Kristi Visits


I met Kristi at a party at her apartment a while back after being invited by a friend. She was a cute young girl, tall with a sexy body. We chatted and flirted with each other, the instant spark between us showing how well we were getting along. Later that night, as I left to go home, Kristi caught me outside in the hall and gave me a large hug and leaned in, nuzzling her face into my neck. “What a bad night for me”, I thought. Something I had eaten wasn’t agreeing with my stomach and I was really starting to feel sick. I leaned in and gave her a quick kiss, telling her, “I do have to go home now.” I pulled myself from her arms and headed home.

During that week, I thought about what had happened and felt sad. I was certain that she would have taken me leaving as a sure sign I wasn’t interested. Sure enough, the next few times I saw her, she acted distant and aloof, showing all the signs that I had missed my opportunity to be with her. She even went as far as to say comments to tease me, trying to show me what I had missed. However, I got a huge surprise about a month later as the weekend approached. Kristi called and we chatted for a bit, flirting over the phone, seeming to rekindle the attraction we had before. I invited her over for the weekend and she accepted. As I hung up the phone, I thought to myself that I wasn’t going to miss out on my second opportunity to be with this woman.

Kristi showed up at my door wearing a sexy outfit just I had hoped she would.

“Good girl.” I though.

She was wearing a tight white top pulled over the obviously padded bra she liked to wear. The top was short enough to expose her sexy midriff showing off her belly button piercing. Below that, she was wearing a sexy little jean skirt that was barely covering the little black thong that I knew she was wearing. God, she was a tease just walking up to my door, as I felt a twinge of excitement pass through me at the thought of what was to come.

I pushed Kristi against the wall as soon as she was inside, pushing my right leg between hers with my thigh grinding into her pussy, pinning her against the wall. I kissed her passionately, our lips interlocking and my tongue exploring her mouth. She readily opened her mouth and readily kissed me back. I knew then that I had her and she would do everything I wanted. My hands slid up her arms pushing them over her head. As we continued to kiss my hands explored her body, gently caressing her sides and tracing out her bra lines cupping her small breasts. They traveled down her belly and traced around her waist, following the lines of her miniskirt as they gently caressed her bare midriff. My hands continued exploring, moving up her sides, hooking the hem of her top on the way and pushing it off of her as they slide up her sides and over her arms.

My lips were kissing her shoulders and following the top of her bra, sucking and kissing and caressing her with my mouth. Kissing up her shoulder and neck to her ear. She was leaning back into the wall gently moaning, enjoying the attention.

“Turn around,” I hissed quietly in her ear, “Put your palms against the wall and spread your legs.”

I turned her and pushed her into the wall, taking her arms xslot and again raising them above her head, pushing her palms into the wall. As I did so I kissed her shoulder up to her ear again and gently sucked on her ear lobe. I worked my feet between her legs and forced them apart leaving her standing spread legged against the wall. Her jean skirt was slightly riding up and exposing a little of her sexy ass. I finished rolling it up over her hips, completely exposing her ass which appeared totally bare with the tiny black thong string lost in her crack. As I gazed upon her exposed ass, I felt the excitement grow within me knowing the enjoyable time that was to come.

I stepped back and laid a heavy smack onto her right ass cheek. Kristi yelped and jumped forward into the wall trying to turn away but I anticipated her move and quickly caught her, holding her there with one hand in between her shoulder blades, pressing her breasts into the wall. My hand then gave her 5 more sharp smacks, alternating between her left and right ass cheeks. She gave a little yelp at each hit, taking back in a sharp breath between smacks. I leaned back in and kissed her neck again under her ear.

“That’s for being such a little cock tease with me,” I whispered in her ear as my hands caressed her nicely reddening ass, one of them sliding between her legs and stroking her pussy, pushing a little of her thong into her slit.

My hands then traveled along her arms. Once to her wrists, I grabbed them and pulled them behind her back, quickly pinning her arms together. Using the rope I had prepared for this moment, I quickly tied her at the wrist and elbow, pulling her shoulders pulled back causing her breasts to be thrust out. As I turned her around and admired my handwork, I stroked her body some more and slid a hand between her legs, grinding the thin fabric of her thong into her pussy harder this time, really feeling how moist and hot she was already. She moaned and leaned into me, kissing and breathing heavily into my neck. I quickly dropped my shorts and pulled my T-shirt off, getting ready to really enjoy our time together.

I began guiding Kristi further into the house, a hand on each of her ass cheeks pinching her and directing her towards the main room. There, I have a large soft rug waiting for her. Once we reach it, I whisper in her ear to drop to her knees. As she kneels down, I put my arms under her and roll her back, laying her in the middle of the rug. I straddled her knees and straightened out her skirt enough to pull the zipper and let it drop to her sides. Wow, seeing this sexy woman laid out under me in her bra and panties made me so hot. But, I wasn’t done teasing her and had to fight myself from ripping her thong aside and taking her right then. Leaning in, I kissed her belly button, gently sucking on her piercing, knowing she would arc her back to bring her belly up to meet my lips. As she did, I slid her skirt out from under her, tossing it aside.

