Male Cherry goes…POP! Pt.3

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Male Cherry goes…POP! Pt.3After Dinner we headed to Caesars Palace. Bryan wanted to see me on the dance floor again so we went to the hotel’s hottest club. After waiting in line for 20 minutes we entered a small area jam packed. The music was good but it was difficult to dance. I gave up. We sat down and ordered a drink at the bar. “You’re looking very nice tonight”, Bryan said while breathing at the nape of my neck. I thanked him. “Oh my God, I want to relive this afternoon. I’ve never had a man suck the soul out of me through my clit!” I said. He laughed- Oh, there is more where that came from. After a few people left I was able to take Bryan on the dance floor and we grinded on each other both having the idea of wanting to fuck one another with clothes on. Beyounce’s “Naughty Girl” was being mixed next in rotation and I knew things were going to get hot in there. Now feeling the effect of the 2 martinis I had I began to wind my body to the beat of the music. Instantly Bryan’s dick stiffened. Feeling his hard dick on my nearly bare ass (I decided to be panty-less) It turned me on and without notification he bent me over on the dance floor, throwing his hips in motion to the music. Oh my! I found myself moaning on the dance floor. Usually I like to take control on the dance floor but this time I let Bryan make my body do anything at this point. I came back up and turned towards him. I threw my right leg around his waist and his strong hand caressed my back down to my bubble ass. He then squeezed it with such demand-I was dripping now!I put my leg down and whispered in his ear- you got my pussy leaking in the club! I’m going to get you for this. “Don’t worry mama, I’ll clean it up later” he said as he began nibbling on my ear lobe. At this point I was ready to leave. Bryan begged we stay for one more dance. I agreed. At this point I was so fucking horny. My clit was yearning to be against his juicy ass cheeks. Unable to fight my desires, I took a risk. I got behind Bryan and began to grind on his ass. I thought he would immediately push me off but, to my surprise he began to dance on my pussy. Nothing too raunchy, just a nice and sexy two step. This caused many people in the room to now turn their attention towards us. I was nervous as, I would hope that no one might suspect anything about our freaky fantasies. While dancing I copped a few feels of his ass. My fingers traced the front of his pants and was greeted by a now semi hard dick. I began stroking his dick discreetly on the dance floor. His head fell back in enjoyment. My hands then made its way back to his ass and as I began to rub my fingers tracing the center of his cheeks, he stopped me. Feeling embarrassed now, I thought I had crossed the line. Turn to find out, he was moving my hand to get a better feel. Shit! I couldn’t take it anymore. I was too turned on and I was ready to leave so we could head to the sex shop. His fine ass was getting fucked tonight! He turned around and said, “Can you feel it?”. It? What was it? “Mama, I’m wearing the butt plug you sent me as a gift”. My eyes grew big! A few months ago Bryan and I discussed toys and precautions about pegging. I did most of the research and I found out that if he would wear a butt plug occasionally, it would help him to prepare for me to dick him down. He always joked around about how he did not want to wear it; it would slip out at work (LOL). Whenever I would ask him if he had tried it out, he never tried it. I was frustrated as, I wanted our first time to be really enjoyable and I didn’t want him to be in pain. He said he didn’t mind a little pain. Bryan admitted he has been wearing it all night. I was shocked that he wasn’t in much discomfort. “I got it in there but, I doubt it will come out. I’m sure it’s wedged deeply in there”. We shared a laugh with each other. He suggested we go back to the room. Before pulling off, I mentioned that we needed to stop by the sex shop for some goodies. “You know what mama? I’m pretty tired. I just want to shower and sleep. I hope that’s alright with you”, said Bryan. What? You said tonight you were ready. Tonight we would buy the toys and I’d be in your ass tonight! I was