Kitten Fantasy


I feel as though saying that I like pretending to be kitten with my boyfriend would be quite a big confession. He thinks it’s cute and it turns us both on. He’s one of my best friends which is why I feel comfortable enough to do this with him. We probably seem like a very normal, stable and happy couple to our friends and everyone else. And we are. But in private we play games. I like to be submissive to him, and I like to be his Kitty.

Unlike most 18 years olds I don’t masturbate or watch porn. I read erotica instead, and create my own fantasies. They tend to be BDSM. Our relationship isn’t BDSM, I only allow him to dominate me in the bedroom, though we also have vanilla sex. It’s always good though.

The Kitty thing is quite recent, and it’s given me a renewed love of cock sucking. Or maybe licking is a better description.

When I’m Kitty, he goes from being my boyfriend to my master. As Kitty I love curling up in his lap, naked, while he strokes my back and hair. It’s not entirely sex, it’s also about being taken care of. I’ve always felt very pampered when I’m being submissive – even if I’m not allowed to cum.

When I think about being Kitty that’s always how my fantasies start. Naked, curled up and cosy. Though I can feel him start to get hard, and he can see me starting to get wet. Not that he needs to look, the amount I mew and nuzzle him he already knows I’m horny. I’ve already got my collar on, with its little bell so it jingles with every nuzzle. I’ve got cat ears on as well – I love it when he tickles behind them.

He tells me to get up, kneel on the bed and wait while he gets the things that take our fantasy from relaxation to sex. The door is locked. Out of the draw he takes my clamps, my tail and some lube.

“What do you want first, Kitty?” He always asks me.

“Tail, please Master” I tell him with my high pitched cute voice.

“Bend over then Kitty”

I turn around and bend over so I’m on fours and crouching down, giving my arse to him. I feel cool lube being rubbed into my hole gently and I shiver. As it warms I quickly relax for what I know is coming.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes Master”

I slowly feel the plug being pushed inside me, the soft fluffy tail brushing against the back of my thighs. I groan quietly as I feel it fully inserted. I mew happily and shake my butt at him, happy with my tail and loving the feel of it against my legs.

“Bad Kitty!” he tells me and lightly swats my butt. I know he loves seeing me as his happy kitty though.

“Turn around and get ready for the next part.” He orders.

I quickly kneel up and turn around. I put my hands behind my back, pushing my boobs out and open my legs for him.

“Ready Master”

He takes the two shorter chains out of his hands and clip them on to my collar. I can see the two clamps dangling between my breasts, making the bells on them jingle quietly. He then takes the longer chain and clips it onto my collar in the middle. He drops it and I watch the clamp drop between my open legs, there’s also a bell on that. He brushes up my sides and across my breasts, giving my already hard nipples a light pinch. He takes the first clamp and attaches it to my left nipple so that it’s only just not painful, and then he does the same to my right nipple.

I’m trying to keep still, to stop myself from squirming because I know that if the bells make too much noise he’ll spank me for being a bad Kitty. Even though being bent over your lap is exactly where I like to be, he knows that I like that so he won’t let me cum – and then he’ll be sad that I’ve been a bad Kitty so soon.

I can feel myself getting wetter and I gasp when he slowly slides his finger between my legs, finding out exactly how wet I am already. He holds his finger in front of my mouth, and I lean forward carefully to suck it, tasting myself on him. He pulls his finger out of my mouth and slowly drags it down my body. He takes the clamp, and tease my clit with it. I start mewing. It’s very difficult to stay still with him doing that.

He pulls a chair up so he can see between my legs better. He opens the clamp and starts brushing my now very sensitive clit with it again. My mewing gets louder as I struggle to stay still. He blows cold air on my clit, and my mewing turns into a whine. I hear his quiet laugh at seeing me so desperate.

“Do you want this?” He asks, showing me the clamp.

“Yes Master”

He xslot goes back to brushing it against my clitoris.

“If you want it, beg for it”

“Please Master, please clamp your Kitty, I want to feel it Sir, Please Master”

“Tell me where you want to be clamped Kitty”

“I want my Master to clamp my clitty, Please Master” I beg, still with the cute voice.

I feel the tight pressure on my clitoris as you attach the clamp. It’s such an intense feeling and I moan out loud.

“Good Kitty” he tells me, and leans in to kiss me. “Do you want to play a game with me Kitty?”

“Yes Master”

Being Teased

I watch him, and I can feel myself falling into that place in my mind that makes me want this. Sub space, where I stop being me, who I am, and become your sub, your kitten. The space where it doesn’t matter that he is my partner and friend, he is just my Master. And it’s not anyone that I let what is about to happen, happen. It’s you.

You move around me on the bed, and place a pillow next to me.

“Lay on your back Kitty” You guide me so I’m laying back over the pillow, making my back arch and meaning that my tail hangs down instead of being pushed into me. “Good Kitty”

You open my legs wide, and tie my ankles to each end of the bed so I can’t close my legs. Then you move up to my arms, cuff my wrists together and tie them to the bed above my head.

