Lana’s brother Brian and their awakening ch.1

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Lana’s brother Brian and their awakening ch.1Please, please, please comment and rate this story.I write because I want to hear how you like my fantasiesMy brother and I got our genes from different sides of the family tree. He is like Dad’s side, 6’2, 200 pounds of muscle, built like an Adonis and tans in one day. Me, I’m built like Mom and Granny. Barely five foot tall, I have D cup tits that Mom has insisted on keeping tighly holstered since they first started to grow at age 11. She would point to her mom, Granny and say, “If you want to walk around with your tits tucked into your belt when you are 50, you don’t have to wear a bra, but if you want them stay nice and firm like mine, keep them holstered.” Oh, and like Mom and Granny, I burn in about 10 minutes of direct summer sun!!So most of the time I keep the girls restricted by “accepted bondage gear of the day”, that some man named a brassiere and try to keep them out of my way as I play volleyball and fish. But notice, I did say MOST of the time. The summer between my Senior year of high school and college, I started spending a lot of time on the back of our property, fishing a lake that was deep, blue and cold. Dad had built it before I was born to hold back water that could then be let out in the summer to keep the cows watered.One hot August day, as my line bobbed on the surface of the lake and the sun beat down on me in my little flat-bottomed boat, I decided to see what it would feel like to let the girls breathe and enjoy the summer sun. No one ever came back to the pond except me, and sometimes Dad, if he needed to let the water out, so I figured since it had rained the previous three days, I was fairly safe.It felt so good to lay there in the sunshine and feel the sun wash all over my body. I bunched up my shorts into as small a gathering of cloth as possible and the slight breeze that did play across the surface of the pound felt absolutely delicious.I started thinking about how nice it would be to share this pond with a boyfriend, but I had just dumped my steady from the past 2 years, because the ass could not keep his hands off of this bitch from the other side of the county. I told him to go fuck off… and I guess he did.Anyway, as I ran my fingers over my breasts, my nipples immediately responded, as they always do. I love my tits, but with them in heavy duty over the shoulder boulder holders for 18 hours a day, they do not get a lot of sensory play. So when I do touch them, it is like an electric charge fires straight from there to my clit! I thought for a moment about sticking a hand down the front of my shorts, but then did not. The only guy I had been with was my bastard ex and the thought of him as I touched myself ruined the moment. So instead, I just laid back and closed my eyes as my fingers played with my breasts, and I drifted off to sleep.“Are you dead? What’s your….” The voice of my brother died on the breeze and for a moment, I struggled to remember where I was. I looked around and realized it was probably almost supper time, and the boat had drifted to within four feet of the shore where my brother stood staring at me as I sat up and rubbed my eyes. And it was only then I remember my shirt!!!I covered as much of my boobs as I could with fethiye escort my arm and as I turned to grab my shirt, another realization slammed into my brain. This one was painful!! I was burnt like a lobster across my breasts in a fashion I had never dreamed possible!!! I bit my lip and grabbed up my shirt and bra and yelled at Brian, “You pervert!!! What are you doing up here?”“Mom and Dad just left. Grandpa George is in the hospital again, and Dad wanted to go down with Mom and spend a few days with Mammaw.” He said. “I was coming up to see if you wanted to go into town and get some supper or if you had caught anything….” His eyes were glued to my chest as I fumbled trying to stay covered and get my shirt put on.“Turn around, would ya?” I asked, and I knew I had an edge to my voice, but I was humiliated, in pain, worried about Grandpa….. Brian just smiled, kicked off his shoes and walked into the water and grabbed hold of the boat and d**g me closer to the shore. Then he winked at me and turned around with a chuckle.“I’m gonna guess that your chest meat, there little sister, is cooked to almost well-done.” I swore at him a couple of streaks that would have made a sailor proud, and I pulled the Tee-shirt over my head without bothering with the bra. I could not even begin to think what it would be like to put a bra on. I told my pervert of a brother he could turn around and I began reeling in the fishing line. Much to my chagrin, every move I made, seemed to rub the cotton over my now incredibly tender boobs and as I glanced down, I thought the nipples might actually cut right through the material. The sudden realization of just how hard they were made me shudder and I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, Brian was standing there, in about two feet of water just staring at me like a man who had been starving for the meal set right before him!!“Would you stop?!” I said to him, and he blinked and mumbled an apology as he reached in and grabbed my tackle box and I handed him my pole. He walked up to the narrow band of sand and put the items down. I stepped as carefully as I could out of the boat….and froze in shock.I had mentioned how rarely my girls get attention didn’t I? And now, burnt and unholstered I had just jumped over the side of a boat, down into 3 feet or more of very cold water…. The jarring sent a tidal wave of motion across my chest, which was followed almost immediately by a splash of cold water across both of my breast causing my already hard nipples to nearly launch off of their individual hilltops!!!That was also the moment that I realized that I could orgasm with very little stimulus to my clit, as long as the nerves to my chest were sufficiently overloaded!!! I moaned and shuddered and Brian actually splashed into the water because He was afraid I had really hurt myself!!My mind fractured into those million little shards that become bright stars contrasted across the black velvet emptiness of my mind that I always experience when I cum. I felt his hands on my arms and I leaned back into Brian as the first waves of pleasure rolled back and the subsequent aftershocks took my breath.. I clenched my eyes closed and then slowly opened them as Brian said with genuine concern, “Are you okay? escort fethiye Did you hurt something?”I