Late Night BJ

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Late Night BJA few nights ago I was feeling horny and desperate for something to wrap my lips around. Flicking through the pages of various sex sites I found out there was a dogging spot close to where I lived, feeling a little nervous I decided to give it a go and see if my luck was in. I went to my ‘slut’ wardrobe and picked out a cute outfit I hoped would get me some action. I’m a tall slim mid 20’s tgirl and get passes made all the time from men in the street and clubs, I have that innocent looking going on quite well! I decided on a short pretty pink flowery skirt, cute little fuck me strappy shoes and a nice top. I took my time with my makeup and made sure it was really sultry and dirty. With smoky eyes and wet red lips I looked every part the cheap whore. I put my long black hair into pigtails and finished off by painting my long nails a tarty slut red. My neighbours got a good eyeful as I tottered out to the car in my outfit; they were kinda used to seeing me going out and coming back at all hours with different men. My long silky smooth legs glistened in the moonlight as my 6 inch heels clicked on the pavement. çorum escort After a short drive up to the local spot I pulled up and waited for something to happen. Ten minutes went by without anything happening; cars kept on pulling in and out the layby but nobody paid me any attention. I sat patiently waiting whilst smoking a cigarette looking like a borderline hooker waiting for clients. A car pulled in behind me and turned the engine off, I could feel myself tense up with excitement and I hoped they’d be interested. Just to make sure they knew who I was I pretended to get something from my car boot. I slowly and seductively stood up out the car and strutted round to the boot. I made sure my tight little ass swung from side to side and my legs were on full display. I could make out the outline of the driver, it looked like a man and I could feel his eyes on every inch of me. I opened up the boot and bent over looking inside. He got a great view up my skirt and could see my knickers barely covering my tight fuckhole. After a few seconds of gently moving my hips side to side I stood up and got back in my car. escort çorum Just to make sure he was interested I quickly turned my interior light on and off. He replied immediately with the same!! My pulse raced as I knew my night was about to get better. I slowly drove off from the layby and he pursued me. I drove for a couple mins to the nearest big carpark that we could be discreet in. Pulling up alongside me I could tell it was a young lad. I motioned for him to get into my passenger seat; he didn’t need asking twice and straight away jumped in. Once he was in I told him that I wanted to swallow his cum and to get his cock out immediately. I don’t think he believed his luck as he mumbled a quick “yes please” and released his throbbing cock. Taking it in my hand it was nearly rock solid before I’d even begun. “Somebody won’t last long” I teased him with as I leaned over and started rubbing the swollen helmet against my lips. I savoured the taste as I began running my lips up and down his hard shaft. I could feel his cock tighten up with every stroke of my tongue. Desperate to get to work on him I sunk my lips çorum escort bayan round his cock and plunged him into the back of my throat. He gasped as I bobbed up and down on him, moaning and gasping like a slut as I whored myself out to him. He held the back of my head (which I love so much btw) and pushed me down onto him harder. His cock kept on growing in size and I felt my mouth being stretched to its limit, hmmm just what I love. Anyone looking on would’ve seen my head bobbing up and down in his lap! I must’ve looked a right dirty slut. True to my predication after only 2 mins I could feel his cock begin to twitch and I knew what was coming. He told me he was going to cum in my mouth if I didn’t stop, I didn’t break rhythm and kept on greedily sucking him. I felt his body tense and he let out a massive gasp as his cum flooded onto my tongue. It tasted lush!! I kept him firmly in my mouth and kept sucking as he shot reams of spunk down my throat; I felt such a whore but loved every second. I counted 11 shots of spunk before he had filled my mouth so much that it started to spill out down his cock. I swallowed what I could and being a good girl I kept my mouth on him. Cleaning up all his spunk I sat back up and thanked him for the nice mouthful. Ten minutes later I was driving home a happy girl with his taste lingering in my mouth.