Letting Her Full Femininity to Shine


Letting Her Full Femininity to Shine”There is something just amazingly erotic when a CD allows her full femininity and sexuality to shine thru and incredibly satisfying for the man to know that you share something incredibly personal, highly erotic, but still taboo in many circles.”The first time we were together, I was invited to her place where she was waiting for me fully dressed. But we started out with some casual conversation on the couch and had a few beers to relax. We both knew where things were likely to lead, but the anticipation in the beginning was a great part of the excitement. As we were talking, she could see me admiring her beautiful long smooth legs and of course she played into this purposefully by adjusting her skirt and pointing her knees toward me to give slightly better views as we became more comfortable in conversation. When she got up to refresh my beer, she made a point of bending over right in front of me so I would get a close view of her sexy ass. When she came back and we had started our second beers, it was clear that both of us were longing for more. During conversation, she would reach over and touch my leg at first as a sign of endearment and reassurance. As we continued to talk and we were clearly enjoying ourselves, each of us became bolder with gestures and words of affection. She began to rub my leg or my shoulder and, when I placed my hand on her knee, she placed her hand over mine as if to confirm her agreement to the touch. She also gently pulled my hand closer up her leg and to her thigh and, before pendik escort long; we were rubbing each other suggestively and dangerously close to more private areas. It became obvious that both of us were getting very aroused – she could see a huge bulge forming in my pants and she was cuddling up against me and eventually starting to straddle me. When she felt the strength of my full election as she was later sitting on my lap and slowly and suggestively grinding against me, she slid off to take matters into her own hands (literally). I think the first time she asked if I would be more comfortable if I loosened my pants a bit. How hospitable! I obliged and began to loosen my belt. At this point, Sarah was almost drooling with anticipation, so she got in her knees in front of me and began to help by unzipping my pants. I’ll never forget that look on her face when she slid her hands into my shorts and helped pull free my big, fully erect cock. It almost burst forth as it was freed from its encumbrance and shot to attention just inches from her face. She relished in holding my full erection in her hands and sliding them both gently up and down the shaft. Sarah was always looking to ensure she helped her man get comfortable and relieve stress of the workday. She asked me if I would like some stress relief and if she could help take some of my stiffness and tension away. Of course I agreed and she looked straight at me while she began to lick my cock and suck the tip. She kept that sexy eye contact as she began to suck me deeper and deeper into escort pendik her warm sexy mouth. She could see it was ecstasy for me and she enjoyed licking and sucking me in ways that made me squirm even more. We both knew at that point that she fully owned my cock and she would get her reward soon with a big mouthful of my cum. In fact she begged me for it – she told me she wanted to suck every drop of my cum and fully drain my balls like no other girl had ever done before. And boy was she right.There is something just amazingly erotic when a CD allows her full femininity and sexuality to shine thru and incredibly satisfying for the man to know that you share something incredibly personal, highly erotic, but still taboo in many circles. So these amazingly fulfilling and highly erotic experiences we shared together on many occasions was something we didn’t talk about with other people. In some ways, just knowing what we do in private is still considered taboo by many, made it even more exciting and erotic for us. Over time, we began to experiment with other things that made it even more exciting — like role-play, and occasionally toys, and certainly a variety of positions and techniques to please each other. It began to be somewhat of a personal mission for each of us to take each other to new heights of pleasure and feel free to explore some of the unknowns to see if we like it as much as it looks in the porn movies. Most of the early play in the first few times we were together was strictly oral. But as we began to explore, each of us pendik escort bayan craved more and more. I think the third or fourth time we were together, Sarah wanted to feel me slide my cock between her ass cheeks to see how it felt and hopefully to get her even more excited. There is bliss in those early stages of exploration, knowing you could easily go much further quickly, but enjoying the gradual build up. We found many ways to have me slide my cock all over her body without penetration that were amazingly erotic – maybe even as much so as penetration. She liked to rub lube on her ass and have me just slide up and down her crack without entering her. Or have me slide my lubed cock on her tummy or under her bra on her chest. She loved feeling me shoot a huge warm load of cum all over the outside of her ass or on her tummy or chest. She also liked me grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them wide open and rubbing my cock or balls against her without entering her. And letting her run her well lubed ‘erect clit’ against different parts of my body. She almost always wanted to please her man first but often times liked her man to grope her, rub her clit with lube, and stimulate her to a full clitoral orgasm. She loved it that Daddy was pleased when his girl squirted for him. He liked watching the expression on her face when she finally came in full orgasm — just like she enjoyed having full eye contact with daddy when she had my full cock in her mouth and eagerly swallowed huge spurts of cum. She loved watching my expression when she put her mouth around my balls and began gently sucking. Or when she straddled me and rubbed lube on her ass and clit and slid back and forth across my tummy while I lay on my back watching and enjoying every erotic bit of it.