Live on Me Pt. 04


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I woke up alone and in a daze, an uneasy feeling scratching at my mind but not forming into thoughts. I sat up and turned to the chair that Jessica typically sat in if she woke up before me, but it was empty.

I sighed. Anxiety brewed under the surface as I got up and casually got dressed, but that itch was different. It was trying to remind me of… something.

I contemplated staying in my room and hoping that the prior day’s problems would disappear on their own, but I knew from years of experience with my anxiety that it only festered and brewed into much worse feelings if I didn’t address it properly. Yet the desire was still there, whispering to me with a promise of avoiding the pain.

I shook my head and made my way out to the kitchen to make my breakfast. As I passed through the living room and entered the kitchen, I was surprised to see that Jessica wasn’t lounging around. I poked my head into the basement, but there was no sign of her. Her bedroom door was closed, but I managed to open it just enough to see that Jessica was fast asleep in her bed. The clock on her wall said it was 8am, much earlier than when she typically woke up, and much earlier than I had been waking up as of late.

I felt like I had the house to myself, which was strangely exciting. I started to wonder what I should do with my morning, but my anxiety continued to pull at me and I needed some kind of release.

“Maybe I should go out for coffee…” I muttered, pulling up my contacts and shooting a text to my close friend, Sarah. We used to hang out a lot when I worked with her a few months back, but ever since she switched jobs and her schedule began conflicting with mine, we had drifted apart. She shot back a confused text, but agreed to meet me as soon as she could.


“Layna, how are you girl?” Sarah exclaimed as she approached the small outdoor table for two that I had picked when I arrived at our favorite coffee place, Java Joe’s.

“Hey Sarah, I’ve been doing alright. How are you?” I waved to her as she made her way through the small maze of empty tables to me. She placed a small bag on the ground next to her seat and plopped down.

“I’ve been working my ass off at my new job, but it’s been so rewarding. I’m so glad I left that stupid gorcery store,” she smiled and leaned forward on the table. “Speaking of, did you end up quitting? Or did they fuck with your schedule again?”

“I guess you could say I reached a breaking point and quit,” I laughed nervously, not sure how to broach the subject of my newfound relationship and how Jessica had taken me from my job.

“I am so proud of you, Layna! They seriously did not deserve you there.”

I looked away. I didn’t deserve that compliment. I hadn’t done anything, it was all Jessica…

“So what’s got you down? Seems like a lot’s on your mind.” she said, her energy lowering down in an attempt to match mine. She always had a way of knowing when I felt anxious, like she could feel it in the air.

“Yeah, a lot has happened since I left the store, and I’m not sure what I should be doing. Especially right now.” I admitted timidly. Sarah nodded and pushed her chair back to stand up.

“How about we go in and get our coffee together, and you can tell me what happened. Sound good?” she asked, waiting for me to stand as she smiled. I knew that the more… supernatural aspects of what had been going on would need to be altered in some way to not freak her out, but I called her here for a reason, so…

I took a deep breath, stood up with her, and told her the story of how I moved in with Jessica days after meeting her, and how her science project put me in danger.


“You are the dictionary definition of a U-Haul Lesbian, you know that?” Sarah teased between sips of her coffee. I stirred mine and couldn’t bring myself to take a sip yet. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it works for some people, I just really hope you aren’t getting too carried away, Layna.”

“I know I shouldn’t get carried away like I have. I just… didn’t know what else to do. She really seems to like me, and I just can’t say no to her,” I admitted, laying my head down on the table. Sarah reached across the table and laid her hand on mine. It was overwhelmingly warm.

“Well, from what you told me, it seems like she cares about you and her little project was an accident. Maybe this isn’t the end of the world like you may think it is. Maybe it’s just a bit of a wakeup call, like life is telling you to think about what your relationship Bostancı Türbanlı Escort is with her,” Sarah suggested.

“What if she doesn’t actually care about me and she’s just using me,” I moaned into the table. Sarah gently smacking the top of my head.

“That’s the anxiety talking! You don’t know that, so find out before you let it get you down.”

