Life Of A Common Girl –1


Life Of A Common Girl –1deleteddeleteddeletedI am Amulya. I am just a common face girl nothing great about me other than being women born in a poor family of 4 and I had an elder brother Dinesh who expired due to TB and elder sister Shweta married with two c***dren’s and another younger sister Rekha.Also my sister in law Renuka stayed with us after my brother’s death for 2 years and then went t stay with her parents. We both are still unmarried me at 32 and she Rekha is 29 today as on May 2010 actually this story started way back in 1995 but it reached me only in 2004. Today I am too much into reading others life so don’t have anything to do other than being a keep to a rich nice or cunning bastard Rahul I don’t know what to tell about him either.One more thing really doesn’t know how to start the same thought for a long time and the best I thought was to start with Shweta my elder sister. I came to know in 2004 what happened in 1995. We were poor and stayed in a 1BHK room rented house. Father was tailor I was just 18 years old then and was doing my B.Com. Shweta wasn’t married then and she was helping our father.It was just in other apartment staying this rich south Indian family Rahul and his parents and rich but very kind and generous people. Rahul’s mother gave all her stitching of her clothes to Shweta in fact she use to go in their house and stitch their aunties clothes as they had a good sewing machine brought from outside.Rahul was a cute guy and we understood he use to be with different girls many a times. Rahul’s dad had his own business and mother too was working as a Doctor in a private hospital. Rahul is just 6 months elder to me and we have seen him with many girls coming and whenever any girl was at his home his drawing room window use to get closed.The best part his apartment was just 12 steps from our house and they were in their first floor and we too resided in first floor. Rekha and I did use to see them from our bedroom which girl had come and discuss that this girl had come before and all that stuff. Shweta use to go to their home to sew clothes when Rahul was alone.This happened once when we were not there, Shweta was not feeling well had a headache but wanted to deliver some blouse had gone to Rahul’s house. He was alone and going frequently had developed a good friendly relationship between them. She told Rahul her problem to which Rahul said you lie down on the bed I shall give your head a massage.Shweta agreed to his proposal of Rahul and lay on the bed facing upward. Rahul started massaging her head. Shweta was in her nightgown while Rahul was massaging his elbow was touching her breast, which was giving sparking current in the body of Shweta with the touches her nipples were erect. My sister did have some male touches before when she was in college (12th) but we were not from a family where we could take such steps so easily.Rahul was also feeling horny with the softness of her boobs but both were enjoying silently. Rahul did use to tell her lot of things about his girlfriend’s in fact he wanted Shweta from a long time slowly Rahul proceeded towards her body, hands, waist. Shweta was getting more and more excited. Rahul slowly reached down to her legs and started massaging her thighs. Shweta was not opposing to him, so he inserted one of his fingers in her panty and moved on her pubic hair.This made her get up he consoled her and kissed her lips to be calm and all that stuff. He asked Shweta does it feel nice. Shweta nodded her head. Rahul asked again do you want something more. Shweta was in two minds but he didn’t wait for her reply and lifted her gown up to her neck. He removed her bra and Rahul said you have such lovely breasts and they look so tempting, so large, round and fleshy and really beautiful. Shweta smiled shyly.He pulled down her panty and made her completely nude. He then lifted her and made her sit on a table next to the sewing machine and stood in front of her. He instructed her to hold the edge of the table and to wrap her legs around his waist. Rahul was squeezing and sucking her boobs randomly. He began playing with her curly pubic hair. He kneeled down and instructed to keep her legs on his shoulder spreading them lightly. Then he put his face next to her vagina and started sniffing.He thrust one finger gradually into her vagina and began slowly thrusting it, in and out. Shweta was getting excited at the feeling and her vagina started watering. Rahul now started licking all over her vagina. Gradually, he thrust his tongue into it. The feeling was simply heavenly. She was getting very excited now and moaning loudly aaaahhhhh Rahul uuuhhhhh.Rahul pushed his pajama down and became nude. He again stood up and asked her to keep her legs around his waist. Shweta got scared with the size of his dick. It