Life Ch. 05


Linzy went home Sunday night, and we talked on the phone until she started to fall asleep around 3:30 Monday morning. I felt the need to apologize for what happened at the tattoo parlor, But Linzy explained to me that she understood that I was attracted to other women and didn’t consider our relationship monogamous. In other words, she wanted to fuck other people, and so did I. Which was a good thing considering what I did the next day at work.

I used to work in the greenhouse section of a hardware store, you might of heard of it, it’s called Lowe’s. I didn’t actually work for them, but for a company they pay to take care of their garden centers because they were too stupid to just train their own employees and pay them less. One of the best parts of the job is I only saw my boss about twice a week for less than three hours at a time. As you can imagine, most of the customers in a place like that are middle-aged men doing landscaping work, old people trying to garden, and soccer moms killing time until their brats got outta school. With summer in full effect, most of the soccer moms had to stay at home with their offspring, and many old people tried to stay out of the heat; so I was stuck talking to guys who started mowing lawns in junior high and just never stopped while I watered plants. Then Shard finally showed up.

Shard, or Sunshard Isenhart as her parents named her, was the new-age hippie daughter of a pair of old-age hippies that never stopped doing drugs and wound up with a child younger than her own niece. Her skin was sun-bronzed, and her hazelnut hair was sun-bleached; about shoulder-high to me and nicely muscled from never having things like TV and Nintendo and being forced to play outside growing up. She always wore a light sun dress, dark sunglasses and a straw hat, even in winter, even in the rain, the only thing that ever changed was a jacket when it got too cold. Shard came in two or three times a week, to see what new plants were in, and buy organic fertilizer (manure). We chatted about gardening the first few times I saw her, the weather and whatever movies were out after a month or two, and finally broke down and started flirting with each other sometime before Christmas. We kept our distance though, because until recently we were both in seriously committed relationships.

“Hey sweety!” she called to me from two tables away and as she waved at me I smiled at how even though she grew into a beautiful woman, her voice got caught somewhere in the 4th grade. I broke concentration on the hairy guy in front Sinop Escort of me describing his problem with moles at his latest job and waved back and tipped my hat to her.

When Mr. Fuzzy finally finished, I told him where the mole traps, poison, coyote urine, and sonic stakes where located and quickly left to go find Sunshard. I found her trying to decide between a pair of leather gloves and rubber-coated cotton ones. “Hello there, Sunny.” I chirped.

She laughed and slapped me with the rubber-gloves. “You know I hate it when people call me that.” She reminded me, then when back to inspecting the gloves. “I can’t decide, one pair is made from materials not naturally found in nature, but the other, a cow had to die for.” she explained with a child’s voice.

I mocked intense thought. “Well, you’re allergic to latex, so the rubber gloves might be a bad idea.” I told her, clearly showing I knew too much about her not to care about her. “And besides, that cow probably died for the double bacon cheeseburger I had for lunch, not those gloves.” I joked.

She gaped at me and slapped me with both gloves playfully. “God, Jerm, just because I don’t eat meat doesn’t mean you have to rub my nose in the fact that you do.” Yeah she was a vegetarian, she didn’t shave either, her legs, pits, anything.

I laughed and took the rubber gloves from her and hung them back up. “I’m kidding, I had a salad for lunch. ” Yeah, with bacon and fried chicken all over it, ” Besides, they don’t kill cows just to make garden gloves, that’s a fortunate side-product of food.”

She smiled. “Thanks.” she said and pushed her buggy towards me. “By the way, I threw my back out the other day trying to build a well-cover, could you help me load my manure into my car?”

“Shit to the shitbox, got it.” I joked and took the buggy from her. While we stood in line, she learned about Dixie leaving, and I learned she was moving to Florida in a week to study to be a botanist. “There ya go.” I said after tossing the two 50lbs bags of cow-shit into her 88 Civic’s hatchback. “I hope you have a safe trip to Miami, and good luck in college.”

“Thanks” she said and closed the door. “I actually have something for you, if you give me a second to find it.”

I smiled as she whirled and jerked open her driver’s side door. “Shard, you know I can’t accept tips. “

“This isn’t a tip.” she said as she bent across the seat, pushing her ass into the air, barely concealed by paper thin sun dress, and started digging around in her floorboard. Sinop Escort Bayan “It’s a graduation present.”

