Lunch Break

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Lunch Breakpart 2 continuation of “Wake Up!”After this morning’s “wake up” I couldn’t focus on work all morningmy thoughts are of nothing but youyour flawless creamy white skin, ample breasts and firm round assthe scent of your perfumeyour light brown hair that frames your angelic facethe pout of your full luscious lipsand your eyes, I lose myself in their dreamy caramel lusterI arrive at our meeting spot, the drinking fountain by the supply closetyou’re not there, you’re latewe only have 30 minutes for lunchyou said that you had a surprise for me what could it be…a new restaurant…maybe, but there isn’t any near byperhaps you’re bringing me something for lunch insteadI hope you packed a lot…missing breakfast this morning has made me famished where are you…except for myself the hallway is empty I anxiously look at my watch, no…you’re not late…I’m earlymy lips go dry in anticipation of your arrivalI lean over to get a drinka hand grabs my ass and squeezes firmlyinstinctively I jump causing the water to go up my nose and across my facestraightening up I turn sputtering and see the warm glow of your smiling facebefore I can say anything you grab the lapels of my lab coatpulling me down to where our mouths meet in a passionate kissreaching around you, I return the favor and firmly squeeze your asswe stand there, each locked in the others passionthe sounds of voices down the corridor breaks our deliriumfumbling for the supply closet door I open itwe duck in closing and locking the door behind usmoving behind a shelving unit, away from the door, we renew our embrace with greater ferocitydim light from a small service window illuminates the roomeven in the dim light your beauty glows radiantlylost in the moment I forget all about foodyou are my focus…your very presence is enough to sustain memy hands reach for your blouse, but you grab my wrists and stop meshaking your head, you back away swaying seductively you unbutton your blouseas a snake charmer entrances the cobra with his movementsyour erotic disrobing çanakkale escort entrances meeach article of clothing removed exposes more of you to meyour provocative dance has me mesmerizedyour firm ample breasts spill out as you remove your braturning away from me you bend over wiggling your ass as you remove your pantiesdown to your nylons and garter belt you look back seductively at mereaching back between your legs your hand traces the crack of your ass down to your pussyyou insert a finger into your love hole and then teasingly suck on it as you turn toward meyou look absolutely deliciousagain we embrace…kissing deeplyour hands exploring each others’ bodyI squeeze at your breast with one hand and run my fingers down the crack of your ass with the otheryour hands work their way down my body till they find my rock hard cock and ballswith one hand you stroke my cock while the other cups my balls and gently squeezes thema deep moan from me escapes our kissas if on cue…you drop to your knees before meadmiring my cock you stroke it some more before taking me into your mouthagain I moan as your lips lock around my cockyou begin bobbing up and down my shaftstroking my cock and licking my balls you bring me close…standing you up…I lean you against a cabinetkneeling behind you I spread your ass cheeks and lick your pussya moan comes from you as you spread your legs granting me easier access to your love holespreading your tender folds…your clit peaks out from under its hoodyou gasp as I nibble and suck on your clitoris encouraging it out and making it rock hardpinching and rubbing your clit…I lick your assholeyour moans grow louder as I stick my finger into your love holeyour pussy…already sopping wet…leaks your love juice all over my handstanding behind you I squeeze your legs togethermoving forward I slide my cock between your legs just below your pussynot entering you I rub my cock back and forth against your clitteasing you with every strokeyour moans intensify as you buck back against escort çanakkale me meeting my every thrustthe cabinet rattles with our love making only adding to our guttural moans of passionwhen you can no longer stand it you reach down and position my cock at your entrancepushing back you slide down the length of my shaftstill sore from this morning’s wake up you whimper as your pussy stretches to accommodate my cockthe tender folds of your pussy slowly yield to my invading memberslowly I begin to pump you from behind…driving you into the supply cabinetas whimpers become passionate moans…I increase the speed and depth of my strokesthe cabinet rattles louder with each strokemoans become cries of passion louder and louder your cries getreaching up I cover your mouth trying to muffle your criesa sound keys at the door snaps us out of our euphoria we freeze…not a soundthe door suddenly opens and a woman steps ina female employee…someone I think you knowwithout turning on lights she approaches towards usmy erection grows harder in you she stops at another cabinet…retrieves some items and turns to goa sigh of relief escapes from methe girl freezes…turning she looks back toward uswe hold our breathsshe looks our way…shrugs…then turns and walks outI hear the jingle of keys as she locks the door…then silence…we both exhale our relief and you begin to gigglewiggling tour ass against me you prod me to continuesmiling…I kiss the back of your neck and resume my invasion of your tight holeagain the room fills with the sounds of rattling cabinets and moans of pleasureyour body begins to spasm as you buck harder back to meet my strokesmy balls begin to tighten harder…faster…deeper…objects fall from the cabinet as the rattling increasesthe walls of your pussy clamp around my shaft as your orgasm causes you to cry outfeeling an impending release I drive deeperimpaling you with one last stroke I hold you tight and explodeflooding you with my loveexhausted I lean forward pinning you between çanakkale escort bayan the cabinet and myselfnow only the sounds of heavy breathing fills the roomcatching my breath…I step back and lean against the counteryou turn and embrace me…kissing me as my cum streams down your inner thighsmy cock…still rock hard…presses against your bellystroking my cum covered member you look into my eyes grinning I shrugsmiling radiantly you take a handful of spit and rub your asswhispering to me “I know what you want…”turning you offer up your ass to megrabbing your hips I marvel at your beautiful ass positioning the head of my cum-slick cock at your opening I tease at your anuspushing back you force the head of my cock into your asstight and unyielding…at first I struggle to enterhowever…the combination of your spit and my cum lubes your ass wellwhimpers escape you as short strokes eventually loosen you upas your ass stretches to accommodate me I deepen my strokespounding you from behind causes the cabinet to shake and rattle againmore items fall as I intensify my assault on your asscries of harder…faster…deeper… ring out in your voice continuing to pound your ass I feel my balls tightening againharder…faster…deeper…can’t hold it any longer…driving all the way to the hilt…I explode into your round firm assjets of semen blast into your rectum flooding your ass with my loveslipping out of you I grow weak in the knees and lean back against the counter for supportyou turn…kneel and diligently go about licking and sucking my semi-hard cocksatisfied with cleaning me you stand and we kisstasting the residual cum in your mouth I kiss you more deeplyafter regaining our balance and senses we dress and clean up the spilled suppliesa quick double check to make sure everything’s in placesatisfied we step out of the supply roomI turn from the door and stop suddenly in shock…the female employee from earlier is standing right therelooking at me she smiles and asks “Finished?”turning several shades of red I stammer “Uh-uh” turn and get a drink at the fountainshe gives you a nod and I swear she winked at you as she enters the supply roomone last hug and kiss I whisper in your ear “See you when you get home.”to be continued…part 3 “After Work Surprise”