Late night at the office. (part 1)

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Late night at the office. (part 1)Fictional story.My name is Richard Winters and this is the story of the late nights at my office.I had graduated college a few years ago and landed myself a decent job managing a small office for a large company. Unfortunately, our company had fallen on some hard times. We were struggling, but it looked like we would be able to make it through alright.Around the office were some fairly attractive women. Stacy, the red headed, green eyed, freckled and glasses wearing stereotype that worked in accounting was in her mid twenties with an athletic build. Word around the office was that she was single, and many of the men around the office had asked her out, but she turned them each down.Rebecca was a tall, skinny blonde with blue eyes. She was fairly new, having only been with us for a few weeks. She was interning with us and spent a lot of time with me helping to do various things around the office. She supposedly was dating, but no one seemed to ever see her outside of the office.Finally, there is Sarah, she’s in her late thirties or early forties. A lovely brunette with nice curves softened just a touch by age, marriage, and the two k**s she had. She was our marketing person and had a way with people. Rumor had it that things were a little rocky at home, but she didn’t let kocaeli escort it show.Of course there are men at the office too, but they’re mostly assholes who spend every second of the company’s time they can flirting with the women and making general nuisances of themselves.Not that I can really talk.One day I stayed late to work on the big project we had been given. It wasn’t due for some time, but I found it easier to work at night without all of the distractions around the office. I was in my office working by the light of my computer, I hate the glare that the lights sometimes cause on it, when one of the hall lights clicked on and in came strolling Rebecca. She looked like she had had something of a rough night. She was wearing a dark grey skirt and white blouse and short heels. With the way she was staggering just a hint, I guessed that she had had a few.I came to my office door and called out to her, “Rebecca, is everything OK?”She jumped a little at the sound of my voice, but nodded, “Yeah, everything’s fine. I was out with a friend and remembered that we had that big project due in a bit, so I figured I’d come in and get some hours in.”I nodded and motioned her into my office and flipped the light on. “Have a seat and I’ll tell you what all we’ll need to take care of.”Rebecca nodded and escort kocaeli sat down, she looked horrible. Her normally bright and cheery blue eyes were puffy and rimmed with red. She’d been drinking alright, I could smell it on her, but not too much, just the faint smell of some drink or another. Hard to tell over the perfume she had put on to help mask it. Her blouse was a little lower in the front than she normally wore it. Signs of crying, drinking, and showing more cleavage than normal? Well, in all fairness, she was small chested, not flat, but small, I’d say a…high A to low B cup. Anyway, breasts aside, I’d say she had broken up with whoever she’d been dating. Didn’t seem to have gone over well. I offered to make a pot of coffee and she said that would be nice, but by the time I had gotten back from setting the machine, she was asleep.Now, as I mentioned earlier, I’m an asshole that spends a lot of time flirting with the ladies in the office. Now, I had one of those ladies asleep and alone. I checked the time and it was 12:17 AM.The office didn’t open for almost eight more hours.I called her name softly to see if she would respond, but she didn’t. I called again, slightly louder, and still no response. I smiled to myself and licked my lips in anticipation. sleeping girls weren’t really kocaeli escort bayan quite my thing, but then again, I’ve never really tried it. Something about the risk made my thoughts race and my cock throb expectantly.I took her hand in mine and felt her soft skin. I looked at the carefully manicured nails. My gaze moved up her arm and to her small chest. Her high, shapely, and undoubtedly firm breasts rose and fell with the rhythm of deep sleep. I allowed my gaze to move down her body, following the smooth outline of her legs in her stockings. Her toes were pedicured too. I took off her shoes to help her feel more comfortable and ran the tips of my fingers up her calf. She twitched slightly, but remained asleep. Her legs spread open just enough for me to see up her skirt. I felt like I’d be missing a golden opportunity if I passed it up, so I did and saw that she was wearing a black lacy thong. It looked like she was expecting some action tonight, but her date broke it off. To comemorate the moment, I took a picture with my cell phone. She murmered something in her sleep. I knew that she was fast asleep now and it would take quite a bit to wake her. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. Well, I didn’t so much as pull it out as it burst through the opening in my pants when the opportunity arose.I took her hand and made her touch my cock. Her soft skin on my hot and throbbing cock made my spine tingle. I knew it was too good to be true. I had her all to myself, and she wouldn’t wake up for a good long time. The real fun was about to begin.