Lisa part2

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Lisa part2Lisa woke up. She didn´t feel as bad as earlier. She didn´t felt so bad but she knew she was still sick. Her anal-opening was „wet“. It was because of the lubrication on the thermometer and of course the suppositories. It always happend when she was little and her mother took her temp, of course in the ass. She started thinking about when she was little and got her temp taken. At that time, it always hurt a little. That was just because she didn’t ever relax so of course it hurted a little. Her mother just saw when she wasn´t feeling good and she said almost always to Lisa: „You don´t look so good“. „Let me feel your forehead“ She put her hand on Lisa´s forehead and felt she was warm. „I need to take your temperature“ „Oh mom I´m ok“ Lisa said. It didn´t matter what Lisa said. She always ended up, laying down on her tummy, having her mother take her underpants down. Then she layed there, fully exposed, waiting for her mother to insert the cold thermometer in her rectum. The 3 minutes was like forever and she remember how much she hated this. Lisa decided to take a shower to clean her ass and try to get fresh. When she came from shower the door opened. Her mother came in. „Hi love, how are you doing?¨ her mother said. „I´m ok, I feel alot better“ Lisa said. Lisa was wearing a white sport-trousers karabük escort and you could see she was wearing a thong. „I have to take your temperature like the doctor said“ Lisa´s mother said. „It´s ok mom, I´m feeling fine. I´ll just stay at home the rest of the day and tomorrow and then I´ll be just fine“ Lisa said. „Honey, I don´t want to argue now. Just go to bed and get ready“. „Mooooooom this is stupid. I´m 22 years old. At least I can do it by myself“ Lisa said. „Just go to bed and get ready. I don´t want to argue. I need to see if you have fever so just do as your told or I´ll spank you“ her mother said. You couldn´t argue with her mother. She was very strict. She was a very good mom, although she was so strict. When Lisa did well, she felt that. Also when she did not do well… then she definetely felt that. She spanked her without mercy, always on the bare and after Lisa got spanked, she didn´t get out of the line for a long long time. Lisa didn´t want to argue more with her mother so she took to bed. She layed on her tummy and took her white trousers down. Then she took her white thong down. She layed there and her mother came in. „Do you have any vaseline honey?“ Lisa´s mother asked. „No, why?“ „Just for the thermometer. It´s ok, I´ll find something. Just relax honey“. Her mother actually karabük escort bayan was very nice. Even though she spanked her and took her temperature in her lovely behind she wasn´t bad at all. She was just old fashioned but she ment well. She didn´t take Lisa´s temp in her anal because she liked it. Absolutely not. Like everyone else in the world, Lisa used her asshole to get rid of shit (not nice said but that´s just the way it is). Her mother wasn´t interested in coming close to that hole and see her daughter naked. Of course not, it´s her daughter for gods sake. But like I said, she was very old fashioned. When she was young, her parents were also very strict. Of course she always got her temp taken in her ass. At this time it was the only method. Lisa´s mother came back to her room with the thermometer and a tube of Aloe Vera gel. She removed the thermometer from it´s cover and put the Aloe Vera gel on the thermometer. „Just relax honey, it will only take a minute“ Lisa´s mother said. She spread her cheeks and tried to put the thermometer in but Lisa got hurt. „Fuck be carefull“ Lisa said. „Whatch your mouth“ her mother said as she put the thermometer in her ass again. Many people think that you can just put the thermometer in the ass in no time and nothing does matter. That´s escort karabük wrong. If you hit the wrong place of the butthole, you can hurt the person alot, even though you don´t do him any damage. Her mother always put the thermometer far up her rectum because she didn´t keep her hand on her bottom when she took her temp. She just put it long enough up her little tight ass so it was ok if the thermometer got a little bit out of the ass. About 3 mintues later her mother removed the thermometer. Lisa always liked when the thermometer was removed but she didn´t tell anyone. It was just so embarrassing, showing her private parts to her mother. Of course you could also see a part of her vagina and it was just so embarrassing. When she got to the swimming pool with her mother, then it was no problem being naked in front of her. But being naked, laying in bed and having her mother spread her buttcheeks apart and put some glass thermometer in her ass, it just wasn´t so good. „You still have fever honey“ her mother said. Her mother gave her a suppository and then they watched a movie in Lisa ´s bedroom. After the movie, Lisa´s mother took her temp again and she still had fever. Her mother decided to stay with Lisa and take care of her little princesse and it wasn´t until 2 days later that Lisa was ok and then she had her temp taken in her lovely little asshole for many times and she was very happy that now it was all over and she definetely knew that she would under any circumstances call her mother again if she felt ill. That would just cause a pain in the ass 🙂