was awesome buca escort like a bull’s rod almost 9” long and 3”thick. She murmured tumhara to bahut mota aur tagda hai. Rahul gave a wicked smile and held his member straight facing to the pussy of Shweta telling her kuy iske paheli kitne lund dekhe.Hai abh tayyar ho jaa meri jaan pehli baar apni chut chudwake to le badmein dekh ladkiya mere se chudwane kuy ati hai then taking his cock in his hand he rubbed the monster head on her wet cunt lips. She couldn’t bear the touch; her cunt was swollen so much and was sensitive. He was rubbing her clit hard with his cock please don’t tease me, fuck me now. She felt his cock nudge her cunt lips.She bit her lips in anticipation of the huge cock penetrating her tight cunt hhaa, she screamed as the massive cock thrust into her tight cunt, ripping it apart. She felt as if a burning steel rod had been thrust into her cunt. She had never felt pain like this before. She felt her cunt walls stretch so much that they would tear nahi maa mai mar gaye, please bhagwan ke liye mujhe jane do aaisa mat karo.Mar maari jaa rahi hoon dard se, nikalo apna lund please Rahul mujhe jane do mujhe nahi chudwana tumse please take it out. I can’t bear it and she cried with tears in her eyes. Rahul just smiled relax Shweta, you will be begging for more soon aur waise bhi jaha jaana hai jaa, mai to tujhe acche se chodke lunga aur phir jane dunga. He held her waist with his hands tight and slammed his cock inside once more. She almost fainted with the intense wave of pain and pleasure.She looked down at his crotch and found that the 9 inch massive cock was fully buried in her virgin wet aching cunt. He kept his cock buried in her cunt without moving and leaning forward took her nipples in his mouth and started sucking them. His hands were pressing, kneading her soft melons, while his mouth was alternately sucking her nipples. The pain in her cunt started to fade and was replaced with a feeling of fullness.She was wanting more by now on its own her ass was started pushing forward then supporting his body with his hands on her boobs, Rahul began to stroke and first he started almost gently long full strokes easing her tight cunt open for his massive cock as he stroked in his thick cock rubbed her clit and she loved the feel of his cock in her cunt as his speed built up she was matching his strokes by forwarding and back warding her ass to take his cock in deeper.She could feel waves of pleasure building up deep inside the molten core of her pussy. She closed her eyes and let the feeling flow over her. He was still stroking when she had already came for twice. Her body rippled and shuddered and her cunt lips twitched as she climaxed. He did not stop nor even slow down as she was shuddering in the throes of another massive orgasm. He kept ramming into her and after her climax his style changed.He began to slam into her really hard and his thrusts were moving her body back on the table, while his hands clutching her waist kept her in place impaled on his cock. He was fucking her rapidly now. His heavy ball sack was slapping into her ass as he rammed his cock in. He was brutally using her cunt now rapid thrusts going deep inside her cunt, his fingers dug painfully into her waist and his bull like head was bent down piston his cock in and out of her wet slopping cunt.He was grunting and groaning as he pumped her cunt. Then he threw his head up and she felt his cock stiffen more she knew he was about to flood her cunt with his cum. She locked her legs round his back heels pressing his ass. He groaned and sunk his cock deep inside. His cock throbbed inside her cunt sending hot wet globs of cum splattering onto her cunt walls. He kept pumping so much cum she wondered when it would stop and then he collapsed on top of her body.She felt his cock still throb inside her for a long time before it shrunk and slipped out. Shweta hugged Rahul with utmost excitement both were breathing and sweating heavily. Shweta’s head was buried on the shoulder of Rahul. She was satisfied at her hearts end. She felt very happy and she leaned and kissed his lips and his wet cock after that first incident Shweta became his slut and she used to get fucked like hell by him and within six months Rahul made Shweta seduce our sister in law Renuka.Today I knew she could be easy as Renuka use to sleep with Shweta instead of my brother and he was alcoholic working as a driver and most of the time out in his own world and sometimes 15-20 days he use to be out of the house. Rahul has told Shweta how to seduce Renuka and she was making her moves as they both slept in the bed together in the night Shweta could touch her feel her breast move her legs betweenRenuka’s leg tempting her after few weeks they both started touching escort buca and playing with each other. Rahul use to show lot of lesbian videos to