Lunch With Mike

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Lunch With MikeIt was Wednesday and the local bistro had lunchtime specials and although it wasn’t the Ritz it was cheap and had good beer and a little terrace where you could watch the world go by. Lisa had gone to town with Jenny so I gave Mike a call and told him I will give him a knock on my way and we can have a catch up, Mike happily agreed.We both worse shorts and judging by the swing inside Mikes I figured we both went commando too; he thinks so much like me . The bistro was empty and the place was really going downhill hence the lunchtime specials and the pretty little waitress showed us to the terrace, we ordered our drinks and she left us with the menu, we both looked as she walked away in her short little mini skirt, maybe they should advertise her legs, that would surely get the punters rolling in.She returned swiftly with our drinks, “I’m Candy” she said in a soft voice, “I will be looking after you guys today, if there is anything you need then just ask” she continued which had my mind racing with all kinds of sordid thoughts, we ordered a burger each and Candy wrote it all down her chest heaving which made us both look at her tee shirt which advertised the bistro, novel little uniform to wear and Candy certainly had the body for it. She smiled as we placed our order although I think it was directed more at Mike than me as he had been flirting a little with her and I could see that he had a little bulge going on there.She turned to put our order in and must have felt our eyes on the back of her legs as we both watched her disappear into the kitchen, the beer tasted good as always and we were soon finished. Mike signalled to Candy for two more and she swiftly brought them over, she wasn’t busy as we were still the only people in there, “Thanks Candy” Mike said with a smile and I couldn’t help but notice that her eyes dropped to Mikes lap and she caught a glimpse of his bulge, she smiled back, “You’re welcome” she said as she turned and walked away and swiftly returned with our burgers, another smile towards Mike.As we ate our burgers we had a catch up about the AirBNB experiences and he was loving it and was so thankful to me that he told me lunch was on him, well who am I to argue. Candy had noticed our drinks were low and brought another two over, she was looking really bored as the place was empty but her shift ended soon so she didn’t have long to go, Mike suggested she join us for a drink when she is done which made her smile as she took the empty plates away, Mike winked at me at his success, I laughed.We decided to use the toilet which meant we had to walk through and Candy was cashing up, we decided to pay up and start a new tab with the new waitress and headed off to the gents, I stood at the small urinal with Mike next to me with my cock in hand relieving myself and Mike pulled his out which was erect so he had issues trying to pee, “Damn mate!” I said as I looked down, he did have a nice cock. I finished my pee and Mike gave up the ghost and we returned to the terrace,“Same again boys?” Candy asked as we walked past and we gave her the thumbs up although all Mike had to do was lift his tee shirt and his stiff cock would have given the same signal.Just as we got back to the terrace Candy appeared with out drinks and one for herself and she sat herself down, “Cheers boys” she said raising her glass, “Here’s to my only customer of the day” she said with a giggle as we clinked glasses, she really did look pissed off. She was barely out of school and this was no way to start her working life niğde escort so I can understand, she knocked back her drink and ordered another as Mike and I looked at each other and this was not helping his arousal. Candy was a darling and she had opened up as we sat chatting, she really wasn’t happy and it showed.Candy was on a mission and it was hard to keep up so Mike suggested going back to his place where he had a nice bottle of single malt that had our names on it, Candy had got the buzz now and was in a happy mood and cheerfully agreed to walk the short way back to Mikes, Candy was giggling as Mike was flirting.We got into Mikes house and Candy sat herself down on the sofa while Mike and I sorted out the drinks, we were all in good spirits as we took the drinks into the lounge, Candy looked up and thanked Mike,“So how long have you two been together?” she asked obviously thinking that we were an item, maybe that was why she opened up to us and accepted the invitation back, this could work to our advantage and Mike had his finger on the pulse too as her replied, “Oh not too long Candy, just a few months” he said keeping up the pretence and it was like a weight off Candy’s shoulders as she relaxed