Linda’s Lips


Growing up, little Linda had always been embarrassed by the size of her lips. Everyone told her how pretty they were, but to Linda they seemed way out of proportion. When she looked in the mirror, her button nose and wide-set eyes seemed to disappear and all she could see was her huge soft mouth, naturally red, glowing between the thick strands of her chestnut hair. Her lips were beautifully shaped, Linda could see that, but it made her uncomfortable that they were so big and drew so much attention. She could always see strangers staring at them. And friends too. Especially boys.

And then one day Linda’s embarrassment disappeared in the space of a few unforgettable minutes. She was necking with a boy a year or two older than she was. They were alone in a shelter out in the woods that Linda had helped to build, and as they kissed and pressed together, Linda could feel how excited her older boyfriend was. He met no resistance when he took Linda’s hands and moved them to the straining lump in his pants. Eagerly, she unzipped his jeans and took his out his big cock. She gazed lustfully at it – it was far from being the first cock she’d ever seen, or handled, but it was definitely the biggest. Slowly, expertly, she began to rub it.

`D’you want to do it?’ Linda’s boyfriend murmured. Linda shook her head. Getting pregnant was the last thing she wanted to have happen. She went on stroking the huge, hot, awesome cock in her hands, hoping to make him spurt as she’d made other boys spurt, during the past year. `You could do it a different way,’ she heard the boy say, and then he was gently pressing Linda’s pretty face down towards his purplish, straining cockhead.

That was when Linda discovered what the glory of her lips was for. As she licked and laved the big cockhead, her cunt contracting with excitement, her stomach fluttering in ecstasy, she glanced up at the boy whose cock she was kissing and saw the rapture on his face. His eyes were focussed, as if his life depended on it, on the place where her big soft full lips worked on his cock. Linda had never seen anything like the intensity of fasci nation that she could now see in the boy’s blue eyes, and when she took his cock into her gorgeous mouth she thought he was going to go crazy, moaning at her not to stop.

Stop? She never wanted to stop swabbing and sucking at the huge slick pole between her lips, it was as if she had discovered her life’s purpose. Linda’s unbridled enthusiasm was too much for her boyfriend and it was only a few moments before the big cock in her mouth swelled up and Linda knew she was going to get a mouthful of the luscious semen she had often licked off her hand but never yet taken full on her teenaged lips.

Now the boy was in the throes of by far the greatest orgasm he had ever experienced, and he was battling to keep his eyes open. Gazing back into his furious gaze as she nursed his huge cock to a climax, Linda could see what he was going through. She had never felt such power or such ecstasy in her life. She rubbed her spasming cunt against the boy’s knee as he suddenly tore his cock from her big, swollen lips and pointed the erupting cockhead at them. Linda stared lustfully at the beautiful, slick head, stretched, it seemed, to bursting point. She glanced up at the boy’s eyes, which seemed to have turned a more intense, glittering shade of blue, as he gazed down at his cock twitching against her soft, pillowy lower lip, about to erupt, and orgasm rushed up his body. `All…over…’ he gasped, grunting as he fought to draw breath,`Say it, say you want it… want it all… over.- .. your Sinop Escort mouth!’

His own words brought him off before Linda could speak, and she watched with a kind of fascination that transcended her own orgasm, as the shuddering, rigid boy painted her big lips with spurt after spurt of thick, cling ing white spunk. Jacking off like a madman, yet concentrating with all his might on Linda’s mouth, he managed to land every charging squirt of his thick cum on her lips until even Linda’s lavish, gorgeous lips were covered and invisible under the tangy white custard of his boyish spunk.

Then he watched, panting and gasping with the exhaustion of his gigantic orgasm, as little Linda extended her spoon-shaped tongue, then slowly, steadily licked his hot spunk off her lips and ate it all.

That had been the start of it – of Linda’s own discovery that the taste and smell and feel of spunk on her lips and in her mouth were enough to bring her to a huge, wrenching orgasm, sometimes without even touching her sizzling cunt. And at the same time there was the discovery of what her huge, beautiful lips meant to the males she sucked off: how they watched with crazed excitement as the wet red spongy rose of her young mouth plunged slowly down and pulled up their cock, drawing the spunk up from their balls. Linda loved to see them watching her puffy, swollen mouth with a demented intensity, as if watching themselves fucking the softest and most beautiful red-lipped cunt in the world, lusciously splayed around their penis, with a cute button nose above it and eyes that followed every movement of their cock and yet kept glancing back at their eyes to measure their excitement.

