Mali (Bamako to Fana) sequel

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Mali (Bamako to Fana) sequelAfter breakfast, Arnoud and Henrique tell us that they will prepare the car and themselves for our trip tomorrow. I decide to take it easy and to stay in the lovely garden. Alwin has agreed with a few old acquaintances from his stay in Mali a few years earlier. I relax in a sun lounger and watch the activities of the hotel staff. Around lunchtime the man who checked us in asks if I want to have lunch. Time to introduce myself, while I extend my hand and mention my name. He says his name is Maalik. According to my modest estimate, he is approaching fifty. Nice gray like Kofi Anan had. I tell him that I don’t want anything special and that I simply have the same lunch as they plan to. Moreover that I want to use the lunch with them. In addition to Maalik, there are two more men. He says that he sends the youngest, Arthur, to the market for bread and fresh vegetables. The other, Nabil, is in his twenties and will make a salad when Arthur is back. Satisfied I pick up my books again. Abdellah Taïa, a Moroccan writer who writes about a young gay in Tangier and Paris. I brought the French version and the Dutch translation to freshen up my rusty French. When I doze off, Arhur comes to call me for lunch. He must be the youngest servant, someone who does all kinds of odd jobs. Around eighteen years old, particularly beautiful dark skin and a handsome face. A washed-out t-shirt and thin khaki pants, through which I see the contours of his cock. I make a mental note to give him some of my clothing when I return.Maalik is already seated at the table when Nabil walks up with the lunch. The fresh well prepared salad with hard-boiled eggs and anchovies taste excellent. The three men cheerfully talk to each other. Despite my backlog sakarya escort bayan in French, I can still understand them well. They also ask me everything. They want to know about the Netherlands and whether I have a wife and c***dren. I answer the last question honestly. Mali is not a very gay-friendly country, but they smile at me kindly. Then they switch to Bambara, which I don’t understand at all. In the meantime, Maalik looks at me in an exploratory way. To break the tension I say that lunch has tasted delicious and that I am going to take an afternoon nap. Maalik announces that he needs to inspect my room. Arthur is not always accurate with the cleaning he states. When Maalik walks into the bathroom, I lie down on my bed. Moments later, he stands in the doorway and rubs flashily on a hefty bulge in his thin pants. His hard cock just above his pants. He looks at me penetratingly. I signal him to me. In the meantime, Maalik has already opened his pants and drops to his ankles. No underpants and his particularly thick cut cock is straight up. I lick his penis where a drop of pre-moisture pearls. I can have the length of 20 cm, but I have doubts about the thickness. I tell Maalik that I will do my best, but I don’t know if I can take it deep. He pushes his warm meat into my mouth. He slides in with a lot of spit.Then a knock at the door. Arthur asks if everything is to Maaliks liking and opens the room door at the same time. He slips quickly inside and says something in Bambara. This is clearly agreed work. Thats why they were whispering during lunch. I see Arhur’s young cock hard silhouetted in his thin pants. The prospect of a white ass has had its effect. Meanwhile, Maalik has worked his cock further into my mouth. escort sakarya The thickness is as I have never seen or felt, the figurative ‘beercan’ dick. From my eyes, I see Arthur very quickly get out of his clothes. Petite but with a long dick. Tall and slim. It matches his body. He approaches Maalik and they begin to kiss with passion. Arthur is therefore not just a jack of all trades. His dick is now also within reach and I quickly and easily take it all the way down my throat. I hear a happy growl. Then I suck Maalik for a little while again, but soon turn on my hands and knees. He understands my offer. Arthur crawls with his ass up in front of me. I, too, understand the offer and start working on it enthusiastically. In the meantime I feel that Maalik wants to have his fat cock in my ass. His fat jerk against my opening. I relax and his dick passes my circle muscle. I hear satisfied growls on the front and in the back. When Maalik feels that there is little resistance, he starts fucking me roughly. In the meantime Arthur has also relaxed his ass. My tongue goes in as far as possible. Maalik says something to Arthur in Bambara. He slides beside and with his ass to Maalik. I feel the thick penis sliding out of my ass, when I look back Maalik is behind Arthur. Without hesitation, he rammed his cock into the young ass. I look at Arthur and he looks at me. His satisfied grin makes me even hotter. I lean towards him and push my tongue into his mouth. Wet and sensual. Arthur is a great kisser. Meanwhile, Maalik seems to be in a trance, with his eyes closed he fucks. While I kiss Arthur, I grab him between his legs. His long thin dick is rock hard. I miss Maalik’s dick and crawl on my knees in front of Arthur. I ask Maalik to stop. sakarya escort I grab Arthur’s cock and push it into my hole. I yell ‘continuer’ to Maalik. Arthur thrusts his cock hard in me through the power of Maalik.I now understand that Arthur really is the ‘handyman’. It is clearly not the first time he has been fucked by Maalik. I don’t ask anyone in particular whether Nabil is also in to male sex. Arthur tells me that Nabil caught them once. He peered through the window where they were busy, but also kept looking. Arthur could not see his lower body, but it was clear that he was jerking his cock. I crawl forward and tell Arthur to rim me. I also make it clear that I want to have Maalik in me again. He can get him many times in the future, I smile.If Arthur gives me a good wet tongue, I position myself on the edge of the bed with my ‘cunt’ to Maalik. He pounds his fat dick inside me without compassion. Arthur sits down in front of me and kisses me sweetly and encouragingly. Maalik then fucks again quickly and then completely out and hard in again. He growls satisfied and says a lot words. Among other things, he thinks my white ass is fantastic. Then he increases the pace, I feel his warm sperm spraying into me. He hangs over me, hovering, whispering sweet into my ear. Then Arthur pushes him away and sticks his cock in my cum filled ‘pussy’. He moans that he doesn’t want to waste his seed and wants to refill me. He goes wildly and soon he sprays his seed where Maalik’s is already.We are all three exhausted. Maalik and Arthur are both on their back on bed and I can’t help licking the two dicks clean. As I do so, I see some moving from the corner of my eye. I just see it was Nabil. When I say what I’ve seen, they both laught. Maalik says it’s just a matter of time. Arthur adds that he has already seen Nabil take a shower and also peeked once while he was jerking off. He was impressed. He can’t wait until Maalik proves he right about Nabil. I will study Nabil this evening during dinner.