“Now Kitty, the name of this game is ‘stay still and don’t cum’, if you cum, or you move too much and the bells make noise – I will punish you.”

“Yes Master”

“Good Kitty, now close your eyes.”

I obey, and wait for what you’re going to do to me. I’m getting wet already, soon you’re going to have to get a towel in case I make a mess for you. With my eyes closed everything takes much longer, it’s so difficult to be patient when I need you like this. I feel the urge to move my hips but I know I can’t. I start mewing, just hoping that you’ll touch me.

“Lift your head up”

I do, and you slide a blindfold over my face. I mew again, this is worse than keeping my eyes closed. I hear you laugh softly, and then feel your breath in my ear. “You like this don’t you Kitty? You like feeling helpless.”

I mew again and nod. You pull on the chains for my clamps and I cry out.

“Yes Master, I like being tied up and helpless”

“Good Kitty” and you tweak one of my clamped nipples, making me whimper.

You wait to do anything else, I don’t know if you’re getting something else, watching me or even if you’re in the room anymore. I keep mewing. It probably hasn’t been very long, but every second lasts forever when I’m like this.

I feel the bed shift at my feet. Your hands gently massaging my feet to get me to relax – my mewing turns to purring. Your hands then travel slowly up my legs, lightly tickling the backs of my knees, up the insides of my thighs. You stop right at the top, and start lazily drawing circles there. I’m sure I can feel myself dripping at this and I pull at the restraints above my head.

“You’re so wet for me, such a good little Kitty. I think I need to test if you’re really a good girl though”

Then I hear the sound of the vibrator. I tense and moan before you’ve even touched me with it. I hear you chuckle.

“Remember, stay still and don’t cum.”

I feel it gently around my lips, I so want to push into it, have it inside me. You leave it lingering at my entrance, knowing about my urge. I’m so tense trying to stay still and resist it. With the blindfold I can’t see what you’re doing but I’m scared I know where you’re going to put it next. I keep pulling on the restraints. This is torture, but I never want to escape.

You very slowly slide the vibrator up, getting so close to my clit and I’m scared and excited for when you do finally touch me. I’m so turned on I think that just that one touch could make me cum, but I know I’m not allowed. You leave the vibrator just nearly touching my clit for a few seconds, then move it away. I relax automatically, relieved and disappointed.

But then I feel it slowly pushed into me and my hips arch. The bells jingle with the movement and you instantly turn the vibrator off. I whimper and become still again.

“Please Master I’m sorry, I’ll be good I promise, please” You wait and then slowly start pushing it inside me again. I moan as I feel myself opening for it. You push xslot Giriş it against my G spot and quickly turn it on. I groan loudly and you start to quickly move it inside me, pushing me to the orgasm that you’ve forbidden me to have.

“Please Master” I moan, breathless. I’m holding myself so tightly on the restraints, they’re the only thing stopping me from thrashing against the bed.

“No. Don’t cum.” But you don’t slow down, I’m so close, I can feel myself making a mess, I can feel my cunt clenching around the vibrator as I try and resist coming. I start whimpering, moaning and mewing.

“Please Master” I beg “Please, please”


“I’m so close Master, please” I’m breathless, trying to catch my breath, to breathe deeply to resist.

“Don’t you fucking dare, Slut”

I moan loudly, pulling against the restraints even harder. I can’t see you but I know you’re watching me. You know my body so well, you know how close I am. Suddenly you stop and pull the vibrator out. I can feel liquid coming out. I feel your hands there, playing in the wetness, rubbing it into my skin, gently pushing inside me. I hear your soft moan and I know you’re pleased. I feel something warm and wet – your tongue, running lightly along my lips and the tops of my thighs and you moan again, at the same time that I do.

I cry out as my clamps are pulled at.

“Kitty you made a mess”

“Yes Master”

“Did you cum Kitty?”

“No Master” You’re still pulling at the clamps and I can barely speak. It hurts but in a very good way.

“You are such a good girl” And I feel you on top of me, your warm skin against mine as your hands come around my face and you kiss me. I moan into your mouth. You’re pressing into my clamps, and my tail is being pushed into me deeper by your weight. I still can’t see you but I’m moaning and kissing you, wishing I could run my fingers into your hair and hold you. You pull away from me and stop the kiss. I crane my neck towards you, giving little licks to your face and lips – Kitty kisses. Hoping to make you smile, even if I can’t see it. I bite my lip thinking about what’s next.

“Don’t think I’m done with you yet little Kitten”

I’m still breathless from the kiss and you edging me, trying to keep my heavy breathing from moving the bells.

Then I feel something soft against the skin on tummy, I can’t tell what it is. So light that it barely tickles, it’s only because my skin is so sensitive now that I notice it. You start drawing patterns across my skin and the light sensation is lovely after the intense edge. I try and place what it is.

Then you flick it across my clamped nipples, they’re so sensitive I have to bite my lip hard to stop the giggles – but at the same time the sensation is sending electric feelings into my pussy and I’m making a whole new mess. I have to really focus on keeping still so as to not move the bells. Then I feel the soft trails moving down, between my breasts, down my tummy and across my hips.