mad. My sassy Diva side of me was truly showing. “Mama please. Not tonight”. I was shocked because he seemed so ready in the club. What changed his mind? What’s wrong? Why don’t you want to do it anymore? I’m just not feeling it tonight, that’s all”. “Says the man with a butt plug stuffed up his ass”, I replied. He chuckled and drove off. I must admit, I gave him the cold shoulder mixed with the silent treatment for the entire short distance we traveled. I hopped out the car attempting to storm in the hotel, leaving him in my tracks. Bryan was on my heel. Some how he caught up to me, cupped me by my waist, bringing me to a halt. Kissing me on my neck in the lobby, “Come on mama, why you acting like that? I said tomorrow didn’t I?” Like a c***d throwing a tantrum, “But I want it now”. Tomorrow was his simple reply. Once in the room, I took off my shoes, plopped on the bed and aimlessly clicked through the channels. Bryan invited me to shower with him and Lord knows I wanted to shower with him but I refused to give up on my ‘silent treatment act’. Bryan, now out of the shower made his way to try off in from of the TV, flipping to ESPN to catch the game updates. Purposefully, I undressed in front of him, cupping my perky DDDs in my hands, caressing my chocolate-chip nipples. He turned his attention on me and his dick instantly stiffened under his towel. Bryan moaned. Mmm, mama, come here. “Nope”. I said.” Come on mama”, Bryan said in a moaning yet begging tone. “Please, I want to feel those nipples on lips. DAMN shit, stop playing girl, come here!”. “No, wait until tomorrow”, I replied and made my way to the shower. While in the shower I could not help myself. With tonight’s events and frustration I had to tickle my kitty. I detached the head of the shower and brought myself to a different place, busting two nuts. As I opened the door, I found Bryan on his knees-butt naked. “What are you doing? Come on Bryan, stop playing, I’m going to bed”. He wouldn’t budge. I demanded that he move out my way. “Not until you call me your bitch” said Bryan. Confused, I said “Look, you had your chance now get out of my way. I’m serious now, MOVE!”. “Not until you call me your bitch, mama. He replied. I made a loud sigh, BITCH, GET OUT OF MY WAY. IF YOU DON’T MOVE, YOUR ASS IS MINES! I said in a dominating tone that even scared me. I’ve never talked to a man in a manner like that before. Ever. Oddly, I was turned on. My heart was racing and I was shaking a bit. I don’t think Bryan thought anything of it. He too was as turned on. Oh yes mama! Those were the key words apparently. He instantly moved out of my way. As I made my way to the bed to dry off, I noticed a black bag on the bed. I looked at Bryan, who was trailing behind me on his knees and then at the black bag. What…is this? He just shrugged his shoulders. As I bent over the bed to reach the black bag- ass exposed, Bryan swiftly made his way behind me and attacked my ass with his tongue. Stunned and turned on at the same time I could not speak. Just moans escaped my lips. I forgot about the bag and struggled to get up. As I was almost fully erect and standing Bryan gently yet, aggressively arched my back, making my ass his full view. Mmmm Bryan, wait. Hold up ooh. Yes, darıca escort oh my god mmm yes! Lick my ass! I hiked up one of my legs on the bed so he could fuck my ass deeper with his tongue. Once he began to suck on my pussy from the back I lost it! Since my clit being pierced it is extra sensitive to the touch. This man was truly a pleaser! I’ve never had a man wrap his lips so tightly yet gently around my pearl and make me come so fast. Within minutes I was coming. Ooooh, mmm (through slurps) Thank you mmm thank you mama for this yummy treat. He gave me a break and remained on his knees as I panted while trying to see what was in the black bag. Seeing what was in the bag I looked at the contents and back at Bryan. A devilish smile crept on his face. “You sneaky bitch you”, I said. Take it all out mommie, let me see. I emptied the bag to find lube, a spanker with the word BITCH imprinted on it. In the bag there was also a mask and the best part- a fantasy beginners strap on kit. The first thing I thought was, “When in the hell did he buy these things? And this strap is so cute! Perfect for me. Was the spanker for him or, for me?”