Kissing and heavy petting


Kissing and heavy pettingI am an old guy (76) who takes an age to even get semi hard, one of the few sexual pleasures I have left is snogging/kissing and fingering old ladies’ hairy cunts and shit holes.As it happens this is something old ladies really like as it translates to romance and memories of their youth. Although retired, I am a part time volunteer in a charity shop working and interacting with a lot of nice old ladies, some still being interested in things sexual. This is my story of two such ladies.ElsieShe was exactly my type. Nice and fat with a pleasant face and her lips were plump. Looking at her you would not think she was in anyway sexual. And like a lot of oldies in their early eighties, she wore simple shift dresses that hid their fat bellies.The istanbul escort rain had stopped customers coming and so it was a slow day. I was rearranging some books and Elsie was behind the counter just seemingly daydreaming. I noticed that she also had one hand between her legs and was moving it ever so slightly. The dirty old bitch, I thought. Not one to miss an opportunity I crept round her back and putting my hand up her dress said I could help her with that. Opening her fat thighs, she in effect gave me permission to do her. First, I just rubbed her lovely fat hairy cunt and found it nice and moist and as I pushed my fingers in, she said, ‘Oh yes, that’s lovely. Don’t stop’ She did not avcılar escort take long to cum which was good as I saw some people outside giving us some strange looks.After that, Elsie insisted I visit her every Saturday afternoon. HazelShe had moved in as my new neighbor this summer and being neighbourly I introduced myself and welcomed her. She invited me in for a cup of tea and we exchanged pleasantries. She was just my type. Short curly hair, nice chubby face and body with very large tits. Initially she did not seem the type who when in for sex.A couple of weeks later I saw her in the garden weeding and went out and asked if she needed some help. She accepted with alacrity. I noticed she was wearing just a simple sack type şirinevler escort dress and more to the point, no bra. After an hour or so Hazel said she had to pee. ‘Normally, when I’m out here I just have a tinkle. You wouldn’t be embarrassed if I did so now’ smiling as she so. Squatting down with her legs apart and her gaping hairy cunt staring me in the face, I got a pleasant lob on.As she started to dribble, I could not resist and cupped her cunt to feel her warm piss.‘Oh, that’s nice, Paul. Go on have a good feel and finger me. I love piss and obviously you do too’. I immediately opened her fat labia lips and began to finger her roughly. The more I did so the more she pissed.‘Oh yes, give me more’ With four fingers up her cunt she gushed like a fountain and fell back as she orgasamed.Later as we cleaned up and had our tea, she said told me of her likeness for squirting but not many men liked it. But she was pleased that I was not one of them. Our routine was then a weekly session of mutual wanking with her squirting and sometimes she liked it when I pissed all over her in the bath.