just leaned into him a little more and my eyes fluttered open and I looked up at him and said I’d be fine. He helped me get the boat safely up onto land and then we carried my fishing gear back to his truck. I was still a little wobbly on my legs and that just made my breasts swing all the more within my shirt which fed the whole vicious cycle.Once we were in the truck, Brian started talking about Mom and Dad taking suitcases and leaving the two of us to watch over the farm. They would come home in a week, at the longest he said, and I nodded my understanding. Brian’s eyes kept leaving the road and stealing glances at my nearly transparent shirt. I started to tell him to knock it off when I saw the bulge in the front of his wet shorts!!We pulled into the drive and past the barn and headed into the house. Once inside the garage, Brian pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on the washing machine. “No sense in dripping through the whole house.” He said. Before I could stop myself I replied, “Your pants are wet too!”Brian NEVER turned down a dare. Whereas I literally kept things close to the chest, he was always the ultimate risk taker and challenge accepter. He looked me straight in the eye and I knew I was in trouble. There was a fire burning deep behind his green eyes that I had never seen but could not mistake. It was a primal energy that lit dark corners of his much more experienced mind.He replied slowly, “That’s true… But by the looks of things, your clothes are dripping too….” He moved slowly toward me but it did not matter. I was mesmerized by the thought of what was unfolding between us. He stopped once there was a scant few inches separating us, and our eyes were locked onto each other. I felt his fingers reach down to the hem of my shirt and slowly he lifted it inch by inch up my torso.I bit my lip and I breathed in the scent of his aftershave, combined with pollen from the outdoors and sweat. It was intoxicating and I had a sudden irresistible urge to lick his chest, to feel his muscle and strength. I raised my arms he gently worked the fabric away from my sore flesh. Before I could think we were standing there, both bare to the waist. I had to remind myself to breath and for a moment I questioned whether my mind had stopped working!!! But then I heard the pulse of my blood, pounding throughout my entire body!My hands found their way to his belt all by themselves. It was different, undoing someone else’s belt and I fumbled a moment. He smiled. And then he slowly bent his head to mine, until our lips were so close. I could feel him exhale and then the tip of his tongue touched like a feather to my lips, followed a moment later by his lips. They found no resistance. I was being rushed along on a tide of lust and passion that could not be denied. My mouth opened to receive his advance and then my own tongue arose to dance a sensual lovers tango with him.His hands were on my hips now, slowly pealing the wet shorts from my skin and making me shiver both in the cool of the garage and from the thrill of his touch. His tongue was moving more urgently within my mouth but I had a sudden hunger for more.I fethiye escort bayan broke the kiss and then knelt before him as I worked his zipper down. To my surprise, I realized that Brian had been going commando and his cock sprang out at me! I inhaled the scent of him, his musky soldier stood out at full attention and his helmeted head shown with a thin glaze of pre-cum. I rubbed the tip of his stiff cock into the flat of my palm and felt him shudder at the sensation. I then looked up into his eyes and held him there as I raised my now cum covered palm before my mouth and licked his salty offering from my hand.From somewhere in his chest, a sound like the growling of the most primitive a****l on the face of the earth arose as his hands moved in slow-motion to either side of my head. He guided my face back down to where his rod now throbbed in my hand as he raised his own face to the ceiling and said in a voice driven mad by demons, “Suck me. Make me cum!!!”I needed no further direction. I quickly ran my tongue over his veined flesh feeling the twitches and jumps it made in response to being coated in my spit. From experience, I knew this was necessary for what I was about to do next. Without any further ado, I then took his monster cock deep into my throat and swallowed him in one smooth motion!!The growl he emitted sounded as if it might rip his vocal cords from his throat!! I swallowed and made small motion s with my tongue and head and I knew he would not be able to last long. He had been thinking about me for too long. His lust had been building ever since he lewdly gazed at me in the boat. He wanted me, and I wanted him. I wanted my brother to cum for me and to cum hard!!I had to back off to get air and as he slid from the grip of my throat, I realized that he was much wider than I was used to. My brother was hung like a stud, and his balls, big and hairy, nestled up tight in a nest of dark brown hair, felt heavy with their load. I licked and sucked on him for a couple of more minutes and then as I felt his balls begin their final ascent, I rammed his prick deep into my throat once more!!He roared and bucked against my face as his hand pulled my head and crushed it against him. I could feel his monster cock swell and then pulse time and time again, until I was able to force him just a little back at last so I could catch another breath! One last jet of cum shot onto my chest as he released his grip on my head and grabbed his own hair. I wiped the dribbles and traces of his cum all over my chest and was surprised by the soothing nature of it to my tender, burnt flesh.“My God, where did you learn to do that?!” He finally managed, to which I cooed, “Ahhh, did my big, big brother enjoy his little sister’s sucking?” I batted my eyes up at him and I knew he could do nothing more but groan in response. “I have to get a shower now.” I said, as I pushed up off of the concrete floor. “So I will let you collect your wits before you fall over.”He caught me by the hand and turned me around. There was a madness in his eyes. It was as if something had been unleashed that had been pent up in him for years. We kissed hard, and it made me wet thinking of him tasting his own cum on my lips and in my mouth. But as he reached for my breasts, reality set in and with a cry of pain I pulled back from him. He apologized over and over again. I told him it was no big deal, but it was. I wanted him to touch me and to take me, and there was no way to do that tonight!