Maiden Kisses (A Poem of Foreplay)

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Maiden Kisses (A Poem of Foreplay)Maiden KissesA Duet Spiritual Romantic Poem and Erotic Psalm of KissingJohn, “Big John” GallivanWarrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist“Viking Gladiator”AndChristine Elaine HarrisRomantic Psalmist/Spiritual Poetess“Spiritual Poetess”www.eroticpsalms.comI am the Viking Gladiator, the warrior poet, the erotic psalmist,And no declaration is more divine and profound than this:To be enchanted by a lovely maiden with seductive girly kisses,Is so incredible beyond leaps and bounds.For being tremendously subdued with pure femininity is to die for,And to be wholeheartedly arrested with soft lips is most amazing indeed.And I am the Spiritual Poetess, the romantic psalmist, the Queen of Cuties,The Chosen One, the enchantress of seduction, and the empress of sweetness.For this I must proclaim to every person alive:To charm a masculine warrior with feminine power,Makes me feel beautiful, exquisite, and ever so wet,For it brings out the little girl in me evermore.I must reward my Viking, as for the battle has ended in triumph.For his broad shoulders and colossal bare chest make me kastamonu escort bayan moist.His coarse goatee and rugged mustache create my inner desire.His tall stature and immense size manufacture my heat,And his mammoth bulge in his armor produce my passion.So I will kiss him now, and he will recognize me!I ardently gaze at my beautiful maiden with the zeal of fire.For her soft hair captivates me.Her delicate face enthralls me.Her sweet curves mesmerize me,And her voluptuous butt excites me,For I so wish she would seduce me, and tell me I’m hot!My painted nails render him helpless as I pin him against the wall.My delectable lips make him defenseless as they absorb his lion’s mane.My smooth tongue yields him motionless as I tantalize his rugged face.My precious hands generate him speechless as I caress his massive sword.For his masculinity is omnipotent!His manliness is everlasting!His tower is so huge! And his jewels are so big!I will inform him how hot he is and how much I need him now.I am burning with flames, for I am invoked in girly magic.I am chilled with glaciers, escort kastamonu for I am enticed in gorgeous kisses.I am electrified with lightning, for I am gifted in silky hands,For her prettiness brings me joy!Her splendor gives me life!Her attraction provides me bliss, and her appeal is delight,For hearing her poetic words is true paradise indeed.My fingers glide against his rough face,As I feverishly propel my tongue in his mouth;Ardently sucking on his tongue, Massaging his jagged cheeks,And giving him velvety kisses to his abrasive stubbles,For his gigantic rod is unequalled,And his enormous penis incomparable. I stand mystified against the brick wall in astonishment,As she pulls my chest hair, and notifies me how handsome I am,As she eagerly pinches my nipples,Keenly grasps my wide shoulders.And enthusiastically strokes my engorged staff;For her cuteness is heavenly and her romance is driven.I whisper in his ear how good looking he is,As I gently fondle his rocks, and tell him I’m profusely dripping.Awaiting his bold penetration.Yearning his forceful entrance,And craving kastamonu escort bayan his valiant infiltration,As his gigantic love stick swells larger in my hand.I am weak in the knees, and my vision is blurred,As she plays with my titanic spear:Licking my ear and moaning I’m sexy;With nonstop butterfly kisses and subtle licks,With a tender touch I’d gladly die for,For her magnificence is everlasting.He is breath taken by my sensitive kisses,As my long hair teases every molecule in his body.For my pigtails are the catalysts of his temptation,And my strands are the tools of persuasion.His solid torso invites me,And his firm ass inspires me,To coerce him to hammer me fiercely!My white ruffled panties are deeply saturated,As I energetically, yet soothingly, bite on his immaculate neck.For he cannot resist yelling my name.He cannot escape from screaming I’m his.He cannot flee from my vibrations,Nor run from all my talents,For I am the one that possesses the skill.My heart beats faster as she allures me with her feminine voice.My lungs need more air as she fascinates me with her swaying hips.My eyes are hypnotized by her as she targets me with gold pupils of adoration:For her skin is poetic.Her lashes are wonderful.Her make-up is superb, and her aroma is astounding,For she and she alone is the goddess of risqué pleasure.I have no satisfaction except in her.