“It’s okay Kitty, I can move the bells for you”

And it’s there, right on my clitoris, you’re tickling it and moving the bell that’s dangling there making it jingle. I moan loudly and whimper, as I’m again having to resist coming.

Over the quiet sound of the bell I hear you laughing at me. You stop moving it, and leave it laying against the bell and my clit.

“I love turning my cute little kitten into a desperate naughty slut”

I mew at your words – I love it too. Any ideas I had about what you were using on me were gone, but as you starting moving it down my legs I started getting new ideas about what you were going to do with it. You stopped at my ankles, I then I felt you gently put it between my toes and leave it there. I tensed, clinging on to the restraints tighter than ever. I wish I could see your face, know what you were thinking about. This wasn’t fair! You know how ticklish I am!

You start to move it again, so lightly across the top of toes, back and forth.

“Do you know what I’m using Kitty?”

“No Master” I say with my tense voice, all the cuteness gone.

I feel my clamps yanked at again. “That’s no way for a Kitty to speak”

“Sorry Master. No Master, I don’t know what you’re using on me.” I say, trying to keep my voice as cute as possible for you.

You started moving it slowly up and down the sole of my feet. A long whining sound came out xslot Güncel Giriş of me and my toes started to curl in an effort to restrain myself.

“Please Master” I begged.

“Keep your toes straight.” You ordered.

I reluctantly flexed them out again, afraid about what would happen now. You started to brush the space between my toes and the pad of foot, going in between my toes as well. I started to whine and beg you to stop, it was so difficult not to move I wanted to cry.

“I will stop, as soon as you figure out what I’m using on you Kitty.”

I was so confused from not being able to see, so on edge from being denied to cum, and the tickling was so distracting. I started to panic thinking he would never stop, and he’s have to punish me, I didn’t want to be a bad Kitty right now. It felt so soft on my feet and I tried to think.


“Wrong Kitty” and you tickled me faster between my toes. I yelled out in surprise and you laughed at me – you didn’t even care about the slight jingling from the bells.

“A brush?”

“Not even close.” And moved over to the other foot and did the same thing between my toes.

I couldn’t think of anything else that we might have that he could be using.

“Please Master…”

“I’ll give you some clues” he said as he slowly started tickling my feet, switching between them. “It’s soft, and long, and as light as…?” then he tickled me faster on the last word.

“Feather! You’re using a feather Master!” I yelled, and he stopped

“Good kitty” and I felt his fingers push inside me and curl up as my reward. I moaned out loud and lent my head back, enjoying feeling his fingers inside me. I could feel myself getting closer, but after the last torture this was much easier to resist. He pulled his fingers out before I came, I could hear the sloshing noise that showed how wet I was.

“You’re so wet you’ve made a puddle for me.”

I could feel your breath on wet pussy. It became even wetter as I had to imagine what your face would look like looking up at me from between my legs, my exposed clitoris inches away from your tongue. It was driving me crazy not being able to watch you.

Your breath turned cold as I felt you blow directly on my clamped clit. It was so sensitive and I was so wet that it made me moan out loud and I could feel a twinge in my clit.

I gave up as soon as your tongue touched my lips, I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep still if you licked my clit. I kept still while you slowly licked the wetness around my thighs, and made your way along my lips, when you slowly put your tongue inside me my hips went up to meet you involuntarily. You stopped and started all over again when you heard the bell dangling from my clit. The second time it was even harder to stay still but I managed. You moved your tongue out of me and slowly licked up nearly to my clit. Then stopped. I could feel your breath against my clit and I started to mew. I could the breath of your chuckle against it when you laughed.

I heard the vibrator and moaned. I didn’t want to fight anymore. I wanted to give my body over to what you would do to me. I wanted to cum.

You licked my clit at the same time you pushed the vibrator inside me. I moaned loudly. I started pushing myself against you trying to get the vibrator deeper inside me and hoping that you’ll lick me more. I don’t care about being punished anymore, I just want to cum, and if you do this to me and you don’t give me your permission to cum, then you must want to punish me. It’s so much better when I deserve it.

You start licking my clit faster, and pushing the vibrator against my G spot harder. I start moaning very loudly, knowing that I’m so close to coming. I’m pushing against you wildly, desperate, grinding my hips against your face. I’m moaning so loudly now I can’t hear the bells, I can just feel. I feel you reach behind me and cup my arse, your hand goes to my tail and pushed it into me even deeper.

I start screaming “Please! Please! Master!” I can feel my liquid dripping, the vibrator inside me and your tongue. I start coming, an intense blinding orgasm, screaming your name “Connor!”

Your tongue stops and I hear you “Cum for me.” Before you yank the clamp off my clit. I scream even louder and then choke off, the pain from having the clamp so harshly removed fuelling my orgasm. It seems to last forever. I start whining, whimpering. Eventually I calm down.

You pull the blindfold off me, and I blink in the light. I can feel your hand between my legs drawing patterns in my wetness. It’s made the sheet wet, and my legs feel cool, I start whispering your name. You smile at me.