Lew in the Morning


This is a continuation of Old Friends, New Lovers – the morning after…


I awoke to three sensations at once. The cool, salt air caressing my naked back, lips sucking on my ear lobe and fingers tracing the outline of my thighs. I had the same smile on my face I had fallen asleep with. Lew’s warm body against me.

I opened my eyes to see the red of the alarm staring back at me – 5:34. Lew whispered, “Good morning beautiful.” Was I dreaming? I had thought about this moment for a long time. Waking with him, naked, our bodies melded together.

I rolled towards him, “Morning.” He kissed me softly on the mouth. Now I was worried about morning breathe. I lowered my chin and he kissed my eyes and my forehead, the sheet sliding down to my thighs. The morning air making goose bumps on my skin.

“Be right back.” I whispered and kissed his chest. I rose and walked to the bathroom. Looked in the mirror, splashed water on my face and brushed my teeth with toothpaste and my fingers. Pausing for a minute to watch the water drip off my chin. Was I really here? After all these years, in this place with him.

Now fully awake and nervous and anxious to return to his side, I opened the door and walked towards the bed. He had his chin in his hand, propped up on an elbow, sheet around his waist. He watched me walking towards Bursa Escort him.

I felt my face flush as I self-consciously slide back into bed. His arms enveloping me as he began kissing my face. I tilted my head, my eyes meeting his, my mouth searching for his. His kiss was so warm and inviting. I couldn’t kiss him enough.

His hand stroking my cheek and eyelids as his tongue parted my lips and searched the inside of my mouth. The electricity of the kiss warming me from inside, all the way to my toes. It felt like a first kiss every time. I could stay in this moment just kissing forever I thought.

“I love kissing you.” He said against my mouth, as if reading my mind. My kissing became more feverish, my body pressing against the entire length of him. The sun began rising against the ocean, chasing the shadows from our room. The sound of the ocean lapping at the sand in the background.

My tongue chasing his, licking at his lips. His hand sliding into my hair, pulling my mouth to him. His other hand sliding down my back, circling the tattoo at the base of my spine. His knee slide between my legs, parting my thighs. I could feel my warmth and wetness against his lower thigh.

He kissed my neck, nipping at my collar bone, his leg pressing into me. My back arched against him as his hand slide over my hip, Bursa Bayan squeezing my waist and then sliding between my thighs. Pushing my legs further apart.

I moaned into the morning as he slide one finger and than another into me. I pushed against his fingers, wanting more. Feeling my face flush more as the feelings overtook me and I starting losing control.

He pulled his head back, smiling, nodding a little. “Let it go, uh-huh.”

I bucked against his hand, harder and harder as he slide another finger into me. Feeling his fingers filling me up. His knuckles sliding into my wetness as he began twisting his fingers slowly back and forth. His thumb rubbing my pulsing clit in circles.

“Oh, oh, I am going to cum. Harder, faster with your fingers, please.” I heard those words coming from my mouth and didn’t believe it was me. I was totally being selfish and lost in the feelings his fingers made inside me.

We locked eyes as I arched my back and pushed down onto his fingers, his hand against my pelvic bones. My face reddened even more as I gushed on him. My breasts against his chest.

He laughed slightly as he took my nipple in his mouth at the height of my orgasm. As the orgasm waned, I collapsed on his arm, my chest heaving, eyes closed. He kissed my face. Brushed the hair off my cheek.

“You Escort Bursa look so sexy right now. That half smile on your face, your hair fanned on the pillow.” He said in between kisses. I could feel him hard against my hip. He rolled onto me, rocked back onto his knees, the sheet sliding off of us. My knees pulled up against his hips.

I looked at him as he gazed between my thighs. He ran his hands down my thighs, pulling me open as he slide into me and down onto my body. I raised my mouth to meet his as he entered me totally. Still riding the tide from the last orgasm and feeling the pull inside me as another one began to rise.

My body no longer under my control. Our bodies in sync, his mouth hot on mine. A ray of sun had found its way between the curtain, shining on his gray and black hair. Cutting a path of golden color across our ribs.

“Hmmmmmmmmm, yes, yes.” I uttered against his shoulder. Feeling him thrusting deeper into me. The curtains fluttered open with the increasing breeze.

“Cum again, with me.” He responded to my moans.

My hips rose to meet him as my head thrashed against the pillow. The wave washed over me as I felt him empty into me. For a moment I was aware of nothing but my insides pulling him into me, and the tingling of the orgasm.

He laid breathless, his forehead against my neck, I kissed the top of his head. I could feel my heart beating, my breathe shallow as we remained joined together. I listened to the waves breaking on the shore, the seagulls calling to one another; and thought – I could definitely get used to this.