“I’m also still worried that I’m the reason the experime-“

“That’s still the anxiety talking. You haven’t said anything that would show me that you could have been at fault.” Sarah stated, smacking my words right out of the air. “Accidents happen and sometimes it’s not necessarily anyone’s fault.”

“But what if-“

“Layna, talk to your girlfriend!” she exclaimed, taking my head in her hands and attempting to lift me up so she could look me in the eyes. I complied and she stared at me with her confident gaze. “Asking what ifs is not going to get you anywhere. Neither of us can predict the future. You need to ask her. Not me. Not yourself. Her.” I nodded. Even my anxiety couldn’t talk it’s way out of how much sense she was making. She pulled herself away and sat back.

“It’s hard, but if you can leave that corporate shit hole of a store we both used to work at, you can talk things out with the girl you like,” she smiled and took another drink of her coffee. “The only thing that worries me is that everything revolves around her right now. What about you, Layna? Where are you in this relationship?”

My mind paused for a moment. The question felt foreign. Think of myself in this?

“I… don’t know. I was in a really dark place when she came along,” I stumbled with my words, remembering how horrible I felt when Jessica first looked me in the eyes and asked if I wanted to go with her. Looking back, I had left who I was behind on that bathroom stall floor, only bringing my still breathing body to be with Jessica.

“We all hit some low points, and that’s okay. Life is hard,” Sarah sighed, seeing that she had hit a nerve in me, possibly the nerve at the heart of my struggle. “You’re such a kind person, but please don’t let yourself get carried away in another person’s life and lose sight of yourself. I remember a year or so ago when you wanted to study literature abroad in Europe, or learn about Japanese culture in Japan after you binged 5 whole romance manga in a weekend. I remember when we tried to start our own streaming channel online and we only gained ten followers in the month of work we did with it, but we still had so much fun,” Sarah laughed. I cracked a smile, even through the pain of realizing how lost I had become.

“And Layna, I don’t mean to come across like I’m lecturning you or anything. I’m not even mad or disappointed. I just really want to see you grow and be strong. Because you have it in you, I’ve seen it.”

Jessica once told me the same thing in a dream… that I am strong. I didn’t believe her at the time. Maybe there was some truth to it though.

“Thank you, Sarah. That really means a lot,” I sighed, the pressure releasing from my lungs as the weight of fear slowly lifted from me. Sarah may not know everything about the situation, and she might never know just how strange my life had become, but somehow, she managed to reach down through the fog in my mind and take my hand to pull me in the right direction. She was right. I needed to find my aspirations and face Jessica head on. I needed to keep moving forward.

“We’re friends, Layna. That’s what friends are for. You would have done the same if I were in your shoes.”

We slowly sipped on our coffees for a while longer, dropping the heavy topics and talking about our favorite shows as of late, the newest chapters of our favorite internet comics, and everything else that had been going on in our lives. Sarah admired my new bracelet, transfixed by the bright red band of metal wrapping in and out of the black and white bands.

“Does it stand for anything? I bet the red is for her passion for you,” Sarah said, her gaze implying the sexual nature of my relationship with Jessica. I blushed and looked to the side.

“I mean, maybe… I don’t know. I bet it means nothing,” I blurted, trying to avoid Sarah’s teasing. “That’s like me saying that your purple shirt must mean you think you are royalty!” Sarah’s mouth grew wide and she daintily covered it with a hand.

“Oh my, you actually read right through me! This whole time, I’ve been positioning myself as queen over you! What will you do now that you know?!” she mocked, her fake british accent and arm in the air sarcastically mimicking the most corny performance of a Shakespeare play that you could imagine.

“I’m gonna take the crown for myself, you selfish bitch!” I retorted, reaching across the table toward her. We laughed as she slapped away my hands in an attempt to escape.

I was glad to still have friends to see and play around with, and I made a note to myself to call Sarah more often to see her. Spending so much time with Jessica Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort felt wonderful, but the chance to go out and see friends made me feel like freedom could be positive again.


Jessica began to stir, her arms stretching out in the empty bed. In the back of her head, she expected Layna to be there next to her and felt a pang of loneliness. She hoped the previous day’s events hadn’t scared her little kitten away from her.