and in doing so her knees slightly parted showing a nice silky thigh and red panties.She glanced down at Mikes shorts and noticed the bulge, smiling she said, “Aww! And I can see how much you like him Mike” she said with a giggle so I reached across and gave his cock a playful squeeze, “WOW!” Candy said as she saw Mikes erection get bigger with the sudden attention and I think she also noticed a stir inside my shorts. She knocked her drink back and asked Mike for a refill and as he left I could see that her nipples were poking through her tee shirt and she saw me looking, “I hate this bloody shirt” she said in obvious distress, I looked her in the eye and smiled, “Why don’t you take it off then, I am sure we can find you another” I said and she looked at me realizing that we probably won’t be offended by a pair of boobs and didn’t just take it off but ripped it off with great gusto just as Mike walked back in, “OMG” he gasped seeing her firm and perky 34b’s pointing at him with stiff nipples.This didn’t help his erection issues and Candy clearly noticed and took a large gulp of her drink as if she was plucking up courage to say something, “I’ve never had.. umm, gay friends” she said softly feeling less awkward now about being topless and even relaxing her legs which parted a bit further giving an even better view of her little red panties and I wasn’t sure if it was the fact that she didn’t feel threatened or the drink was kicking in, I looked down at her parted legs and her little black skirt, “Maybe you should lose the skirt too Candy” I said with a giggle, “That is if you hate the bistro so much” I continued which Mike agreed with, Candy thought for a second, “Yes, you are so right” she said standing up and reaching behind herself to unzip, “Its unlikely that you guys are interested eh” she said giggling as her skirt came off and was flung across the room.She sat there in just her little red panties which turned out to be a thong and took another big swig of her drink finishing another glass, Mike and I both looked at her like we were in a trance, her panties were tight around her crotch and I could see a few stray hairs poking out the sides, a very nice sight and Candy saw us looking as she passed her glass back to Mike for another refill.As Mike sorted out the refills I opened up Mike tin, “Do you smoke?” I escort niğde asked as I took out a joint, Candy looked up smiling, “Um, yes!” she said with a giggle as Mike returned.We fired up the joint and passed it to Candy, she took a big hit and mellowed out without even a cough, “Maybe she will feel more at ease if we took our shirts off Frank” Mike said with a smile as he passed the smoke back to Candy who’s eyes lit up at the suggestion.“Wow!” she said as we peeled off our shirts, “You two have such great bodies, such a shame” she said softly as she eyed us up and down, if only she knew we weren’t gay but she may soon find out Mike does seem to do a good joint and I could see Candy’s eyes glaze as she looked across at us taking another sip of drink, her legs seemed to open further as she relaxed and it was so tempting.We were all giggling with the effects of the alcohol and smoke, and we both had slight arousal issues, Candy looked up, “Can I ask you a personal question?” she said with a giggle, we both nodded as she took a deep breath, “Do you guys.. um.. suck each other?” she seemed a bit flushed as the question but Mike and I both giggled as Mike answered, “Oh yes, of course we do” and there was definite movement under my shorts as I had a good idea what was going to happen next.“Wow!” she responded as Mike pulled down his shorts, “Ever seen a guy suck another guy?” I asked her with a giggle as I looked down at Mikes stiffening cock, “OMG!” she said, “This is so fucking hot” as I got on my knees in front of Mike and reached forward to take hold of his now erect member slowly rubbing it and pulling the foreskin right back exposing his swollen head and licking the little precum that had oozed out, Mike sighed as his cock disappeared into my mouth and she gasped as I took it all in, I have developed a pretty good gag reflex as Mike’s cock disappeared and my tongue flicked his balls, I withdrew quick and repeated the process as Mike grabbed my head, Candy looked on in amazement, “Fucking WOW!” she sighed as she watched me sucking his rigid cock.I upped the pace as Candy got turned on watching and I saw out the corner of my eye that she had her hand down her panties and was frigging herself, this turned both me and Mike on further and as Candy cried out with her orgasm Mike filled my mouth with his hot creamy spunk, I swallowed as I continued to suck every last drop out of him. Candy regained her breath and sat back up to get her drink as I pulled away from Mikes softening