Learning to be a freak at a young age.

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Learning to be a freak at a young age.A long, long, long time ago. When I was just 18 I got my heart broken by my first boyfriend. My heart ached from betrayal and after being with him and only him for about a year. I didn’t really know how to move on with my life. I meet this girl named Sheryl who was…. we shall we say a free spirit. She’d fuck any guy any where and didn’t care if I watched, or participated or whatever it is I did as long as she got fucked. There were several times we’d go pick up a guy, she’d fuck him in the back seat, I’d watch in the re-view mirror they’d both cum, we’d drop him off and she’d say “Okay, let’s find another one.”I never really participated, but my did I love to watch. The smells, the sounds. Fuck, it would get me so horney that sometimes I would masterbate in the front seat while i watched them.After hanging out with her for almost 2 years. She’d probably fuck more than a hundred guys, me maybe if i was lucky 5 or six. I was extremely shy, still hanging on to a relationship that was dead and gone and really didn’t want to move one because I was afraid.Sheryl meet a guy that, as she put it “Fucked like a Russian Race Horse” And damned if that cunt didn’t marry the guy and I was left to my own lonely way’s.But, I would soon find out that she had taught me well.One Friday night about 2 pm I had been at a party and was driving home sober. I saw this older man walking down the street. Needless to say he was drunk and could barely walk and I though hey, I can’t let him walk in this cold. So, I stopped. Picked him up and through very slurred speeched managed to get it out of him that he was staying at a hotel for the Bobby Night Covention in Bloomington Indiana I ought to stop in and say hi.His name ended up being Ken or Kevin or Kyle, hell by now I can’t remember. But, I helped him up the stairs. When kastamonu escort i knocked on the door I was greeted by a shirtless man. Behind him were abunch of other guys playing poker. With huge smiles on their faces they asked me if I wanted to come in. And maybe play a hand or two. Me being neive about the wyles of men said sure. They taught me how to play poker, feed me booze. I’m Not sure how many I had but I was drunk. Very drunk when one of them put his hand down my shirt grabbed my bra and ripped it off me. Another picked me off the chair threw me on the bed, bent down in front of me and removed my leggings. I had no panties on, very seldom ever wore any then. The next thing I knew I had a man eating my pussy, another in my mouth, and another’s dick in my hand. One guy standing up against the wall jacking off, and yet still another with a camera taking pics.When the guy between my legs, we’ll call him Al, decided I was wet enough he took out a piece of man meat that wasn’t great in length but looked like a swollen cucumber to me except it wasn’t green. He rammed it in hard and i squilled. Trying to back up away from him. The other two held me in place as Al fucked me over and over till he shot his load on my tummy.Ben, the one I had been sucking rolled me over and slide it in my still tight cunt and fucked me from behind while I sucked on Dallas. Ben wasn’t as large as Al. I guess he was average, but everytime he thrust in me I could feel his large ass balls fly up and hit my clit. I hadn’t been excited until this because the motion and friction of our fucking had aroused a deeper freak in me that I knew had been there, but it was dormant, or hiding. Next thing I knew, Ben, not being as much as a gentlemen as Al came so hard he thrust inside me and i could feel his dick throbb with ever ounze of cum he shot.Dallas escort kastamonu couldn’t hardle wait his turn, he smacked my ass making me back it up but before he could enter my sore pussy Jack, who up until now had been quitely up against the wall moved under me and slide his dick in my pussy first. But this didn’t stop Dallas he stuck his hard dick in there to. They both fucked me at the same time. I begged for them to stop, but at the same time enjoyed the sensation of both of them fucking me. My pussy was sore, but I still hadn’t came and needed the release just as much as they did. I heard Dallas moan and Jack said “Not yet, hang on. I’m close man. Let’s cum together. I wanna see her eat our cum.” They both pulled out and tossed me aside. The first shot of sticky stuff I felt was Dallas’s hot jizz on my face. Jack had better aim, it leapt into my mouth as if it knew where home was.As I licked it off, the only person who hadn’t attempted anything was Larry. He had steadily been taking pics throughout our little fuck session. I was hot, horney as fuck, my pussy ached and I hadn’t came. I wanted to cum, I needed it. I went over to him, I could tell that his dick was hard, it was mashed up against his bluejeans just begging to be released.He said, “I can’t I’m married.” “Really, I think he disagrees.” As I unzipped his pants and out flopped a hard as hell dick that I just couldn’t wait to ride. I didn’t give him a chance to protest. I put as much of his dick in my mouth as I could take. “My God that feels good.”, he said.”But your married,” I said.”Not right now I’m not.” He lifted me off my knees and carried me into the shower where he turned it on and ordered me to wash myself as he watched. I lathered up a wash rag and scrubbed my snatch and body. The entire time his dick as hard as I’ve ever seen. It was quiet impressive. kastamonu escort bayan Probably atleast 10 to 11 inches, pink with lots of blond hair. Once I got ready to get out he stopped me.He said, “Have you came yet?” I said, “No, not yet. But I will.He started kissing me made me kneel on the side of the tub spread my legs and started licking my pussy from behind. I could feel his tongue massage my asshole and he slide one finger into my pussy and another in to my ass. He ate my pussy and ass good. Man, I’d never had anything like that.Next thing I knew he was picking me up and sliding me down on his dick, putting my back against the wall. He fucked me slow at first then harder and faster. “I’m cumming I said, Fuck baby fuck me harder.”He said, “Cum baby, cum all over my dick.” And damn if I didn’t. As I cam I felt his dick grow harder and he shot a load up inside me. It was amazing feeling my pussy clench at his dick and it throbbing at the same time. We took a shower together and he fucked me one more time.He was still in the shower when I got out. I left him there, never turned back. When I walked into the other room all the guys had passed out. I walked over the the drawer took out the camera and removed the film and took the other roll that I found on the floor. Turning, I walked out the door into the cold 5 am morning air. For some reason I was still hot. Before I left the parking lot I stuck my finger up my pussy and pulled it out and tasted it. Driving home, I propt my leg up against the door and fingered myself until I came right infront the bloomington police station at the stop light. I got home, got undressed, crawled into bed. I instantly fell asleep.I think that’s the best sleep I’ve ever had.It took awhile for me to get the film developed. A lot of places would do it, but I paid an guy and extra 20 dollars and made him promise not to make any copies.It’s been almost 19 years ago, and in a little box that I keep hiden….. Every once in awhile I take those pics out and I look at them and I am amazed. That I took all that dick. I wonder if they every think about me?