She got up and put on a robe to go out to the kitchen. There was nobody there; no signs of movement.

There was a sound at the door, and then it clicked as it swung open. Jessica turned, and sure enough, there I was, coming back from my outing with Sarah.

“Layna, thank goodness it’s just you,” she sighed in relief. I smiled, glad to see she wasn’t keeping her distance or ignoring me.

“I’m happy to see you too, Jessica. Did you just wake up?” I asked, putting down my purse and walking over to her. She wrapped me in her arms, her warmth radiating from under her robe.

“Yeah, I got to bed a bit late last night after everything got wrapped up. How are you doing my darling?” she asked, her concern written on her face as I pulled away.

“I’m okay right now. I just went out for coffee with one of my friends,” I smiled. Jessica nervously shifted. “But don’t worry, I didn’t tell her anything that would freak her out.”

“Well… I figured you wouldn’t but… yesterday…” she stammered, unsure of how to bring it up.

“Yeah, I want to talk about yesterday,” I said, my newfound confidence from Sarah carrying me through to the topic at hand. “I want to make sure you know how I’m feeling and we are on the same page. Are you free now?”

Jessica nodded and sat down at the kitchen table with me. I took a deep breath, briefly organized my thoughts, and let my thoughts and feelings pour out.

“Yesterday was pretty scary, not only because of the trial, but because of what your boss said and how you reacted. On one hand, I want to help you and be yours and stay with you… but on the other hand, I’m realizing that I am losing myself.” I met Jessica’s gaze, mustering up all my energy to stand strong. She sat quietly, her facade staying steady, unwilling to show what emotion was brewing underneath.

“Talking with Sarah today, I realized that I’ve been revolving my life around you and I’ve lost sight of myself in the process. I want to live a life free from pain, and I want to live a life where I feel like I belong somewhere, but… I also want to live a life where I am the best me that I can be. I want to be able to live on and not leave myself on the bathroom floor where you picked me up. I want to stop running from the pain and face it. I want to grow.”

Jessica was silent and nodded slowly. It took her awhile to process it all, but she finally looked up at me with uncertainty.

“I want to support you in finding yourself,” She replied. “And if that means giving you space to grow and be who you want to be, then I want to do so. I can’t apologize enough for what happened. I didn’t realize how deeply the trial could affect you, and I let myself get carried away trying to protect you. I’m so sorry for putting you in that situation.” She took a breath and tried to smile.

“It was an accident, it was nobody’s fault, Jessica,” I reassured her, reaching to take her hand. It felt cold.

“But if this has helped you find your inner strength to keep your light shining Layna, I think it was all worth it. Whether or not I get to see it, your kindness and your heart are so valuable to the world.”

Jessica stood up and turned, tears threatening to fall down her face. Layna was going to leave her, and she needed to accept it. She could feel the possessive hunger within her growing already, and it scared her.

“Jessica, wait,” I exclaimed, reaching out and taking Jessica’s arm. She stopped, her hand limp in the air and her head turned away from me.

“I don’t want to leave you. I care about you. I admire you. I just needed you to know how I feel. I can’t promise that I’ll be here with you forever, but I’m not leaving now.” I said, hoping that my words would reach her. On my way home, I considered that my feelings could hurt her, but I didn’t realize how much it would hurt me to see her reaction.

Jessica’s tears started to fall from her face as she looked back at me. She was afraid.

“I don’t want to let you go,” she cried. I pulled myself closer to her and wrapped my arms around her. I was reminded that even an immortal being isn’t exempt from emotion and pain.

“I know Jessica, I know. It’s okay. You don’t need to be afraid,” I breathed, rubbing her back as she held onto me.

“I love you, Layna… I really do. I don’t want to hold you back, but I don’t want you to leave my life,” she cried, her words pulling tears from my eyes. She had always held back her inner feelings for fear that I would be scared of them, but now, here she was, expressing them to me Bostancı Ucuz Escort in her most vulnerable moment of fear. I ran my hand along her back, trying to sooth her like she had soothed me time and time before.

“I love you too, Jessica. I really do. But I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t learn to love myself. I hope you can understand that.”

