Laundry Day

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Laundry DayLaundry would never be this much fun, but one can dream and fantasize. This is a fantasy based on a series of picture I found abandoned on XH. Hope it meets your approval.I was so excited on Friday when I was told I would have a paid day off on Monday. As I drove home I had all sorts of ideas of what I should do but reality set in when I took my laundry basket down to the apartment laundry room and saw a sign posted “Closed until Monday”. “Damn,” I swore as I turned back to the elevator, “a three day shutdown means everyone and their dog will be down here on Monday.” I thought on the ride back up to the sixth floor.So my day off on Monday would be in the laundry room causing me more stress than normal. I loved washing clothes after work on Friday because everyone else would be out on the town. I loved washing clothes, but I liked doing it when no one else was around. I accepted the busy public nature of doing laundry as part of living in a large apartment complex. But at least habits can be formed to remove the stress.I dropped my basket back in the apartment and decided to run out for some groceries. I stepped in the elevator and as the doors started shut I heard my neighbor, “Hold the door Larry.”I stuck my hand in the door and they slid back revealing my stunningly beautiful neighbor. “Thanks Larry,” she said leaning on a talk laundry basket filled with clothes.“You’re welcome but unless you are going to a Laundromat you are wasting your time and effort lugging that down to our laundry. There is a sign that it is closed until Monday.” I said holding the door that kept trying to slide back shut.“Shit,” she said, “That really sucks.”Ashley was a single 20 something blond that had a killer body and lived across the hall from me. She was always friendly to me and knew I was single but did not make any advances like she was interested and neither did I. Since my last break up I had sworn off relationships, “I guess I have too many quirks,” I thought at the time.She frowned as she grabbed the basket and headed back towards her apartment. I knew her frustration but couldn’t do anything about it.Monday morning I was up and down to the laundry room by 8:00 AM to beat the crowd. I heard a couple machines humming away as I rounded the corner and as I stepped into the brightly lit room Ashly was near the door and flashed me a big smile. “I beat you down here,” she said and turned towards her machines and started throwing clothes in the washer.I walked down the row of machines and heard her say, “hey Larry, these machines are open, come join me and we can chat while our clothes wash.”This was why I hated coming when others were here. It was not that I didn’t like to chat, I just liked my privacy while doing laundry. So not to be rude I set my basket on the top of the washer next to hers and turned towards the soap machines to get a box of soap.When I got back to the machine I noticed that the t-shirt I had on the top of my clothes was laying half out of the basket. Ashley looked me in the eyes and said, atakum escort “I see you have some delicates in your basket, I added a panty to it since that is the only one I have, hope you don’t mind.”I blushed, she had obviously seen that the basket was full of panties, pretty pastel color nylon panties. And unless she was a total ditz she’d figure out they were my panties since I am single and I hadn’t been seen in the building with a girlfriend.I looked in the basket and didn’t see anything but my panties so assumed she had thrown something in the washer. I quickly put my panties in the washer without looking. I was so afraid of looking like more a perv that she already must consider me. I got the machine going and could feel her eyes on me the whole time and had no idea what, if anything, she’d say.I looked around the room hoping some others would join us and perhaps she’d move to someone else to chat, but unfortunately it looked like it was just us two. “What color today?” Ashley asked as she turned and leaned against my washer.“Pardon me?” I said noticing her crossed arms pushed her small tits up in a very attractive and arousing way.“What color are the panties you are wearing today?” she asked and smiled. I didn’t take anything sinister or threatening in this, it almost seemed like a logical question since she had obviously snooped in my basket seeing a dozen pretty panties in the basket and not a one of them the same color. Yes, they were all the same Vanity Fair briefs, some Lace Nouveau style and the other without lace but all different colors.I hesitated with a sheepish look, I had been outted by my beautiful neighbor and any denial would only make it worse. So I screwed up my confidence and said, “blushing pink.”“Oh I bet you look sweet in them, I saw that pretty lavender with the lace and it is more my color. But pink is so sweet.” And again a smile that didn’t make it look like she was mocking or judging me.“I wonder what she’d think if I was washing my slips today,” I thought as I searched for something to say.“I’m kind of into what you do,” Ashley said, “my older brother used to steal mine and wear them, I knew he wore them because they would be all stretched out. I bought him 7 panties in a size I knew would fit him and left them in his room.” She said with a giggle. “I put them in the drawer where his boxers were and took the boxers away and hid them.” And now she was laughing out loud. “He was so pissed off at me that when he started ranting about it Mom came in and wondered what the argument was about.”Ashley was laughing so hard she bent forward and balanced herself by holding onto my forearm. “I told Mom that he was peeking at me while I got dressed, she grounded him for a week. He was so mad but at least his little fun thing didn’t get him in bigger trouble.I stood silent while she told me the story and wondered what I would have done if my sister had bought me panties. I started wearing my sister’s panties when I was about 10 and since we were about the same size I never escort atakum got caught with them. I wanted to say something but wasn’t sure just what to say.