Laura and John Ch. 07


Chapter 7: Maid to Order

Chapters 1-5 published under author name Erotica by J&G. Same author, new name!

As Laura bustled around her home, pulling out articles of clothing, scrutinizing them before tossing them on the bed or back into the closet, she mused over the days’ events. Her body still tingled from their encounter on the office floor; her mind whirled with thoughts of what was to come. Three days alone with her Master, it was both exhilarating and terrifying.

What if so much togetherness led him to become bored with her? What if she couldn’t keep his interest both day and night? She shrugged and shook off her fears. If I’m a flop, I’m a flop, there isn’t anything I can do but be myself. God, I only hope I can sleep tonight so I don’t look like a total wreck in the morning!

At his home, John was also packing and dealing with mixed emotions himself. The last couple of weeks, he had been distracted by some worrisome pangs of guilt. Although he delighted in his relationship when he was with Laura, he second-guessed his actions when they were apart. He twisted the gold band on his left hand and fretted when he thought of the marriage vows it symbolized.

He was standing there lost in thought when his wife, Sara, entered their bedroom. Catching sight of his activity, she asked distractedly, “Going somewhere, dear?”

“Yes… I, uh, have a conference downstate. I’m replacing a speaker that cancelled at the last minute.” John held his breath, waiting to see if Sara would ask for details or suggest that she accompany him. If she did, he’d know that there was still something between them, something worth saving and he’d let Laura go. But no questions or even comments came from his wife’s side of the bed. She was already engrossed in her reading, barely registering his presence.

She didn’t even stir when he rose in the morning, gathered his bags, and left quietly. There was no need for him to look back.

At the airport, John waited for Laura to arrive; they had agreed to meet at security. He spotted her moving through the crowd and smiled unconsciously. He had come to love watching her, her purposeful stride, her bright smile, and right now, the way the sunlight was streaming through the large glass windows behind her. As she walked up to him, he leaned down to plant a quick kiss on her cheek.

“Nice skirt, pet. Might want to wear a slip underneath it next time, though.”

He chuckled as she blushed crimson. “You told me no panties, so this is ALL your fault.”

As they moved toward the security area, he whispered, “What bag did you put our toy box in?” For a moment, he was afraid she might have slipped up and put it in her carryon which was sure to be discovered at the x-ray machine.

“Give me some credit, Sir,” she replied. “It’s in the bag I checked.”

“Damn… I’m almost sorry. I would love to have seen your face had the guard opened up your bag and pulled out some of our toys.”

They passed through security without incident and in short order, boarded their flight. It was a trip of only little more than an hour, and by the time they were served their obligatory coffee and granola bar, they were halfway to their destination.

Making small talk about the weather and past flight experiences, they seemed to the outward observer to be a couple comfortable with one another, but not particularly intimate. They never discussed their families or life outside of the office. Laura did note that John’s mood seemed lighter somehow and was much gladdened by it.

As they grew closer to landing, an air of anticipation between them began to grow. The glances they exchanged became more knowing, and each was becoming more acutely aware of the other’s body movements, their arms brushing against one another didn’t feel quite so casual anymore. As they disembarked from the plane, John placed his hand at the small of her back in a helpful, protective gesture and an answering tremble ran through Laura. Quickly they gathered their bags and hailed a taxi outside the terminal. As it sped away from the curb, he could no longer resist and pulled her close, kissing her lips with a sudden hunger. His hand dropped to her xslot knee and slid dangerously high up the warm soft skin of her thigh as her legs automatically and obediently opened to him. Breaking the kiss, he nuzzled her neck and whispered, “I hope the driver isn’t watching.”

She laughed, a breathless throaty laugh, surprised at the sudden heat she felt from his words. “I don’t care. Let him look all he wants, I’ll never see him again!”

They continued to cuddle and kiss and stroke each other until reaching the hotel like a couple of love struck teenagers. Composing themselves long enough to check in with at least a modicum of decorum, they were in each other’s arms again as soon as the elevator doors closed. John probed between her legs as he squeezed her full breasts with his free hand, pinning her against the wall as they rose to the 12th floor. Pulling his fingers, wet with her juices, from her body, he placed them against her lips.

“Clean me, slut, ” he growled.

She sucked and licked his fingers thoroughly, the sight of which caused his cock to grow increasingly harder, tenting the front of his trousers. The doors slid open, shocking them momentarily and each breathed a sigh of relief that the corridor was empty. As they entered their individual, but adjoining, rooms, John glanced at her. He said only one word.


