Like a Fantasy Island


It was just like Fantasy Island. We arrived by a plane that landed in the water. We were met at the dock by a man dressed in a white suit. He led us to our bungalow on the north side of the island where the beaches were crystal clear and the temperature was in the mid eighties. The bungalow was perfect with sides that raised and allowed a comfortable breeze to blow through. He showed us around the area filled with exotic plants and flowers with wonderful colors. You see the outside shower and I tell you that will come in handy as the location is right off of the beach and bedroom. Our host tells us that this is one of four bungalows, as one is one each corner of the island. Normally they are all occupied at the same time with couples such as us. Our host also tells us there is a central meeting place in the center of the island where we can go to socialize and meet the other occupants for drinks or meals. Our luggage has arrived and we are ready to change for a swim.

You slip out of your clothes and slip into that new bathing suit you have been dying to tease me with. It is a two piece with very little to cover you with. Now I know why you shave off all but a tiny patch of your pussy hair. The only covering on your breasts are two triangles that cover your nipples. The first time I see you my mouth drops and my tongue pops out like a dog ready to lick its owner. You tease me and run down to the water. As we start swimming your triangles covering your nipples slip to the side allowing full view of two hard nubs. I come to you and start sucking your hard nipples into my mouth and fondling the loose one. You reach down and find my dick growing in your hand. You guide it to your pussy and slide the fabric to the side. You wrap your arms around me and start pumping on my dick. You slip one of your hands between us to tease your clit to a sexy frenzy. We both climax together and finish with a tongue to tongue kiss. We stroll out of the water to lie down on the blanket on the beach. With your nipples still showing you decide to take your top off and get a better tan. We lay there sunning until dinner time.

We return to the hut to change for dinner. We slip on shorts and you add a skimpy tube top. It barely covers your breasts and bounces as you walk. I tell you that I will have a bulge in my shorts just watching you. We walk on the path to the center of the island where the meals are served. As we enter we notice two other couples already eating and they wave and say hi. We return the greetings. We go to our table and sit as we listen to the piano player in the corner of the room. We order to lava flows Sinop Escort and our meal. The lava flows arrive and they are just like the ones from Hawaii. You say this is going to be a wonderful place. Our food arrives, crab legs for you and lobster for me. I like watching you eat the legs when you use your tongue to guide the strips into your mouth. You suck on the end of the leg like you are sucking on me. It drives me crazy. We both enjoy several more drinks until we have a mild buzz and are enjoying the sight of each other.

One of the other couples has finished eating and is getting up to dance to the music. The couple seems to fit each other nicely. As they dance they start to slowly dirty dance. They are rubbing all over each other. There is a flash of one of the women breasts that she slowly covers back up. You notice that the husband has developed a lump in the front of his pants. We watch and giggle with each other. I ask if you think they are sexy and you just nod yes at me. You ask if I want to dance. I say yes, if it is a dirty dance also. You get up and wiggle your tush at me as an invitation. I get up immediately and join you.

As we are dancing the other couples has started kissing and are pressed tight together. I spin you and your top nearly falls off. I bend over and kiss the exposed portion of your tit. You reach up and guide my lips to yours and forget where we are. When you open your eyes you notice that the other man is sucking on his wives nipple and stops when he sees you looking. They decide it is time for them to leave. After the sight of that, you decide that we need to leave too. Your pussy has a sudden ache to be licked and fingered. I follow your lead and guide you back across the island to our hut. On the way we kiss and you pull me into a patch of soft grass surrounded by flowers. The smell is intoxicating and drives us into some wild sex. You roll your top down and start rubbing your gorgeous tits. I am unzipping your shorts and pulling at your panties. I smell that they are soaked with your juices. You reach at my shorts and pull them off. You cry out that you need me inside of you. I plunge into you with no effort. You are slippery with your juices. We both have instant orgasms. You tell me that it was erotic watching that other couple and it made you so horny. We gather our things and head to the hut for the night. We relax in the hot tub before going to bed.

Day 2 — Our first full day in paradise!

