I walked in the front door, just getting off of work and hoping to find you home. I went upstairs to change out of my uniform, took my gunbelt off, threw my uniform into the clothes bin and walked into the shower. There was a note from you on the mirror “darling, I have parent/teacher conferences tonight, see you around 9.” I get in the shower and start thinking of you, I feel myself getting hard but I don’t want to do anything yet, I want to wait until you come home.

I get out of the shower and change into a pair of sweats and a tee shirt. I go downstairs and make a cup of coffee and relax on the couch, reading the paper. Somewhere along the line I fell asleep and am awakened by your kiss. “Hello handsome, how was your day?” I look into your eyes and smile. “My day was wonderful, and it’s even better now that I get to see you!” I kiss you again and get off of the couch. You look at me and smile as you tell me that you are going to go upstairs and change. I walk back into the kitchen to get you a cup of tea. As I begin pouring the water into the cup you come up behind my and wrap your arms around my waist as you kiss me on the cheek. “I love you my princess,” I say as I feel your cheek next to mine.

I turn around and slowly we start dancing in the kitchen, there is no music, just us, swaying back and forth and holding each other. Slowly we make our way upstairs to the bedroom, stopping on each step for a kiss.

As we get to the bedroom I push you up against the wall, kissing your neck and holding my body close to yours. Your hands start to pull at my tee shirt as you begin to take it off. I lift my hands up and you pull my shirt up over my head and let if fall onto the floor. I keep kissing your neck as Urfa Escort I start to place my hands under your shirt, gently caressing your back. I feel myself getting harder and I start to push myself into you, letting you feel my hard cock through my sweats. I keep kissing you as I move you to the bed. You lie down and I take your shirt off. I look into your eyes and kiss you on the lips. Then on each cheek, then on each side of your neck, and your shoulders. Slowly I start to kiss your chest, kissing in between your tight tits, flicking each nipple with my tongue and then moving down your stomach to your belly button. I move over a little and start to kiss you up your right side, and then move to the other side and kiss you down your left side.

I go back to kissing your stomach and reach your panties. I take them off, but instead of going down on you I lick your thighs, and then down your left leg to your foot. I move over and start kissing your right foot and move my way, slowly, down your leg until I am back down, my face looking at your tight, wet cunt. I start to lick you up and down your slit, tasting your sweetness on my tongue and working my way up until I am flicking your clit with my tongue. I can taste you getting wetter and wetter with each stroke of the tongue.

I move away from your pussy and start kissing my way back up your stomach until I am looking in your eyes again. I put my arms around your back start to kiss your neck again, right behind you ear. I slowly start rubbing my cock up and down your wet slit, wanting to go in but wanting to tease you more.

You place your hands on my back, gently rubbing my shoulders and caressing my sides. I start to rub the head of my cock Urfa Escort Bayan on your clit and then suddenly I decide to thrust into you. I feel your tight pussy slowly opening up to let me in, I feel your warm, wet pussy taking me, stretching around me, giving in to my cock inch by inch. I just lie there for a minute, feeling myself inside of you and looking into your eyes. I can feel myself growing bigger inside of you and I feel your pussy stretching around me, it feels like I am going to rip you apart inside. I look into your eyes as I start to move in and out slowly, thrusting in I try to go deeper and deeper until your pussy will give no more. You start to moan as I kiss you on the shoulder and start to bite you a little. I move my hands down to the small of your back and you arch your back as I thrust deeper and faster. “Fuck me baby,” you say as I start to pound your pussy. I lift you up a little and keep going in, deeper and deeper, harder and harder. “Fuck Kylie, you are so tight, your pussy feels so good around my cock.” You wrap your legs around my back as I move up to my knees, your shoulders are the only thing that remains on your bed as I keep pounding myself in and out of your tight little cunt. You moan louder and louder as you take me all the way in. I grab your hips and keep fucking you harder and harder, my cock feeling amazing as it is surrounded by your juices and tightness.

I start to pull out you and tell you to get on your knees. You happily comply and I slowly start to go in your pussy from behind. I grab your hips and pull myself all the way in. I want to go slow and tease you a bit, but you won’t let me and instead you start to slide back on my cock forcing me into Escort Urfa you. “Fuck you are so tight, you feel so good wrapped around my cock like that.” You start to moan louder and tell me to slap your ass. I comply and leave a dark red mark on your left cheek. I reach up and pull your hair as I thrust deeper into you. As I pull your hair a little I feel your pussy clinch down on my cock and it feels like I am fucking you, getting a hand job and a blow job all at the same time. It’s almost too much to take. I start thursting harder and harder “Oh, are you going to be teacher’s little helper today? Are you going to be a good boy and fuck me like teacher wants?” You know that I love the fact that you are a teacher and how much it turns me on. I keep fucking you harder and harder, grabbing your waist tight and letting my balls slap hard against you.

I suddenly pull out and roll you over onto your back. You wrap your legs around me, locking your ankles together and forcing me deeper inside. I place my hands on your ass and thrust deeper and harder, biting your neck as I feel you start to do the same. You start to dig your nails into my back and I move my hand down and begin to play with your ass. You get tighter and tighter around my cock and I slide my finger a little ways into your tight little asshole. As I do that I feel you cinch down on my cock and your body starts to tense up. “Fuck me baby, I want to cum so bad,” you yell. I don’t even realize that I have started to move so fast and deep in and out of you. My cock feels so good and I want to cum with you so bad, I move my finger deeper inside of you and I feel you starting to cum all over my cock as I explode inside of you. “Fuck Kylie, you feel so good to me.”

I stay inside of you for a few minutes and then we decide to take a shower.

At first, we are just showering, and then, standing behind you, I start to kiss your neck again. You turn around, reach down and grab my cock, making it get hard again, only to…