I am in the kitchen, preparing, she walks in almost naked, with a see-thru, baby doll, light blue nightie. Her nipples start to stand up from the slight chill and the nightie rubbing against them. I am slicing up vegetables and fruit for dinner. Trying to act like I didn’t see, her, but my cock knows differently. Just so happens I am wearing those cute boxers, that I know turn her on.

I stand next to you, and take my nails across your back, down to your ass and grip it hard. I move in front of you and sit on the table, as I push you down into the chair. I put a leg on each side of you opening myself for your inspection. I part my nightie, then my legs, and then pick up a peeled cucumber.

As I hold up the cucumber, I observe it’s carved to look just like your cock.

‘Mmm’, I lean back on my elbows, moving the cucumber to my already wet pussy and rub it along my clit. I lift my feet to the back of the chair and slide my ass to the edge of the table closer to you. You take the cucumber from me and start playing with me. I rest my head back moaning with pleasure and spy a carrot. Realizing I am hungry as well. I reach and grab the carrot and start munching.

‘Your pussy creaming’, as I slice a piece of the cucumber and run it up your thighs to the juice. Rub the cucumber in your crack and slide it up to your clit and tap a few times on your clit. I drive the cucumber into your pussy – my left hand pushing your legs apart. I can smell your arousal and it makes me hornier and harder.

‘Mmmmm, cool feeling, yesss. ‘ I reach the carrot to my pussy and wipe the dripping then lean to your mouth to let you munch.

‘Cream carrots honey?’ As I open my legs more, I put my feet on the back rung of the chair and spread my knees apart.

I take my shorts off and release my cock. Sit butt naked on the chair – ready for that creamed cucumber and carrot.

I sit up and look down. ‘Ah baby, you cock looks like it needs…. something.’ I take the cucumber out of me and rub around your lips slowly, then dip into my pussy again.

‘We think alike baby.’ As I look up at you. And suck your wet thighs

‘Good for the eyes you know.’ I reach for another carrot, while you munch on the cucumber.

I take the carrot and scoop pussy juice all over it, then smear it on my tits.

‘Mmm, Uşak Escort I love that babe.’ I stand to lean into you, licking and sucking your chest.

I take the honey and rub all around your cock.

I push you back and pin your arms to the table. Look down at my cock and see it dripping with honey. I begin to suck your tits and fuck your dripping pussy.

‘Mmmmmm, yesss baby, let me feel your cock fill my pussy. ‘ I guide your honey covered cock inside me, I lift my knees high, to let you in deep. You glide in dreamily, slowly, enjoying every bit of inching your cock way in. You stare into my eyes with a feral look. I try to lift up to kiss you, you pull back and thrust deeper.

‘God you are one horny devil – ready to devour my throbbing cock.’ At the edge of the table – pumping your cunt – kissing your full mouth- rubbing against your tits. ‘Mmm I love fucking you honey.’ My hand pushes your leg up so as to grab your ass.

‘I so cum for you so easy.’ Placing my feet onto your shoulder. ‘Yes, please fuck me.’ I arch my back up meeting you. Matching thrusts with you.

‘Cum babe cum, I can’t stop myself, honey.’ Rubbing and fondling your tits with both hands. We are both sweating and I can smell the juices in your pussy. Pinching your nips with my teeth.

‘Yesss, I’m cumming. Feel my pussy clench against your rock hard cock.’

‘Ohhhh, don’t cum yet baby, can we make this last…… I want your hard cum, we can make it last for hours.’

‘Mmmmm, will you release my hands, or do you like this control over me? I can’t hold back……’ As I squirt onto your cock.

‘I felt that baby, yeah, that’s what I wanted.’ Hands released – grabbing your ass and pulling your cunt. Table creaking – pile driving your pussy,

‘Yes, deep baby, fuck me deep.’ I scream, as the table rocks more.

I move quickly as the momentum has me, I pull out and pull you towards, me kissing you, turning you around, and pushing you to the table, face first. Guiding my cock back into that heavenly hole. ‘Fucking you up to your throat and harrrrrd babe.’

‘Pound that cock baby, I can feel your cock growing; you want to cum.’ I reach back and hold the base of your cock, stroking it as you pound me.

‘This is so fucking divine baby.’ Slapping your ass.