We shared a few more minutes together like that, my arms around her as she poured her feelings out. I felt like I had broken a barrier, letting pressure release from our lives, but also opening opportunities for growth and movement. The air smelled fresh and new.

Jessica composed herself and pulled away from me, wiping her eyes and nose with a nearby dish towel.

“I’m so selfish for wanting to keep you to myself, but I can’t help it,” she said, a smile running across her face.

“It’s okay to be selfish, Jessica. I love you and don’t want to leave you quite yet,” I reminded her. She nodded and sniffled.

“You’d think after all this time, I would have learned to let people go, but every time it’s just as hard as the last.”

“Think of it this way: I’ll still be alive if I end up going out to find myself. I’ll still be able to visit. I’ll still be able to call.” I said, taking her hand. She squeezed it and we looked in each other’s eyes.

“You’re right, Layna,” she admitted. She bit her lip. “Tonight… would you… stay in my room with me?”

I smiled from ear to ear.

“I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else.”


After our conversation, Jessica reluctantly went to work and I spent my day running errands and gathering anything I needed to make my living space feel more like my home. For so long, it felt like I was a guest in Jessica’s house, but I was determined to change that.

I took a trip to my apartment to find that it was untouched since I had last been there nearly two weeks prior. I gathered some pictures, books, and other things that felt important to me and brought them back with me to Jessica’s place. I even brought over my computer and my old playstation that I booted up every now and again to play Spyro the Dragon and Final Fantasy. After rearranging and setting everything up in my room, I got to work making myself some dinner and searching the web for job ideas, educational opportunities, and volunteer work. Even though Jessica provided me with money and a living space, I felt like I needed a direction to head in or a goal to work toward. I wanted to feel fulfilled. As I finished my dinner, Jessica came up from her work.

“Hey Layna, you’ve been running around like a busy bee today,” she remarked, sitting down next to me.

“Yeah, I brought over some of my old stuff from my apartment and I have been doing research on job ideas. I want to have more direction in my life. I wanna feel productive and accomplished for once,” I said, my new found drive making Jessica smile.

“You are really getting pumped, Layna! That’s so exciting. Let me know if you need anything while you search around,” she replied, taking my hand in hers. “And don’t forget our promise to spend the night together. I’ve just got a quick business call, but I can meet you in the bedroom in an hour or so. Does that work for you?” She bit her lip.

“Of course, I’ll be waiting,” I purred, giving her a kiss on the cheek. She grinned and pulled me back toward her.

“Look at you, being all seductive. That’s supposed to be my job.”

We flirted for a few minutes before her phone rang and she had to return to her work. I cleaned up the kitchen and went to my room to prepare for the night. I opened the closet and walked to the back where the lingerie neatly hung.


Jessica leaned back in her desk chair and sighed. There were too many surprises today, and her focus was off. Mr. Belero had just chewed her out over the phone for half an hour, and she was more than ready to leave work behind and let herself go. That dragon of a man may have a big say over her work life, but she would never let him get between her and her love life.

She stood and let her lab coat fall from her arms onto the floor. She took the stairs two at a time and immediately went to her bedroom.

She opened the door, and stepped inside, frozen there for a moment as she admired the beautiful creature before her.

I looked into her eyes as she entered, and her gaze glided over every inch of my skin before she began to move toward me.

I had found a beautiful set of purple lingerie adorned in black lace. The bra fit perfectly, barely covering my nipples and pulling my breasts together. The panties were tight, but accentuated my ass and hips. I assumed they wouldn’t be on long anyway, so the minor discomfort was tolerable. A matching garter belt hung around my hips and hooked down to a thin pair of thigh high stockings. I had my hair up in a ponytail with small tassels of stray hairs framing my face. I smiled at her speechless expression. I could feel the desire in the air as she stepped toward me.

“Layna… you look so gorgeous all dolled up like this…” she gawked, stroking my arms and face before sitting down.

“I did it just for you Jessica. Tonight, I’m all yours. Don’t hold yourself back and take everything you need, okay?” I purred, looking to her eyes. She grinned and her face flushed.