to holiday in the US every couple of years and this year we had decided to take in Mardi Gras.It was a great first day there and as night time came we had some fun on the streets with Amelia being asked to show her breasts which she was more than happy to do especially as the complimnets and the booze were flowing.We were invited into a bar for a wet t-shirt contest which Amelia was tod she could enter. She had looked at me looking for approval, the woman who had asked her, Lisa said to Amelia did she mind if I was going to shown loads of wet tits and given a free drink? We were in and it wasn’t long before Amelia was asked to go back stage to get resady for the contest.Lisa announced that the contest was about to start and could all the girls taking part get a nice loud cheer when they came on stage. There were 9 girls on stage each in their obligatory white T. They were all asked their names, age and breast size. There was a big range from 22 upto 55 in the ages although all the girls had impressive stats up-top all D and above. The contestants were asked to go backstage where they could modify their t-shirt before we got the contest going. Being reminded that there was a cash prize for the winner.When the girls returned they had all cut down their tops with Amelia going for a cut down the front and improvising a tie back so that it was already really tight before it even got wet. We were told each girl would have 1 minute to dance to show off. There were lots of cheers for the girls as they danced before ripping their tops off to reveal their wet breasts to all.We all had to cheer for the girl we wanted to keep in with 2 being eliminated. Amelia was in the middle of the line and the cheers appeared eryaman escort to be loud for all 9. Lisa asked 2 girls to leave the stage and Amelia was through to the next round.Lisa asked the crowd if they wanted to see more. There were huge cheers again as Lisa akes the girls if they would show a little more for their fans. Could they go backstage again as there were some more t-shorts for them.The crowd went wild when the girls returned none of them had opted for the t-shirt and all were just wearing their knickers and heels. Lisa said that we sure look to have a contest on our hands tonight, I think these girls might need some oil. The 7 girls all danced again, this time glistening in oil. Lisa asked the crowd again had they seen enough, the chant was for more, more, more. She asked the girls if they were willing to show some more. They were down to 4 with Amelia still in with a shout. Lisa whispered to each of the girls with each of them whispering back. Lisa then said that she was making 2 teams and we had to cheer for the team we wanted to keep.Again Lisa spoke and asked the girls to take off thier knickers. Amelia and the girl she was with both had totally bald pussies while the other team had neatly trimmed styles. They were asked to dance again with Amelia and her partner started off a little more slowly than their opponenets they gained the crowds attention by not only carressing each other as they gyrated their fingers began to disappear into each others pussies as Lisa announced that time was up.There was a noticable difference in the ferocity of the cheers as Amelia and her partner Lynda walked it.Lisa asked if she could test them out a little. Both Lyba and Amelia were game with Lisa at eryaman escort bayan first slipping fingers inside each of their pusies and telling the crowd how great they tasted before getting down on her knees to get a real taste. Lisa then announced that it was time for the fianl vote. Would the audience voet for Amelia, 36 Years old, 36D and all natural or Lynda, 45 years old with her impressive 36DD’s. It took three rounds of cheering for Lynda to be crowned as champion.It took a while for Amelia to re-appear after getting cleaned up, but on her return she was chatting to Lynda as they walked towards me. It turned out that I was sitting a oucpl of places away from Lynda’s husband Ed.Lynda suggested that the four of us go back to their appartment to help her spend the winnings and celebrate.The property had a nice courtyard and it wasn’t long before we were up some stairs of the three storey building to their appartment. Ed poured some drinks while Lynda and Amelia wen to getshowered and changed as Lynda had offered her some clothes.When they returned they were both oiled up in their heels saying that they would much rather get dirty than cleaned up. Lynda put on some music and the two girls started where they had finished off at the bar. They took turns bending over in form of ust with their legs spread while the other ppured oil on their ass and slipped fingers into both pussy and ass. Amelia asked if Ed and I would get naked so she could see if we were enjoying the show. We didn’t need asking twice and were soon showing our appreciation in full glory. Lynda was clearly impressed with my throbbing appreciation as she asked Amelia if she could touch it.Lynda bent over to touch me, taking me in her escort eryaman mouth as Amelia asked her if it tasted good? Lynda said it did. And now? Amelia asked again. Lynda said yes more fingers in my pussy, you know I want it.Ed now moved over to Amelia and offered up his cock to her mouth. She ttok it greatfully as he asked what does she want? Amelia took him deep into her mouth before releasing Ed and saying that Lynda wanted to find out what really got her off and would Ed mind fingering her pussy for her. He moved behind her as Amelia was on her knees with her legs spread and began to finger her. Three finger me Ed, Amelia continued.Lynda had now stopped sucking my cock moving to sit on my lap now facing Amelia. Her oiled pussy moved across my cock a few times then Amelia guided it directly into Lyndas well oiled ass. I knew then what Lynda was in for. Amelia asked how many finger were now in her pussy. Ed sais still three, with Amleia saying make that four Ed.I could now feel Amelia working more and more fingers into Lynda’s pussy until I saw Amleia’s head go down as Lynda started to moan with her orgasm now gripping my cock.Amelia asked Ed to go for all five in her pussy and to move a little so he could see what Lynda was about to tell him. Lynda start to tlak then, loudly and in gasps, that feels so good, I love your husbands cock in my ass and your fist in my pussy, yes keep fisting my pussy. I could feel another orgasm flowing through Lynda as I began to fuck her ass as I was about to come aswell. I held onto one of her big tits and her ass as I moved her to my rhythm. Amelia was now telling Ed to fuck her harder.I felt my load bursting from my cock just before Lynda rippled with delight. She was soon moving over to Ed to take his cock in her mouth and masturbate him hard until he came. I could see my cum dribbling form her arse as she was bent over in fornt of me. Amelia was now gripping onto my calves as she was cumming hard with Ed’s help.