. My mind was racing a thousand miles a second. What the heck! Bryan, when did you buy all of this?, I asked. “I bought these things while in LA. I wanted to surprise you”. Surprised I was alright! My grin quickly turned into a straight face, sharp look as I got into ‘character’. You lying little bitch! (Smack to the face). Bryan was stunned and so was I. I knew I had taken it too far too soon. I anticipated that he would get up and bark at me but, in his role, like the good bitch he was, he melted at my feet. Kissing them. “No mommie, I didn’t lie. I told you tomorrow you could have my ass and I meant it. Up now on his knees, motioning for me to look at the clock sitting on the night stand, it was now past 1 am. Well, I’d be damned, I thought to myself. I chuckled. Ok, I give you that but you didn’t tell me you had this shit. I could have fucked you earlier I spat. “Mama, I wanted it to be a surprise”.I made my way to the bath room to get my self prepared for what tonight had in store for me. Thinking back I recall myself shaking like a leaf. I was so nervous. I don’t know why. Eagerly I snatched the strapon out of its box and looked at it confusingly. I’ve never actually worn one so I wasn’t sure how to put it together. This starter kit I would not recommend to beginners (LOL). At least those whom are anxious. I had to assemble the strap on to a harness and then, climb into it. Once it was situated I looked into the mirror, admiring myself. With a dick strapped onto me I felt sexy and….powerful. Ok, a bit awkward as well. I wasn’t use to the sight and the feel but once I adjusted it a bit it felt comfortable. Bryan knocked at the door, “Mama, are you ok in there?”. I’m fine, be out soon. Your ass better be ready. I want you Bent over on the bed, Face down, ass up. Ok! He replied. I could hear the excitement in his voice. I took one last deep breath to ready myself for what I was now getting myself into.I walked out of the bathroom and Bryan’s jaw dropped. He, now lying on the bed began to stroke his dick. I walked closer to him to see that his dick was now oozing of thick sweet precum. “Mama, you look so sexy! May I touch it?” For some reason, I was shocked at the question. Though I found it quite alright that he wanted to feel me fill his ass with my strap on, I didn’t think a man would want to stroke it. But, hey! Why not, right? I granted him permission to stroke my strapon. His big hands covered my strap and he began to move his hands up and down my shaft. I found myself aroused by him stroking my strapon with such precision. I lightly spoken words that I thought I would never say, “Suck it” I said. Bryan now on his knees initially refused with eyes. “Did you hear what the fuck I said? I said, SUCK MY DICK”. Those were the words and tone he needed to encourage him. Bryan wrapped his sexy chocolate lips around my black strap and at first sucked it shyly. After hearing me moan, he began to go further down on my shaft. I liked seeing him suck on my strap. It put me more at ease, made me even more comfortable in the situation. In attempt to comfort him I began to stroke his head, his ears and I then pulled his head back and kissed him passionately. The taste of rubber filled both of our mouths but, I didn’t mind. I released my lips from his, “mmm you’re so nasty! I love it.” I said. “Only nasty for you, mama” he replied. Ooh weee, I’m ready! Get your ass on that bed (SMACK!) I popped his ass, leaving a lingering sting to my palm. “I told you I wanted you face down, ass up when I got out of the bathroom. Your ass don’t listen! Now, you gonna pay”. Oooh make me pay mommie, punish me”, he moaned. “Wait mama, I have something else for you”. He hops off the bed to retrieve a box under it. A set of school girl inspired 6 inch heels. Those heels were amazingly beautiful! What great taste he has, I thought. He did the honors of slipping them on for me. Perfect fit. He reassumed his position as directed. I began to caress his back, kissing a few places and now squatting, I began filling my mouth with his huge ass. Both now moaning, “Why am I doing this? What’s happening to me”, I thought to myself. No time for an answer because I was enjoying every minute