As I slid up to her waist, I retrieved the pair of scissors I had stashed nearby. Now was the time to show Kristi how little I thought of the padded bras she always wore. I slid my hand up her shoulder, catching the shoulder strap xslot Giriş under a couple of fingers so I could pass the scissors under it and slice it off. Then, I traced my fingers across her chest until I’d caught the other shoulder strap so I could slice it off too. Once done, I leaned back and began sliding the blade of the scissors along her stomach, following the small indentation that ran from her belly to her neck, until the blade was under Kristi’s bra between her breasts. I could she her shiver from the touch of the cold steel, or maybe it was the anticipation of what was about to happen next. Slice, and the bra was cut off, springing back and revealing the first glimpse of her sexy little breasts. I grabbed each cup in turn and pulled it out, slicing off the back strap, throwing them aside. Sitting back, I admired how damned sexy she really was, now that she was finally free of er bra.

Leaning forward, my lips encased the erect nipple on her left breast, gently sucking it. While at the same time, my hands caressed her sides and slid up under her breasts, capturing her small mounds between my thumb and forefinger, pulling them up to meet my mouth. Christi was slowly writhing under me, arcing her back, pushing her chest up to meet me. As I looked up, I could see her head rolled back, the moans of pleasure letting me know she was enjoying my attention. I gave a little nibble on her nipple, causing a quick intake of air from her, feeling her body jump under my touch. I kissed across her chest to the right nipple, gently giving it the attention it needed before also giving it a little nibble, leaving it behind to move back down her body.

My hands hooked her thong strap as I moved down her body, catching it and pulling it down as my lips kissed her belly, heading towards her pussy. I could feel her hips thrusting forwards and she pushed her legs apart in anticipation of what she expected next. I wasn’t done teasing her yet as she would soon find out. I continued down until my lips were traveling along her thigh right beside her pussy, my cheek brushing her lips. I could smell the strong warmth and dampness of her sex, knowing she was fully enjoying my teasing. Kristi moaned and thrust her hips towards me, trying to plant her pussy into my face. I moved with her, only letting my lips and tongue brush across her wet labia before I began kissing her other thigh.

“Not yet, my dear,”, I though as I continued to tease her, kissing her thighs, sliding my tongue over her legs.

I moved down and finished pulling her thong off over her feet, kissing her legs as I did so. Once she was free of her last garment of clothing, I slid between her legs, pushing them apart. I reached the ropes I had prepared, attached to heavy furniture on each side of her, and tied each of her legs in turn, leaving her knees raised and legs spread, fully exposing her most private parts to me. I could clearly see just how wet and hot she was. I look down at her fully tanned body, a ripple of pleasure running through me as I imagined her nude tanning sessions. I can no longer tease Kristi; I have no willpower to hold back.

Grabbing the pillow, I quickly move between her legs, pushing my face xslot Güncel Giriş into her pussy and thrusting my tongue inside her. A large moan escapes Kristi’s lips and a wet gush flows into my mouth and over my chin as I tongue fuck her. I slowly pull back, causing her to arc her back and raise her hips in the air, following my tongue with her mound, not wanting the pleasure to stop. As she does, I stuff the pillow under her ass, holding her hips up and further exposing her to me. I licked her some more, my tongue first fucking her and then moving up to lick her swollen clit. As her head rolled back and her legs spread from the pleasure, I quickly pulled back and gave her a sharp spank on her inner thigh, making her cry out as her body bucked at the sudden shock, her legs trying to pull closed against the ropes holding her for me.

I continued to alternate between slurping at her pussy and spanking her thighs. After each slap, I would work on her pussy a little longer. One time I would pull her clit into my mouth and suckle on it, feeling her writhe under me, then; smack, I caught her on her left thigh. Next time, I would lick her clit hood as I stuck 2 fingers insider her and give her a few strokes, then; smack, I caught her on her right thigh. At first, she would take in a sharp breath and tense up when she knew a spank was coming. Soon, she was close to an orgasm, her moaning and total bliss through each spank I further administered showing how lost in pleasure she was. By now, her inner thighs were warm with a heated red glow, starkly contrasted against her darkly tanned skin.

Kristi was enjoying herself immensely by now, obviously very close to an orgasm. I once again attacked her pussy with my mouth. This time, I began working her clit mound with my tongue as I stuck 2 fingers inside her, stroking the front of her pussy hole, working my fingers over her G spot. I worked her like an instrument, not relenting until I felt her pussy clench my fingers as her first orgasm washing over her like a tidal wave. By now, her pussy was soaking me, her juices flowing over my hand and down between her legs. I didn’t stop there, but continued to work between her legs, forcefully coaxing orgasm after orgasm from her, causing her to rock and flail against the bonds holding her legs, almost as if she was could not stand any more of the intense pleasure.

I slowed my pleasuring of her, moving my hand from her pussy to stroke her breasts, spreading her ample juices across her chest, reaching up and sliding the two fingers that were pleasuring her between her soft lips, letting her taste her juices. As I did, I moved up on her again, sliding between her legs and thrusting my throbbing member into her. I pumped her, while looking deep into her eyes, realizing she was barely looking back, almost completely lost in her own bliss. Teasing and pleasuring this gorgeous woman had me so excited I didn’t need to pump her very long before I was ready to explode, pumping my seed deep inside her as I came with a number of hard spurts.

I quickly slipped the ropes off her feet, rolling her onto her side and releasing her arms. I brought her arms in front of me as I pulled her into my arms against my chest, lying on the floor with her. I slowly massaged her arms, bringing the circulation back as we spooned on the large rug. She snuggled into my shoulder, eyes closing looking ready to fall asleep.

She whispered, “Wait for you turn.” in a sleepy voice.