last night

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last nightDearest Sir,It is difficult to find the right words to describe my thoughts and feelings about my experiences with you last night. I must admit to at first feeling absolutely terrified and somewhat ashamed of my body, as having to strip down and then be blindfolded was not anything I had done before. I was so unsure of what to do and what to say. It’s ironic how free I felt being collared, restrained, blindfolded, and then how empowered I became at your hand. I found kaş escort myself so focused on your words and commands, and most of all pleasing you. I could not see nor discern the various implements you used on my body, but I didn’t care. I longed for your touch, painful or pleasurable, in a way I have not ever before. The pain was not my focus. I could hear myself crying out and moaning but it was as if it was someone else. I didn’t know that I sounded like that. I was so lost in escort kaş your command of me that I was able to endure so much more than I thought I would be able to. Having thought it about much of last night and today, I cannot find ample words to describe how incredible it was to be worthy of your cock and to pleasure you. It’s a feeling of accomplishment, pride, intense desire, servitude, and gratefulness. (Part of me wanted to show off my oral skills too, I will admit it.) When kaş escort bayan I finally got to taste your hot cum I only wanted more. I wondered if it would have been even better to see your face as you came in my mouth. At first I was so frustrated that you did not pleasure me but then commanded me to do it myself. I wanted your cock so badly. I thought I had earned it. I told you I wanted to cum on it. My pussy was aching for you. I was afraid to beg you. It turned out that masturbating while you watched was an intense orgasm I had not had before. I am figuring that you knew it would be. You’ve left me in state of desire I can only hope you plan on fulfilling. Sincerely,~your poppet