‘Yeah, Uşak Escort Bayan fuck me.’ Food starts to scatter off of table. Every time you slap my ass, my pussy clamps harder on to your throbbing cock. I move against your cock to ram it harder into my pussy. I move my ass to each side, enough so that you feel the pressure and friction on your cock.

‘Slapping you – riding your cunt, grabbing your hips and pumping you. ‘Yessss, baby cumming so hard, cum with me, where do you want it?’

‘On my ass crack, then rub your cock in the juices as I grab your balls.’ I lift up to position myself better on you and get better leverage.

‘Mmmm yes, baby, you fuck me so good.’ I take it out and pump my dick to cum over your ass crack.

‘I feel the warmth immediately as I grab your balls with my wrist rubbing my clit. Harder you stroke, as I cum again, screaming for you. I’ll pull them down and squeeze as you continue to cum. Now with you screaming for me. I rub my clit more and with my tits bouncing, lightly scraping the table, I cum again. I turn over and sit you down so that you can rub your dick on my tits. Dripping down my legs with mine and your cum.

Yes, as I pour honey in between them, ‘I want to fuck them baby. Mmm tit fuck with honey – now that is sweet divine.’

I sit in the chair so your cock will be at tit height, as I put your still hard cock between them covered in honey. Pushing my tits together, you start moving up and down. Each up stroke lets me lick the tip of your cock. You then hold my tits while I grab your balls again, pulling and squeezing as you go up and down. Teasing your cock with my tongue on each up stroke.

I grab your head and pull it up so that I can go down and kiss your swollen lips and mouth. Tongue around my tongue, sucking on it, you pull back I bite your lip.

With my free hand I reach another cucumber and slide it into my pussy. I pull the cucumber out, covered in pussy juic,e and put it to your mouth.

‘Yeah time to eat again – I need some energy from that pussy juice.’ Sucking and licking that cucumber, devouring the pussy juice, I look down at you with a funny look. Then it dawns on me, you covered my cock in honey, before I fucked you.

‘What you really need is sugar.’ As you bite into the cucumber Escort Uşak again I stand up from the chair and trade you places. ‘Sit down.’ I straddle the chair place your cock at my pussy and sit down hard. Impaling myself with your cock.

‘Look at my chest all covered in honey, you need to clean it up.’ I lean back as I swivel my hips and grind your cock deep inside. I lean back with my elbows on the table.

‘Oh yeah!’ As I lean forward, I rub on your clit as I start licking and sucking all the sticky, sweet honey off of you. ‘Now I can fuck your pussy, play with your ass, fondle your tits and stroke that tongue of yours with mine.’

‘Ooo a multi-tasking man. ‘

‘Mmmm time to cum on my dick babe – cum hard.’ I lift your ass, slowly, to let my cock out, then slowly back in. I can feel you squirt on my cock, as the cum drips down to my balls. Then you take over the speed control. Cumming again, as your pussy convulses on my cock again, again.

I bring your cock out completely, then start rubbing back and forth with my pussy. Completely covering your hard cock with pussy drippings. Stimulating my clit, you see it in my face. I want to cum. I kiss you deeply, then bring your head down to my tits, to have you suck and bite them.

I watch your face after kissing you knowing you’re close to cumming onto my dick. That heavenly cunt, coating me in all that sweet juice. The sensation is incredible. I moan with the pleasure, then suddenly gasp as you slam down on-to my cock and clamp on to it.

I watch your features, seeing your relax into the pleasure spot you so enjoy. Softly chuckling, I prepare and suddenly slam on to your cock again and again, as you gasp. I smile as you hold me closer, tighter.

I grab you and hold you tight, burying my cock into your throbbing cunt. I hold you still while I shower you with kisses. I pull your head back by your hair ad I lick down your throat up to your neck and bite your ears. When I do, it sends shivers all over you.

I slowly start to grind my hips, I sit back just a little for you feel the pressure of my pussy moving up and down your cock. Still kissing and nibbling on each other I feel you swell inside. You reach for my hips and grind me down and in circles a little faster. You let go and hold me tight.

I don’t know how she does it. I move her hips, holding deep inside her wet tight cunt, then unexpectedly my cock just explodes, filling her up. Holding her tighter, moving just slightly.

We put our heads on each other’s shoulder, and sigh heavily.

‘So what’s for dessert?’