of it! As I kissed his cheeks, my tongue began making a trail circling around his cheeks and near his ass hole. He clenched by natural instinct. (SMACK!) I popped his ass one good time. “Don’t move”. Sorry mama, he replied. I continued to let me tongue venture his back side. I placed my tongue at the top of his ass and slowly..with a stiff tongue I traced all the way down from the top of his ass all the way to his balls. He moaned through clenched teeth. It became a game. A test for me: To see how well I could please this man. I attempted the same move, only this time I had a goal of going further. Again, I started at the top of his ass and with my stiff tongue I licked all the way down his juicy mounds, onto his balls, down the shaft of his rock hard vein bulging dick to the tip. Once I reached the tip I began to suck on it with pressure added from my tongue and lips. Damn he tasted so good! No longer able to hold it in, Bryan let out a sound of great pleasure that scared me. “Sorry, too much? I’ll stop”. NO! fuck, god damn mama no! Don’t stop, please. I beg of you”. That’s all I needed to hear. I demanded that he bend back over.(SMACK!) spread those ass cheeks for mama. Mmm there you go. In position with his ass cheeks spread wide open I was now face to face with his pucker. It resembled tightly closed lips. I recall thinking of how someone’s face looks while eating lemon heads. (Don’t judge me. My mind wonders in crazy directions). Smelling his natural aroma, I was pleased and relieved that it didn’t have a stinch. I dipped my tongue in, getting a quick taste and this sent him off of his rocker. His manly moans only encouraged me to stiffen my tongue and dive deeper in his ass. “Oh shit! Fuck! Oh yes, please don’t stop, please don’t stop” Bryan said. And I didn’t. I continued to lather my tongue with his juices. As his hands began to lose grip I smacked his ass twice. (SMACK! SMACK!) “Hold that ass open I said!” oops, sorry mama. It just feels so damn good”. “Oh,you don’t want to listen? Fine, I’ll stop!” NO! He let go of one cheek and with his free escort darıca hand he shoved my face back into his ass. Coming up for air “Then hold that ass OPEN!” I said. He obeyed my orders. I continued licking his tight pucker like a mad woman, wanting to get my tongue deeper in his ass. Sadden I didn’t have a longer tongue. I stopped briefly to grab his butt plug out of the bathroom. Looking in the mirror I saw his juices running down my face and my own juices running down my legs. I knew then the fantasy I once had was now real and I was enjoying it so far. When I returned I was please to see Bryan still in the position that I left him in. I assumed my position; squatting and now licking his ass again. With one hand I began massaging his pucker with my thumb, Bryan loved it when I began to pop the tip of my thumb in his ass. His legs began to shake. (SMACK) mmm are you enjoying this?I asked him in between licks. Yes mama! Want me to stop? No, please mama, don’t stop. Hungry for the taste of his hard sweet dick in my mouth, I got on my knees, still behind him and stuffed as much as his dick in my mouth as possible. Now thumbing his ass with my middle finger and stroking his dick with my mouth, my pussy got even more gushier and, I could taste his pleasure in my mouth. His dick began oozing. “Fuck mama! I’m coming!!”As Bryan’s dick continued to jerk in my mouth, I was shocked that he was about to come with me sucking his dick and fingering his ass. I contemplated on moving and finishing the job with my hands as I usually do when sucking dick but, something about tonight made me feel like a nasty slutty bitch. I braced myself for the load I knew he was going to explode in my mouth. “Keep going”, He said through sexy grunts. With my free hand I reached for the lube. I began to coat his ass with the lube so I could drive my middle finger in deeper. This caused Bryan to Howl. Oh hell yea! Finger my ass! Please don’t stop, mmm I’m coming! He began to lift up to take his dick out my mouth, assuming I would not swallow every drop as, he is aware of my limits. I grabbed his ass back, positioning his dick in my mouth. Bryan came hard. The impact of the hot heavy load made my flinch. Like a nasty slut, I swallowed every last drop. With his dick still leaking, Bryan got up and helped me on the bed. With cum on my face and titties, I ordered him to lick it off. With little hesitation at first, I got a firm grip of his dick threw clenched teeth I spat, “What did I say? I SAID LICK YOUR CUM OFF MY FACE AND TITTIES, BITCH!”