seduce Renuka. Shweta was good at it sometimes when Rekha and I were at college and mom could go to the market leaving them alone, they could kiss finger fuck and do all nasty stuffs. Rahul had give Shweta even a vibrator to use on Renuka. She also uses to take her toRahul’s house when Rahul was not there and out there, there was no one to disturb them. One day as planned by Rahul both my sister Shweta and sister in law were having their love game. Both were in a 69 position with Renuka being on top of Shweta and both were sucking each other. Rahul popped in and as Renuka’s ass was behind he quietly popped in and entered his cock in Renuka’s cunt. Renuka’s pleasure was doubled as she was thinking Shweta was shoving in the vibrator in her cunt.Shweta immediately made a noise telling, “Mmmhhhh Rahul what are you doing here and hearing that noise Renuka tried to get up but Rahul held her ass and continued fucking her, and Shweta has already got up from there. He didn’t let go Renuka and with cock deep in her cunt, he told Shweta as if they were acting oooohh bhabhi, (as he use to call her the same) what a tight fucking cunt you have. Well Shweta should I ask you what you both are doing in my house.Renuka pushed herself and somehow escaped but seeing his cock filled with her cunt juices only made her feel why did she let go off from such a thing and was not able to look at him. Shweta started pleading to Rahul saying Rahul please don’t tell anyone” and all that stuff Rahul told them that he could like to have both of them. Renuka said please don’t spoil no way we can’t do that but Rahul proceeded towards Shweta and kissed her and then he came back to Renuka and his mouth was immediately on her gave her a long kiss.First she resisted then as Rahul entered his tongue in her mouth and she too was enjoying the same. He kept on kissing her turning her from one side to the other. Renuka was hot feeling his dick between her legs. He was all over Shweta and Renuka playing with their body after some time of foreplay with them, he went down and parted Renuka’s leg and started sucking her cunt. She started moaning like hell, ohhhh yessahhhh mmmmm.Rahul made Renuka lie and was between her legs and widened her legs. Rahul rose up and held his throbbing cock near her cunt lips. He was mauling Shweta and at the same time his hands were in her cunt finger fucking her hard. He slammed his cock in Renuka’s cunt. No resistance came from Renuka and moaned loudly oooohhh yesss fuck, ahhhhh fuck me Rahul and she welcomed him with a nice moan. He fuckedRenuka for a long time and then fucked Shweta too just to make this was natural and nothing was planned then he came in their mouth make them wild again and again. Renuka went mad and taunted Shweta that her brother doesn’t cum 10% of what Rahul comes. Rahul was fucking both Shweta and Renuka regularly but after their family shifted from where they stayed opposite to our house.It was reduced but this two of them used to go to his new house many a times and sometimes even nights were spent with him but after that it reduced. I was working in a small company in account department and my brother died due to TB. Shweta eloped and married Shanker and Rahul helped her in that too. Father was not in a position in getting us married, few proposals did come and we couldn’t even arrange 20000 for anything came to know in 1998 Rahul to get married.He kept his relationship with Shweta. Renuka’s parent got her married to someone in Satara but she too had come to Pune 2-3 times in 2 months to get fucked by Rahul 2001 mom expired and we were going in a lot of problem too as where we stayed that building was getting demolished and some new complex was going to come in place and house owner first told to vacate us or to pay 5 lak rupees so he can give a small flat to us.It was beyond our limit as I was getting 6000 and Rekha too didn’t have regular job in November 2003 Rekha had gone to Bombay for a wedding of her friend. Rekha’s story is also like me, but she had a 3-4 boyfriend but none were ready to marry. She had some hot moments with them but she didn’t allow them to have sex 1 or 2 did had sucked her breast finger fucked her and one even made her suck his cock and have 69 with him but none wanted to marry her.Rekha meeting with Rahul was pretty vague. Rekha along with her other friends did had weird way of getting themselves pleasured with other guys. They did use to travel by train but in Pune and during rush hours boys guys did feel them and they loved this kind of pleasure or in packed buses or sometimes in packed hire a rickshaw. Rekha was afraid to be guys but at the same time buca escort bayan seek this kind of pleasure.This vague incident happened when Rekha had gone to Bombay for a friend’s wedding after the wedding she was coming from Andheri w to Dadar