Dropping her bags on the bed, Laura flew to the connecting door and found John waiting on the other side. He yanked her by the arm over to the king sized bed and pulled her down across his lap. Sliding her skirt, slowly, tantalizingly up the back of her thighs, the white skin of her ass was revealed to him. He began spanking her, softly at first, then harder and with more force, until she was squirming on his lap, fully aware of his erection pushing against her belly.

“You little slut, you teased me all the way here and in the taxi, and then acting like such a hot nasty girl in the elevator. Anyone could have seen you with your legs spread and my fingers buried in your pussy.”

Pushing her off his lap, he ordered her, “Fetch the toy box and be damn quick about it!”

As she scurried off to do his bidding, John pulled the covers down to the bottom of the bed and was pleased to note that there was both a headboard and a footboard with posts protruding at each corner. He checked his watch, confirming that he had just enough time for his plan.

Taking the box from her, he noticed that her hands were shaking slightly. Placing their toys on the bed, he quickly covered her hands with his. “Am I frightening you? Do you wish to stop? You know you have only to speak the safeword.” He smiled reassuringly at her, hoping she was not overwhelmed by the situation.

“NO, no, ” she shook her head emphatically, her dark hair brushing against her face. “It’s only my excitement that’s making me shiver so.”

Her Master sighed with relief and in a firm, but quiet voice ordered her to strip and lie in the middle of the bed, arms over her head and legs spread. Assuming the position, she watched, her breath ever quickening, as he retrieved the silk scarves previously purchased and unused until now. Quickly she was tied in place by each wrist and ankle, the bindings not painful but gently restricting.

“I know that if you really wanted to get free, you could. But I also know that in your promise of submission to me, that you won’t try.”

She nodded, wondering what was next. Her nipples hardened in the cool air conditioning of the hotel but she was all molten heat between her thighs. Closing her eyes and savoring the moment, they popped open quickly at the familiar sound of the vibrator being switched on.

Taking one of the many pillows from the head of the bed, he placed it between her open legs. Brushing the lifelike cock against her glistening lips, he slipped the head barely inside her slit. Maneuvering the pillow just so, he propped the vibe into place.

“I have to go downstairs to check in for the seminar. It should take only about 15 minutes or so. In the meantime, you are to lie still. When I return, this had better be where I left it!”

Leaning over the bed, xslot Giriş he kissed her deeply, loving the way she had bent to his will so completely. Rising, he pulled the top sheet up, but left her breasts uncovered. After giving each nipple a pinch, he groaned and reached down to his crotch to make some much needed adjustments.

“If I didn’t know this would take only a few minutes, I would not be able to leave you now. Concentrate, my sweet little slut, on that vibrator that is only grazing your pussy and how my cock is going to go much, much deeper as soon as I return.”

Laura smiled at him as he left the room and concentrated on not dislodging the vibrator. The tingling was maddening and she knew that if she only moved her hips a little, it would more than likely slide a little further in. Or… it may fall away to the side and lie useless against her thigh. The more aroused she became thinking about it, the wetter her cunt became and she forced herself to lie motionless, the buzzing sensation centered in on one delicious spot alone. She glanced around the room, careful not to move too much, and could see no clock, no way to tell how long Master had been gone. She sighed, and closing her eyes again, resigned herself to wait as patiently as she could.

John efficiently took care of his business, brushing off an invitation to dinner from the seminar hosts. It was all he could do to maintain a polite manner; all he could think of was getting back to his willing captive. As he exited the elevator, he was stunned to see a hotel maid standing at Laura’s door, master key in hand. He thought quickly and decided to take a risk, not sure how it would play out but willing to try.

“Excuse me, ma’am. The lady occupying this room is, uh, a little tied up at the moment.”

The maid turned with a questioning look. She was around the same age as Laura, obviously of Hispanic descent with raven black hair and dark eyes, and was wearing a name tag that said “Maria” on her uniform.

“Que, senor?” she asked, smiling at the handsome man before her.

John, stammering a bit, explained to Maria that the room’s occupant was his traveling companion and was currently in his room.

“Ah, si, senor. She is your sweetheart, then? Lucky woman!” Maria smiled up at him again, this time a little more knowingly. “A little fun in a beautiful hotel, si?”

“Si, indeed!” John gathered a little more courage from the maid’s friendly nature. “Ah, Maria.. I could use your help with a little extra room service?” He pulled a crisp bill from his wallet and offered it to her.

The bill disappeared quickly into Maria’s impressive cleavage as she answered, “And what did you have in mind, senor?”

Leaning down, John whispered to her, describing exactly how she would find Laura upon entering the room. He asked only that she speak to Laura while he watched from the adjoining doorway.

Maria laughed softly and said, “I understand, senor. My late husband, he was much the same way. A man’s man, you know? I felt the sting of the lash and the cut of the rope more than a few times. We shall see what your woman is made of.”