. Yes mama. The sight of him licking off his own cum and moaning at the same time was beautiful. Worn out from the little foreplay, Bryan plopped on the bed “Whew! Mama, you’re so nasty! That felt awesome! I’m pooped now”. I stood up, walked over to the head of the bed as he began to close his eyes, I popped his lips with my strapon. He was delighted and shocked at the same time. “What the hell are you doing? Dozing off? I’m not done with you”. Sorry mama, it’s almost 3 am I figured you were tired”. With a devilish chuckle I said “Oh no… I haven’t even got started with you. GET UP! Suck this dick”. He did as he was told. For the next 15 minutes I laid back and admired him sucking my dick. Making a game out of it, I wanted to see how far he could go on my 8 inch strap without choking. At first it was difficult for him. Stroking his head, “Don’t rush, take it slow… Mama wants to see how far you can go. How much you can take”. After letting him do his own thing I began to guide his head down. Filled with too much excitement I shoved his face down and he instantly came up choking. To my surprise, he didn’t want to stop. Bryan showed himself to be a true pleaser and my bitch. I motioned him to stop sucking my strap. “Get on the bed”. I got up and grabbed the lube that was now on the floor. Popping it open, I started to coat my strapon with a lot of it. “Open your legs”. I then crawled onto the bed, diving mouth first filling my mouth with his balls. He eased up right away. His hips began to wind as he enjoys me stroking his dick while devouring his balls. I got on my knees. “Toot that ass up some”(SMACK). Now his ass was leveled with the tip of my strap I resumed stroking his dick. Moaning with his eyes closed tight, wit his hips, Bryan began to chase the head of my strap, eager to have it inside of him. I continued teasing him; Placing the head dead on his pucker. Bringing him to great excitement then removing it to see his excitement drop. I loved to see how I was in control of his pleasure. I guess he was tired of my little tease game. With his strong hands, Bryan with his legs now wide open grabbed my ass and forced me inside of him. DAMN. Never knowing how it felt to enter a woman as, I knew the great feeling of having my tight pussy stuffed with a big dick, the instant plop (BOOP) feeling is AMAZING. Now being on the given end of things, the instant plopping of my strap entering his tight as caused me to become weak. I collapsed with great pleasure on top of Bryan. Needing to catch my balance I held onto his legs, lifting myself up. With my head spinning I was able to regain control. I took the strap out of his ass, he yelped with ecstasy.I began fucking Bryan with just the tip of my strap. “More”, he said in a whisper tone.(SMACK!)What did you say? Speak up, come on. “I said more please mommie. More. Putt your dick deep into my ass mama”. Now he was giving orders but, without objection I buried my strap all the way into him. Now I was fully into this fucking thing. At first I tried to find my rhythm, thinking about how I’ve been fucked and what I’ve seen on porn many times. I let go of my worries and just did my thing. Quite a natural I’d like to think of myself. Once getting over the initial nervousness and newness of it all I began throwing my hips, grinding in Bryan’s ass. He laid there, eyes focused on me. I stopped, now becoming insecure. Thinking I was doing something wrong. I noticed the look on his face and it made me conscious of the look that I’m sure was plastered on mines. I was so into the act of it all that I naturally developed a “yea, I’m fucking the shit out of you” face. What? What’s the matter? Am I hurting you? Am I doing it right? I asked. Oh no no, your doing the damn thang mama! Keep going. I’m just surprised that it’s your first time! You do it so well. I smiled and resumed fucking him. His compliment only encouraged me to fuck him harder. Bryan’s head was now buried nearly under the pillows from