Lisa’s Lust Ch. 2


First Blows

When we left off, the Jacuzzi-sized circular tub was filling up with hot water, Lisa had removed her robe and was kneeling in the tub; she had positioned me sitting on the edge of the tub, and my cock was pointing right at her face. Never in the time I had known her had I imagined this would actually take place, feeling her press up against me, in the flesh, like this.

The tub was circular, as I’ve said, but the whole shower/tub area was square, and in one of the corners was another of the green bottles of bubble bath, exactly like the one she had left for me in Anaheim 2 months ago. In the other corner against the wall was a pink plastic bag – it looked like a lunch bag sealed with Velcro.

“So has it really been since you were growing up that you had your last bubble bath?” she said. Her voice was sexy, deep but feminine and soft. I was sure that her voice, her cute face, and her hair, along with her oversized chest, were one part of what made her successful in her career…along with serious smarts, great communication skills, an outstanding “subtle-yet-sexy” style of dress, and tenacity. “I was probably 8 or 9, last time” I mumbled as she turned away from me. She reached over to the far corner for the green bottle, uncapped it, not looking at me, and squirted half the bottle directly under the faucet. Hot water was gushing out of the faucet, and she turned backed toward me on her knees, dropping her hands to the water to swirl in the bubble bath liquid. Bubbles were forming, lots of them, and the water was maybe 1/3 full now. The tub itself was deep, probably 3 feet, and there was a small seating area on the left and right hand sides sticking out maybe 10/12 inches into the tub, which was about 5 feet across.

“I bet you didn’t know what to do with this, back then, huh?” she flirtingly asked, grabbing my erection with her warm, wet left hand as she edged closer to me and looked into my eyes. “No, I don’t think I did, and I’m still not sure I do” I stammered, “but maybe you can help me learn”. I probably sounded like I was pleading for it.

Now her big tits were poking me in the inner thighs…I had spread my legs wider to giver her whatever access she might want, and she edged closer, looking me in the eyes all the way, then bowed down her head, opened her mouth – I saw her tongue come out, it nearly made me pass out – and I felt her take my Sinop Escort dick into her luscious mouth, her thick lips were parted wide, rubbing the sides, her tongue caressed the length of my shaft, her inner cheeks made contact on both sides. She put her hands on the sides of my ass, coming up to tell me “you don’t know how I’ve wanted to touch your perfect ass for so long”, then she moved her head back down on my now-wet and leaking dick, flickering her tongue to clean up the leakage, then going all the way down ’til I felt the tip of it in her throat. She came back up…”enjoy this, it’s just the start”…and back down.

I rested my left hand on her shoulder, looking over her head to see her perfectly-shaped back…a little “v” she had, from her running and fitness routine, coming down from her shoulders and silky-smooth dark hair, then a wide angle out to her oversized hips and big ass cheeks. Her big hips obviously gave her a big ass, but I could see as she bobbed her head up and down and all around my cock that it was firm, and smooth, and I so badly wanted to turn her around, scoot my legs between hers, slide my feet to the other side of the tub, in a 69 position, and with my hands on that large, taut ass lick her ass, her whole crack, plunge my tongue into her pussy, slide fingers up into her as I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue until she came hard and began begging me to fuck her from behind, from underneath, with her feet on my shoulders, with everything I had.

But, I remembered, we had time, and she had planned this, and – holy shit! – she was bringing me to the best orgasm I could remember with expert fellatio. She must have felt the tension stiffen me up like a board, and in a few more seconds, I’d give anything to see my expression – I felt my world explode into her mouth, my eyes close, “Lisa, Lees…myyy God, Lees…myyy God…suck it down, sweet heart, suck it down, suuuuck” I moaned, and then I felt the first long gulp, her mouth trying so hard to take in every drop, to swallow my full load, to drain the cum from me into her. She did suck it all down, I’d thought, suck til my dick began softening, til it started to hurt. I placed my left hand on her cheek, she must have known that was a signal because she rose up, onto her knees, she moved even closer, my semi-hard dick was hanging just below her awesome tits, nipples bulging Sinop Escort Bayan out, touching me in the stomach. She pulled me to her lips, and as I parted them with mine she shared the half-a-mouthful of my cum with me, swirling it in so I tasted the sticky, salty substance that she had just brought out of me. It was the sexiest thing ever done for me to that point, it brought my dick back to life, at least a little (I remembered the amazing spring-to-life, constantly-hard dick of 16-19; thought those days were gone forever – but not with Lisa and her imaginative lovemaking and seduction).

