Life Is Just Wanna Live This Fantasy with me

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Life Is Just Wanna Live This Fantasy with mewhen you finally get here what will happen, is I’ll meet you at a nice hotel with a Bar, We will meet outside so as to no confusion. We will then go inside to get to know each other better,As I am seating you I’ll brush the back of my hand lightly, across your ass to determine if you are wearing panties or not, then appologize for it and also admit why. After one or two drinks we will head outside, I’ll know by then if your still interested.just a little kiss and If so we will proceed to a waiting hotel room but as we get close to the door, I’ll open it but we won’t go in, not just yet. We will make out very passionately in the hallway not knowing if there are any cameras or not, and not caring either Next I’ll gently but with slight force Pin you up against the wall, and hold both of your hands with one of mine as a I grope fondle and explore the rest of your luscious body, grabbing niğde escort that tight ass of yours and slipping my finger into your tight Pussy from behind Wile I grab your tits and pinch your nipples then whisper nasty filthy things that I’M going to do to you. the whole time I’ll be asking you how yet you are but I already know because I can feel your pussy just dripping Wet !!! As I feel your inner thighs your juices flowing down your legs and and inner thighs. I’ll be still gently fingering your moist pussy, and tasting it !!! Fuckin’ taste’s Gooood As I suck my fingers clean of your juices I will teasingly ask you “Wanna Taste ?” all you’ll do is moan. That’s when I’ll start kissing your sweet Bare ass cheeks, and I no longer will I have to hold you because You’ll be Holding yourself up to the wall and as I get closer to it you’ll arch your back.and moan some more. I’ll lick the back of your neck another Moan escort niğde then back to the crack of your ass with my tongue licking your Ass crack, You’ll grab both cheeks and spread them open and tell me what it is that you want me to do. You have been dreaming of this, asking yourself Is he really that good ? He’s To Confident not to be you’ll be thinking You’ll tell me to lick it, I’ll ask you Are telling me to or asking me? You’ll say Please lick it , I’ll be silent, and you’ll say it once more my ass will you please lick it .? Then as you request, I’ll open you even more and put my tongue in your ass as far up inside you as I can possibly get it. You will be feeling like you haven’t felt in years, tingling all over like goose bumps only warmer, and even a little light headed too. You”ll feel your getting closer and will be getting a lot wetter too, and saying to yourself “OH! My God I am going to Cum Soooo Hard” ! niğde escort bayan AndJust as my thumb slides into your “Hot sopping Wet Pussy” And I’ll turn you around asyou feel my breath, it hits your Dripping wet pussy. I’ll lick your inner thighs clean of the sweet juice, that flows from Between your legs, as my tongue arrives and begins exploring your sweet wet Pussy lips. you’ll feel like you are going to explodeor erupt or something that’s when You come to just enough of your senses to realize that . . . .”” He’s Just Getting Started “” And also realize that” we have not even entered Our room yet” But you will stand and enjoy because you just love the feeling that you have and don’t want it to stop But you are feeling your climax building and wisper with a slight moan I’m getting close to cuming Oh My God I’m going to cum, that’s when I’ll begin to slowly stop licking and fingering you so as not to let you Cum yet And then well go inside Our Room and get Much more comfortable So Wady Think sound like a plan ? Please Feel free to comment on any and all of my storiesSo Far They have All been True Except this one !!!Thank’s for reading them Bob !!!