all the moving we were doing. Wanting to see his ass bouce while I fucked him, “Get up, I want that ass from the back” I said. “Yes mama, any thing you want”. With him on all fours I climbed on the bed and position my short frame behind his big man. (SMACK!) “Toot that ass up!”, I barked orders. “Let me know if it hurts or if it’s too much”. While looking back at me Bryan says, “This is your ass, don’t stop until you nut” he said. Without any warning I shoved my strap in his awaiting tight ass hole. From the shock it caused Bryan to let out a sound that was mixed with pain, pleasure and satisfaction all in one. Once in the groove of things I got on my hind legs and start moaning and fucking him with no return. I now crossed over and now Diva was in full throttle. Smacking Bryan’s ass with my right hand and gripping his neck with my left, I pulled his head back causing him to arch his back even more. “You darıca escort bayan like that don’t ya? You nasty bitch you.” Ugh! Yes mama! Yes I do. “You my nasty bitch? You like mama dick all inside of you don’t you?”(SMACK!) yes! Yes! Yes mama, I love your dick inside of my ass. (SMACK!) Say you my nasty bitch! (SMACK, SMACK!)” Fuck, shit yes mommie. I’m your nasty bitch!”. Fucking him what seemed like forever took a toll on my thighs. They were burning like hell! I guess I should have paced my self. I never knew fucking was so much work from the guy’s perspective. Note: To all of the men out there, I commend you. This shit is a lot of FUCKING WORK! Literally. I was tired and ever more so, I wanted to see Bryan’s stiff dick bounce in my face as he rode my dick. As I slipped out of his ass I said, “Get up, I want you to ride this dick”(SMACK). He protested, “Ugh, mama, I don’t think I’m ready for that”. I hopped off of the bed,, grabbed my BITCH spanker. “Bend yo ass over NOW” (SPANK!) I gave him one good pop on the ass. “Are you denying me now? Oh, so now you run things huh? (SPANK!) huh! Fine then, since you’re the boss, I’m done. I’ll just go ahead and take this strap off. You can fuck yourself”. I was filled with great pleasure as I began to pretend to take off the strap Bryan began to beg me to not take it off. After a great job of begging, I tightened my strap. “Now, what did mama say? I want to see you ride this dick. Grab the lube and come on”. I said in a sweet tone. Now with the lube in his hand, Bryan coated my strap with a little more lube. He climbed on the bed, positioning himself on top of me; I could feel his weight against my pelvis. I readjusted the strap and I anticipated him straddling me. We both took a deep breath and slowly he lowered himself on me. Oddly enough I was able to feel his ass opening up, inviting my strap in. With pure ecstasy Bryan threw his head back and sunk lower onto my strap. Me, with excitement I pushed my hips towards him, causing him to take all of my strap.(SMACK!) “Don’t move. Let your ass grip mama’s dick. Let your ass get use to me being inside of you. Now, sit on this dick!”.Mama, I don’t want to crush you, he said with a little chuckle. “Don’t worry about me. Ride this dick. I got this”. ”While moving my hips now in tiny circles I stroked his dick. This encouraged him to relax and enjoy the ride. Once he began moaning again, throwing his head back and his eyes were rolling in the back of his head, I knew I had him where I wanted him. From under him I pounded away at his ass. Oh, it started to get real wet naturally. Gushy sound that was familiar to me filled my ear. He now began to bounce hard on my dick, chasing the feeling of his prostate being tickled. “Get up, feed me that dick” I demanded. No mama, I want to keep riding your dick he replied. I didn’t deny him the request. I continued pounding at his ass. “God damn why this feel so fucking good” he said through moans and grunts. “SHUT UP. TAKE THIS DICK” (SMACK). Now caressing his nipples with one hand and caressing his balls with the other while grinding into his ass, the look on Bryans face was priceless. Still to this day I wish I had a camera to be able to physically have a snap shot. Here he was, successful handsome, masculine BLACK man enjoying me fucking him in the ass. His face was innocently in a zone that only a massive cum could bring him down from his