to catch a bus back to Pune. It was 5 in the evening raining heavily and she was caught in the wrong foot also. She was wearing a long skirt and color ful shirt but was drenched wet. Somehow managed to get in the train but general compartment and she knew this was few min of enjoyment.She was squeezed like hell in the crowd and rather than disliking it she loved each and every moment in fact somebody even un tugged her shirt, which was tugged to her skirt and was rubbing her bare back and she also heard somebody telling her all those randy words in her ears because she didn’t object. Mast mal hai to chodne mein maza ayega and soon.She was going mad first and was out of control and her panties were wet like anything and she couldn’t control when someone pushed her hand back and placed it on his crotch for few seconds his hand were on her hand and then he released and she was still holding the same. She could again hear the same voice telling, Hotel chal maza ayeg Rekha immediately removed her hand and brought it in front. It went on for 10-15 min and as Dadar came she got out of the station.Two guys were constantly looking at her and suddenly someone tapped her shoulder and as she looked back she was surprised to see Rahul out there, she came out of the station with Rahul and he told in fact forced her to come to her hotel change and then leave. Rahul made a good look at her from head to toe and finding her wet body against her on the lift has aroused him.Rekha was shocked to see the wonderful room which we could hardly dream of. It was 3 star hotels. She went in and Rahul forced her to get into the bathroom to freshen up. She came out and was surprised to find Rahul was inside having a beer and cigarette. Rekha was still in her wet clothes as she forgot to take her fresh clothes and seeing Rahul coming near her didn’t know what to do. He came very close to her, caught hold of her hand pulling her to him.It was unexpected and fast. She just couldn’t react. All that she managed to do was to turn around so that he was behind her and his hands were on her breasts gripping them so hard. She bent forward to free herself from his amorous bear hug and that did not help. To keep her balance she had to shove her behind at him. He responded immediately, his loins ramming against her behind. He was squeezing her breasts rather painfully.Kay kare rahe ho Rahul please stop was she said, Mujhe malum hai tumhe kay chaiye train mein to nahi chilaye jab ajnabi logo ke sath tu khel rahi ti and he was panting. She was stunned to hear the same and she was trying to free herself his hands were on her skirt. He pushed her on the bed and yanked of her skirt. Rahul seeing the beauty in her black panties only made his desire grow more. He threw her skirt on the floor. Please! I beg you mujhe jane do she said with folded handsRekha was not in good terms much before with Rahul at that time we two didn’t liked him as he was always with other girls and did try to make a pass with us, trying to touch us here and there and I gave him a stern warning in what he was doing. Rahul knowing that day Rekha was too hot thought of forcing himself on Rekha as he wanted her badlyTrain mein kade kade ajnabi logon ka lund hath mein lete waqt sharm nahi ayi, mein to kahi sal se terko janta huw, mein jab yeh sabh karta ta tujhe us waqt acha nahi lagne ka, maine terko achi tara se chodunga” He bent and yanked of her panties. She couldn’t believe that she is going to get fucked by him.Seeing her shaven cunt only excited him (she started to shave her cunt when she was with her last boyfriend with whom she was having 69 many a times) chup chap baith warna kal mein sabko batha dunga tuhne train mein kay kiya ta. Rahul was shouting at her. He couldn’t shift his eyes from what he had unveiled long legs, firm thighs and shaven cunt.Teri chut to bahut mast dikh raha hai Rekha. Bagair bal ki chut to mera favourite hai. Rekha could not believe what he said and before she could react or say anything Rahul had buried his head between her thighs inhaling the musk of her sex. Tentatively, he started licking her aaahhh! She moaned and fell on the bed, putting an end to her feeble attempts to say anything to him and soon her moans became louder as she shuddered under his manoeuvres and there was no way out as she was afraid.Rahul knew us all well abruptly; he got to his feet and started undressing. He removed of his shirt and unzipped his pants and pulled down his pants with his underwear only zapped Rekha glancing at his manhood as he joined her. He has huge thick prick certainly bigger than her other boyfriends only aroused her just like Shweta and Renuka got aroused. He raised her legs, arranged them on his shoulders and placed the tip of his cock at the entry of her pussy with just the head buried slightly in the folds of her pussy.