And then the cum. For the men she sucked off it was rarely enough to drain their madly over-heated balls into Linda’s big lips. They had to see it happen. On her swollen lips. She loved the way they seemed to go crazy – watching their hugely straining cockhead as the tiny cock-lips parted and the first hot rope jetted onto Linda’s waiting, pouted, perfectly shaped mouth – gazing in ecstasy at the spunk draping her wonderful cocksucker’s pout, and stroking madly to fire another thick warm rope of it, and another, shooting and spattering onto Linda’s already soiled mouth, onto the tender expanse of soft, pink, swollen tissue that contrasted so sweetly with the thick white cum-jelly.

By the time she was twenty, her fabulously full lips were Linda’s proudest possession. And cocks were her full-time obsession. Sometimes she wondered if she would ever find one big enough to match her fantasies. Big enough to match her lips.

Lately, she had discovered the riding stables nearby that many of her friends had been frequenting for years, while Linda herself had been more wrapped in boys than horses. Now she had discovered riding, with a vengeance. Or more precisely, horses. The first time she had glimpsed the huge tool carried by her favorite stallion, the aptly named Brutus, she had had to go home and masturbate herself to exhaustion, imagining the waterfall of spunk he would produce. And picturing herself in front of the erupting cock, receiving it all on her open lips.

And one day, when Linda had crept softly back into the stables after her riding lesson, to take a private peek at Brutus’s cock and fuel her fantasies, she was about to stretch her strong, slim hand out to touch it for the first time when she heard a groan from the hayloft above her.

Standing very still, Linda could hear a low, human grunting and the sound she knew so well, of a hand beating a cock towards orgasm. Sinop Escort Bayan As the grunting grew in intensity, Linda figured she wouldn’t be heard if she climbed up the hayloft ladder as quietly as she could and took a peek.

As she poked her head cautiously up into the hayloft, she could see a man, not ten feet away from her, lying on the hay bales and totally wrapped up in bringing himself off. His jeans and undershorts were pulled down, and for a moment Linda thought the huge thing sticking up between the guy’s legs was someone else’s forearm with a fist on the end of it. But it wasn’t. It was a cock like no cock she’d ever seen before, hugely long and sinewy, with a soft, shiny pink head on it as big as any apple she’d ever brought to her lips.

She recognized the guy, too. His name was Danny, he was around forty years old and related to the owner of the stables – some said he was a cousin who’d spent time abroad, others said Danny was the owner’s long lost brother and that he’d just been let out of jail. Either way, Linda knew Danny had a smile that made her cunt twitch in response, and a bulge in his jeans she’d noticed the first time she saw him cleaning out the stables.

At the moment she recognized him, Danny met her eyes, and froze. The silence held for the longest time, but Linda was aware that Danny’s gigantic cock lost not one iota of its stiffness as she and Danny gazed at each other in embarrassed silence. Finally Danny gave a shrug, and grinned.

`Hell, little girl,’ he said, `you been around horses, I bet this isn’t the first time you seen one like this.’

`It’s the first time I’ve seen one…like that…on a man,’ Linda managed to say, still without moving from where she stood on the ladder, peering up at Danny.

`I guess,’ said Danny contemplatively, eyeing his monumental erection. `Ain’t seen too many this size, myself. Even on a horse.’ He smiled at her. `Kinda inconvenient, to tell you the truth. A mare might appreciate it, but most women don’t want it near them.’

`They don’t?’ Linda said.

`Scares ’em. Hurts’ em, too, I guess, most of the time.’ Danny noticed the rapt, intoxicated attention little Linda was giving to his cock. `You go on down now, girl, and let me finish what I started.’

For a moment they gazed at each other in silence, listening to Brutus stamping and snorting in the stall below.

`Must I?’ Linda breathed.

`Face it, honey,’ Danny grinned, `I’m too old for you. You wouldn’t be interested in an old guy like me.’ But he could see from her expression that this was anything but the truth.

`You’re not old,’ Linda heard herself say, and, as her head swam with the sheer excitement of gazing at Danny’s huge, throbbing monster of a penis, `And you’ve got the most beautiful fucking cock I’ve ever seen. Please… please let me stay. I just want to watch.’