“But then later the truth came out he was into dirty panties and I thought it was kind of gross and we never discussed it again. But he knew not to take mine anymore.” She said as she checked her machines that were a bit ahead of mine.“Do you think he took your mothers panties?” I asked.“Ewww, I suppose so, I never thought of it but I’ll bet he did. Well to each his own.” She said lifting the lid of the washer that had shut off. “Would you mind helping me out and putting my blouses in the dryer?”As I was moving her blouses from the washer to the dryer I asked her, “If your experience with your brother was so negative how can you say you are kind of into it?”“I loved buying panties for my brother and he would show me how they fit but when I found out about his other desire things changed. But my last boyfriend and I got talking about our past and I mentioned the thing with my brother. He said he’d be willing to play with panties if it seemed like something I would like.”“So I started buying panties for him and he was so cute in them. We had a great sex life together but the rest of our relationship wasn’t as good so we split up.” She said and made a pouty face. “What about you?” Ashley asked, “Do your girlfriends know about your desires?”“No,” I admitted, “I don’t bring it up and it because I don’t know how to broach the subject.”“We have broached the subject here,” she said with a smile. “And no one is offended, at least I’m not. Hey your washer is off, better get our dainties into the dryer,” she said and turned away working on her second washer load.I didn’t want to be a letch or creepy trying to find her panty so grabbed the entire load of panties and dumped them in the dryer without inspecting them. I knew there would be that uncomfortable moment at some point when I picked out her item. As open as she seemed I was still a little shy about all of this.With three dryers running there wasn’t much to do but wait. I watched as the panty load tossed in a circle in the dryer. The pretty nylon panties looked like a colorful rainbow as they danced among themselves. I tried to pick out what was different in the load but it was just a swirl of pretty pastels.I loved doing my panty laundry. Every part of the process was arousing. The slippery nylon fabric touching my fingers as I put them in the washers was the start of it all. Then from the washer to the dryer the fabric now translucent and warm from the water added a sensual feel to laundry day. And once out of the dryer there was the warm and the slippery feel while I carefully folded each panty. I missed all of this today because I didn’t want to be any creepier that I was with Ashley’s discovery.“If I may ask,” Ashley said standing beside me leaning on the washers, “when did you start wearing panties?”Again I hesitated, I had never really discussed this with any one and this seemed to be atakum escort bayan the wrong place. But she made me feel comfortable so I replied honestly, “Well since I was about 10.”“Oh I see, so at 10 you had to get them somewhere other than a store.” She asked moving close to me. I could feel her bare arm against mine, her skin was soft and warm and my cock responded to the feeling of sensuality from that simple contact.“I must admit that I got panties from my Mom’s dresser and also my sister’s. It was difficult being that age, and really difficult until I was in a place of my own.” I openly admitted to being a panty boy most of my life.“Have you ever thought about dressing up in women’s clothing, you know cross dressing?” Ashley asked and now slid her hand into mine curling her fingers into mine.“I guess I thought about it but haven’t acted on it, for me it is all about panties.” I lied knowing I had as many slips as panties. “Oh, the dryer stopped I said.” I moved to the dryer and saw Ashley reflected in the glass and her smile told me that nothing said here was causing her a problem. I opened the door and felt the warmth of the dryer and the mild scent of the fabric softener and my mind floated away to finding panties in my mother’s dresser scented with her perfume.I heard movement behind me at the exact moment I saw a panty that was not mine. It was a pink satin fabric with little red hearts printed on it. I ran my fingers over the buttery softness of the panty and my cock surged with the reaction to a panty belonging to a woman standing 3 feet behind me. I wanted to bring it to my face, feel the softness, enjoy that forbidden moment of touching a panty that was not mine.I pulled it out of the pile of my panties, folded it in half, and turned to face Ashley. I nearly passed out with the shock of the scene behind me. Ashley was setting on the dryer with her top pulled up above her bare tits, wonderful little globes of flesh that begged for attention. And she had her skirt pulled up showing a shaved pussy with her legs parted. “Oh, you found it, I guess I better get it back on.” She didn’t move, I read this scene as her begging me to do something but what?Both of her dryers stopped and she slowly closed her legs and slipped off the washer. My hand was trembling as I handed her the panty. She took it from me but before pulling it out of my hands she touched my fingers and slid the satin slowly out of my hand. “Do you have any satin panties?” she asked as she stepped into the panties and slowly pulled them up without out any hesitation or turning around.The shiny fabric slid up her legs and her bald pussy vanished from sight behind the heart printed panties. “I love the way these fit,” Ashley said as she ran her fingers across the panty. “So do you?” she asked again, “Do you have any satin panties?”“Uh no, I never have.” I said trying to hide the erection that had showed while I watched her tease me with her panties.“Well you must, there is nothing sexier than satin panties.” Ashley said as she pulled her clothes out of the dryer. “Well it is been fun Larry,” Ashley said, “But I must run, don’t be a stranger.” She said as she carried her big laundry basket out of the room leaving me with an erection and a delightful load of panties to fold.