We kissed for several minutes. It gave me the opportunity to drop my hands, as I’d so wanted, and feel the sides and the underbelly of those mammoth, well-shaped tits of hers, stroking the already-hard nipples – they seemed to harden even more. “Filling up” she said, nodding at the tub when we stopped our French-kiss embrace, pulling away from me with my almost-hard again cock falling down after losing the support of her full chest. She turned fully around, turned off the faucets. Her hips and ass were facing my face now, I could see the side of her left breast falling from her chest. She reached across, into the “lunch bag”, and pulled out a hair scrunchie – a black one – as she pulled her up into a half-ponytail, I said “please, stay just like that, you are so beautiful from where I sit”.

With that, she sort of froze up, and I could see she sort of knew when she stood up, leaned herself forward, her ass right in front of me. She put her hands on either side of the wall in front of her, near where the corners met so that one hand was on each wall. Her thighs suddenly spread for me, as if by magic, and the dark hair of her neatly-trimmed pussy was so close to me, I could – and I did – reach out and touch it. It was warm, moist – “from the water or the desire?” I asked myself – and meaty, and my index and middle fingers slid right in when I parted the outer lips. She was very riled up, I could see, and the little “ohhh, yes” whimper she let out as I first penetrated her sanctuary with the tips of my fingers was full confirmation of that. I moved forward, the water up to my upper thigh, touching the bottom of my sack, I felt. I put my hand on the sides of Kathy’s ass, leaned into her, and licked her gently from the underside where her sweet pussy lay, all the way Escort Sinop up to her anus and beyond. She whimpered again, soft and gentle moans started coming out as I nuzzled her anus with my nose and licked the area between there and her vagina, the tip of my tongue skating down just a bit with the first few licks to find the spot I would later penetrate with my whole lust. Then I moved south with my hands and my tongue, and I plunged my thick tongue up into her vagina. I put my finger very gently on her anus, where it stayed for the next 10 minutes or more, stroking gently, forgotten as the rest of my attention was fully concentrated on licking her pussy walls, sucking her pussy into my mouth, feeling her with my tongue. After a few minutes of this, my nose drooped down until it found her clit, which was small and hard and bulbous. She began shifting in position, “getting tired?” I thought to myself, then answered silently to no one “no, her steam is building up – it’s been awhile since a man has taken the time to pleasure her fully”. As I licked and caressed her clitoris with my tongue, my hand finally came free of her anus, and slid down into her now-dripping pussy. 3 fingers slid in, the thumb came up to help with her clit, nubbing as I nibbled it, licked it, sucked it hard, then soft. Lisa began a deep moan with this action, “ohhhhhhh, ooooohhhh” and “take me there” (I’d never heard this before, but she used it subconsciously, I later found out). Finally, with my 3 fingers sliding in and out of her, my teeth, tongue, and thumb fondling her clit, and my cum deep inside both of our stomachs, she bucked her legs and hips just a bit, nearly screamed out “I’m c-c-uuuu-mmmmmmmm-ing, c-c-uuuuuu-mmmmm-ing” 6 or 7 times in a row. I heard the water splash below me, hitting my balls and splashing my cock, now fully-erect once more, as she mashed her pussy down on to my tongue and nose and whole face, “cum you, cum for me, cum hard baby” (where had I learned these words? they were pouring out of me). I licked her until she shook, until her shaking stopped, until her trembling started, until it stopped, until I could almost feel her chest heaving while she tried to catch her breath, until she finally collapsed off the wall, came back down with me into the tub, then sat on the little seat on the right hand side, motioned me over to sit next to her, and told me “you are my lover and my friend now; nothing can ever change that”. She pushed the Jacuzzi button behind us on he wall. As the jets started, she opened the faucet again to fill up the tub. She squirted the remainder of the bubble-bath liquid into the tub, and as she turned back to me I could only imagine what was next.