cock.We both looked across at Candy who was slumped on the sofa with her legs wide apart, I think the drink and the smoke had finally taken it’s toll, she smiled but was struggling to keep her eyes open.I looked across at Mike and he nodded his head so I removed my shorts and knelt down in front of Candy looking down at her now wet thong with the string disappearing up the cheeks of her arse, I could smell the musky aroma and as I bent down to get a taste I could feel the heat being generated.I bent down and the smell got stronger which was really turning me on and I wasted no time in getting my tongue to lap up her sweet juices, she didn’t stir but heaved a big sigh as my tongue flicked around and I could feel her little clit stiffen under the thin fabric.I pulled her right to the edge of the sofa and put a cushion under her head and widened her legs as wide as possible which gave out a little gap either side of the gusset which seemed to be sucked in between her wet lips, I could clearly see her fleshy mound with a few stray hairs niğde escort bayan and it was begging for me to lick it, I didn’t disappoint as I explored every inch between her outstretched legs, Mmm!Candy murmured something as I pulled her thong to one side and licked and sucked on her labia lips, she murmured some more and I felt her warm juices fill my mouth, they tasted so sweet.I looked back at Mike who was sitting watching my every move with his now erect again cock in his hand as I raised up with my cock in my hand and teased her wet hole with the swollen tip, I pushed it in and she let out a big sigh and mumbled something which I couldn’t make out, she was wet and she was tight as I slowly pushed in, she didn’t stir but her breathing increased.I was in and I started to slowly thrust, in – out- in – out as I gently tweaked her stiff bullet like nipples, the sighs seem to get louder as I built up a rhythm and the slurping noises increased as Mike stood up and stood by my side wanking while he watched me fucking.Candy’s jaw had dropped and Mike had an idea as I banged away, her walked around to the other side where the sleepy Candy had her head resting and gently rubbed the head of his cock around her lips, her carried on rubbing and slowly pushed the head into her mouth as he milked the shaft, this was great to watch and I knew I was close. I felt my balls tighten and tried to muffle my cries as I felt my hot cum shoot deep into Candy’s belly, Mike grunted as he felt Candy suck on the head and very soon emptied another load into her mouth, her eyes still closed and it plain to see that she swallowed, I pulled out slowly and she murmured something under her breath and Mike pulled away from her head, I gently put her thong back into place and pulled her legs up onto the sofa so she could sleep it off.Mike and I returned to the kitchen and poured another drink and fired up another smoke while Candy recovered, I looked through the hatch and she looked so peaceful laying there in just her little red panties.Mike smiled at me, “How was it buddy?” he asked and I had to tell him that she was nice and tight and congratulated him on his gay play idea, novel concept to put her at ease.We sat chatting and finished off the bottle between us, still both naked sitting in the kitchen when the sleeping beauty appeared at the door holding her head, “What happened?” she asked, “So sorry, I think I passed out” she continued in a somewhat husky voice, I don’t think she realized what had happened and this was confirmed when she came over behind us sitting at the table and put her arms around our shoulders looking down at our soft cocks, “If either of you guys change your orientation then please look me up” she said in that sexy husky voice, we all giggled.“Can I get a drink of water please?” she asked, “I have a funny taste in my mouth” she continued which might have given the game away that one of us had cum in her mouth, I was quick to jump up and pour her a glass which she guzzled down quick.“Thank you so much” she said as she smiled, “Can I borrow a shirt” she asked looking at Mike and he happily jumped up and went upstairs, I turned to face Candy not realizing that she was so close and found my face pressed up against her soft young titties, I could feel her nipple press against my cheek, “Oh so sorry!” I said as my head went back and I focused on her perky little mounds, “Damn nice tits” I said softly which made her giggle. Mike returned with a shirt which she promised to return which made Mike happy and she swiftly put it on and found her skirt. She gave us both a peck on the cheek and thanked us for the drinks as she made her weary way down the path turning and waving as she went. I was hoping that wasn’t the last time we see Candy but only time will tell.