`You want to watch, hunh?’ said Danny softly, starting to stroke his giant cock once more.

`Oh, please,’ Linda murmured, inching her way up the ladder and towards Danny, like a puppy squirming towards a friendly hand. `Please, I want to watch it close up. Please let me…’

`Jesus,’ Danny muttered, `You come that close, you’re going to get it all over you when I shoot off.’

Linda nodded, her face now barely a foot away from the immense cock and Danny’s furiously masturbating hand. God, she could feel the heat of it even from there. Her mouth was salivating at the sight of the great satiny head, fully four inches across. `I’d like that,’ she whispered. `Will you shoot off on me? I want Escort Sinop to watch it. I want to feel it landing on my face. Oh please… will you let me kiss it?’

`Christ, girl,’ Danny moaned, giving in completely now to Linda’s hot, lewd words, `you’re like a jerk-off fantasy come true, d’you know that? I’ve never seen lips as full and pretty as yours. You mean to say you’d take my jizz on them?’

`I’d eat it off your cock all day,’ Linda murmured, bringing her lips to within inches of Danny’s pounding hand. `I’ve dreamed of a cockhead like yours, but I never thought I’d see a real one cum. Oh please… don’t you want me to kiss it before you spunk off?’

Slowly, she brought her begging, ecstatic lips to his giant cockflesh.

`Oh fuck, oh fuck,’ Danny gasped, stilling his hand for a moment as he watched Linda’s fabulous suck mouth pout into a series of soft luscious kisses on the wide, flat, burning hot head of his straining cock.

`Will you shoot on my face?’ Linda whispered, between kisses carefully, lovingly delivered to every inch of the throbbing, giant cockhead. At intervals she raised up, watching Danny’s eyes and grinned at him, then lowered her face again to make lewd, exaggerated pouts over Danny’s gaping piss-slit. He stared, quaking, feeling his legs start to shudder uncontrollably as orgasm overtook his muscular body.

He had never seen as lush a pair of lips as Linda’s – and to watch them now, pouted right over his cock, pushed crazily out into a rose of mouth-flesh longing for his cum-blast… such a big soft dripping pout… Christ, the little bitch’s mouth was almost as big as his cockhead – and the way she was talking him off…

`Please,’ he watch her murmur, `Will you? Will you shoot on my little face? If I stick my tongue into your piss-slit, will you fire your semen into my mouth?’

`Jesus, girl, I can’t hold back,’ Danny groaned, and began to jack his grossly distended, muscular cock-shaft with all his might, unable to take his eyes off the incredibly pretty, oversize lips pouting sweetly at his huge hard shiny fruit of a cockhead. God, the little angelic bitch was begging for the deluge of his spunk all over her face! With her tiny face and huge mouth dwarfed by his immense cockhead, she looked like a sweet-faced, sensual fairy lapping at the penis of some creature of a different, far larger species. A sensual angel who knew exactly what she wanted…

`Cum on my mouth, cum on my mouth, fucking drown me in spunk, you beautiful fucking great cock,’ Linda was muttering wildly in time with Danny’s jack-off strokes, `Drench me in cum, soak me, spunk off on me, spunk off on my pretty lips, I’ve been dreaming about drinking from a cock like this, and know you’ve been dreaming of a mouth like mine… ready like this for your spunk… kissing and licking and begging and pouting…’

`Aaaghhhh!!!’ Danny roared as the first great stringy eruption of his paste-thick cum ribboned Linda’s heavenly face from chin to hairline, and he watched her moan and jerk in orgasm as she tongue-lashed his piss-slit, pleading for more. Over and over, the ropes of thick semen jelly tore out of his cockhead to deluge Linda’s face and coat the pulpy expanses of her exquisite mouth. Danny watched each one, aimed them again and again across her cheeks and cum-coated lips and cum-coated button nose, gazing into her wide-set eyes which told him over and over again how much she loved the feel and the taste and the scent of his hot spunk.

He was sure he had never cum so much, and Linda, even in her fantasies of huge-cock cum-blasts, had never imagined her whole face could be so deliciously masked in rich, gluey semen…..and as she gazed up at Danny through the caking layers of clinging white jelly-cum, they both knew it would be the first of many wonderful encounters…