erotic high. Feeling his ass wrap around my strap, I knew it was show time. Bryan began to crash even harder onto my strap and I tugged harder at his nipples and massaged the area between his balls and ass. “Oh yes, right there mama. Mmm you’re going to make your little bitch come again”. “Come for mama”, (SMACK). A firm tap on the ass gave him the go. I now focused my attention on his dick. Taking some of my hot saliva out of my mouth putting it on his dick for slickness, it aided me to gain my rhythm back. Ummhmm take that dick, yea come for me. Mmmm. Ok mama. OH. GOD. GOD. MAMA. YES. FUCK. ME. FUUUCK MEEE… oh fuck! I’m about to CUM. This was my cue to pick up my speed on jacking his dick as well as fucking him deep. Without further warning I looked down and a little pre ooze came out before his dick began shooting off bullets of cum. I panicked and turned his dick towards his direction, wetting up his chest and face. Naively thinking that’s all his dick had left I let go of his dick, continued to pound ever harder in his ass only to be surprised with shots of hot cum squirting all over my stomach and DDD breast. Exhausted from busting such a huge nut, Bryan collapsed on top of me. I rolled him off. “Turn around”. You want more mama? “I aint even got my nut yet. Turn around, I want to come inside of you from the back”. Tired but, he was eager to give me my sweet nut. He obeyed. I was already near breaking point based on witnessing my ability to make a man so weak and cum so fucking hard. It didn’t take long before I reached my orgasm. “Hold your ass open. I want to be real deep”. I applied a generous amount of lube to his hole. I dived in his ass, ready to take my nut. I grinded slowly at first in his ass. Damn! The feeling was like no other. I even contemplated whether fucking him felt better than I had ever been fucked. I enjoyed the dominant high that much. Reaching from under me, Bryan got a hold of my ass and was able to slip his finger in my tight pucker. I usually object to ass play but, it felt so good and why not? I had been in this man’s ass all night. I could at least give him the satisfaction of fingering popping my ass. With my clit receiving stimulation and my ass hole being stroked I couldn’t hold it in any longer. “FUUUUUuuuck! OH! OH SHIT I’M COMING!!” mmm yes, yes yes! “Come in my ass mama. This your ass”. His deep voice, so sexy only added onto the intensity. I came the hardest I’ve ever came in my life that night. My head was literally spinning. I thought I was going to pass out. That nut was THAT intense! Tired and drained I fell into Bryan’s back and laid there for a few minutes trying to catch my breath and regulate my heart beats. Damn woman, you sure this is your first time? Shit, you would have thought you were born with a dick or born to do this, Bryan joked. Bryan left me with my thoughts. Thinking to myself, how did I know what to do? It came pretty easy to me. I had never fantized about being with a woman or entertained the thought. Something about fucking a man seemed so natural to me. Shocking but, overall good. Bryan returned, wiped down and still naked. In his hand he held a hot steamy towel to wipe me down. Now helping me out of my harness, “Here, let me get this thing off of you before you cause some more damage” he said. I accepted the help. Once out of the harness he continued to wipe me down with a hot towel. Exhausted, it was now past 4am. I didn’t know what plans he had set for us tomorrow but I needed to get a few winks of sleep. I woke the next morning to Bryan opening the curtains and placing breakfast on the side of me. “Good morning beautiful” he sings as he, kisses me on the forehead. Good morning I reply in a soft tone. “I ordered us breakfast. Figured you’d be hungry after all the work you put in last night”, he joked. I smiled. I got up and headed to the bathroom to freshen up. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. As my towel escaped my face, I took a good look at myself. It was me alright but at the same time, it wasn’t. There was another side of me that I experienced last night and that bitch was screaming to get out. One last look in the mirror, in a whisper tone I asked myself, “What in the hell have I gotten myself into”.To be continued….