We awaken to a new day in paradise with a breakfast in bed. I have an omelet and you have pancakes with strawberries. We lie around in bed and plan our events. Sinop Escort Bayan We start with an early swim that turns into a nude romp in the surf. Watching you run around naked in the water starts making the front of me rise. You see this and come to me and give me a deep kiss while you start rubbing my dick. When it is fully hard you turn around and have me enter your pussy from the rear. I blow and kiss on your neck at the same time. My arms wrap around you and fondle your hard nipples. You slip your hand down between your legs and rub your hot and juicy pussy. The feel of my cum exploding inside of you send you into a climax. We decide to go back up on the beach and do some sunbathing.

After a couple of hours we get dressed and head in for lunch. When we arrive at the center hut we gather some food from the buffet. We sit with the couple we saw dancing the night before. We find out that they are from Florida and have been there for three days. They tell us about a pond with a waterfall that is on the island. We finish lunch and part ways. When we leave we decide to explore the island and head off on a different trail.

After walking for an hour we can hear the waterfall in the short distance. As we approach we hear some giggling and splashing. As we get closer we start finding some clothes on the trail. We crouch behind a tree and spy another couple already in the pond. They are swimming around the bottom of the waterfall. We can tell they are nude so we decide to wait until later to return. We take another trail and discover a very secluded pond that is easy to miss. We decide to stop and see how the water feels. I sit down to take my shoes off and watch you undress. You tell me to relax and just watch as you move around and perform a strip tease. I slip my shorts off and start rubbing my cock as you slowly remove your top. Your tits bounce free and your nipples take an instant hard appearance. You dance around and rub your tits and stick them in my face to tease me. You keep them just out of reach of my darting tongue. You turn around and unzip your shorts. You start wiggling your butt at me and slowly lower the waist band. As you start to lower them the crack of your behind comes into view. I see that your tan line is fading as the day goes on. You bend over to pull them down. I look between your legs and can see your pussy lips ever so moist with some juice. They drop to your ankles and you kick them at me. I can smell the aroma of your juice coming off the fabric.

You slowly turn around and come towards me. You slip the fingers of your right hand into your moist lips between Escort Sinop your legs and pull them out. They are covered with your love nectar. You make them an offering to me and I lick them clean.

Next you lower yourself onto my lap and guide my dick into your open and wet pussy. I wrap my arms around you and start raising you up and down. As you go up and down I take little nibbles on your nipples. Your breathing increases and little squeals come out of your mouth. You pump faster and faster until you hit a climax. You pull off of me and pull my soaked hard dick to your lips. You stroke my cock with your tongue until you can not taste your love on me any more. At that point you turn around and lower your pussy onto my dick while facing the away from me. You start pumping up and down on my dick and it gets all lubricated from your juice. You raise up a little too far and my dick pops out. I hold it up as you lower yourself back down. It slips into your other hole and you let out another squeal. You relax your muscles and when you get adjusted to it you start pumping on me again. The tightness and feel works me up faster. You reach down and insert three fingers into your pussy and can feel them rubbing on my dick. It is making you wild. It makes you feel like you are having sex in both openings. We both climax at the same time. You raise back up and remove me and turn around. We kiss and hug for several minutes as we get our breaths back. We go to the pond and swim around a little while. The water is refreshing to us both. After we are all refreshed we get dressed and head back to the pond with the waterfall.

When we arrive it appears that the other couple has left. We strip again and jump in. We swim over to the water fall and discover the other couple is on the other side of the falls. We see their outlines and see that they are making out. She is in his lap and going up and down. It looks erotic like watching a blurry movie. There is an outline but no clear view. I come behind you as we watch them. I slip my arms around you and nibble on your ear. You feel my dick rising against your back. You back up tighter to me and take my hand to your pussy. We watch as the other couple changes position on the other side of the water. He bends her over and enters her from behind. You bend over so I can assume the same position. He reaches up and gently grabs her nipples. I do the same to you. It seems as we are looking in a mirror. We do everything they do. We climax at the same time the other couple does. While we are coming down from the high we did not notice the other couple swim by us. They leave the pond to us. We play under the falls for a short time and head back to the bungalow. We are exhausted and have dinner delivered. We relax for the evening in front of a private fire. You fall asleep in my arms.

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