Now, maybe it was the confidence built up by having so much sex in the past three days, the fact that I was now allowed to touch this creature of nature, or maybe just from the lack of any real sleep for an entire weekend, but I decided the crack of Shard’s tight little butt would be a great place to put my hand. Fortunately for me, she always parked behind the trailers we kept pinestraw in, and nobody could see.

About two seconds after my fingers grazed her crotch, which I suspected had no panties covering them, Shard shot out of her car and ran face first into me. “What the hell are you doing!?” she screamed.

I pushed her back against her car and kissed her, holding her shoulders as I sucked her unpainted lips between mine, and slipped my tongue between them. She relaxed slightly and I thought I heard a moan, then she struggled and pushed me back and slapped me.

“What’s with you, Jeremy?” she gasped.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “Shard, there’s no point denying it anymore, I want you, I always have. Now that Dixie’s out of the picture, we can have each other.”

“I have a boyfriend!” She retorted.

I smirked. “You gonna stay with him while you’re in Florida, with all the other little plant geeks?” I accused “Stay celibate for months on end? Cause he isn’t, I can promise you that.”

While she thought about what I told her, I moved in for another kiss. This one was returned, and picked her up by the waist and pressed her into her car’s side-panel and tried to work my way between her thighs while I bunched her dress up around her waist. She pulled my hair to break the kiss. “Woah, baby, we can’t do it right here, someone will see us.” she hissed.

I finally got her legs opened and my belt buckle rubbed up against her pussy, making her groan. “Tell me you don’t want me right this second, and I’ll stop.” I whispered into her ear as I pulled my pants open and my boxers out of the way. “Tell me you haven’t wanted me since last winter, and I’ll let you go.” I told her and bit the soft flesh on her bronzed neck.

“Ohhh, God.” She groaned out through clenched teeth. “You know I won’t lie to you, just stick it in already!” she ordered. I pushed further along the soft fur on her inner thighs and jabbed my dick at the dark-brown bush covering her cunt until finally the head found and entered the hole. “Yeah…. Fuck me Jeremy.”

I smiled through Escort Sinop my obvious pleasure. “That’s just the tip baby.” I told her and pushed the rest of my dick into furry little snatch, making her have her first orgasm halfway down. She tried to scream but I locked my mouth on hers. I held her against her car, off the ground with her legs around my waist, and fucked her with long, slow, hard thrusts while her pussy pulled and sucked and squeezed my dick.

She felt me stiffen up and my cock swell inside her. Shard grabbed my hair again and squeaked out. “Don’t you dare cum in me!” She pulled my hair harder when I kept pushing my dick past her fuzzy lips. “I’ll swallow it, just let me down!” I slammed her against the car harder and heard her back crack as I pushed my cock against her cervix, making her howl a little. “Please Jeremy! Don’t cum in my pussy, let me suck you off!” she told me in the midst of an orgasm.

I backed off and pulled out and she dropped to her knees and inhaled my cock, pumping the shaft with both hands while she tried to suck my balls through my urethra. “Do it, Jeremy, cum in my mouth, down my throat.” she told me, she kept talking, but her mouth was full. She started to say something else, but my semen interrupted her. The first shot went wide, and struck her car door, the second left a streak across the left side of her face and into her hair, and finally she caught the head in her lips and sucked the rest down her throat.

When she was satisfied that no more sperm was going to grace her tongue, Shard stood shakily, wiping cum from her face and licking her fingers off. As she straightened her dress and I zippered up my pants, “Thanks.” she said “I really did want that for awhile… and you popped my back. Wow.”

I nearly laughed and noticed she was looking away from me and blushing. “Shard, it’s a little late to be to embarrassed to tell me you like me.” I told her, turning her face back to mine and leaning down for a quick kiss.

She frowned. “But it is too late to tell you, I mean I’m leaving in eight days and won’t be back ’til Thanksgiving.” She paused to try to wipe the cum from her hair. “And I know you’ll find another girl before then.” She gave up on her hair and just wiped her hand on her dress. She started to get in her car and stopped. “Oh, wait, I forgot to give you your present.”

“Keep it.” I told her and closed her car door behind her. She rolled the window down with a confused look on her cute face. “Come see me at lunch on Friday, you can give me something then ok?” I told her and leaned into her car to kiss her again.

When she was done sucking on my tongue, she was blushing again. “Friday at two?”

“See you then.” I said, and waved as she pulled away. Then I got back to work with all the middle-aged landscapers.