She quietly unlocked Laura’s door for him and then knocked on John’s hallway door. “Maid service!” she called out gaily.

Inside the room, Laura held her breath. Surely the maid wouldn’t enter if no one answered! Her heart stood still as she heard the door unlock and open. A dark-haired woman in a maid’s uniform appeared at the side of the bed, gazing down at her partially exposed body.

“Ai, senorita! Who has done this to you? Are you alright?” Maria reached to untie the bonds at her wrist.

“No, NO! Please don’t!” Laura sputtered and stumbled over her words, trying to explain her predicament; John had entered the other room, removed his shoes, and soundlessly padded to the adjoining doorway. He would see Laura and Maria perfectly, but was completely out of Laura’s line of sight.

Maria nodded and lowered her hands. “So, senorita, you are like this of your own free will, yes?”

Laura nodded, embarrassed but relieved that the police were not about to be called. “Yes, this is something my Master xslot Güncel Giriş has asked of me and I willing do this.”

Unable to help looking at the woman’s body lying in front of her, Maria noticed the full breasts with the extended nipples and felt an answering tingle of excitement in her body. A widow for five years, Maria was no stranger to finding pleasure and relief where she could, whether with an attractive male guest or one of the other female housekeepers.

“Whatever it is that your Master does, chica, it seems to be pleasing.” She brushed her fingertips across Laura’s nipples and then lightly across her belly, easing the sheet down bit by bit, exposing her smooth mound. “My husband Arturo, he liked to tie me up as well. It was very exciting to me, to be helpless and unable to stop him from doing anything he wanted. Anything at all!”

As she spoke, the maid pushed the bedcover down further, her movements slow and gentle, as was the tone of her voice. Laura watched in fascination, hardly able to believe that was allowing this woman to touch her, to see her.

The sight of the vibrator, still buzzing merrily away, brought Maria’s story to a halt. She touched it carefully, then stroked its length, suddenly understanding why it was propped up against the pillow.

“You are not supposed to move, not to give yourself pleasure, yes?”

Laura nodded, “It must be in exactly the same spot when he returns. Which, oh my God, should be any minute!”

“Then I must hurry, senorita.” Maria grinned wickedly at her as she grasped the vibrator in her fist and slowly slid it completely into Laura’s needy pussy. She thrust it in and out of the slippery tunnel as Laura moaned; it felt so good she didn’t care who was giving her this feeling. Maria closed her lips around Laura’s left nipple and sucked while she pumped the vibe, teasing and tickling the nub with her tongue.

On the opposite side of the room, John was watching intently, unable to believe his own luck. Watching the two women interact was one of the most arousing scenes he’d ever witnessed.

Maria released Laura’s nipple and gave a quick glance over her shoulder, winking at John. “Now, senorita, we had best get you back into place so you don’t receive a nasty punishment!”

The vibrator was deftly put back into place and the covers once again pulled up. Laura was struggling not to beg for more and reminded herself that John could reutrn at any moment. Although she’d never had any sexual contact with a woman before, she was surprised to find it incredibly exciting. Maria stroked her flushed cheek with a soft hand and placed a tender kiss on Laura’s lips. “I hope to see you again soon. Good luck with your Master; you are both very lucky to have found each other.”

As the maid exited the room, she was met by John in the corridor. He pressed another bill into her hand and spoke his thanks.

“No problem, senor. Maybe another time if you’re staying longer?” And then she was off, humming a little tune to herself.

Taking a deep breath, John opened the door and stepped in. Immediately, he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, freeing his straining cock. Without preliminary, he fell upon his waiting lover, throwing the pillow and vibrator aside. Taking her deeply and with hard pounding thrusts, he gave her no opportunity to speak by covering her mouth with his. He nipped and licked at her lips, her neck, and her breasts. He’d never felt her quite so wet and hot inside; she was literally dripping and he could feel her juices coating him down to the balls.

Laura pulled against her bonds, arching her back to take him ever deeper. There were no words, only animalistic grunts and moans. The smell of sex filled their nostrils and spurred them on until the bed was shaking, the headboard banging against the wall. Rising to his knees, John used both hands to pull her thighs up and knees back as far as the restraints would allow.

“Cum for me, Laura… you may cum now!”

She forced her eyes open and spoke his name and sent them both over the edge. When the spasms eased, he fell to the bed beside her, exhausted and sweating. For many minutes, neither spoke. Then Laura turned to him.

“Sir… I need to tell you about something that happened while you were gone.”

He smiled, his eyes still shut. “It’s okay, love. Did Maria leave clean towels?”

She was rendered speechless for a few seconds, then she began to laugh.